Our Sisterhood of the Panties

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Amy Anderssen

Tiffi and I drove from college to her hometown for a long weekend to see a concert. On the first night, I was settled in the guest room and feeling a little frisky. Her parents were away. Tiffi was in the shower before we went out to a club. I was laying on the bed with headphones on listening to some pop rock while scanning some of her fashion magazines. Since I hadn’t gotten dressed yet, I was just wearing a cami and panties.

I checked to ensure the door was closed and that Tiffi was still in the bathroom. I knew she liked to luxuriate in slow, hot showers. It liberated me to address my bubbling libido. I started rubbing by breasts to get a warm and fuzzy buzz. It felt good so I set aside the magazine, closed my eyes and moved a hand lower. My fingers caressed my thighs and built the warming tingle. Within a few minutes, I was gently rolling on the fresh sheets with a giddy smile on my face.

Feeling relaxed and with a playful fantasy dancing in my head, I moved my fingers to the front of my silky bikini panties. The building tension and heat signaled a climax would soon be sweeping my body.

Just as the fingers slipped under the red waistband, I had that sixth sense feeling of being watched. I squinted open one eye and saw Tiffi standing in the door looking at me.

I gasped and blushed hot and red. We both knew that we were sexually active, but I still was embarrassed to be caught redhanded.

Tiffi gave a leering smile and said, “Don’t stop on my account.”

My mind was blank with humiliation. Then, I noticed that the front of her light robe was open and her hand was moving back and forth across her lavender nylon lace hipsters.

“Can I join you? I’m as horny as a minx.” My mouth dropped open further, but I was speechless. She took my silence as agreement and flopped on the bed opposite me. Tiffi propped herself up on pillows and spread her legs so her crotch was facing me. She stared at me and then began massaging her naked breasts.

I was beyond stunned. We were close friends, but had never even discussed masturbation. Now she was getting it on right in front of me and practically daring me to join her. When Tiffi started moving her hands over her body and breathing heavily in obvious canlı bahis building arousal, it was clear she was going to continue whether I proceeded or not.

I was torn by the unexpected and strange situation. My surprise and disorientation prodded me to cover up and flee. However, my needy vajayjay demanded attention. Especially, since watching Tiffi pleasure herself was visually stimulating. My attitude shifted from startled back to aroused. I’d rarely had lesbian fantasies, but, this was like my own private porn show.

Her left leg bent at the knee and propped up. The other leg splayed open on the bed. Her red painted fingers danced on her breasts and explored her body. It was bewitching. Noticing my hesitancy, Tiffi purred, “Relax, girl. It’s perfectly natural.” She moved her hand down between her legs, and worked it busily. Her body shook with a charge of sexual electricity as she ran her thumb over her dampening slit.

Caught up in the titillating moment, I returned my hands to my tits and began to tweak. Tiffi smiled and nodded her approval.

Touching all the excited parts of my flesh, I stared at Tiffi’s ministrations. She clearly enjoyed the attention and exaggerated the display of her sensual reactions. She moaned and batted her eyelids. Her legs rocked and her hips rolled. I subconsciously mimicked her moves and let my own passion show in my gestures and expressions. It wasn’t an act. More of a release and permission to have and share a full and deep body and mind experience. It enhanced the bliss. As I rubbed my hardening nipples and saw Tiffi do the same, it was almost as though I was touching her as well. My senses were buzzing from all the physical and dreamy visual stimulation.

Her excitement was building and her body began to squirm. Tiffi would occasionally glance at me, but she was becoming more absorbed in her own pleasure. Her face betrayed a rising tension. For almost ten minutes, we got more and more juiced. Rubbing ourselves and watching each other was incredible. Seeing her bite her lips, her panties darken from moisture and hearing Tiffi’s breathing deepen drove me higher. Sharing this usually hidden female rite was explosively erotic.

When she removed her panties and plunged bahis siteleri a finger deep into herself, I raced to keep up. As she licked the glistening finger, I sucked on my own warm nectar. The mutual masturbatory feedback was mind-blowing.

I was madly working my clit and writhing on the bed. My eyes were blinking and rolling. Tiffi’s palm was moving furiously. Although immersed in my own delirium, I could hear her thrash and peeked over to see her climax with a loud and drawn out “Fuuuccckkkk!!”

It pushed me to the edge and within a minute a hot wave crashed on my body as well. I humped the firm pillow to stretch out the ecstasy.

I laid on the bed in a warm pool of wonder and relished the multiple dimensions of one of the best orgasms of my young life. Tiffi had a silly and satisfied grin on her face. I felt great.

However, guilt from my conservative upbringing bubbled up and conflicted my feelings. Masturbating, and getting caught masturbating, much less enjoying it and displaying it to someone else, certainly would be condemned as sinful and slutty.

Whether Tiffi read my sheepish thoughts or was just being Tiffi, I don’t know. However, she blew away my concerns by sincerely saying, “You are one, fantastic, liberated woman, Miss Allison. You are so hot, girl. When I saw you happily playing with yourself, I got so turned on, I couldn’t resist.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I answered in kind, “You were pretty bitchin yourself. Watching you made me come in buckets.”

“Me too! Who would have thought? It’s like a Sisterhood of the Panties!”. She bounced from her bed to mine. “We have to go out and celebrate. But, first we have to do something to remember this.”

It sounded like she wanted pictures, so to stop her, I stammered, “I don’t think I’ll ever forget this.”

“Me either. But, I’m going to make sure. Give me your panties.”

I wasn’t sure I heard her, “What?”

“We’re going to trade underwear”. Tiffi grabbed hers and placed them on my belly. Seeing my confusion, she continued, “It’s like a trophy. We just won the gold medal in team Jilling off. This will bond us. You’ve heard of blood brothers, this will make us pussy juice sisters. That’s even closer.” bahis şirketleri

Still in post-coital daze, I was swept up by her enthusiasm. I presented my underwear to her with a flourishing wave, “Your new lingerie, my pussy juice sister.”

She thanked me with a bow, I’m thrilled, my lady.” She nonchalantly sniffed them and said, “Ahh, the perfect blend of perfume and Allison bouquet. When I wear them, I’ll relive this moment and be halfway to an orgasm.”

I thought the siiliness was over, but, Tiffi surprised me again. She rolled back on the bed and pulled my panties up both legs. Rolling forward, she stood up and snapped them into place. Smoothing them across her twat, she purred, “Ummm, warm and gooey and sexy. Perrrrfect”. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “Put yours on and get dressed. Wear something sexy, Panty Pal. I’m so pumped, I could dance all night. We’re going to knock them dead!”.

I said, “Shouldn’t we clean up and get fresh underwear?”

With a determined and feral grin, she said, “Hell no. I plan on smelling as sexy and wanton and whorish as I feel. We’ll be giving off so much confidence and pheromones, that ever man and woman in the club will be swooning. Five minutes, Sexy.” Tiffi almost floated out of the room on her tiptoes.

I was light-headed. In a fog, I tried to comprehend all that had just transpired, but couldn’t get my mind around it. I just knew that I was glowing and had a sense of well-being I’d rarely experienced. And, Tiffi was right. I felt a strong bond with her forged by taboo intimacy and a sense of liberation. I picked up Tiffi’s panties, discarded my inhibitions, and pulled on the lace dainties. They radiated a physical and nearly spiritual warmth. Finally, I thought WTF and freshened myself up. I caressed my trophy lavender panties and slipped on my shortest dress.

The night was memorable. I was giddy and exuberant as we talked with friends. and drank, and danced with guys. Knowing that we had masturbated together and were wearing each other’s juicy panties was otherworldly sensuous. It was like we shared a deep dark secret. Throughout the evening, our eyes would lock and we’d spontaneously laugh. Uncharacteristically, I got risqué and flashed Tiffi a view of my/her panties. She expressed mock shock and blew me a kiss.

It was such an outstanding rush that we’ve done it again and again. Half my panties must now be inherited from Tiffi. Long live the Sisterhood.

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