Pagan Meeting

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A friend of mine from work named Brian came up to me one day.

“There is going to be this get-together on Friday night. Do you want to come along?”

I inquired as to what sort of party he was talking about.

“A group of pagans,” he told me.

“Since when did you start worshiping trees and rocks?” I asked.

Brian gave me this look like I was a total asshole to ask such a thing. He said that this group of people were more like naturalists. I asked if there were many young people.

“A few,” Brian told me.

I asked what ‘a few’ meant.

“Two,” he told me.

It was himself and a young woman. All the rest were middle aged. I ask why I should want to be involved in an old people’s club. Brian said that he was trying to get more young people involved. Unless I showed up it would always be older folks. Brian kept on me until I finally agreed. Just to shut him up I said I would go this one time. After work on Friday, Brian stopped by my place and picked me up.

“You won’t regret this Matt,” he said to me.

I was already regretting it and we hadn’t even arrived at this place. Brian drove out to this rural area. I had never been out this way before. We ended up turning onto a dirt lane that brought us to this farm house. We parked and walked over to this out building. A middle aged woman greeted us.

“I’m Brenda, you must be Brian’s friend,” she said.

I said that I was. She asked me what interested me in their pagan group. I told her that Brian pestered me until I said yes. I got an evil look from Brian. Brenda let out a chuckle.

“At least you are honest about it.”

Brenda looked to be in her early fifties. She had long black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Brenda was a full figured woman for sure. I could tell she had big breasts and she was curvy. We walked over to the building. Brenda said there were lockers inside to store our clothes. We didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing our possessions. I got this surprised look on my face. Brian didn’t tell me we were going to be naked.

We went inside and there were other men undressing.

“I’m sorry Matt, I knew you wouldn’t come if I told you we would all be nude.”

He was right about that point. It was too late to turn back now. I stripped out of my clothes and footwear and then we walked out onto this grassy area. I was now looking at all manner of naked people. Some were thin, some fat. Other tall and short. Brian was right about one thing. There were only three people our age. Both of us and this hot looking darked haired woman. I knew at once that she looked like our host Brenda. She had dark hair and was shapely kadıköy escort as well.

I tried not to stare as we gathered around this fire pit. It was stacked up maybe six feet high with wood. Brenda told all the naked members to circle around. We had to be female-male, female-male all around the pit. Brenda took out some wood matches and she lit the fire. We soon had a giant bonfire going. We joined hands and Brenda began to chant.

The sun was slowly dipping down to the horizon. Most people had their eyes closed as they chanted some foreign words. I just stood there and looked at all the naked bodies. This went on for some minutes until we all lifted our hands up to the sky. Brenda said a few more words and that was the end of the meeting. I hadn’t understood a thing that was said. People began to pair off and walk out into the open fields. I stood there not knowing what to do until Brenda came up to me.

“Come with me,” she said.

She took my hand and we walked out until we reached this large oak tree. As we left I looked over my shoulder to see Brian and the young woman walking away. This woman was glancing back at me. She had this look like she was wishing it were me instead of Brian that she wanted to be with. There was nothing I could do. I followed Brenda to the tree and then she knelt down directly in front of me. She was looking right at my cock. Just like that she reached out and took my dick in her hand.

Brenda brought my cock to her mouth and she inhaled me. I can’t say I saw any of this coming. She didn’t say a word that she was going to suck on my dick. Brenda took me right down to the root. You could say it was like a ritual where she was worshiping my phallus. She might have been twice as old as me but Brenda was making me hard with her mouth. I could feel my erect member sliding down her throat. Brenda soon moved her hands to the back of my thighs and she pulled me into her mouth.

A few minutes of that and I thought I was close to exploding. Brenda must have sensed that I was going to pop. She pulled off of my prick and she got onto her back. The light was nearly fading from the sun. Brenda spread her thighs for me and invited me to take her. This had to be the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to me. I guess my cock was ruling my emotions that evening.

I knelt down and took hold of my fat erection. I guided my cock head to her wet opening and I pushed in. I could hear the air leaving Brenda’s lungs as I buried my rod all the way into her hairy slit. Brenda pulled her legs back and we began to fuck like üsküdar escort two wild beasts. Was this the point of these pagan meetings? I had no idea. All I knew was that I was past the point of no return. I slid all seven inches into Brenda’s belly and made her squeal like a pig.

Brenda did place her legs around my back as best as she could. She was soon begging me to use her pussy and fuck her as deeply as I could.

“Oh my God Matt!!” She cried out.

I wondered which God she worshiped. My big balls were slapping her thick ass cheeks. The only thought in my mind was to pound Brenda as hard as I could. I did wonder if anyone else could hear our love cries out there in the dark. Brenda placed her hands onto my waist and she held on tight. There was no way to tell how long we had been fucking there on the ground.

“I need your seed Matt, please give it all to me!”

I hope Brenda knew what she was saying. I slowly built up to give my pagan lover my love offering. Just a few more minutes of stroking her pussy and then I erupted. I know we both screamed as we had a big climax between us. My seed came pouring out of the tip of my shaft. I was squirting uncontrollably inside Brenda’s greedy pussy. We had to have fucked for fifteen minutes longer. We couldn’t seem to stop ourselves. Brenda’s body was shaking in my grasp.

I didn’t know if it was the chill from the air or all our lovemaking that made her shake. We did finally compose ourselves. I pulled out and then helped Brenda to her feet. She pulled me into her body after we finished. Brenda broke away and went over near the oak tree. I watched as she began to push our love juices out of her body. It was totally dark as we made our way back to the fire.

There were people standing around looking us.

“We were worried about you both, where were you?” Brian asked.

“I never had sex like that before,” was all that Brenda said.

People’s eye focused on both of us. I didn’t hang around. I went inside the building and got dressed. Brian was waiting for me outside. We walked over to his car. Brian tried to pepper me with questions. I said I was tired, just drive me home. Brenda and I must have been the topic of conversation among the pagan members. I didn’t say a word and I don’t know what Brenda told anyone.

Brian tried to get me to commit to another pagan meeting. I said no. He asked me why. I said I wanted to be with the young woman if I showed up again. I could tell Brian didn’t like my reply.

“She’s my partner,” he said.

I told him that his friend, who I found out was named Maddy, had her eye on me tuzla escort that night. That made Brian pissed. I suspected that he knew his partner desired me. I said that was the only way I would ever show up again. Brian wouldn’t talk to me that next week at work. He did break down one time and he handed me this envelope.

“This is from Maddy,” and then he walked away.

Once Brian had left I opened the letter. Maddy had wrote and said that she wished I would come to the next get-together. She had wanted to be with me but her mother, Brenda, had chosen me instead. I wrote a note back and then sealed it tightly with super glue and tape. I didn’t want Brian to be opening my reply and spying on us. I did end up going to the next meeting. Brenda and Brian were very disappointed. I stood next to Maddy and I held her hand. When the meeting broke up, we walked away from the group.

We went far out into the distance. Once there I had Maddy all to myself. I made her get onto her back as I buried my face in her muff. I drove her wild by licking and biting her pussy lips. Maddy actually squirted on my face. We were just getting started. I had Maddy mount me and she slid up and down my prick. She had boobs the size of her mother’s. I pinched her big nipples as Maddy rode my staff.

Maddy told me she was jealous when her mother stole off with me. She only went with Brian because they were the two youngest members. She didn’t like it when Brian would say they were partners. Nothing could be further from the truth. I told her from now on she would be my lover. It would be my cock and my cock only, for her pussy. I think this made Maddy crazy with lust. I kept squeezing Maddy’s big tits with my hands. I could feel her pussy spasms as I thrust my dick deep into her belly.

I gave Maddy my load of cream for the first time. I was shooting uncontrollably into her tummy, filling her pussy with my sticky juice. After we finished, Maddy told me that she had never gotten this excited with Brian as her lover. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. When we got back, there was no one waiting for us. We got dressed and Maddy followed me back to my apartment. I took her one more time that night.

Maddy got on all fours and I fucked her from behind. Just as I came again I told her she was my lover from now on, no one else. Maddy screamed as our love juices mingled there in bed. Things did change from that time on. Maddy and I decided to start our own group. We would choose who could be members. Brian wanted to join but we wouldn’t accept him. He was pissed at the whole situation. He soon left the company that we both worked for and I never saw him again.

Brenda maintained her group of pagan followers. We heard through the grapevine that she and Brian were lovers these days. More power to them. Maddy and I have a group of young pagans that we mingle with. I love having sex with Maddy and we are thinking of starting a family. It’s hard to believe that is all began with a bonfire and sex with my girlfriend’s mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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