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We return home from a nice meal at a local Italian restaurant. I enjoyed it but you were a little critical of the authenticity – I love how sometimes you can be so feisty. However, we’d caught up, chatted and put the world to rights, laughed, teased, caressed, excited and aroused. I know you’re wet and you know I’m dribbling in my boxers; we’ve told each other.

As we take our coats off I can’t help but yet again be aroused by you. You’re wearing a figure hugging ivory lace backless dress that compliments your delicious body fantastically. Your ears have drop Pearl earrings, a variety of pearl necklaces of varying lengths that adorn your low cleavage and your back and pearl bangle bracelets.

You have on gold sandals and I know no knickers. You wouldn’t be able to wear that dress without a panty line showing and, anyway, I’d already asked you to hand them over to me before we left for dinner. They’re still in my jacket pocket which I’m fingering as I’m lusting after you as I watch you right now.

You are so confident with your sexuality and oozing charm and eroticism. I once again am overcome and intoxicated by how much I want you.

You turn to me and without warning pin me up against the wall and kiss me tenderly but our tongues exploring energetically. Your hand is firmly rubbing my growing cock through my jeans and I trail my fingers up your bare back before fondling your ear lobe between my thumb and forefinger. You moan as we kiss and rub your leg against my thigh.

You pull away looking at me biting your lip.

“Scott. Why don’t you go pour some wine, I’m going to get comfortable. Don’t come in until I call you,” you say oozing sexuality.

Your eyes are twinkling and your voice mesmerises me sending a bolt of heat through me and my thickening shaft. You look at my groin smiling before turning and heading to the bedroom.

I open a bottle of white from the fridge and fill two glasses, taking a sip while I wait for your call. My phone vibrates and I read.


…and see “Maria is typing”…

Before long I read,

I so fucking want you.

I take this as my summons and enter the bedroom with the wine and the rest of the bottle under my arm.

“Fuck” I say, in excited shock.

As I enter I see you sprawled on the bed in our subtle low light, almost dropping the wine with my surprise. You are posed on the bed with your body naked bar Pearls and your gold sandals.

Your long legs stretched out but seductively hiding your pussy. I can see the erotic curves of your hips, breasts bum and shoulders and your nipples are hard. You still have your pearls on and it looks like there are more, disappearing between your legs and draped over your shoulder. You still have your ear rings in. Your hair is already slightly ruffled as you know I love seeing you messed up. By the time I’m finished with you you’ll be a total mess; ruined.

I put the wine down next to you and kiss you. Again our tongues explore eagerly and I can smell coconut and feel the light oil on your body; silky, smooth and warm. I whisper in your ear.

“Maria, you smell so good. I want you.”

As I do, I’m sucking on the pearl ear ring making you moan and stroke my hip. You whisper back in my ear.

“I want to watch you undress. I want to see your cock grow.”

I sit on the bed next to you and as I undo my shoes and remove them with my socks your fondling my ear between your finger and thumb. I stand and face you looking down at you and unbutton my shirt. Our eyes are connected and you’re biting your lip seductively. As I unbutton my shirt and cuffs one of your hands is rubbing some Pearls over your nipple gently. I remove my shirt and then check my jeans pockets, removing the gold bullet vibrator from my pocket and placing it on the bedside table next to you, making you smile and lick your lip. I undo my belt and fly and gently slide my hand inside teasing you. Your eyes are moving now between mine and my groin and I can see you’re breathing more heavily as you watch me. You are beginning to get restless and you’re parting your legs; your nipples are hard.

As you watch I remove my hand from my boxers and, watching you, I pull down my jeans and boxers together, stepping out of them. My cock is semi hard and your eyes are fully transfixed on it. I immediately take it in my hand and pull back exposing my glistening knob. I’m so aroused that a string of pre-cum winds its way to the ground making you gasp quietly and your hand follows the line of pears down your belly, your eyes not moving from my growing shaft.

Your hand moves lower and rubs the pearls over your swelling clit, beads of pearls popping against your bud, making you gasp once again.

You tenderly use the pearls sensuously and erotically as I stroke my shaft thick, hard, glistening and ready for you.

You slide to the edge of the bed and spread your legs wide. Pearls adorn you and trail over your hard nipples. One line of Pearls hangs down istanbul escort towards your pussy and disappears between your legs. You look so delectable and classic; I relish seeing you like this making my shaft even harder.

Your eyes are transfixed on my cock and reeling me in closer to you without saying a word. As I stand with my knob inches from your lips you look up, eyes twinkling, and lick your lips and smile looking back to my erection in front of you. You take a line of Pearls hanging from your neck and gently, without handling my cock wrap my cock in necklaces of pearls and then, wrapping your palm around it, start to wank me slowly, the pearls trailing up and down my shaft under your hand. You look at my face as you play, mischievously pulling both ends to tighten the grip of the pearls around my thick hard shaft.

With a twinkle in your eye and biting your lip again, you pick up the golden bullet, buzzing it into life. You then circle my knob with your tongue tenderly enjoying the taste of my pre-cum, while you massage my balls with your hand and tease them with the bullet. I shudder and step back unsteady momentarily, my breathing quickening. I take you by the back of your head in one hand to help support me but also to pull your eager lips more onto my cock. You take the lead sucking me in and your tongue helping to massage the rings of pearls both against my shaft but my more sensitive knob again making me squirm.

Your hand has the bullet between my legs nuzzling against my bum hole as your other hand massages my balls firmly and your mouth is sucking my cock deeply. The whole time you’re looking at my face as your mouth is stretched around my cock and the pearls. I’m so aroused; You’ll make me cum too quick with your expert tongue so I pull out and you erotically remove the pearls from my cock as you dribble my pre-cum from your mouth and down your chin stringing onto your breast. You are buzzing the bullet on your breast, the dribble acting as lubricant. You look so fuckable, looking up at me seductively; I so want you.

I lay you back down on the bed with your head against the pillow and can see you are intoxicated by our connection. You now have one arm up on the headboard and the other is gently guiding the bullet over your breast. Sporadically brushing your nipple making you gasp and purr gently. Your legs are open and I can see the string of pearls disappearing round past your glistening and open Pussy, your lips are pink and swollen and your clit is out and hard. Your legs are long and shining with the coconut oil you have put on them and you still have your gold sandals on. The sight of you so aroused and secumbing to me, heightens my excitement and another bolt of heat to my cock resolves my hardness. I sit and embrace you, kissing you on the lips tenderly, savouring the moment before our tongue tips touch and we embrace fully. Your nipples press like hot hard bullets into my chest as we explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, tasting my salty cum on your lips and tongue. The coconut aroma fills my nostrils. I run my hand through your hair and feel you relax into me, content.

My other hand now takes your breast and my palm manipulates the pearls to tease them over your hard nipple making you gasp as you bring the bullet back to life that you’ve had in your hand trailing it down my spine. I’d forgotten about that but it sends a bolt of heat through me and you sense me take a breath and you can feel my heart racing. Your other hand is firmly massaging my neck and the back of my head.

My tongue and lips caress your cheek and you turn your head as I suck on your ear tugging the pearl drop earrings again and kiss your neck making you squirm.

Your breathing is laboured and I watch your chest and hard nipples as they rise and fall before I kiss down taking your nipple and another trail of pearls in my lips and sucking. Your beginning to squirm as I slide the pearls in my mouth around your nipple and feel you pushing your thigh and groin into me.

I sit up and you sit up with me and we kiss again. Our tongues exploring endlessly.

Your hand is again stroking my shaft and your thumb is teasing my knob and sliding with my slippery pre-cum. I twitch as you do, making you emphasise the action further.

My hand is holding your other hand and toying playfully with it as my other hand strokes your back and gently tugs various lines of pearls. As I do I realise one particular line makes you gasp as I tug and realise that this is the pearls that loop passing through your legs. You break off from the kiss and look at me knowingly. I tug the pearls gently and with the oil you have on your skin they pull through and round but with enough pressure to rub your hot pussy lips and swollen clit making you writhe and gasp as I watch your face. The pearls bobbling, one by one over your clit, massaging your pussy lips and sensitising your bum crack. You adjust avcılar escort slightly, I appreciate, so the Pearls pass over your pussy with maximum effect. I pull them long and your head falls into my shoulder and you embrace me tightly shaking. I can feel your juices, sticky on the string of pearls and smile before saying


I NEED to taste you.”

You kneel up directly in front of me, not losing eye contact and not saying a word. Biting your lip, you teasingly slide two fingers deep into your pussy and withdraw them soaked, glistening and almost dripping and hold them out for me.

Again not speaking, I take some pearls and wrap them round a glistening finger and then suck them deep into my mouth one by one. Rubbing the pearls over your finger and savouring your love juice. I tease the tip of my tongue up the sides of your fingers to the fleshy join seeing you squirm and writhe as I wiggle my licking before you finally speak

“Paul, I need you to touch me. Please TOUCH me.” A strong sense of desire and hunger in your voice.

I lay you back down, but as I do I kiss you passionately as you return the emotion and I discreetly remove a trail of pearls from your neck. You spread your legs, your physical actions re-enforcing your words. Your pussy is swollen, pink and glistening with a trail of sticky gleaming pearls passing over your pussy and disappearing between your wet thighs. I once again trail my tongue over your nipples but this time it continues down following the pearls and teasingly leaving a trail of moisture until I circle your navel. Your hands are rubbing through my hair firmly and one of your legs is hooking over my shoulder, your stiletto heel brushing against my back.

Your squirming and writhing, your hot and anxious and again you speak,

“Fucking lick me, please, Paul.”

I look up at you and can see your eyes closed and you’re panting. I can tell your body is hyper sensitive and as I flick the pearls over your clit, brushing it with my tongue too, you shiver. I circle the pearls and your clit as one and feel you spasm and your legs squeeze me like a vice. My fingers push the pearls over your swollen lips – you taste so good and hot. Your breathing erratically and moaning as I take the pearls in my hand wrapping them around my finger and push it into your cunt deep and firmly. You jolt and arch your back as I then firmly circle your g spot with my finger and as I do I pull the trial of pearls on one end. As I pull they pop between my fingers and your sponge. Your gasping now and your legs start to shake. Your pussy tightens and I massage your g spot more firmly pulling the pearls slightly quicker. My tongue is rasping the pearls against your clit. I feel you start to tense and finally you explode. My face soaked as you squirt and my fingers clamped inside you. You’re so tight as your orgasm overcomes you, your writhing almost violently, your heels sticking in my back, I pull the pearls faster and firmly tongue your clit.

Your orgasm floods your body as you scream my name and finally succumb, breathless, panting, soaked, hot and sticky. Your eyes closed and my head clamped in between your thighs as you shake and spasm. You slowly release lying back, legs spread, hair messed up, pearls still adorning your body and your pussy gaping and glistening and yet, still a trail of pearls adorning it erotically.

You trail a finger down and soak it quickly in your pussy and look at me so provocatively as you suck on it firmly.

Your smile says you feel fucked.

Your eyes twinkle with total mischief and your words are

“Paul, I never in my life, thought Pearls would have such a special meaning to me.”

I respond,


…To either of us”

You sit up and we once again kiss tenderly with our tongues exploring more energetically. We are so highly aroused as our hands again caress, stroke and fondle. I break off from the kiss and pick up both wine glasses, handing you one.

Without a word we clink glasses and sip looking each other in the eye. You put your glass down and lie back looking me in the eye. Your breathing is still heavy and you look sexily ruined, stroking your breast teasingly with one hand, brushing the string of Pearls over your nipple. The other arm is up round your head. I move my glass to your lips pouring it gently into your lips. Some spills down your chin and onto your neck trickling down between your breasts. You mop it with your fingers and suck your finger seductively – again, without loosing eye contact. I dribble some wine onto your breast; you gasp as it spills and dribbles down your stomach and side wetting your necklaces of pearls. I put my glass down and once again kiss your breast, tasting the wine and feeling your hard swollen red nipple between my lips and the globes of pearls, that I again tease against your nipple. Yet again you gasp and spread your legs subconsciously.

I stand up next to the bed stroking şirinevler escort my glistening knob which you also caress and massage my balls, maintaining eye contact on me the whole time, smiling. My cock is throbbing and I want to cum inside you.

I pull you up and as you sit I lean in and kiss you again toying and fingering your hands erotically with mine. My fingers slip to your wrist and remove the bracelet of pearls you are wearing. I stand up looking down at you gazing into my eyes diverted occasionally to my shaft, as you continue to massage me, your thumb smearing my precum over my knob and shaft as you do.

I step back and push you back on the bed and you seductively slide your legs up resting your stiletto sandals on the bed, your legs spread and your glistening pussy still adorned with wet sticky pearls disappearing round to your bum.

I take the bangle of pearls and slide it onto my hard shaft doubling them over so they are tightly wound on my shaft just below my swollen knob. You’re biting your lip imagining how it will feel inside you as I stroke your inner thighs with each hand and raise one leg onto my shoulder stroking your upper thigh, and push the other down at the knee so you’re spread wide open. Your pussy lips pop apart as I look down from your gaze to see your delicious swollen wet mound. It’s glistening as your breathing has again quickened and your fingers are rubbing the pearls over both your nipples.

I edge my swollen knob teasingly against your pussy lips and you raise your bum to try and swallow it between your lips but I control this and gently manage, slipping them up and down against your lips.

I move forward, taking the string of pearls running between your bum cheeks and quickly loop it round my knob, easing into you. You gasp instantaneously; the tension now increased on the pearl loop between your legs. It’s sliding deeper between your bum cheeks and bobbling against your clit.

I pause momentarily enjoying your arousal and then continue to slide my knob inside you. You push your hips up as your lips swallow my knob and then the strings of pearls stretch you further as they also disappear into you. I’m watching this and the reactions on your face, heightening my arousal further; my knob twitching as I thrust into you. You moan, both hands now holding my forearms tightly as if to guide me. Your face is flushed and frowning but in excited trepidation, feeling the pearls rolling against your pussy walls stretching you more than you’ve ever known.

Your pushing against me as I thrust, my rhythm building and your gasps becoming louder. Your breasts are heaving as I push into you. Your nipples hard and the line of Pearls wrapped round my cock and disappearing behind your back is rolling back and forth tightly over your piercing, tugging it each time.

I can feel your close as you arch your back but I ease off and withdraw from you.

You look at me with mixed emotions; why has Scott stopped and asking yourself what I might be thinking and going to do next? I’m looking at you, my arousal growing even more with the sight of your tight wet pussy, hard nippled breasts, all adorned in pearls and still wearing your stiletto sandals; you know I love fucking you with your stilettos on and you gently stroke my cock with the tip of your toes, managing to touch the underside of my thick hard shaft before they stroke my balls momentarily. Our eyes are connected lustfully.

I pull your knee up and roll you over onto your front and pull you up at the waist with both hands so you’re on all fours on the edge of the bed. I pull you by the hair roughly without saying a word so you have to come back placing one foot on the ground and the other knee on the bed. My other hand slaps your bum cheek stingingly, making you scream and you let out a moan of ecstasy. I slide my pearl covered cock back into your pussy fast making you arch your back. My hand still pulling on your golden mane as I ride you.

Out of the corner of your eye you see me pick up the string of pearls I had earlier pulled slowly and erotically from your pussy. As I ride you firmly, the pearls sensitise your pussy walls making you feel delirious. The next thing you know, you can feel my fingers rubbing the handful of pearls around the bum hole mentally making you feel a jolt of heat make your pussy buzz further as you realise what I might do.

Your heart is racing; your back is arched meeting the thrusts of my Pearled cock and the beads are rolling inside your tight hot pussy. Your so wet, hot and you can feel your orgasm once again building.

As I fuck you I start to rub the beads of pearls against your bum hole and one by one they pop through your tight anus. I can feel you gasping as some of them disappear inside you and start to fill you up. As I fuck you I can feel them starting to roll together with those in your pussy. Your moaning and so close.

As I’ve been doing this I’ve pushed you down on the bed so your cheek is on the mattress and your bum is sticking up. I’ve angled my cock to stretch you fully and more roughly. I’ve been pushing my hard erection against your spongy g spot ensuring the pearls are bobbling firmly over it. I can feel you starting to shake and spasm so slow my rhythm; I don’t want you to come quite yet.

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