Personal Training Ch. 15

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I put my bags into my car, and checked on dad one more time before I headed out of town. I drove straight through, and it was pretty late before I hit Annie’s town. Knowing how early she hit the hay, I didn’t bother her. She made it quite clear that I wasn’t going to stay with her anyway, so I hit up a Marriott, and checked in.

“Where’s a place I can get something to eat?” I asked the front desk clerk.

“Just down the road there’s a bar, but they serve food until closing too.”

“Good.” I got directions, and hit the road.

It was pretty busy, but then again it was Friday night, and a younger crowd kept the waitresses busy. I pushed up to the bar and took a seat.

“What you’d have?” said the bartender.

“A menu would be good.”

“And to drink?”

“Jack and Coke.”

So I was left alone and looked over the menu. I decided on some hot wings, and ordered them when the bartender returned with my drink. Just as he put it down, a woman twisted on the seat next to me and knocked the drink over.

“Oh shit,” she said. She apologized profusely.

I laughed. “That’s okay. I’m sure there’s more of that where that came from.”

“Let me buy you another one. Bartender, another one for my victim here.”

“Sure enough.” He grinned at her and I could see why. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders, drawing attention to her shapely breasts. Looking down, the rest of the package was just as nice. Her waist pulled in tightly, and her hips flared out in a luscious way.

“You are regular here?”

“Nope, just here one more night before I go home. I decided to go out.”

“Now how on earth can you be without someone?”

“Oh, I just broke up, again, with my boyfriend.”

“That’s a damn shame.”

“It’s okay. It’s been in the works for a while anyway.”

“So why are you in town, then?

“Oh that, long stupid story. I got mad at him and wrecked his car.”

I gave her an incredulous look.

“It was an accident, I swear. Anyway, he took me home from the hospital to keep an eye on me. He’s taking me home tomorrow.”

I stuck out my hand. “I’m Jack. For what its worth, I think he’s an idiot. I wouldn’t let you go home all. “

She looked me up and down, and smiled. I swear it was as if she was lighting up the room.


“I’m glad I met you.” A waiter brought my wings, a huge plate of them it seemed.

“Like hot wings? I have more than enough.”

“Love to.”

So we sat and talked. And joked and laughed. When I found out she was an investment banker, I picked her brain, and came away with a few good ideas on where to put some money. She was sharp, funny and overall a very classy lady. I hadn’t enjoyed the company of woman this much since, ever. Not that I didn’t like Annie’s company, but this was different. Lynn was easy to talk to, and she didn’t lecture me like Annie did.

“So,” said Lynn. “Are you seeing someone?”

“Well, yes, actually.”

“She’s a lucky woman.”

“That’s what I keep telling her.”

Lynn laughed. “Is it serious?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Too bad. So why aren’t you with her now?”

“She’s an early to bed, early to rise, gal and I didn’t expect to get in until tomorrow.”

Lynn looked at me over her glass.

“But you aren’t married?”


“You know, I could use a ride back to the apartment. You got a car?”


So anyone could see this coming a mile away. When we got into my car, she leaned over to give me a kiss, which should have been a friendly peck. Instead, it was a full on seduction, she leaning over the divider in the seat, her breasts pushing into me, her tongue twisting with mine.

And she tasted delicious. It wasn’t just the alcohol. She smelled wonderful, hot and sexy, and I couldn’t get enough of her.

“Hold on,’ I said, trying to get myself together. “I think both of us have had a little too much to drink.”

“I certainly hope so,” she said.

“Lynn, darling. Look, you’re awesome, you just are. But I’ve got plans with this woman, and I’m pretty serious about them.”

She pulled back and smiled.

“I’m not looking for forever, Jack. I could use a really good fuck, and you look like you ankara eryaman escortlar can give it me. “

“You know. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me.”

So, I took her to my hotel.

What? Who wouldn’t?


As soon as we hit my room, she was all over me. The scent of her was in my nose as she crushed her lips to mine. Her fingers quickly undid the buttons of my shirt as her tongue rolled against mine. When my shirt was undone, her tongue traveled down my chest. My belt was her next assault, then the zipper of my slacks. As she pushed my shorts off my hips, her warm tongue met my shaft. I stood my back against the door of my room, my hands on her shoulders, as she took me in her mouth, and unleashed her marvelous tongue up, down and around. She was so hot, I got hard almost immediately. On her knees, she took it all in, and I had an uncontrollable urge to grab her blonde hair in my fists, and push my dick in her mouth as deep as I could. And, God help me, she let me. My heart hammered in my chest, wanting more than this. I wanted her. I wanted to bury myself between her sweet legs and watch her face twist in passion.

“Baby,” I said. “I just have to have you. Now.”

She pulled her lips aways. “Are you sure? Because I love tasting you.”


“On the bed, sweetheart,” I said, pulling her up, kissing her hard once more. My hand went to the zipper on the back of her dress, and I pulled it down and it fell to the floor.

I sucked in a breath. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, top or bottom. Her perfect tits jutted out ending in the peaks of her pinks nipples. I couldn’t help it. My lips sucked one in, and her back arched, pushing her sweet pussy on top of my cock. Her wet warmth met me. It was all I could do to urge us both to move to the bed. I started walking forward, holding her tight was she walked backward.

“Sit down, baby,” I said when we got to the edge of the bed. She bent her knees and I lowered her to the bed. I sunk to my knees then, and put her legs over my shoulders and buried my head between her legs. I couldn’t believe how good she tasted, musky and sexy. I lapped her clit, as she pressed my head with her hands into her sweetness. My tongue found her pussy, and I pushed my tongue in as far as it could, my lips crushed in her folds. I almost couldn’t breath, and I didn’t know if I wanted to, as her honey dripped on my tongue. I moved my hands to the folds around her clit, and rubbed gently as first, but Lynn moved her hands on top of mine and pushed them down. I took the hint, and massaged her clit with more pressure. Soon, her hips were moving in time with my tongue, moving forward as I pulled it back. She make little noises, then whimpers, as I continued my assault in pursuit of her pleasure. Lynn fisted my hair, and let loose a scream. The warm walls of her pussy pulsed around my tongue, a feeling so incredibly hot, I had to feel that on my cock as well. When her fists finally relaxed enough to move my head, I stood.

“Pillow,” I said.

She smiled and passed me a pillow. I put it under her hips, and then put her legs against my shoulders. I stared in her blue eyes as I pulled on my cock, bringing it back to full attention.

“Let me,” she said putting her hands on my cock. I rocked back and forth as she massaged my shaft and my balls. My balls and the tip of my cock tingled, and I knew if I let her, I’d come just like this, so I pushed her hands away.

Her lips formed a sexy pout, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted my cock in her pussy or her mouth. Either would be great. But my cumming didn’t want to wait on decisions, so I choose proximity. In one motion, I entered her, and she took me, all of me, without hesitation.

“Yes!” she hissed. “Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard.”

I didn’t need the encouragement. I held her hips as I worked in and out of her, my pace quickening without my volition. My balls slapped against her pussy. She was so hot, so wet, so utter wonderful, I almost came before she did. But another of her screams tore the air, and she pulsed hard around me. I exploded inside her, gasping, never wanting this moment to end.


I tried to be quiet, but I woke Annie anyway escort etimesgut when I got out of bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve got to open the gym. I need to get home to clean up and change.”

“Okay,” she said sleepily.

I leaned over to kiss her.

“I’ll call you later.”

Her eyes flew opened and stared into mine.

“About that.”


She sat up.

“Abel, you’ve got to know that I think you are a terrific guy, really.”

I closed my eyes. This was the other shoe dropping.

“But?” I said.

“Jack’s coming in for the rest of the weekend.”

“Jack,” I said.

She nodded.

“Tell me something, Annie. Do you love him?”


“Do you love him? After all, he did ask you to marry him.”

“Oh, Abel. It’s not about that. But we have history together, we understand each other-“

“He’s closer to your age.”

“Yes,” she said softly.

Well, fuck me.

“But you don’t love him.”


“Then give him up. Send him packing.”

“Abel.” She said my name with such anguish I knew I could never convince her.

“Damn it, Annie,” I said. Leaning over her I gave her one last kiss. I felt her eyes at my back as I left, but she didn’t say another word.


I pulled my car slid into my parking space. Behind me I heard another car drive up. Under the parking lots lights I see this black Mercedes, definitely out of place in this complex. Then I see the flash of Lynn’s blonde hair, as she got out, then her butt as she stuck her head in the car again.

“Bye, baby. I had a hellava time. Call me if decide to ditch that woman of yours.”

Lynn stood up and shut the car door hard. She spun around and almost slammed into me.

“Hello, Abel,” she said slurring her words. She was drunk all right.

“Tearing up the night life, eh?” I said.

“In this hick town, definitely not. But I did meet this very, very interesting man. Oh yeah, I had fun.”

“Good. Let’s get you upstairs and into bed. I have to get to work.”

“Sure, baby.”

I poured Lynn into bed. She was too loose to even help her out of her clothes, passing out as soon as hit the mattress. A scent clung to her of an expensive men’s cologne. Yep, she always did know how to pick them.

And I went to work. What the hell else was I suppose to do?


Annie thought I was crazy. “Why do you want to meet my father?”

“I’d like to get to know my future father-in-law.”

“Trust me, Jack. No man is good enough for me in my father’s eyes. You won’t win any points, and quite possibly just piss him off.”

I smiled. “Who can resist a face like this?”

She sighed. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

And as usual she was right. I was standing in a middle of a small family room, with a wizen old man sitting in a recliner scowling at me.

“Hello, Mr. Pizzolo,” I said sticking out my hand.

The old man looked up from his recliner with wary eyes and ignored my hand.


“Good to meet you.”

“Annie,” her father called out to her. She was in the kitchen, doing something. Annie popped her head in. “Yes, dad.”

“There’s an envelope on the kitchen table. Take it to Carl for me.”



“Oh for-” she said exasperated.

“It’s important.”

“Sure Dad, whatever you say.”

He turned his attention back to me “What do you want, Colson?”

I sat on a chair next to his.

“To have a chat with you.”

“About Annie.”

“Well, yes.”

“Hmph,” he said settling back. “Well, go ahead.”

“I think Annie is wonderful. I want to marry her.”

He made a noise. “Over my dead body.”

Annie came to the doorway again.


“Stay out of this, daughter.”

“I will not.”

“Annie,” he said, “I forbid you to marry this man. He’s a player that hasn’t done an honest day’s work.”

“I won’t stand for you treating Jack badly, and if I want to marry him, you can’t stop me. Let’s go, Jack.”

The old man gave Annie a strange look. “Don’t forget to take that envelope to Carl.”

Annie snorted. “Fine. Jack, let’s go.”


“I’m sorry,” batıkent escort Annie said, clutching that envelope as she gave directions to the gym where she had to drop it off.

“You warned me. But I’m was glad of one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“That you’d say you will marry me.”

She just shook her head. “You’re impossibly stubborn, Jack Colson.”

“Yes,” I said. “I am.”


The day dragged on. I couldn’t get Annie out of my head. With her, I felt like everything slipped into place. I didn’t feel like someone’s trophy, or somebody stuck in the wrong life. Holding her, after loving her, I felt a peace I never felt before.

But as right as if felt for me, it felt wrong to her. It just pissed me off that I had come so close to having the right woman in my life, and she kept pushing me away.

It was close to noon, time for me to clock out, and Carl got a phone call.

“Right, sure, Mr. P, will do,” said Carl.

“Abel, watch the desk,” he said. “I’ve got to go to the back and check on something.”

“Sure, Carl,” I said. I worked at straightening the papers on the desk, putting them in order. The door opened, and I turned to greet the client, and stopped short. It was Annie.

“Oh, hi, Abel. Carl here?”

“He’s in the back.”

“Okay, will you give this to him? It’s from my dad.”

I caught her hand as she gave me the envelope. I caught the whiff of something familiar on her hand, a man’s cologne. Where did I smell that?

“Sure, Annie.” It was all I could get out.

“Okay, then,” she said. “Bye, Abel.”

I still held her hand.

“Um, Abel, I have to go. Someone’s waiting on me.”


“Yeah. That’s him there.”

I looked to see a tall man leaning against a black Mercedes.

“That’s his car?”


I came from behind the counter.

The car, the cologne, it all clicked. “THAT’S his car!”

“Yes, Abel. Why? What’s wrong?”

“Do you know who he was with last night?”

“What are you talking about?”

I strode out the doors and up to that bastard.

Annie ran up behind me.

“Abel, what’s wrong?”

“How could you? How could you cheat on Annie?”

He gave a look like I was crazy, which at that moment, I suppose I was.

“Cheat?” said Annie.

“Abel?” said Jack. “Annie, is this the jerk that sent you those flowers?”

“Jack, forget the fucking flowers! What is he talking about, cheating?”

“With my ex, Lynn,” I said.

“Lynn?” said Annie, sounding even more confused.

“Then I was right,” said Colson. “You are a jerk. How could you let a woman like that go?”

“What business is that of yours?”

“What an asshole.” He grabbed Annie’s arm. “Let’s go. Get in the car.”

“Get your hands off her!”

“Say’s who?” Colson said with contempt.

“I said let her go.”

“Jack, Abel, stop it. Both of you just stop it.”

I stepped forward, and jerked his hand off Annie’s arm.

“Get in your car, and shove off. Annie’s not going anywhere with your lying ass.”

“Abel!” Annie said more loudly.

“You think so?” Colson looked away, and then swung at me with a right cross. I staggered back, and then getting my feet under me, rushed him and knocked him over. I was on top of him ready to land a blow to his face. I felt a strong hand grabbed my arm and hold me back.

“Abel,” growled Carl. “Come to your fucking senses. Get off that man. He’s twenty five years older than you, for chrissakes.”

With Carl’s help, I got up. Annie immediately bent over Colson.

“Are you okay, Jack?”

“Come on,” said Carl pulling on my arm.”Back in the gym.”

“Annie,” I said.

“Let it go, kid,” said Carl. “If you were smart, you’d have fallen on Colson’s punch. Then Annie would be leaning over you. But you’re fucked now. Let it go.”

I walked back looking at Annie as she helped Colson sit, then stand. She didn’t glance at me once.

In the gym I watched as Annie got into the Mercedes and then as it sped off.

Carl was as at the cash register. He pulled out some money.

“Here’s your last week’s pay. Now get going.”

I must have looked at him stupidly.

“With all that commotion, someone will have called the police. You do not want them to see that shiner forming. Get out of town, at least for a while.”

The gravity of what happened began to hit.

“Sure, Carl. Thanks for everything.”

He shook his head. “I’m real sorry, kid. I was rooting for you.”

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