Picnic and Tree Climbing

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I woke up groggy and tired after only 4 hours of sleep when I could no longer stand the banging on my door. I grumbled but got up and was pestered by the family to get ready as we were late for the annual company picnic where my father works. I was a little pissed that my parents insisted on having me come even though I would be oldest “youngster” there. At 20 years old I was more than ready to move out but was still in school so couldn’t quite afford it yet. So I slowly left my warm and comfortable bed and got in the shower and stood there for a good 10 minutes before getting out. I dressed in my favorite blue jeans and a black t-shirt and was ready to go.

We drove there in my dad’s car and I leaned back and closed my eyes. All too soon we were there and I helped my family carry some stuff to the picnic area. I put on a smile and greeted all the people and made small talk before going off to a corner and nursed a glass of cranberry juice and a small amount of vodka I had managed to spike it with. Time seemed to be moving incredibly slowly as people showed up and I had to pretend to give a rat’s ass about their kids and shit.

I was getting really bored and was this close to taking off when I saw two girls walking towards us with their father. I knew the father to be one of my dad’s coworkers so I went up to them and said my Hello’s and learned that the older one was a senior in high school and the younger one was just a freshman. They were both cute but I made it a point to pay more attention to the senior as she was legal at 18 and her sister was just plain jail bait. They had a soccer ball with them and I was right away invited to go and play with them by their father as he figured I would keep an eye on them keeping them out of trouble.

I smiled and assured him of that while thinking of many ways I would be tapping that ass.. But I digress. I led the girls to the field a little away from the crowd and we started kicking the ball around. Most of the time was spent on them asking me to show them the proper techniques even though I was quite sure they knew them already. I didn’t mind at all and took all the opportunities to get close to them and put my hands on their waists but made sure to stay away from the eryaman escort younger sister. She soon lost interest and went off to play with someone her age and I was left alone with this hot, young thing and she was asking me what I wanted to do.

I wasn’t sure if she was just teasing me or whether she actually wanted to have some fun so I decided to push forward. I turned to her and asked her if she wanted to learn to climb trees. She smiled right away and said yes to me and I led her off even further, almost in the woods and picked an easy tree to climb.

I showed her how to swing from the branch and scale the tree and asked her to try it. She stood in front of me and took off her sweatshirt and I got a good look at her body. She was about 5’8″ 120 lbs, black hair, dark brown eyes with very nice tanned skin. Her ass was to die for and filled out her jeans incredibly. Her tits were jutting out firm and proud as she stood in just a tank-top. I told her that she should perhaps stretch a bit before climbing the tree so that she doesn’t hurt herself. She smiled and started to stretch as I admired her young tight body while pretending to stretch myself. I was already half hard and was ready to jump her.

She finally tried to swing forward and get on the tree but couldn’t quite get her legs up on the branch so in order to help her I grabbed her leg and pushed up putting both hands on her ass and managed to get her up on the tree. As she braced herself on the branch I smiled at her and quickly pulled myself up on the tree and sat right beside her so that we were touching.

I started talking to her about school while I helped her climb higher and higher till we were completely hidden from everyone and were pressed right up against each other and didn’t really have any room to move around. I made sure to rub into her to make sure she felt my cock against her belly. I could tell that she was breathing hard and her face was red. I looked down at her and whispered in her ears, “If you want me to help you get down from here you are going to have to do something for me.” Her eyes grew big as she understood what I said.

She started to freak out as she wrapped her arms around me and begged me not to leave her there. I sincan escort just laughed and told her that everything would be alright if she just did as I said. She nodded, too scared to say anything. I positioned myself so I was right in front of her as I roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed. OHHHHH GOODDDD. They felt like heaven and to quote Marv, “She smelled like angels ought to smell like.” She gasped and I could see a tear form in her eyes but I also noticed her nipples get hard as rocks and I noticed her legs cross and I knew her pussy was getting wet.

I freely fondled her tits for a few minutes enjoying their firmness before I reached down and roughly cupped her mound in one hand as I placed the other on her firm muscular ass and squeezed. I took my time and really explored her body over her clothes and by now she was a very willing participant, openly caressing my chest and even squeezing my cock through my pants. I knew I had her and I really wanted to fuck her face so I made her squat down and braced her back against a thick branch so her face was level with my crotch. I grabbed a branch overhead and told her to pull my pants down.

She looked a little scared but by now she simply obeyed and yanked my pants down around my ankles and my cock sprung out landing mere inches from her face and I saw her lick her lips and knew that I was going to enjoy this experience. She places her hands on my hips and slowly placed the head between her lips and created a tight seal making me almost fall. I held on to the branch and groaned loudly as she slid forward on my cock taking me deeper and deeper. By now I was mentally thanking my parents for dragging me here. I grabbed a hold of her head and started to fuck her face making sure push all the way in and make her gag every plunge.

I finally let her get used to my pounding and started to really go hard. I held my cock buried deep in her throat and fucked her face in a circular motion and to just be plain mean I would pinch her nose shut and stare her in the eyes as she panicked and tried to push away. I don’t know why I was being such an asshole to her but whenever I thought about stopping I noticed how incredibly aroused she looked and by now she batıkent escort had one hand down her panties and was frigging herself hard. I finally pulled her up and turned her so her ass was facing me and I leaned her forward so she was up against a branch and pulled her pants down to see that she was wearing a thong.

I left the thong on but roughly pushing it aside I placed my rock hard cock at her entrance and took her hair in my fist and slammed it in making her scream. I clamped a hand on her face to make sure she kept quiet. The last thing I needed was someone coming to check what was going on. I plunged into her and started to slowly move in and out of her and finally released her face and heard her make cute little gasping noises with every thrust into her almost painfully tight cunt. I kept up a slow pace for a while getting her used to my size before I started taking longer harder strokes making her entire body jiggle. I was loving this too much to last much longer and knew I had to finish up.

I grabbed her by the waist and started to pound her harder and harder till the entire tree was shaking. I saw her little sister walking our way and I cursed under my breath and knew I had very little time. I started fucking her even faster and just as the little sister was about to come under the tree I slammed into my victim and came inside her flooding her pussy and kept pumping till I was spent. I slowly pulled out and once again repositioned her so she was face to face with my cock.

As her little sister yelled out her name looking for her, she cleaned me off and I put my cock back in my pants. I climbed even higher and told her to slowly climb down and go with her sister. I would join them later. I slipped a piece of paper into her panties and with a wink I pinched her nipples and saw her slowly make her way down. When they had walked away I climbed down and joined the group. I drank some juice, had some food and after a while I left with my family. That night I was just about to log off my computer when I got an email. I smiled as I saw who it was. It was the girl who I had had fun with that day and I had left my email address in her panties.

I didn’t expect her to contact me but was pleasantly surprised when she did. I read her email over and over and couldn’t believe it. It simply said, Meet me in one hour, Same place. I hit reply and said, “You are going to be pounded hard.” And logged off and took off towards the park to meet my new friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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