PITrified Ch. 1

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I have always been hairy. My legs my forearms my pussy my inner thighs have always been thickly matted with hair not to say of my pussy and my armpits. I have been shy of going out and even never participated in any games like basketball or even swimming.

It started at a party during the summer on a weekend. I’ve never had a steady boyfriend and my cousin sister Mary who was a year older than me had come from Australia with r her friend Michelle and Terry her boyfriend. My brothers James and Paul were more than excited with the company. It was not often that there was female company at home and I was shy about talking to Mom about my sexual frustrations. I hung out with Michelle and Mary and somehow they started talking about sucking cock. I had only seen my brother James cock once when I walked into the bathroom and he was shaving and standing completely nude. He had an enormous cock and I left the room embarrassed.

I was excited by the talk and I was getting all wet as Michelle kept going on about how good it tastes and how happy it makes her boyfriend Terry when she goes down on her knees and sucks his prick. Michelle said she loves the taste of a sweaty cock in her mouth, and the taste of cum even more. She said it tastes a little tangy and sweet. All her talk about cock had made me horny and I wanted to suck a cock. I wanted to suck a cock so bad… I decided tonight I was going to suck my first cock, I thought of Terry o some of the guys who were coming to the party given by my parents.

Then Mary said hat “guys nowadays liked women shaved I am thinking of shaving my pubic hair”. I was suddenly all ears maybe some men did like hairy women. Michelle the experienced French women said “Nonsense why should canlı bahis you shave your pubes I never shave mine nor do I shave my underarms. I have very hairy underarms and whats more Terry loves my bushy armpits” Mary raised her eyebrows and said “Are you sure men like hairy underarms I have bushy underarms too. In our family we have Italian blood and my armpits are extremely bushy. Look let me show you my armpits” She quickly removed her blouse and showed extremely dense hair in her unshaven armpits.

Both Mary and Michelle turned to me and asked me if I had remained hairy. I shyly nodded my head. They asked me if I was a virgin and I still nodded my head. Michelle told me that I could fuck Terry as she had grown out of him. She, of course told me that he had a giant cock. She told me to go to his room in a sleeveless dress and if I showed him my bushy underarms he would immediately get turned on.

I had only one sleeveless dress, which I had bought many years ago but never, had the courage to wear. I took it out of the closet and tried it on. It was tight fitting and half my breasts jutted out of the cleavage. As I looked at myself in the mirror I was amazed at the quantity of my underarm hair. It was long and lustrous and the hair grew all over my luxuriant armpits. I pressed my arms down but the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in my furry armpits was unmistakably visible. I was however determined to lose my virginity as I walked across to the next room to seduce Terry.

As directed by Michelle as I entered I put my arms behind my head giving him a frontal view of the heavy hair in my dense underarms. He looked at the gleaming hair in my bushy armpits as his eyes popped out. “Aren’t you very hairy honey” he bahis siteleri exclaimed. Mustering all my courage I said “Don’t you like my hirsute body I can see you have a big bulge in your trousers seeing my bushy underarms.”? He made me sit on the couch as he lovingly pulled and twirled my long underarm hair in my bushy armpits. I leaned over and sat on his lap, I instantly felt something long and warm poking into my ass. I ground my ass against him and continued telling him how much I needed to taste his cock.

I got off him and started squeezing his cock through his jeans. He was very horny as he kept tugging at my armpit locks. He kept muttering “So much hair.. So much thick jet-black hair in your bushy armpits… even Michelle doesn’t have so much hair in her unshaven pits I love your hairy forearms and your hairy legs too”. This sounded like music to my ears having never have I heard somebody praise a hairy woman and here was the man with the gigantic tool sounding like he lives for hairy woman. I try and help him take of his clothes even as he just started undressing, pulling off his shirt, then unbuttoning his jeans, flipping off his shoes, and jumping out of his pants.

I got down in front of Terry on my knees, and asked him, while looking up at his face, “well, this is my first time, I’ve never sucked a cock before, can you teach me?” Terry told me to relax and he took his cock, already hard, out of his shorts and told me to put it in my mouth. I licked my lips then lowered my head, and I took the tip of his cock in my mouth, trying to keep my teeth off it, Michelle had said cocks are very sensitive to teeth. I tried to suck the tip like a lollipop, to the left side of my mouth.

Terry let out a moan canlı bahis siteleri as he caressed the hair in my armpits “God I love your armpits” he said as he pushed his fingers into my sweaty matted underarms. I tried to take more of his cock and so I put it along my tongue, I could only manage about 2 inches of it, it was pretty thick. I tried to wrap my tongue around it but it was too big, so I just rolled my tongue around it. Terry started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

I started to gag and choke as his big dick started invading my mouth. I was starting to relax when he started shoving it and out of my mouth. I could hardly breathe as the monster in my mouth I imagined started swelling further or at least filled my mouth ever more stretching it even more. I was terrified or let me say “PITRIFRIED”. I was breathing in bursts while his shaft was raping my mouth.

It was a blowjob all right but I was not enjoying it. I pleaded with him to take a little out which thankfully he did. This was now feeling good, I had only a third of his dick in my mouth but at least I was able to breathe and his cock tasted nice. His hands had grabbed a fistful of armpit hair as he rocked his penis in and out of my mouth very slowly.

His cockhead looked like a mushroom or more like a helmet as I caressed and licked the helmet. He was purring with joy as my wet pussy became visible to him. “Raise your arms you hairy woman. Look how dense are your furry underarms. You have so much hair on your forearms too.” I have dark black hair not only on my forearms but also on my legs right down to my ankles. It’s very thick and I am loath to shave it as it grows back very fast and twice as thick.

Terry was moaning and I felt my first blowjob had gone on to long. I needed to finish it fast as he started moaning. “Darling I am cummimng” as loads of white jism sprung out of his spiting prick in my mouth and then my face. “I want to fuck you too” he screamed..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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