Playtime with Sis-in-Law

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Adrianna Chechik

I have found my sister in law Sarah attractive since the day I met her fifteen years ago. I had always thought the attraction was mutual but due to the obvious complications, I never pursued anything and in fact, made it a point to not flirt with or even engage my sister in law much. I was always friendly and courteous, but maintained a gap between us, both physically and socially. My wife has no idea I’m attracted to her sister, and in fact thinks I am specifically NOT attracted to her!

She has always spent a lot of time at our house, and often stays the night or weekend as she and my wife are very close and still enjoy their time to talk and giggle like teenage girls. Sarah is now 39 with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She is an easy going and fun person and laughs a lot, flashing a very pretty smile. She is about 5’5 and probably weighs around 135. She has VERY nice toned legs; a nice heart shaped ass, a flat stomach and gorgeous breasts. She must be a 38DD and for their size, they are very perky. Sarah also does a great job of displaying them with bikini tops, short low cut shirts and tight button up shirts that strain the buttons! Her great legs look fantastic under the short skirts she wears and for years I have very cautiously snuck peaks up those skirts whenever possible. She always has panties on, and they are usually the conservative cotton type.

Sarah likes to hang out and so when she is at our house and my wife runs errands, Sarah will often stay at our place and read, work on the computer or watch TV. On many occasions I have come home to find her their alone with my wife gone for a few minutes or even hours. Several times I’ve found Sarah sunbathing in our private backyard in a small bikini, or even showering or lounging in our soaking tub. During these times I’m particularly careful to stay away to avoid any temptations.

Over the past few months, however, I’ve gotten a bit bolder, having several conversations with Sarah when she’s here alone, even while sitting in a skimpy bikini. The conversations were innocent at first, but have begun to recently evolve into conversations about men and sex. She has even begun to tell me about sexual exploits she has had and about her newfound sexual liberation. Seems she has always been somewhat of a prude when it came to sex (which my wife had told me), enjoying the act, but always keeping things very vanilla. She has always found things like masturbation, porn, toys, even oral sex disgusting and perverted. Over the past year or two though, that has changed and recently she has started to tell me about the blowjobs she’s given, sometimes to more than one man in a night or weekend, the porn she now loves, the masturbating she constantly does and the toys she’s bought. Where I used to avoid these conversations with her, I am now looking forward to them and get instantly turned on when I round the corner and see her car parked in front of our house, hoping my wife will be running an errand so I can hear the latest from Sarah.

I’ve opened up to her as well, telling her about my sex life with her sister and what fantasies I have had. She seems very interested and almost seems disappointed that her sister won’t indulge most of them with me. I’ve also gotten bolder with Sarah. Whenever Sarah’s at my house when I get home from work now, I will purposely leave the bedroom door open when I change clothes, keep the door part open when I shower, forget to put on underwear under my loose legged sweat shorts, etc. And this is what lead to Friday!

Last Friday I came home from work a little early and saw Sarah’s car parked in front of the house as I pulled up. I got an instant hard on, and watched hopefully as the garage door went up, that my wife’s parking spot would be empty. The blood rushed to my loins even faster when the slow moving door revealed an empty garage!

As I entered the house, there was no one in the family room. As I looked out back, I saw a lawn chair with a towel on it in the middle of the grass, but no bikini clad Sarah anywhere to be seen. My excitement turned to disappointment as it appeared that Sarah had gone with my wife and wasn’t here.

I moped up the stairs to change clothes and as I approached the master bedroom I heard humming. I tread quietly as I entered the bedroom and noticed the humming seemed to be coming from the master bathroom, whose door was mostly open. I began to peek around the corner when I noticed the bikini lying on the bathroom floor, Sarah’s bikini!

I moved in quiet anticipation now, ever so slightly peeking around the door jam until I could see Sarah, fully nude, laying in our bathtub, eyes closed, humming to herself. Her eryaman escort gorgeous breasts bobbed on top of the water, her large nipples standing at attention and pointing skyward. I wasn’t close enough to see below her chest as I so desperately wanted to get a glimpse of what I knew was a fully shaved pussy.

She stirred slightly and I quickly backed out, trying to decide how to play the situation. I decided for now to record the moment, and ran downstairs to get my digital camera. I returned to the bedroom and the safety of the door jam and peeked in. Sarah was still in the tub, eyes closed. I turned on the camera and the rear display and zoomed in on my naked sister in law. With the display on, I could stay behind the door jam, move the camera slightly out into the door opening and see the shot without giving away my position. She didn’t stir as I focused in on her and snapped several pictures of her gorgeous breasts. As I admired my handy work, I heard the water slosh and peeked in. Sarah had stood up and was there in all her glory, her beautiful breasts and now visible fully shaven pussy glistening in the sunlight from the window. I was frozen in admiration when my senses returned and I realized I’d better get out of there.

I rushed down the stairs and into my den. After several minutes, she still had not appeared. I slowly advanced back up the stairs and down the hall. I could hear water running, Sarah had moved to the shower! I got the camera again and peeked around the corner. She was in the shower getting rinsed off. I held the camera out and snapped several pictures, many full frontal shots of her glorious body. She got out the razor and shaved her legs and followed by lathering up her glistening pussy. I focused the camera as she shaved delicately between her legs, pulling lips to one side, and then the other. My hard on intensified as I caught it all on digital technology!!! When she finished, she turned off the water and I figured it was time to retreat to the safety of the downstairs.

After about fifteen minutes she started down the stairs and pretended to be just coming in the door from work. She had put on one of my wife’s V-neck tops (which was too small for Sarah’s ample tits) and one of her short skirts. I asked where my wife was and she said she was getting her hair done and wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours and that Sarah had a book she was going to get caught up on. I told her I was going to take a shower, careful not to focus on her bulging breasts which appeared to be braless, and headed upstairs. Purposely leaving the door open, I stepped into the shower. I soaped up and rinsed, somehow getting the feeling I was being watched. I swear I saw a shadow retreat when I opened my eyes but couldn’t be sure. Having once been shaven, I decided it was time to give my cock and balls a new freedom and lathered them up with shaving cream, carefully removing the hair on and around them. The picture of a naked showering Sarah in my head, coupled with manipulating my cock and balls for shaving made my cock half-hard and my balls shrink up. If Sarah was watching, she was getting a good show.

I exited the shower, toweled off and brushed my teeth. I put on a T-shirt and a pair of sweat shorts with flimsy, loose legs, purposely forgetting about underwear. The cool air running up the legs of my shorts felt particularly nice on my fresh shaven balls. As I arrived downstairs I noticed Sarah on the couch, with her legs outstretched, reading a book. I could clearly see up her skirt and noticed a pair of white cotton panties; not as thrilling as I was hoping for, but a good view nonetheless.

I grabbed a magazine and plopped down in the chair across from her, maintaining my great view, which she did nothing to hide. As I sat, the legs of my shorts rode up and I opened my legs slightly and brought one knee up a bit, knowing full well that the side of my freshly shaven balls were fully exposed. I had to be careful not to get a hard on as the cool air blew over them.

As I looked at my magazine, I noticed Sarah look up briefly. Without looking up from my magazine, I could see her do a double take as she caught site of my exposed balls, and partially exposed cock. It was all I could do to not get hard as she looked for a few seconds, and then quickly looked away. As I subtly glanced up, I noticed her legs part slightly. I decided to move this forward, thought scared to death of the outcome, as I have never cheated on my wife, and now it appeared my best opportunity was about to come with her sister!

I asked Sarah how her boyfriend was and she put her book down to answer, stealing a quick glance at my balls, but quickly moving sincan escort her stare to my eyes. I grinned slightly and repeated the question. She said he was great but that he was so busy she didn’t get to spend as much time with him as she would like. She proceeded to tell me that earlier in their relationship they were together a ton and that she got hooked on the great sex but now she’s only getting it about once a week and misses it. I joked that its good that she has a newfound love of toys and porn so she can take care of herself. Her legs seemed to open a bit wider as she giggled and said that it just wasn’t the same as a good man, and that she had gone through the three porn movies she has and needs to get more!

Sarah stood up and excused herself, saying she had to use the bathroom. When she was gone, I adjusted a bit, making sure that my full balls were exposed and that my cock was shifted left, giving her a view of the right underside of it. I didn’t look up as she returned and she sat down and continued to read. I peeked at her skirt and her legs were somewhat closed, limiting my view. She looked up, almost catching me staring at her legs and asked what Porn my wife and I liked and if what we owned. I told her we had a bunch of magazines, many with stories and pics, several old VHS tapes and a few DVD’s. She asked what titles and I told her I wasn’t sure. She asked if I could get them to show her and asked if she could borrow them if she didn’t have them. I jumped at the chance to go through my porn collection with my hot sister in law and quickly grabbed the VHS tapes and DVD’s. I handed them to her and sat back across from her. Her legs had parted again, and I quickly noticed that my view was better than before and that this time she had no panties on!!! She must’ve slipped them off when she went to the bathroom. I became instantly hard staring at Sarah’s beautiful bare shaven pussy and put a porn magazine in my lap to hide it. She started non-chalantly holding up tapes and DVD’s and asking about them, pretending her pussy wasn’t right there for me to see. I notice her look at my lap as I tried to avert my gaze from between her legs and calmly tell her about them. She asked if she could preview one and I pointed her to the DVD player. Subtly parting her legs more, she asked if I’d put it in for her. I leaned forward to take it from her and when I stood up, my hard on became painfully evident. She giggled and said that I must really like this DVD as I’ve reacted already. While the sexual energy was high, she was keeping the mood light, not making any real advances, so I laughed off my hard on and popped in the DVD.

As the sex began, I noticed she had pulled up one leg and was now very spread open. I looked at her face and she was looking right at me, I was caught! She calmly asked me if my wife had ever let me take any pictures of her yet, which she knew was one of my fantasies. I admitted that she hadn’t but that I had snuck some of her in the shower a few days ago with the digital camera. Sarah let out a little moan and said that she thought me sneaking pics of my wife was naughty, but hot. I decided it was now or never, removing the magazine from my lap, my hard cock now stuck out from the leg of my shorts, as Sarah’s gaze fixed upon it, I admitted that I had taken some of her today in the bath and shower. Fearing an explosion, she seemed surprised and asked if she could see them.

I retrieved the camera and sat next to her on the couch. She was sitting up now, my wife’s skirt having either ridden or been pulled up very high, her pussy fully exposed. She made no effort to hide it as I turned on the camera, my bare shaved cock sticking out towards her. She leaned in to see the pictures, pushing her tits against my arm, my cock now pushing against her bare leg. She didn’t say a word as she watched each picture scroll by. At the end, she asked to see the ones of my wife. I found those and scrolled through as well as her hand fell to her leg and rested against my cock without moving. She mentioned what a hot body my wife had and how she always thought so growing up. She asked if I liked it and I told her that my wife’s body was very hot, but I didn’t get to play with it enough. Not taking her eyes off the picture of my wife’s tits and pussy she asked if I liked taking naughty pictures of women, and for the first time her hand moved up and wrapped around my hard aching cock. I thought I would cum right there as it twitched at her touch. She lightly stroked it as I told her I love taking hot pictures of women and would love it if my wife, or someone else would let me. She cupped my smooth balls, commenting on how smooth batıkent escort and soft they were and asked me to scroll back to a picture of her, never averting her eyes from the camera. When I got to one of her, she asked if I thought she was a good subject for photography and if I thought she had a nice body. I admitted I had fantasized about her body for a long time, and told her I’d love to take pictures of her. Her pace on my throbbing cock continued as she finally moved her eyes to look into mine. In a sexy voice she said, “take my picture” and planted a hot, deep wet kiss on me, as her hand ran up and down the length of my cock.

I turned the camera on and held it out away from us and snapped a picture of our hot kiss, hoping it would turn out. I then moved our heads apart and focused on my cock with her hand wrapped around it and snapped two more pictures. Seizing the moment, she leaned down and put her face in front of my cock and wrapped her tongue around it, looking up at the camera. I snapped away as she sucked and licked my cock, looking into the camera as often as she could. She took one of my smooth balls into her mouth and looked up again and I clicked away, a perfect shot of my ball in her hot mouth.

She sat up and leaned back. I hopped off the couch and focused the camera on her. She threw her right leg over the arm of the couch and thrust her left leg as far out as it would go, fully spread and exposing her hot pussy for the camera. I snapped away at the hot shot of my sister in law, with my wife’s skirt pulled up to her waist, her legs spread wide, one draped over the arm of the couch, her braless tits straining at the fabric of my wife’s t shirt, nipples hard as rocks, her hands cupping each breast. She leaned down and licked her nipples through the fabric, her pussy so wet it was shimmering in the sunlight streaming in the windows. Sarah pulled up the shirt but left it on so that it rested on top of her tits in a sexy pose and began to rub her tits, squeezing her nipples as I clicked away. She lifted her right tit and licked her nipple as my cock stuck straight out at the site. Her left hand drifted to her lap where it tugged at her soaking pussy lips, opening them for my camera. Still licking her nipple, she plunged one finger, then two into her hot, slick opening and began fucking herself, moaning loudly. She pulled her fingers out and began rubbing her clit in fast hard circles, three fingers circling it violently and she moaned and her hips bucked. She told me in a hard sexy tone to get her one of my wife’s toys, that she wanted to fuck herself with something that had been in my wife’s wet pussy. I handed her a large dildo my wife uses and she pushed it slowly into her pussy, allowing me to get ever inch on digital film. I couldn’t believe what was happening, my sister in law’s ass was lifted off the couch as she fucked herself with my wife’s favorite dildo and I was taking pictures of it all! Her hips bucked wildly as she began to rub her clit with one hand and fuck herself with the dildo with the other. Her breathing quickened and her moans turned to screams as she started to cum, with me capturing every moment. She screamed loudly and tensed up for what seemed like hours as her ass flew up off the couch and she came harder than I had ever seen a woman cum.

As her ass settled back onto the couch she told me to slide my hard cock inside her. I kneeled on the couch in front of her and put the head in, stopping to take a picture of my cock head slipping into my sister in law’s wet pussy. She moaned as I slid it the rest of the way in, stopping to savor it when it was fully imbedded. She smiled as I leaned down to kiss her deeply and then suck her hard, huge nipples. She moaned loudly and snatched the camera out of my hand. She snapped pictures of my tongue flicking her huge nipples as my cock throbbed inside her. I sucked her nipple into my eager mouth and her moans got louder, my hips beginning to withdraw my cock slowly and then push it back in. Her legs we spread wider than I could imagine as I sat up fully on my knees. She focused in and took a picture of where my cock entered her pussy. She looked up and me and smiled a sexy, devious smile and said, “fuck my brother in law”, “fuck me my sisters husband”, “bury that cock that belongs to my sister into my waiting pussy”.

My cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been as I slowly moved in and out, savoring the tightness of Sarah’s pussy. I increased the pace until I was at full speed, thrusting in and out of my sister in law’s hot pussy, he screams deafening. Unable to contain myself I exploded deep into her as her pussy tensed with orgasm, both of us screaming in pleasure. I collapsed on her, the hot DVD still playing in the background. As our flush faces lay cheek to cheek, my cock softening but still inside her, she snapped one final lasting picture of an amazing encounter that was a long time cumming!

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