Pool Anyone?

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I have been a Security Guard at this site for over six months. Working second shift originally never appealed to me, until I started to get to know the women that worked here. Every night when Sandy left she would slow her truck down just a little as she drove through the open gate. She smiled at me as her slender fingers pressed the button to make the window disappear. We would talk for a few seconds until someone got behind her, then she would have to drive away.

This evening was a little different. First she left at 7 PM, which is way late for her. Second, she stopped and asked me when I got off. I told her I hadn’t gotten off in along time, her eyes twinkled a little as she smiled her beautiful smile. At least now it was dark enough that she wasn’t wearing her sunglasses. Her deep green eyes almost matched the color of her truck. She repeated the question, I told her midnight. Her smile grew a little bigger at that. As she pulled away from the gate her hand stuck out the window, waving to me until she turned the car onto the main street.

The rest of the night went slow until around 10 PM when the phone in the shack rang. It was Sandy; she asked me if I wanted to have a drink with her after work. I didn’t have to think too long. I gave her my cell number and told her to text me where to meet her at midnight. The easy part was telling my wife I was working until 4 AM.

A little before midnight I received a message to turn left at the light down at the bottom of the drive way. It wasn’t long before I passed her truck and then another message came over that simply said, “Follow me.” I had changed my shirt before leaving; I always carried an extra polo shirt in my bag.

I really hate texting, especially when driving; my fingers seem too big to hit the right numbers sometimes. I slowed so she could pass and I stayed right on her tail. After traveling for about 20 minutes she finally pulled into the driveway of a nice little old two story house in Middleton. It didn’t take long for her to hop out of her truck and walk back to my van. She was wearing very short jean shorts that seemed to be painted on. Her top was also very revealing; a thin tube top that seemed like it didn’t want to hold in the breasts that it was covering. Even in the moonlight I could make out her round nipples as they pointed at me.

“What’s this place, Sandy’s Bar and Grill?” I asked, hoping and getting the small chuckle I expected.

“Well it’s free here, come on in.”

I followed her in as my eyes admired her form. She opened the door and motioned me in. It was a nice old place; original dark wood framed the windows and entry ways. I didn’t notice the basement when I pulled up but I was surprised when she opened a door under the steps and motioned for me to follow. There wasn’t any light in the staircase that led down but once she arrived at the end I heard a door open and she flipped on a light. The steps were suddenly bathed in a dim yellow glow.

The room I entered now didn’t even match the décor of the 19th century house I was in. It felt as if I went through a time machine. The basement was completely finished and eryaman escort divided up into three sections. One was a gaming area with a pool table, dart board, and a bar. The tiffany lights hanging from the ceiling gave an old fashioned glow to the modernized basement. Another section was set out in a theatre type room with a huge screen at one end and a couch with about ten over stuffed chairs facing it. As I took it all in Sandy walked behind the bar and asked me what I wished to drink.

“Long Island Ice Tea please. This place is great. From the outside you would never know its here. You do all this yourself?”

“No, my husband helped me, then I divorced him. I didn’t have to fight very hard to keep it. I had pictures and every thing on his cheating with one of his coworkers. He thought his job was more important to keep.”

“Nice move.” I walked over and sat on a stool across from her as she finished mixing our drinks. We sat and talked for about thirty minutes before she asked if I liked playing pool. “Oh, give me a nice stick and I’m happy.” I replied.

“Really, so am I.” Her smile only enhanced her green eyes that seemed to draw me closer to her. The smile said something else. This was going to be an interesting game.

As we took positions around the table she handed me a nice solid cue stick as I motioned for her to go first. Slowly she stroked her cue stick, her finger caressing it gently as her eyes glanced towards me. After taking the break and sinking three balls she circled the table. Bending over, her back towards me, she took her shot. She missed the hole and I missed what she did, being occupied at the time with other thoughts. As it was my turn I circled the table and found the easiest shot to take. As I extended my cue stick she positioned herself in front of me and leaned against the wall, her hands holding the cue stick and slowly traveling up and down the shaft. As I watched her out of the corner of my eyes one hand slowly caressed her arm. I took my shot, nervous as I was and ended up sinking two balls.

“Your not bad with a stick.” She said.

“I’ve had a lot of practice with the stick.” I replied as I glanced into her deep green eyes. She smiled slightly and her tongue slowly licked her upper lip as she put a finger to her mouth. The game continued for a while as we both took turns sinking a ball. Each time it was my turn up she would stand in front of me, on the other side of the table, and move her hands slowly across her bare arms or neck, staring at me the whole time. Just the thought of her in my arms was making my cock press hard against my pants. As she took a stance for the last shot she actually straddled the cue stick and put one leg on the edge of the table, making the stick move against her crouch.

“You want to place a bet on this one?” She asked, posed and ready to strike, her eyes roving over my body as I stood in front of her and licked my upper lip.

“Sure. What’s the wager?”

“Oh, let’s just leave that open.”

“Okay. It sounds good to me.”

She glanced at the table for a moment as she lined up the shot for the 8-ball. Slowly she moved sincan escort the cue between her legs, with just a gentle tap the cue ball rolled into the 8-ball and knocked it into the hole she called. “Game over.” She said as she gently laid the stick down and walked towards me. As she stood in front of me she placed her hand on mine, which was still holding the stick, and gently moved her fingers over it. As she leaned into me she whispered, “You want to play again? Or would you like to try something else?”

Her hot breath was brushing my lips as she moved in and softly pressed her lips to mine. Our arms encircled each other as our tongues touched and our hands caressed the cloth binding our bodies. The passion overtook us as I slipped her top over her breast, freeing them from the pressure. She raised her arms and released her hold on my lips as I slipped it over her head. She bent her head back, the long red hair falling across her back, her breast beckoned at me, calling me to them. Her hands went under my shirt and moved across my chest as I bit gently on a nipple. When I released the succulent tit she pulled off my shirt and moved her hands to my belt. One of my hands reached behind her going underneath the shorts while the other unbuckled them and began working on the zipper.

She tore at my belt and undid my pants, our lips locked, tasting each other. Pulling down her shorts she revealed a nicely trimmed mound. My hands pulled off my pants the rest of the way, letting my hardness become free of its enclosure, then my arms were around her again, my hands cupping her buttocks as she raised one leg and pressed her hotness into me. When I felt myself enter her she gasped as I held her close, my hands holding her against me and both her legs encircling me at the waist. I walked over to the table, holding her up and feeling her contracts against my solid rod as she had multiple orgasms. Sitting her on the table I pushed myself deeper into her as she leaned back, her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she gasped while her body twitched. As she moved her legs to my shoulders I kept pumping deeper into her while one hand caressed and pinched her nipples and the other played with her clit roughly until she came again.

When I exploded inside her she opened her eyes and looked at me, both of us covered in the sweat of our passion. She sat up, making my cock come out of its nest. Placing a hand on my chest she gently moved me backwards and kneeled before me on the plush beige carpet. Taking my dripping cock into her hands she brought it to her mouth, sucking me gently she drained me dry. Her mission completed she stood up and kissed me, our tongues searching for each other, our lips soft and gentle.

As our lips parted she whispered, “I’ll be right back. Go have a seat in the TV room.” At that she turned around and I watched her walk away. The lights reflecting off her naked body made me feel aroused again.

With nothing left to see I went into the theatre and sat on the padded sofa. On the arm was a control button and assuming correctly it operated the screen in front of me. With the touch batıkent escort of a button it came to life and a movie title flashed on the screen, “The Marriage Manual.”

During the first few seconds of the flick Sandy returned and curled up next to me, her naked skin cool to the touch and one hand caressing my chest. We sat there for a few minutes in silence as we watched the bad acting and good sex on the screen in front of us. As my cock began getting hard again she moved her head from my shoulder and her mouth found it. Her tongue caressing it between nibbles, one hand touching my balls. I leaned my head back as my hand slid down her back and moved between her legs. She invitingly spread her legs as my fingers explored her wet pussy.

Suddenly she stopped and stood before me, “Lay down.” She whispered. I complied as she took me in her mouth again while she knelled above my face, her wetness directly above my tongue. While she sucked on me I explored her clit, every once in a while making my tongue enter her, tasting her juices as she continued sucking. With a thrust of my hips I exploded into her mouth as she also came, squeezing my tongue with her contractions. She swallowed every drop before she turned around and lay down on top of me. We kissed hungrily and passionately as we lay in each others arms. My skin pressed against hers as we kissed for what seemed an eternity. She could feel me getting hard again as it rested between our bodies.

While she reached down to guide me into her we somehow managed to roll over until I was on top. Holding myself against her I thrust deeply into her. Each movement of our hips caused me to go deeper and deeper inside her. Eventually I slowed down as the rhythm of our bodies continued. As she reached climax again I pressed harder and faster into her until I finally came inside her. I felt like her wetness was sucking me dry as I emptied into her.

Without saying a word, I collapsed in her arms and shut my eyes for a moment. I could feel her caressing my back as I began drifting off to sleep, the sounds of the love making and sex from the movie fading into blackness.

Somehow I woke up with my head in her lap, her fingers tousling around in my hair. “Hi there.” I said with a grin.

“Hi handsome. Damn it was better then I expected. You’re not on Viagra are you?”

“Never touched the stuff.” I reached up and bent her head down to kiss her lips softly and passionately. When we parted I just laid there while she surfed the channels on the TV. “What happened to the flick?”

“It’s been over for two hours.”

As she flipped to another channel I noticed the time in the bottom corner of CNN’s tag. It was 4 AM. “Crap, I have to go.”

“I know hun, its okay.”

Getting up I gathered my clothes and quickly dressed as she watched every move I made. Naked, she walked me to the door and stepped out onto the moonlit porch as we kissed one last time.

I thanked her for a wonderful evening as I released her and walked to the van. Pulling out her driveway I could still see her standing there as a ghostly pale figure, until my head lights shined on her for an instant. I waved as I speed dialed my wife to tell her I was on the way home.

Of course she was asleep when I got home. I had changed my shirt in the van while I was at a red light. After spending an hour on the computer I went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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