Pre-wedding Initiation

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I remember the time that I learnt what family was, I had been a very quiet person living as an orphan, I was a 25 yo male and had fallen very much in love with my wife to be, we had been dating for 4 months when I proposed, everything was perfect, she had a good family, 2 brothers that had become my best mates, a caring mom and dad.

As the wedding plans began to take place, my 2 future brother in laws kept talking about my bucks night, I didn’t care about the bucks, so I told them as long as it is small and quiet I am happy for them to organise it.

2 days before the wedding my 2 brother in laws (the younger 22 yo slim one Dave and the older 29 yo John) informed me that they had hired a hotel room at a spa retreat in the country and that we were going today.

After a 2 hour drive we ended up at the retreat, it was fantastic, all male (later I found out it was for gay men only) resort, pool, bar, gym etc.

As I entered the resort I was informed by John that it only had one stipulation that it was a nudist resort and once in the room no clothes could be worn inside the resort. I must have shown my hesitance because straight away Dave stated of course he doesn’t mind, he is not a prude, then smiled at me waiting for my answer, of which I just stated I don’t care about being nude (whilst I was shaking inside).

The first night we had a fantastic meal, reclined by the fire, and enjoyed the peace and quiet, I drank a wee bit too much and was assisted to our room, Dave placed on the couch and John sat next to me, I then fell asleep, I woke up laying on Johns lap, with the tip of Johns cock just inside my lips, I froze unable to move, I felt a kaçak iddaa hand on my cock, which was starting get firm, then I felt a pair of lips just open and slip over my cock and start to lick and suck my cock, as I started to get harder I accidentally moved my mouth and Johns cock slipped inside my mouth, I then heard him sigh, I froze again this just made John start to move his 6″ cock slowly in and out of my mouth, I was not brave enough to say stop or sit up and thought if I pretend to be asleep then it would stop soon, so I just tried to focus on my own cock being sucked, I then felt myself cum into Dave’s mouth and he started to swallow it, this pleasure quickly ended when I felt John start to cum in my mouth, I pretended to stay asleep and let John just finish in my throat, with cum dribbling onto my cheek and couch. After a few minutes John slowly got up and went for a shower, and Dave followed.

I just laid their wondering what had happened, my brother in laws had just used me as a sex toy, I didn’t know they were gay, I fell asleep very confused.

The next morning when I woke I noticed that both John and Dave were outside at the pool, I showered then went outside, they acted as if nothing had happened, they were being their normal self, after lunch I started to think maybe it was just a bad dream and started to relax, we all started to enjoy the afternoon, had a few drinks and then went back to the room, I started to feel a bit light headed and drunk, John had put on a movie and as I started to drift off I noticed it was gay porn on the TV, I remember being awake but unable to move properly or talk, my eyes were open but could respond, it was then kaçak bahis that I heard John tell Dave that he had given me a few rohypnols, so I should be no challenge.

As I lay there I was moved into a better position, both Dave and John placed their cocks into my mouth and took a photo on their phone, then for the next 30 minutes a lot of selfies were taken, I was hopeful that after this they would go to sleep, unfortunately they both came over and showed me the Viagra they had bought, after swallowing a tablet each the started to explore my body, they both took turns sucking my cock until they developed hardons, they were both about 6-6 1/2″ and average girth, they then moved my body to the edge of the mattress and allowed my head to tilt backward, this then allowed Dave to line up his cock and my mouth, and over the next 20 minutes he fucked my mouth,

then Dave had a go, this lasted about 10 minutes, then I heard John say I want to see how tight he is, unable to move Dave rolled me onto my side, then opened my legs, he started to lick my arse hole, this felt fantastic, I had never felt this beautiful warm feeling, after about 5 minutes I then felt a finger slowly work itself into my virgin arse, it was a little bit uncomfortable, but felt nice, this sensation started to increase but changed to a bit more pain when the second finger was inserted, more lubricant was inserted into my arse, then without any warning I felt John use his hand to open my arse cheek, followed by his cock head slowing pushing into my arse hole,

the pressure of his cock at my hole started to hurt then all of a sudden the pressure released as his cock slid into my once pure virginal illegal bahis hole, I felt Dave’s cock slide right to the hilt, his balls were resting next to mine, I felt strange, violated, pain, full and embarrassed but I still couldn’t move either to stop it or enjoy it, these feeling started to change as Dave began to slowly fuck me, over the next 20 minutes Dave kept pounding me with John enjoying my mouth with his cock, every so often I was aware of the camera taping me, I then heard Dave state he was going to cum, John pulled out of my mouth and started to film Dave filling my arse with his seed, once Dave pulled out he went and washed his cock, I started to breath a sigh of relief until I realised John had just taken his place, for the next 10 minutes John fucked my arse like he was possessed until he also came in my arse, once he was finished I heard Dave say lets video our cum leaking out of little bitches arse, I started to cry inside and then fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up, to see both John and Dave smiling and looking at me, on the TV was a video of the fun they had with me the night before, as I watched I went very flushed in the face, it was then that John said don’t worry were not going to tell our sister, this video is only for personal memories, I stood up and went to the shower, when I came out of the shower, young John decided to test his idea, he told me to come over and suck his cock I walk over, got on my knees and began to suck.

Later that day at 3pm when I was saying “I Do” to my beautiful wife, I stood next to her with my 2 best-men beside me, while their cum inside me started to leak out of my arse.

I have been happily married for 8 years now and my wife loves the fact that even after 8 years I still go camping with my brother in laws, and they are always popping in for a chat when the wife works on night-shifts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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