Pretty Little Summer Dresses Ch. 05

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Big Tits

About a month had passed since my night with Jess and Ashley. In that time, Dawn had dropped by for coffee on two further occasions during which I introduced her to the table-top and lap dance positions; Dawn was a keen student and always thanked me with a nice clean-up with her tongue. I was disappointed that the subject of anal had not arisen again, but I had not given up hope.

I was getting used to my new life-style. Jessica began to feel like a distant memory as the hot sex with my neighbour’s wife had become my new focus. It was so much easier; I knew where she was and she didn’t keep me in limbo like Jess. Also, I felt more in control — with Jess it was always me doing what she wanted but Dawn was definitely more submissive. Yeah — it was a good teacher/student relationship with the added bonus of knowing I was screwing my neighbour’s wife. Well, he didn’t give her what she wanted so I was doing him a favour really, by keeping his wife happy!

As I shuffled through the bills in my post, an unusual envelope caught my eye. It certainly looked more interesting than the bills and I ripped the envelope open; inside was a party invitation from Jess for her upcoming birthday. Surprised to say the very least, I dropped the invite on the table as I thought about this young woman. She fucks me, has a threesome with me and then disappears off the radar for a month without a word and then invites me to her birthday. Just remembering the two nights spent with her, though, causes the front of my trousers to tent out and I know attending the party gets Junior’s vote.

Intrigued, I pick up the invitation again to check the details. So, the venue will be Daddy’s yacht — casual wear — bring a swimsuit. The yacht will be moored about twenty minutes’ drive away; plenty of champagne and a buffet feast and, no, Daddy will most definitely not be attending.

I had to laugh at the last part. Jess definitely wanted it made clear that the old man wouldn’t be around to spoil her fun on her birthday!

I threw the invite to one side, putting off my decision for now and opened the rest of the post. As I thought it was all bills except for an envelope which just contained a picture; it was from Ashley — a picture of her in a bikini with a message scrawled on the back saying “Hope you can make it!” I turned the picture over again and was reminded of her eager body enjoying mine. That made up my mind; I would go but more to see Ashley than for Jess.

I had some more work to do for Gerry at his office today followed by an afternoon at another of my clients, so all in all a busy day ahead. Arriving at Gerry’s, I went to the usual office he let me use and was shortly followed in by Niamh who asked me if I wanted a tea or coffee and that I could call on her if I needed anything. Looking at her in her short flowery dress, I thought “There’s definitely something you could do for me,”; but I asked for a coffee and admired her rear as she exited through the door. Her legs were nice and shapely and were encased in a pair of sheer, flesh coloured tights or stockings. Oh God, please let it be stockings and suspenders. My hand gravitated towards my cock as I imagined her sitting on the desk in front of me, with her legs spread wide as I buried my face between her heavenly thighs.

When she returned with my coffee, I thanked her and made a comment about how she brightened up the office with her radiant smile. She blushed and thanked me, brushing down the hem of her dress as she departed.

I had a further two coffees that morning; not because I was thirsty but just to break up the monotony of working through Gerry’s accounts with the pleasure of seeing young Niamh again. The problem with drinking so much, though, is the inevitable by-product of needing a piss and the call of nature hit me at about eleven. As I left the office for the loo, I noticed Niamh at the printer; so, naturally, I detoured that way just to admire the scenery.

She turned from the printer with a pile of papers in her hand just as I was about to pass and, whether it was the shock of seeing me I don’t know, but she dropped them on the floor. I bent down with her to help her pick them up. Gathering up the sheets of paper with her, I managed a sneaky peak at her legs as her dress had ridden up slightly while she crouched down; I could see the tops of what turned out to be hold-ups. Not stockings and suspenders then, but the next best thing! She caught the direction of my stare and closed her legs together to prevent me seeing any further up. As we rose. I looked down at the papers in my hands and noticed that they were accountancy study papers.

Seeing the look on my face, she explained that she was studying to be a book-keeper and that she had hopes of progressing on to become an accountant after that. She explained that there were a couple of matters that she was finding it difficult to get her head around and that Gerry had suggested I might be able to help eryaman escort bayan her. Thinking of the opportunity of seeing more, in both senses, of the lovely Niamh, I suggested that we meet up in a bar in town after work so that I could try to clear the problematic issues up with her. She readily accepted my offer and I left her to go to the loo.

Once inside the toilet, I decided against using the urinal and went to a cubicle, where I dropped my trousers and boxers, had a pee and then started stroking my semi-erect cock; thinking about Niamh and her lovely legs clad in the hold-ups. I went back to my fantasy of her sitting on the desk in front of me with her legs spread wide and my mouth burying itself in her bare pussy, lapping up her flowing juices. In my mind, as I looked up at her face, it was Jess and not Niamh sitting there. Dammit, that girl has me under a spell, I swear it! I then began to fantasize about Jess burying her tongue in Niamh’s honeypot while Niamh was busy gagging on my cock — my cum erupted out from me and splattered the toilet seat as well as the bowl. I cleaned up the mess, pulled up my clothing and returned to the office, taking a quick peek in Niamh’s direction as I went past.

I finished up at Gerry’s and went on to the offices of my second client that day, which were on the opposite side of town. The rest of the day dragged, and my mind kept returning to my evening liaison with Niamh. As soon as I could, I finished up work and returned to my pad where I showered before fixing a quick bite to eat.

It was fast approaching the time when I needed to be leaving, so I slipped on a casual shirt and a pair of jeans, picked up my wallet and keys and left. Upon reaching the Mucky Duck, I scanned the bar for Niamh but she was nowhere to be seen. I ordered a scotch and found a table in a well-lit area so that we would be able to see the paperwork easily. When Niamh arrived, my jaw dropped. She was in school uniform and was instantly checked for ID by the barman. After asking her a few questions, he seemed satisfied but as it was, she only ordered a coke.

While she was at the bar, I took the opportunity to study her. The outfit was a simple white blouse, with a matching tartan skirt and tie. The skirt finished about four inches above the knee, showing off a decent amount of her shapely legs. She was in a pair of flat black pumps and knee-high white socks. I almost creamed my pants just looking at her.

As she walked over to me, carrying her drink and her bag full of papers, I sensed an air of nervousness about her. She sat down opposite me and thanked me again for taking the time to help her. We chatted idly for a while and I enquired about the uniform; she advised me that it was something in her psyche, but she always studied better and took information in better if she was wearing her school uniform. I certainly wasn’t going to complain! I started to get up to get myself another drink, but she insisted on buying me one as a thank you for my help. I took in the delightful view of her arse and legs as she walked away — I wasn’t the only one in the bar whose attention she had captured; several other men were watching her closely as her young body glided across the room.

When she returned, she had a glass of white wine for herself and my scotch. She sat down opposite again but I suggested that, to make the “study session” easier, it would be better if she sat beside me. She rose and came around the table, sitting on the chair next to mine. It was quite tight for room under the table and our legs were pressed together, leaving me wishing I had worn a pair of shorts so that I might feel some skin on skin. She reached for her bag and pulled out the paperwork, sifting through it till she found the sections that were bothering her and placed these on the table. I began the task of explaining the fundamentals to her and the simple rules which, if followed correctly, should ensure that errors were kept to a minimum, if not avoided all together.

At one point, as I reached for my scotch, my left elbow brushed against the side of her breast; it was a sweet, sweet feeling! I apologised, and she looked at me and said it wasn’t a problem, but there was a look in her eyes that told me otherwise. She had already caught me looking up her dress in the office; now I had, accidently, brushed her breast while our legs were pressed against each other under the table. I was looking for any kind of signal but if she were sending one my antenna wasn’t on the same frequency!

With all of her questions resolved, we finished our drinks and started to go our separate ways. I noticed that one of the younger men left the pub just after us and started walking in the same direction as Niamh. Fearing for her safety, I quickly changed direction and caught her up, offering to see her home. She tried to say no but when I explained to her my cause for concern she decided to accept my offer.

As we walked, etimesgut escort we chatted. I enquired whether she still lived with her parents and she explained that she rented a place with her sister Alaina and Alaina’s boyfriend. When we arrived at her front door, she asked if I wanted to come in for a coffee or something. Intrigued by the “or something”, I accepted her offer. She led me into the kitchen where I sat at the table as she prepared two cups of coffee. Short of things to talk about, I enquired as to her parents and her upbringing. I soon wished I hadn’t as her face became shadowed in sorrow; her mother worked the streets, her dad had, effectively, been her pimp when he decided that he couldn’t be bothered to work anymore. The girls left home as soon as they could, fed up with all the different men entering the house, some of whom made advances towards the sisters. Once, they heard their drunken mother negotiating a price for the two of them, but they slipped out the back door and disappeared for several hours.

My attention was disturbed when the ceiling started to creak. Niamh looked up and laughed, “You’ll have to ignore that,” she said, “that’ll be Alaina and Josh making the two-backed beast. They’re at it like rabbits most of the time!”

I finished my coffee and got up to leave. Niamh walked me to the door and thanked me again, both for the “tuition” and the escorting safely home. She kissed me lightly on the cheek before opening the door and letting me out.

When I got home I started thinking about our evening together. I decided that Niamh was a bit of an enigma. At times, it seemed like she had come on to me and yet at others, it seemed that she wanted to keep a distance between us. I could understand her having a distrust of men, given the way her father had behaved and that she had spent her entire childhood seeing the seedier side of life, but she seemed an intelligent girl who should realise that not all men behave that way.

My initial thoughts on seeing her in the pub had been to watch some school uniform porn when I got home but I felt that was no longer an option. I wondered what had happened to me? Was I developing a conscience? In a way, I felt that my feelings towards her, after hearing her story, were almost fatherly, although I had no experience in that area, yet there was the darker side of me where there still dwelt a lust for her young body!

I needed relief and decided to search the web for some sport related porn as my mind drifted back to the netball game; I found a good video about a girl working out at a gym with her instructor and satisfied my needs.

A couple of days later the day of the party had arrived. I’d begun to have second thoughts about going; imagining a party full of young people and me but Dawn hadn’t been available the last few days and my mind turned to memories of Ashley’s hot body beneath me. I reached the conclusion that I could always turn up and if I felt uncomfortable I could easily peel away and leave.

Picking out my outfit was the next chore; I was going to be on a boat full of what I imagined would be nubile young girls and young rich dudes. How to fit in? I certainly didn’t want to be the “old rich uncle” or the token “chaperone”! I eventually decided to wear my Al Capone T Shirt with chinos. Remembering the invite, I picked up my swimming trunks, grabbed a towel and headed for the car.

Arriving at the quay I surveyed a row of Jags, Mercs and BMWs. A car thief’s idea of heaven I thought, as I parked up my Peugeot! At least the car will be safe while I’m on the boat!

I found “Dreamboat” easily enough; it was the biggest yacht in the harbour and the music was blaring. Walking up the gang-plank, I felt extremely conscious of my age as I surveyed the youngsters on board. Had I just made the second biggest mistake of my life? I was in two minds to just turn around and leave but I realised that a number of the guests had spotted me and to turn and leave now would be more embarrassing.

No sooner had I set foot on deck than I heard pounding feet headed in my direction; I turned my head to look but before I could see who it was, my body was encased in a set of arms and my lips were pressed against those of Ashley. I closed my arms around her and poked my tongue into her eager mouth. As we broke from our kiss, she took me by the hand and dragged me through the throng of young bodies towards the prow of the boat. As I approached, I noticed that Ashley was dragging me towards “birthday girl” Jess, surrounded by a court of her admirers, both male and female. I had to admit, she looked stunning in a pale lemon silk Summer dress that clung to her figure like a second skin. My breath caught in my throat as I admired her figure yet again; of the women I had seen naked it was only Jess who looked just as good, no, just as sexy, fully dressed. She exuded sexual chemistry without even trying; just the simple escort elvankent way she ran her fingers through her hair or the way her lips shaped as she smiled at a comment or joke. I was convinced I was in love despite my loathing for the way she treated me.

When she saw me, she called out my name and introduced me to her immediate group of friends as her Stud Bunny and then proceeded to tell them pretty much the history of our two evenings together. My face reddened almost instantaneously as she revealed our various sexual acts, but Ashley kept a tight grip on me to prevent my fleeing. As Jess regaled our sex lives, I noticed a few of the girls casting glances towards my crutch and began to feel more at ease. Perhaps a few more of these fillies might appreciate an experienced cock and I decided there and then that I would stay around for a good while. Nothing beats a horny woman more than a horny woman with a few drinks inside her!

When Jess had finished, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and told Ashley to take me to the bar to get a drink. I had my usual, scotch on the rocks although on this occasion I had a choice of three that would normally be well outside my price range. I opted for a 21 year old Glenlivet and took a slow sip, savouring the various flavours in my mouth as I swilled the liquid around my mouth.

“Earth to Rob,” came Ashley’s voice, breaking me from my appreciation of the amber nectar. “Do you want me to introduce you to some of the others.”

I agreed, and Ashley took me around various small groups of people, introducing me to countless names that I hadn’t a snowball in hell’s chance of remembering. I took this opportunity to appraise the other guests; most of the females were, I reckoned between the ages of 18 and 30 and all wearing those hot summer dresses except for about five or six who were in equally sexy play suits. The women outnumbered the men by about two to one and, I noticed, that three of the women had men in their late thirties/early forties in tow. So, I wasn’t so much older than everyone else as I had feared.

The last group that Ashley took me to were the netball team and I recognised one or two of their faces, although I had spent most of my time during the game admiring their legs. They were, what can I say, very friendly. Four of them kissed me on the cheek but the last one to be introduced, a girl named Emily, kissed me full on the lips and slipped her tongue in, albeit briefly. The taste of champagne was thick on her tongue and I realised that she had been knocking the old fizz back faster than the waiters could serve it. When she stepped back, I took in her appearance. She was about two inches taller than me; I checked her footwear — flats! — with long mousy blonde hair. Her slender figure was encased in a gorgeous light brown playsuit, which showed off her body delightfully. As she turned around to grab another glass off of a passing waiter, I noticed that the back of the playsuit contained a large slit exposing a large portion of her lightly tanned back. Her long, tanned legs were shown off superbly by the short outfit and my mind turned towards the heavenly junction at the top of her thighs.

My attention was suddenly diverted by a commotion as a few stragglers made their way on-board. It was three young women, who immediately made their way towards the netball team; I surmised that these must be additional members of the squad but was dragged away by Ashley before I had the chance to be introduced.

At this point, the crew jumped into action; raising the gangplank and the anchor before the yacht got underway. Jess’s voice came across the boat’s tannoy.

“Ahoy there, shipmates,” she said, “we are now setting sail for Longship Bay and beach, where we can all have a swim or sunbathe or whatever. I hope you all remembered your cossies! There’s food in the dining room below deck and the drinks are flowing freely. Enjoy!”

“Shit,” I thought, as I pictured my towel and trunks sitting on the passenger seat of the car. Guess I’ll just have to sit out the swim session and stay on board with any of the lovelies who decide against a swim, getting merry!

Jess’s voice was replaced by some good old disco music and a few of the girls began to dance in the middle of the deck. Thank God the waters were calm, or I could imagine them being tossed all over the place although, on second thoughts, that might not have been such a bad thing!

Ashley grabbed me and pulled me on to the “dance floor” where I did my best not to embarrass myself. After a couple of songs I told her that I needed to replenish my glass. She asked me to hurry back as she started gyrating to Le Freak; I had to pull my eyes away from her body as she moved seductively across the deck to the music. At the bar I bumped into my new friend, Emily, who gave me a leering smile as she picked up her latest drink.

“Well hello, cowboy,” she said, taking a sip from her glass as her other hand reached for my groin. The barmaid averted her eyes as Emily openly fondled my cock through my trousers.

“Hello again, Emily,” I said, letting her have a good feel of what I was hoping to slip her later, “how about we try to find a cabin when everyone is in the water?”

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