Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 04

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Public Sex

The Storage Closet Coffee Service

Mike sat at his desk, working furiously away at the stack of papers that represented his workload for the day. His co-workers around him were impressed at the level of focus that he had, and left him to his work. Even his buddy Tom, who would normally find something to give him a hard time about something, simply shrugged and let him be.

Mike glanced at his computer screen to check the time, it was nearly 11:30AM. He knew that if he was able to get enough of his work done before lunch, not only would it leave a large time buffer for later, but it would also give him the perfect excuse to move around the office, as he could freely more about while under the pretense of dropping paperwork off for others, while in actuality, he would be searching for the presents that Connie had hidden. There’s nothing that would get in the way of him finding them all.

As he worked, Mike began to plot out a map of the office, which would allow him to quickly cover as much area as possible; he even began to draw out a map of the area using a picture that he took of the fire escape route as a base. He also knew that there were several areas throughout the office that he didn’t normally cover on his normal route, and in order to stay as inconspicuous as possible, he would use his lunch break to explore some of the more remote areas of the office. Of course, one of these areas was the server room near IT, so the likelihood of happening upon Connie was pretty good… maybe they could… Mike shook his head to shake the thoughts from his mind, this is no time to get distracted, there will be plenty of time for such thoughts after he completes her challenge and THEN it’ll be time to collect his prize.

Mike began to hear conversations around him as he heard his co-workers begin to get up for their lunch hour, and he was shocked to see that it was already noon. He looked down at the map that he had plotted out, and was deciding where to start when he heard Tom calling out to him.

“Earth to Mike!” Tom cajoled. “Hey buddy, we’re heading down the way to try out that new curry joint that just opened up. You wanna come with?”.

Curry?! Mike panicked, not only would the smell be overpowering when they brought it back in… but the aftermath would make it that much more difficult to pinpoint the perfume afterwards! Mike knew he had to do something to prevent this. “Oh you’re going to THAT place. Ooooh, I heard some nasty things about it. One of the guys downstairs said he tried it out opening day, and he still can’t sit down yet.”

Tom stopped in his tracks and his eyes went wide. “Hmm, that bad huh? Maybe we should give them a week or so to get their shit together.”

Mike sighed on the inside “Yeah, might be a good idea. There’s a new Vietnamese coffee shop that opened up not too far away, I heard that the hostess’s there wear only tiny bikinis… and the sandwiches are supposed to be great.”

As soon as he heard “bikinis” Tom perked right up. “You know… I was just thinking that I could use another coffee along with my lunch, good call. You coming?” Tom asked.

Mike waved him off “Thanks, but I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on, and I want to make sure that I’m able to leave at a decent time for once”

Tom shrugged “I hear ya man, well I’ll say hello to the hot bikini babes for you.” he called over his shoulder as he hurried to meet with the group of co-workers at the end of the row.

Mike exhaled, crisis averted, and now… the hunt begins! He picked up his makeshift map and quickly headed off to search.

Forty five minutes later, and Mike was nearly at the end of the areas that he needed to search. He was admittedly a little disappointed at not having found another “present”, however at the same time he knew that this lunch time search was simply to cover all of his bases, and that he will have plenty of opportunities to find them throughout the rest of the day. After a quick search through one of the smaller office supply closets, Mike checked his map and saw that there was one last location that he needed to check before heading back to his desk. It was one of the out of the way storage closets that was rarely used (it was used to store seasonal decorations, older equipment and other odds and ends). The closet itself was rather large, but Mike knew that it would be easy to search, given how easy it would be to smell Connie’s perfume in there.

As Mike approached the closet, he sniffed the air and his pulse began to rise when he caught the hint of perfume, which caused him to quicken his pace. In the back of his mind, something seemed a little odd, but Mike was so excited about the prospect of finding a second present, that he dismissed it and continued on. The nagging feeling was enough of a cause for him to glance around quickly before opening the closet, and when he did; he did so quietly and quickly slid into the dark room.

Rows of tall shelves lined the storage ankara escort closet, filled from floor to ceiling with a variety of office equipment, supplies and odds and ends. A dim light situated in the ceiling near the center of the room cast a meager circle of illumination in the middle of the center row, but the rest of the rows lay in darkness.

Once inside, Mike paused for a moment, and sniffed the air again, breathing in deeply, and confirmed his suspicion that there was definitely perfume in here. It was odd though, while it definitely smelled of Connie’s perfume, something didn’t quite fit, as it smelled slightly different, as if there was another underlying fragrance to it. Maybe it was one of the one of her toys that Connie had stowed away, Mike shrugged and took a step forward to investigate.

As soon as his foot made contact with the floor of the closet, he froze as he heard a woman’s voice whisper “See, didn’t you hear that? Someone’s there!” followed by silence.

Mike held his breath, not moving a muscle for what seemed like minutes before he heard a familiar voice.

“Aww c’mon, you’re just being paranoid and hearing things, there’s nobody here except you, me annnnnnd…” Mike heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down. “someone who’s been dying to meet you!”

Mike recognized Tom’s voice and he paused for a moment, a little panicked as well as curious to know whom Tom had brought in here with him, as he didn’t recognize the woman’s voice. The mixed perfume made perfect sense now, as he realized that it was this woman’s perfume that was muddling up the trail to Connie’s present in here. Apparently the woman had gotten over her trepidation as well, as she began to “oooooh” at the sight of what Mike presumed was Tom’s cock.

Taking full advantage of the moment, Mike slowly began to down his current row, and towards the back of the storage closet. From what he could tell, Tom and his companion were a couple of rows over, near the dim lights in the center of the room. Mike assumed that Tom had brought her into the light so that he could still see without the risk of turning on the main lights in here.

As he slowly made his way to the back of the room, he heard Tom grunt in satisfaction. “Mmm you’ve got quite a grip there Mai.”

Mai let out a playful giggle that turned into a sultry moan as she appreciated his girth. “I’m used to carrying around big trays of coffee all day long you know, I’ve got strong arms, and legs from the workout.” she let out as a breathy sigh. It sounded as if Mai was getting as worked up as Tom was.

Mike sniffed the air a bit as he reached the back of the room, and could make out a hint of the perfume. Keeping his head down, Mike began to slowly move towards the center of the room, keeping as quiet as possible and making sure that he stayed out of sight. Mike found himself getting rather rigid as continued, as he heard the distinct sounds of Mai sucking on Tom’s cock, slurping, and sucking while moaning in a low, sultry tone. Tom was apparently very appreciative as well, as Mike heard him gasping, and stumbling against the shelves to support himself from her assault.

Trying to move quietly was difficult enough without being burdened with a hard on, but somehow Mike managed to make it to the center row without detection. As he lowered himself to his knees, while leaning with his back against the shelves, Mike ever so slowly leaned over to take a peak down the row and see if he might have an opportunity to make it past undetected, and almost instantly regretted this decision.

Mike’s eyes went wide, he saw Tom leaning back against the cluttered shelves, with one hand holding on to them for support, while the other was holding the back of the head of a very beautiful Asian woman with the sexiest ass he’d seen since the time that Connie had sat on his face.

While Connie was petite, with incredibly hot and sexy curves that caused Mike to drool, Mai seemed to be a little taller, with smaller, perky breasts, a very shapely ass, and was currently kneeling down on a jacket that had been placed on the floor with while she completely engulfed Tom’s rather substantial cock down to its base.

Mike was impressed at her fervor, as her head bobbed down on to Tom’s cock repeatedly like a jackhammer, pausing every so often to slide the thick rod from her throat, and to draw her wet tongue up and down the shaft, licking the tip. Tom could barely stand, and his legs were shaking with the feeling, and he couldn’t seem to put together a coherent sentence. Mike couldn’t blame him as she looked as if she were doing quite the number on him, made that much more evident by Tom’s guttural moans, she was doing work. Mike chuckled to himself, I suppose he was getting ready to give her a little bit of cream with her coffee.

As exciting as it was to engage in a bit of voyeurism, Mike knew that time was getting short, and he needed to find what he was here for. From elvankent escort his position, Mike found that his hard on was making it difficult to move freely, so he reached up to grab the edge of the shelves to pull himself up. Little did Mike know, but what he thought was the edge of the shelves, was actually the wiry edge of a box of files, which promptly flew from the shelves as Mike pulled on it.

In a comedic series of events, Mai let out a muffled scream while Tom’s cock was deep down her throat, causing her to choke, forcing her to pull his member from her mouth as she gasped. Meanwhile Tom pin wheeled his arms as he was startled from the noise, clumsily tripping over Mai who had been holding onto both of his legs as she sucked on him, falling down to the floor, and pulling the coughing Mai on top of him, face down in his crotch, with her sexy ass raised and exposed, showing a bright pink thong underneath her floral dress. Even though Mike was thoroughly panicking, he still took a moment to appreciate how amazing Mai’s ass was, and wondered what it’d be like to slide in there.

His thoughts were brought back to the situation as he heard Tom quietly cursing up a storm. “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuuu…” Tom’s head rose up; panic clearly on his face as, under the circumstances, his termination could be a very real thing at this point.

The panic on his face quickly turned to confusion as Tom recognized Mike kneeling at the end of the row. “… Mike? Is that you man?” he asked.

Mike sheepishly waved and began to slowly, and a little painfully stand up, his erection keeping him from moving quickly. “Hey Tom, I didn’t know you were in here. I was looking for some… files.”

Relief washed over Tom’s face as his head fell back onto the floor with a thud. “Ow… Fuck man, we didn’t even know you were there. I mean Mai mentioned something, but I didn’t… Oh shit, Mai are you ok?!” Tom leaned forward, lifting her up from his crotch as she began to recover from her coughing.

Mai coughed “Was too big.. got caught in my throat!” she said in raspy voice. Mai turned around to look at Mike, her eyes a bit watery from nearly choking. “Who is *cough* … that?” Mai asked, looking Mike over, eyes pausing as she eyed Mike’s rigid member, outline apparent through his pants.

Mai cleared her throat again, before turning and tearing her eyes away from Mike’s cock “He’s cute.” she loudly whispered to Tom. Mike couldn’t help but get even more turned on by the fact that not only did she not lower her skirt to cover her sexy ass, but in fact began to sway it a little in arousal as she stared.

While Tom and Mike knew each other pretty well, Mike knew that Tom had also gotten himself into hot water before, which happened to have been an altercation of similar magnitude, and as such another mark on his record would almost assuredly get him terminated.

Tom was trying to figure out what he should do in this circumstance, when he looked down and saw Mai eye fucking Mike and it suddenly came to him. “Heyyyy Mike… have I introduced you to Mai yet?”

Tom, scuttled out from underneath Mai, who had been subconsciously stroking Tom’s cock, and quickly pulled himself and Mai to their feet. “We met at that awesome little coffee shop you mentioned to me earlier, great call by the way.” Tom leaned forward and whispered something to Mai as he awkwardly put his cock back into his pants for the time being, and walked forward with her to greet Mike who had also pulled himself to his feet.

Up close Mike was able to clearly see how attractive Mai was. She had beautiful, almond shaped eyes, full lips and a very sexy figure. She also had this young and innocent thing going on with her as she was wearing a one piece skirt with sunflower print on it and had her hair done up in pig tails. However her innocent act was offset by her tiny thong that he had spotted. In addition, Mike had not only seen her teasing/flirty nature, seen how she took Tom’s cock deep down her throat, all of which added up to an even bigger turn on.

Mai caught Mike looking her over, lowering her head to meet his eyes as he had been staring at her perky breasts and smiled mischievously as she said “Hello Mike, I’m Mai. It’s very nice to meet you… the both of you…” she cooed as she reached forward and ran her hand up Mike’s leg and along his rigid penis inside his pants. Mike stiffened and pulled back a little in surprise, Mai’s eyes lit up to match her smile “Awww he’s shy… that’s so cute!” she teased.

Mike looked from Mai, who was approaching him as she began to unbutton the back of her skirt, and up to Tom who had a big grin on his face as he shrugged and hung back for a moment to watch Mai work.

“Just go with it man, she likes you.” Tom chuckled.

Mai undid the buttons on the back of her top and let it hang low, exposing her perfect C cups with her already rigid nipples at attention. As she reached otele gelen escort Mike, she leaned in to grab both of his hands, and brought them to her breasts as she smiled wide, exposing a perfect set of teeth. With Mike’s hand firmly attached to her plump breasts, she lowered her own hands down to his zipper, licking her lips in anticipation of what was to cum.

Mike’s mind was racing, he knew that there wasn’t much time left in the lunch hour, and that he may not get the opportunity to come back to the storage closet later, but on the other hand… Mike grunted as Mai managed to pull his throbbing member from the confines of his pants, cooing in appreciation, gripping the base and slowly squeezing her hand up his length.

As Mike was trying to weigh his options in the situation, her heard Mai gasp sharply, gripping his cock even more firmly. Mike snapped back to the situation and saw that Tom had walked up behind Mai, slid her thong to one side and had entered her from behind as she was slowly jerking Mike off. Tom grunted as he slid inside of Mai’s tight pussy.

Mike could hear her slick wetness as Tom entered her, she must have been dripping wet in excitement. The thought of being inside of her was such a turn on, that Mike’s cock began to throb in Mai’s grasp. Mai turned her attention back to the prize in her hand, and during a big push from Tom, Mai gasped again, and then promptly dove onto Mike’s cock with her hungry mouth, taking it to the base and even sticking her tongue out to lick his balls while she was at it.

Tom grunted as he pumped into Mai from behind, “Sorry bro, I would have let you enjoy it a bit more, but our lunch break is almost over, and you know.” Tom winked “We need to get things moving.”

Tom grunted some more, guttural exhales as he thrust deep inside of Mai’s sopping wet pussy. With each thrust, Mai was pushed further onto Mike’s cock, driving it down Mai’s throat repeatedly. Mike could hear muffled squeals of delight coming from Mai as she took it all in, gripping the base of his cock and jerking him off as she went down on him.

It all made sense, the sooner they were able to finish up, the sooner they would take off and allow him to find Connie’s present. With his mind made up, Mike focused on the task at hand, continuing to fondle Mai’s breasts, while reaching forward with his other hand to grasp her by her pig tails and fuck her face with feeling now. Mai felt the change in Mike’s willingness, and from Mike’s perspective, it looked like she smiled and let him pull her head down onto his crotch freely.

As Mike slid his cock into Mai’s mouth, her felt her being pushed into him even harder by Tom’s forceful pounding. Tom had begun to fuck Mai with fervor now, the sounds of his thighs slapping against hers were loud and telling. Mai had begun to rock back and forth now, pushing back onto Tom’s thrusts, and then forward onto Mike’s cock. Mike could feel her grip tightening and her body tensing up, and he knew that she was close to orgasm, he had noticed that she had reacted very well when he had been playing with her nipples, so he brought his other hand down from behind her head, and was now massaging the nipples on both of her breasts, which in turn caused her gyrate her hips as well as her head she was penetrated from both sides.

Suddenly Mai had closed her eyes, and seemed to be listening to something far away; she had stopped pushing back against their penetrations and instead seemed to be focusing on just taking it. Her grip on the base of Mike’s cock was very tight, but not moving and she had ceased her bobbing motion. A moment later, as Tom continued to pound away, Mai’s eyes opened wide, and she began to moan loudly against the cock in her mouth. As she moaned, her body began to gyrate in ecstasy, and Mike saw Tom’s eyes open wide as well and looked down as he saw that she had begun to squirt against Tom’s cock, spraying his crotch with her cum as he slammed inside of her repeatedly.

Her body continued to vibrate for several seconds, until her deluge of cum began to slow, and her eyes opened, her breath came back sharply. Suddenly she pulled both of their cocks from inside of her, dropping to her knees and began to jerk both of them off at the same time. “I don’t care what you thought you were going to do with your jizz, but I want it all over my face!” she breathily exclaimed. “Both of your hot loads, all over me, give it to me now!” Her breathing was ragged and desperate, mixed with moans, opening her mouth and licking her lips, looking back and forth and their cocks expectantly, as if willing the cum to erupt from their heads.

Tom had already been close, and took her cue, jerking his meat furiously, her lingering wetness providing the perfect lube for his deep strokes. Mike had also felt a familiar tightening in his testicles, and knew that he was just about ready to splatter his hot load across Mai’s ready and waiting face as well.

“Oh come on baby, give it to me, I want it all over my face!” Mai encouraged them in her sexy voice, and began to furiously work her clit as she begged. “Oh yeah, jerk your fat cock off onto my face baby!” Mai said to Tom as she saw him inch forward, cock throbbing and ready.

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