Quid Pro Quo Ch. 02

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The second installment of my first attempt at a story and my first attempt at writing a sex scene. I hope somebody likes it…


The Following day…….

The three of them climbed out of the taxi in front of the cottage. It was one of a terrace of three in the yard of the old Distillery. When they’d finally made it down to the visitor centre, Phil had begged the use of their phone, explaining that one of them had a sprained ankle and none of them was carrying a mobile.

“So where are your phones anyway?” asked Phil as they waited. “Unless I’ve met the only two ladies under fifty that don’t own them?”

“I left mine on charge.” explained Alison.

“And I left mine in my bag, because Ali never goes anywhere without hers.” Added Nic. Silly really, but we were expecting to be back before dark….

“Well – you are back before dark, quipped Phil. “Just not on the same day you set off. Doesn’t matter. You survived your first epic – Now you’ve got a story to tell…”

Inside, the girls sprawled on the couch. Phil dropped his pack and collapsed into an armchair.

“Ok said Nic – Phil takes first shower, and Ali and me go second, just in case I need some help. But first, there’s beer in the fridge and I think we should drink to our knight in shining armour!” Nobody objected…

Later, with the sound of running water coming from upstairs, the girls discussed their guest. On the way down they’d invited him to spend the night at theirs. Insisting that the least they could do was cook him a meal, and only the most wretched ingrate would decline such an offer from two such charming young ladies. Phil had accepted with a grin and a theatrical bow.

“So tell me about the diary Ali.” – What did you mean, a suicide note, anyway?”

“Well, he doesn’t actually use the word, but it reads like he’s going under and he can’t see it. Look, he was with this girl, she had two kids, but the father had buggered off. They were together eight years, the kids called him Dad, He was there for the birth of the youngest. Then she dumped him and moved away. He misses them. I think he misses her too, but he talks about the kids like they died. Anyway, seems like when it gets too much, he heads to the mountains and climbs on his own. I’m serious Nic. He’s trying to kill himself. He’s playing Russian roulette with gravity!”

“You know, if that’s true, then you’re not the person to help him. Seriously, do you think you can shag him back to life?”

“Well – I’m not one to boast…. But that’s not what I meant. Look. Up there we were freezing to death and he helped us. I’ve read his story and he needs help too. All I’m going to do is give him the chance to unburden himself – fill him with booze and get him talking. Just like lancing a boil. And if I send him away with a happy memory or two, where’s the harm in that? I feel like Florence Nightingale”

“I’m confused – Sympathy fuck? Or are you going to shag him for saving you?”

“Neither – I’m going to shag him for the same reason I was going to shag Mark. I’m horny; Climbing is sexy – and I fancy him – You want to know something? I wanted to give him a life-affirming fuck before we even got to the tent last night. Once we were on flat ground and I could believe we weren’t going to die, I was ready to throw him to the ground and mount him then and there – And so were you, don’t even think about denying it…”

“OK then, I won’t.” Smiled Nic’. “And anyway, there comes a time when every woman has to face up to her deepest, darkest fantasies, and sleep with a guy old enough to be her Dad.”

“And we’re just the girls to do it!” Giggled Ali….


By the time I’d showered the girls had decided that the larder was insufficiently stocked for the meal they had in mind. So after getting showered and changed, Alison prepared to go out for supplies as Nicola wrote out a list. I offered to help, but Nicola declined on Alison’s behalf, saying she had a job for me here. It’s possible a look passed between them. I have to say I’m pretty poor at spotting girl signals, but I definitely got a sense of something going on beneath the surface. Alison closed the door behind her and Nicola sent me to the fridge for two more beers. Her ankle still hurt her, she’d unwrapped it for the shower and now, sitting opposite I could see the angry, purple skin, the colour of thunderclouds.

“Want me to bandage that again?” I asked

“Not just yet, but Will you give me a backrub? My shoulders are killing me from going downhill on my hands and my bum yesterday.”

I grinned. Why pretend I wasn’t going to enjoy it?

“Do Popes shit in the Vatican? You got any oil?”


“That’ll do fine.”

There was a time, a couple of relationships ago, when I’d actually been rather good at this. If I hadn’t forgotten it all, Nicola was in for a treat. I smiled, remembering. Nic smiled back.

Half an hour later the oil bottle was standing in a jug full of boiling water and the room heat was turned up escort çankaya full. I laid two towels on the bed and invited Nicola to make herself comfortable. I turned away, which must have amused her, because she asked “How do you want me?” and when I turned, she was standing there naked, her head cocked to one side, watching me, with a knowing grin.

I can’t really write about the events that followed without saying something at least, to describe Nicola, and having put it off until the last possible moment, I’ll pause the story here and try to paint a picture of the naked girl with the amused grin who was standing in front of me.

If I had to pick a template for this description, I’d pick “Buxom Wench”. She was a curvy girl, with shoulder length, curly, dirty blonde hair that looked like it pretty much did it’s own thing. Maybe that’s my projection of its owner’s personality. Anyway her hair framed a face that wasn’t conventionally pretty. No cute button nose or gleaming, even teeth, but her eyes…

It wasn’t the shape of them that I remember, it was the Look. Her eyes reached out and grabbed me, and as she grinned that knowing, confident grin, everything about her said; “This is me. I like it and I’m not particularly fussed if you don’t.”

As for the rest of her, well she was a big girl. Solidly built. Not fat, plump or particularly overweight, there was just more of her. I guess she was a couple of inches shorter than me, which put her at about 5’6″. Wide shoulders tapering to a narrow waist and flaring out sharply to wide hips and muscular legs. If I was going to guess at a dress size then I’d be guessing twelve, possibly fourteen, but there didn’t look to be much spare flesh. To put it another, simpler way; she was perfectly proportioned and pretty fucking hot.

She also had boobs. I have to confess here that I’m rubbish at guessing a girls cup size. I can measure a girl for a bra if I have to, [different story] but I don’t have the knack of looking and saying “D cup”, like some people seem to be able to.

Nicola’s boobs. Firm. Full. Round. About a handful and a half. I imagined them swaying when she moved. Dark, puckered centres, Nipples very much in evidence. Smaller than the tip of my little finger, but bigger than a pencil eraser. Perfect for gently tugging with the teeth…..

She had a bush too. A neatly trimmed triangle. She was a natural blonde. And that is Nicola’s body, as well as I can describe it…

Back to the present. How did I want her? she’d asked. I could answer that question in several ways…

“Face down in the middle of the bed, arms by your sides. Stick a pillow under your chest so’s your head can hang straight down.”

“Comfortable?” “Then we’ll begin…”

I took the oil bottle, uncapped it, and with my finger as a stopper, drizzled the warm oil down her spine, and in zigzags across her back. I spread it over her with broad strokes until her back was covered. Then, with my hands wide, thumbs an inch apart, I ran them from the small of her back to her shoulders, thumbs either side of her spine, and then outwards and down her sides in a great circle. Lightly at first, then after half a dozen strokes, with increasing pressure, and then lightly again.

“Mmmmmmm. That’s nice….”

I moved up the bed, poured a few drops of oil into my hand and rubbed my palms briskly together until the heat built up, then cupped her neck, letting the warmth soak in to her muscles. Nic moaned, and again when I repeated it, and again… I placed my hands on her shoulders and worked her neck muscles with my thumbs, then her shoulders. She sighed as I ran my hands down her arm, opening out the shoulder joint. She groaned as I put her forearm in the small of her back and worked around her shoulder blade. She gave a long, drawn out “Mmmmmmmmmm” as I spread my fingers and walked my hands down her spine…..

It wasn’t hard to tell when she particularly liked something. The small of her back seemed to be incredibly sensitive, so naturally I spent a long time there. Then probably longer than I needed to on her bum, but I could tell she didn’t mind. As I kneaded her glutes, the rhythm of her breathing faltered and her hips moved of their own accord. I oiled up her legs, and as I did so, lightly drew figure eights on the back of her knee. She inhaled sharply. Then I was kneading the muscles of her thigh, then her calf, before running my hands from her ankle to the top of her leg. Her scent was in my nostrils and her breathing was loud and uneven. I smiled. Obviously I hadn’t completely forgotten….

I was as gentle as I could be with her injured ankle, but I wanted to work the blood out of the tissue and reduce the swelling. She became very still as I reached for it and I could sense her nervousness, but she soon relaxed. When I finished I planted a soft kiss just above her ankle bone.

There’s a technique I call Zeno’s arrow – I doubt I invented it, but I can honestly say nobody told it to me. You place your hands over the leg, just above otele gelen escort the ankle, one hand behind the other, and you run your hands up to the top of the thigh and then back down either side of the leg. But as you get closer to the top of the thigh you reduce the speed and the pressure. Halfway up the leg you’re moving half as fast and half as firmly. when half the remaining distance is covered, speed and pressure have halved again, until at the very top of the stroke you’re running your fingertips over the sensitive skin at the top of her thigh at a snail’s pace, with a touch so light it’s virtually imaginary. I’m told it feels pretty good. Nicola certainly seemed to like it. As my fingertips traced around her thigh, at the point it curved into her bum she gasped and flexed her hips. I could feel the heat from her on the back of my hand as it began its journey downwards.

I was quite surprised at how turned on I was getting. My libido had been missing for years. I’d barely noticed the loss, but suddenly I was aware that my heart was thudding away in my chest, there was a churning in my belly and my cock was uncomfortably constricted. Well fancy that! When I was fifteen I’d have come in my pants twice already – At what point had I stopped with the lust, that it should feel so unfamiliar now?

Anyway, sometimes a backrub is just a backrub, but this wasn’t one of those. The next time my hands travelled up Nicola’s leg, I lightly brushed her pussy with my fingertips as they rounded the top of her thigh. She gasped and her buttocks tightened. I slapped her right cheek. Not hard enough to hurt, but not lightly either.

“Naughty! You have to relax – Now I’m going to have to do that bit again”.

This time I kneaded the muscles of her arse with more vigour, alternating that with rapidly pinching and releasing handfuls of flesh until the skin was suffused with blood. Her breathing was rapid now, and I grinned at the thought that the cheeks I couldn’t see were the ones on her face, and they were probably flushed too. I idly traced figures on the inside of her thigh.

“Are you nice and relaxed now? or should I do your front too?”

She didn’t speak, just turned on to her back, her chest rising and falling, I was right, her cheeks were flushed, as was her throat, right down to the tops of her breasts.

I started with her arms and her shoulders. I mean it was obvious where this was going, but there was method in my madness. Orgasm is a release of sexual tension, and to release it, you first need to build it up, which is best done in the absence of muscular tension. Besides, at this point I didn’t think she had a millimetre of non-erogenous skin on her body…..

Reading back through this, I sound kind of detached. I wasn’t. My heart was thumping against my ribs and I had butterflies in my stomach for the first time in a long time. I could smell her musk very clearly now, her nipples were tight and hard and I swear I could see her breasts quivering in time with her heartbeat as her chest rose and fell in ragged gasps. It was an effort to separate myself from the desire to pull her thighs apart and eat her alive, but somehow I managed. As I massaged her breasts, her breathing became deep and irregular and a pleading look crossed her face. I was careful not to touch her nipples, massaging the supporting tissue above and below, pressing my hands against the sides of each breast in turn and sliding them inwards and upwards. Finally leaning forward and exhaling warm air softly across them.

Then I told her to breathe slowly and deeply, in through her nose, hold, and out through her mouth. As she did, I made circles on her stomach with the flat of my hand, in time with her breathing, but her breathing didn’t stay regular for too long. Soon her breaths became shallow and rapid and my touch became lighter and lighter. I slid my hand downward to her thigh, intending to work on the front of her legs, but I never got there. Suddenly my wrist was in her grasp and my hand was held firmly against her pussy. She felt hot and slick as she ground herself against my fingers.

“No more teasing, mountain man. Time to make mummy proud….”

What can I say? I was as turned on as she was. I fell to my knees, gripped her thighs, pulled her to the edge of the bed and devoured her like a hungry tiger making the acquaintance of a baby antelope. Her rich, earthy scent was overwhelming my senses as I ground my face into her wet bush. An image flashed fully formed into my mind of dripping moss in a hidden grotto, high in a frozen gully – then it was gone to be replaced by the succulent dish spread open before me. I simply took her with my mouth. There was no finesse, no fluttering butterfly tongue, no teasing. I spread her lips with my thumbs and ran my tongue the length of her slit before fastening my mouth around her clit and sucking, releasing and then sucking again, and again and again in time with my own heartbeat. I took my mouth off her clit to lap greedily etlik bayan escort along her inner lips and circle her opening with my tongue. Both of us were gasping and grunting now and my face was wet with her honey. While my mouth was ravishing her, my hands slid upwards, across the soft skin of her stomach, to her breasts – I had to touch them. I palmed them, moving my hands in circles. First with pressure, kneading them, padding like a hungry kitten, then lighter, feeling her nipples tickling my palms. with my thumb and first two fingers I plucked at them. Nicola shuddered and groaned. I plucked them harder….

“Jesus Nic, you’re fucking delicious”.

I went back to work, bringing my tongue and teeth into play. Licking around the outside of her inner lips, then sucking each one into my mouth, stroking my teeth gently across them. Nicola’s hips started to jerk spasmodically and I had to take my hands from her boobs and grip her thighs to remain in contact. I slid a finger inside her and she gasped. I slid another in, and pumped them slowly in and out. twisting. She was moaning and crying out in earnest now. I turned my palm uppermost and flexed my fingers rapidly, massaging the front wall of her pussy against her pubic bone.

Her movements were becoming frantic and she cried out as if she was in pain, as I took her clit into my mouth and sucked hard while circling it with my tongue. Suddenly her hands were on the back of my head and her hips jerked upwards once, twice, three, four times. she went rigid, her thighs clamped round my head as she shuddered and cried out – a low moan that grew in volume and intensity until it was a scream. She fell back and released my head.

“Stop….. stop now…..no more…..

I took my mouth away and smiled up at her, leaving my fingers inside her, feeling the fluttering of her internal muscles as her body returned to Earth. As her breathing quieted, I tensed the muscles in my arm, making my hand tremble, and she stiffened, her mouth falling open…

After a time I slowly withdrew my fingers. “Have you ever heard of the raspberry jelly trick?” I asked.

“The what?”

I leaned forward, put out my tongue, and blew a raspberry against the top of her pussy, just above the hood of her clit. Her hips spasmed, but I was expecting that and I held on to her thighs, maintaining contact. A wordless cry escaped her lips and I felt her hands gripping my shoulders. I kept going as long as I had breath then pulled back and looked up at her.

“That was the raspberry.” I grinned “Have you turned to jelly yet?”

“Oh Jesus – Just get up here and fuck me will you?”

Hearing that never gets old. I stripped off my clothing and knelt between her legs. She looked up at me expectantly.

“I hate to spoil the moment, but do we need to talk about condoms?”

“In the top drawer to your right”

I handed it to her. “You put it on me.”

Then she lay back and reached down, positioning my cock at her entrance. I looked at her flushed face and below that, her boobs, rising and falling in a ragged rhythm. Her nipples clenched up like fists. My eyes travelled back up to hers. She wriggled urgently against me and speared me with an impatient stare.

I smiled down at her. “I want to remember this.”

Her mouth went slack and her eyes fluttered as I eased slowly into her, feeling the warmth and tightness of her pussy enveloping my cock. She squeezed me secretly and I shuddered as the sensation seemed to spread outwards. As I closed my eyes, Nicola let out a satisfied sigh.

“Oooooooohhh. At last.”

“Have you been waiting long?” I moved my hips in circles, grinding the base of my cock against her clit.

“About eleven hours.” she panted. “Aaaaahhhh….. Since. About. Ten. Minutes. After….. After I stopped shivering last night.”

My voice was unsteady as I replied. “I’m flattered.”

And then we started. Her legs came up and wrapped around my thighs as she hunched her hips up to meet me. I rotated my hips and ground my pubic bone into her clit, then pulled back and thrust firmly forward. She gasped and pulled my mouth down on hers, mashing our lips together, tongues sliding around each other like eels.

“God you feel good!”

“You have no idea!” she gasped.

Conversation stopped, to be replaced by the sound of gasps and moans and appeals to the Almighty – Who would we call on as we fucked, if we’d never invented Gods I wondered. I lowered my head to take her nipple into my mouth.

“OOOOHHHH – You, you, you don’t have to be too gentle with thoooooose……

“Aaaaahhhh.” As my teeth tightened down.

I released her nipple and lightly tongued where my teeth had been. “Put your hand on my cock. Feel it sliding in to you.”

“Oh fuck. Oh yes, yes yessss.”

“Good girl. Now play with yourself for me.”

The feeling of her hand working between our bodies was out of this world for me. I love it when a girl plays with herself while I’m fucking her. God knows what it was like for her. She thrashed and whimpered and moaned beneath me as I went back to work on her nipples. Sucking them deep into my mouth and lashing them with my tongue. I had a sudden urge to feel them in my hands. Before I could ask her to get on top though, she preempted me.

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