Rancho Las Palmas Ch. 02

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Afraid I was going to be late to the first meeting — the new CEO had a cruel sense of humor, starting things off at 8 a.m. — I had a quick shower and shave, dressed, grabbed my briefcase and found the conference room. Turns out I really didn’t need to hurry all that much. The eight o’clock start was for breakfast: scrambled eggs, fresh pineapple and strawberries and oranges, bacon out the wazoo, sausage and biscuits and gravy, Danish pastries, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and god knows what other palate-pleasing delights. It was a great time to mix again, and see the same folks in a different light.

It was also a chance to get a second look and more face time with the ladies that had caught my eye. Anissa, Juliette and Molly were on my short list, and several others were very close behind. I sat next to Juliette, who was eating a sausage in as sensual a manner as has ever been conceived. My dick was responding appropriately! We talked over our breakfast, and when I went for seconds, elicited a promise from her to talk more. Mmmm.

Molly was standing at the back of the room, holding her plate in one hand as she surveyed the room. Marketing had assigned her to be in charge of all the details of the breakfast on day one, and she was making sure there was plenty of food. She really had little to so since the very attentive wait staff was handling things pretty efficiently, but she still acted out her part. I stood elbow to elbow with her and we talked about how things were going. I found out she was engaged, was not sure about the marriage, but still planned on forging ahead. I found myself thinking about how much good a nice fucking would do her with a man who actually shared her interests and was intellectually on her level. Her fiancé clearly was not. She seemed a little vulnerable, and what man could pass up a chance to make it with a beautiful woman whose guard was lowered a little?

The meetings were about to start, and I quickly found a seat with open chairs on either side, waiting to see who would sit by me. The gods must have been smiling, since Sherril sat next to me, and Alison sat on the other. Alison was one of those gals who probably didn’t attract the most attention at dances and such, but when you got to know her, was one of the sexiest women around. We had never done anything, but this might just be our chance. I knew she was interested.

Our seats were near the back and we very inconsiderately whispered and flirted through the morning’s presentations, some drier than others. It seems the ladies on either side of me were engaging in a sort of competitive flirting with me, and it was a blast. Before I knew it, lunch had come and gone, and it was my turn to present.

As I stood in front of the crowd, the looks from escort ankara my two seat mates were devilish. I successfully ignored them, gave my presentation, and then answered a passel of questions. I think I did well, and heaved a sigh of relief when it was finally over. I gathered my materials and was making my way back to my seat when a beautiful lady slipped in the back door. My breath caught in my throat as I recognized her. Shit! She smiled when she caught me looking at her, and somehow I made it back to my seat.

I asked both Alison and Sherril who this person was who had just made her entrance, and was shocked even more when they told me. I looked at the man she was seated next to, and recognized him as one of the three shareholders in the company. She was his wife! And it was her money that had purchased his share of the company! I was sure I had just completely fucked up my career.

As the meetings wound down, she carefully yet casually took her husband around the room and had him introduce her to all the people in attendance, some of whom he didn’t know (like me). She nonchalantly came my way with him, and they introduced themselves. She was totally cool, gave no hints, but was very warm. In our light conversation, she casually mentioned that her husband had arrived that morning in their private plane — he loved to fly — and would be with her for the rest of the weekend. She graciously excused them, telling me that it was an exquisite pleasure making my acquaintance, and that she looked forward to seeing me again at other company affairs. What a choice of words!

At dinner I sat with Jessica and Alison — Al works for Jess, who is as manly a woman as I have ever known — and we shared a nice if uneventful meal. Uneventful until one of the sales reps who was totally wasted started making an ass of herself with the CEO. He eventually told her to shut up, leave him alone, and get sober. Then he got up from his table and joined ours. He was pissed. I’m not sure if he spent that night alone or not, but I suspect after that confrontation he wanted a little “southern comfort,” and that maybe Sherril was going to be his comfort of choice. I hoped it would help my career to leave her alone with him.

After dessert, Jess left to work on her presentation for the next day, and Alison and I walked around the golf course at the resort and talked about some of the books we were reading or had recently read. It was a very pleasant conversation, especially the part when we talked about how the different authors whose books we had both read used sex in their books. Some were explicit, some careful and implied, some with imagery and metaphor, others were rather clinical. I was plenty worked up and I thought Alison might be too, so I invited escort etlik her to my room for a drink. She asked if that was safe (even though until the night before I had never hooked up with anyone from the company — and didn’t know then that my consort had been with our company). I feigned offense, and said that of course it was safe, I had no communicable diseases. She laughed, took my arm, and off we went.

We sat of the sofa sharing a drink, comfortable in each other’s presence, talking more about sex. At some point she got that look in her eye, a kind of faraway look, and I knew at that moment she was going to fuck me. Her legs were folded up on the sofa and I rested my hand on her knee. She put her hand on mine for a minute and we laughed. We talked a little more, and I slid over closer to her and rubbed her thigh, then set my drink down and drew her to me. We sat that way for a bit, getting comfortable with how the other felt, and cozied up together.

It wasn’t long, then, before she looked up at me and I placed the palm of my hand on her cheek, drawing her face to mine and our lips together. It seemed to take an eternity to make contact, and I mentally fucked her a thousand times before our lips touched. It was electric, erotic, and unbelievably sensual as we kissed. We progressed slowly, enjoying the sensations of that kiss, moving our lips together, then parting them, skating lightly over each other’s lips. At length our tongues touched and slid across each other, seeking wet and hidden places, the smooth underside, the dexterous tips and the coarse upper. We kissed, alternating between languorous and passionate.

Our hands were not still, and I discovered the smoothness of her skin everywhere. I have never felt such beautiful skin, smooth, silky and highly responsive. She shivered at my touch, and melted into me. Even the back of her arms was soft as a baby’s bottom. Her breasts were large and magnificent. Her legs were satiny, her tummy rounded and inviting, and her pussy surprisingly bald. She, too, was discovering me, and we found ourselves naked on the sofa, still kissing and touching, her pussy dripping and my cock throbbing with excitement.

Feeling a little, oh, geeky, I asked her to describe what we were doing as if she were an author. She did, but had to pause many times. She spoke in a husky voice of my cock parting her lips and slipping into her throat, and it did. She talked of stroking it and sucking it, admiring its length and girth, its smoothness and desirability, then let her hands and eyes and mouth do the talking. And oh, how eloquently they spoke! It was an epic story, and I felt I was receiving the blowjob of the ages as she took me in, wet and warm, and made my cock the object escort demetevler of her desire.

She shared how my face and mouth found her breasts and nipples, how they liked kissing all around her tits and then, at last, drawing her nipples into my mouth. She talked of my kissing her tummy and tonguing her navel, and with her hands at the back of my head, fingers entwined in my hair, of my lips and tongue finding her personal place, her private haven, her honey pot, her own personal nirvana. As she spoke, I brought her thoughts and words to life, and as I licked and sucked her clitoris and finger fucked her cunt, I felt her body stiffen, then erupt in climax. Her juices washed over my face and mouth, her hips bucked and her pussy clenched. I licked and sucked and swallowed as much as I could and carried her along in her orgasm until she begged for mercy. I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t relent. I ate her and drank her in. I made her pussy my fountain of desire. When she stopped breathing, overcome with the passion, I finally withdrew my mouth from her pussy and held her close. She regained her breath and kissed me. She licked her cum from my face and lips.

Then she started telling me how I fucked her. I followed her lead, laying her down on the sofa and parting legs as she told her erotic story. My cock parted her lips and slipped inside, stroking her velvety sleeve, then paused, awash in warmth and her juices. We traded places, me beneath her now, and she resumed her story. She told me of her pussy enveloping my cock, of her riding me, raising up and down on my cock, of grinding her cunt onto me till nothing but my balls were visible, of clenching and squeezing my manhood with her poon, filling herself with my hard-as-steel shaft.

She leaned over as she talked and her breasts were at my mouth. I sucked them as we fucked, and she talked until the passion overcame her again. Her words trailed off and were replaced by moans of pleasure. She fucked me hard, and in a coordinated rhythm, I fucked her hard, too. It lasted longer than I would have believed possible, until finally I could hold back no more. My cum shot into her pussy, and she milked me as I have never been milked before. She rode me until I begged for mercy, and then she rode me a little more. When she stopped, she lay on me and we kissed the kisses of deep satisfaction, of gentleness and awe, of love well spent.

Alison rolled off of me with her hand at her pussy to catch the cream pie, and it filled her hand. As she lay next to me, she licked it clean and swallowed it all. “Your cum is nice,” she told me. “Not bitter and vile like some, not too salty and easy to swallow.” She worked a little more out of her pussy and licked that clean, too. “I especially like it mixed with my cum,” she said.

We talked a bit more, and promised that it wouldn’t be the last time we connected, then she dressed. We kissed a couple of more times and she left. Exhausted, I fell into bed and slept the deep dreamless sleep of the well fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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