Raven Robinson Ep. 12

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Liz Robinson woke on Saturday to one of the most pleasurable sights and sensations she had felt in all her twenty-six years. Raven had decided to surprise her with a little early morning muff lovin’.

When Liz opened her eyes she looked down to see the crown of Raven’s pretty little head, as she went down beneath the bedsheets and gave Liz a deep, deep vaginal licking. Raven’s tiny tongue was so far submerged in Liz that she couldn’t talk, and made only happy wet slurping noises as she got to work. Raven rolled her tongue inside the crevasse, twisting and turning trying to hit every angle imaginable.

Liz half moaned half yawned as she began to feel herself cumming in the younger girl’s mouth. Raven savored the flavor and enjoyed ‘ cleaning up the mess’, as Liz had called it last night.

When she was done with that she rose to meet her step-mom’s lips in a goodmorning kiss. The exchange of spit and cum was the perfect start to a day of the most lustful celebration.

Raven said ” I couldn’t wait for the pop quiz. I waited for forever watching you sleep. When I couldn’t take it anymore I just went down and started licking. You taste sooooo goooood.”

“Awww. Watching me sleep were you. That’s so adorable honey. You were real good by the way, in case my reaction down there wasn’t enough indication. Still, I think I may keep you after class for some extra credit. Being teacher’s pet isn’t all bad you know.”

Raven purred and replied ” Well can I pick the ASSignment then?” with kinky emphasis. “Last night, was the best time of my life, and well, I don’t want to sound like a dirty slut or anything, but what you did, yaknow with my butt. I think that eryaman escort was my favorite part”.

Liz was more than happy to oblige – she rolled over on the stomach and spread her ass cheeks wide exposing her hole. Raven driven by lust that bordered on obsession plunged her tongue in deep as she could tickling Liz. The older woman couldn’t believe her luck, she had unearthed a sexual beast in Raven that she knew would likely match or even surpass her own, in perversity and appetite.

Helping her sexy little step-daughter explore that side of her would be a treat of the best kind. As Raven slobbered and spit up and down Liz’s amazing ass-crack and tasted the holiest of holies tangy goodness she was so turned on that she came herself. She rubbed at her stimulated sex and sucked her own juices clean from her fingers.

They were still wet with spit as she experimentally began putting one in Liz’s gaping asshole. Liz was loving it and began to hump the sheets helping create extra friction. Raven played with several techniques trying one finger then two, wiggling her fingers all the while stretching the hole horizontally and vertically before Liz had come once more and she was satisfied at a job well done.

The two cuddled for sometime in bed before getting up. Raven rested her head on Liz’s chest and lost herself momentarily in the soft sounds of her breathing. She wanted to say something to again show appreciation for the night before, and of course the morning after – but she was worried how it would come across.

If she failed to speak now it would torment her thoughts so she mustered all the courage she could and said ” I… I love you Liz.”

Mrs. eryaman escort bayan Robinson was taken aback. She had not expected this but she was ready for it. Without hesitation she said. ” I love you too, sweetie-pie” and kissed her step-daughter’s forehead.

Later as they sat over their early afternoon breakfast of french toast Liz’s phone rang. She saw it was Mina again and ignored it. But a few minutes later it rang again. Then again. By the fourth time she turned off her phone.

The evasion didn’t work however because an hour later the doorbell rang. Mina was there and all dolled up. She wore an expensive white dress and had applied a lot of makeup. Liz decided it would be best to get this over with and opened the door.

Mina entered the house with what can only be described as a whirlwind ferocity. She spoke shrilly and with purpose. There was no reason to beat around the bush.

“I’ve got you Liz. I’ve got you now. I KNOW what you and your little strumpet have been getting up too. There’s simply no denying it darling. I’ve got the proof right here on this disc” she held it up in triumph.

“And I’ve made several copies which I have at home, so any funny business will only lead to your assured demise. Oh yes I have you now”

The tirade was just beginning. Liz and Raven stood in the foyer in stunned silence. “When you refused me I had no idea of your secret designs. I figured you’d only gone prude in your laughable married state. As if you of all people could pretend to be straight. Still when I had the camera planted in your room I only thought I’d catch you with some other woman. I never dreamed it would be escort eryaman your own step-daughter. How delightfully rich and scandalous of you Liz, really.”

Liz could only manage a stuttered ” h-how?”.

Mina was animated and happy in her reply ” It was simple really. You’d be proud of me, I suspect. Or at least of my prowess in manipulation and seduction, which you have proven to be dabbling in yourself. See, I have girls too. You knew that much. It was Samantha of course. My little ebony love slave. It was so easy to coerce her into planting the device in your room. You see she’s got the hots for you too. Still broken up about Raven here. She thought they were an exclusive thing or something – she cried when I showed her the video and even harder when I told he my plans. I had to put the poor girl in time out before I came over.”

It was Raven’s turn to respond “Plans. What are your plans?”

“That’s the best part little birdie. You are my plans. You see, I’ve got the leverage now and there’s nothing you can do. You cannot afford to refuse my demands as I hold all the cards. If you don’t do as I say your father, the esteemed Mr. Robinson will be getting a copy of the video and then my dear your sweet step-mommy here will be out of the house and on her ass in no time flat. Even worse if I send it to the school board. Lizzy’s career will be ruined forever. No parent in their right mind would want this woman, no this predator near their precious little princesses.”

Now she was really going ” So, miss Raven you will be coming home with me this afternoon and I might add, whenever I so chose to serve me. Sammie and Anna are nice, but they came willingly with the lure of gifts and may leave me at anytime. You on the other hand are duty bound to do as I please”.

Liz rose to rebut Mina but Raven pulled her hand down and nodded in submission. “For Liz’s sake I’ll do what you ask. But I won’t like it.”

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