Red Snapper

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About a month after our breakout threesome with Celina, David returned from a business trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We were happy to see each other and enjoyed a week end of very satisfactory sexual experiences. On the afternoon of the second day David made a very odd and suggestive presentation to me. “I hope that you won’t be offended by what I tell you but it is something that I thought might interest you.”

“Is it sexual in nature?” I grinned.

“Very.” He responded. “And filthy as can be.”

“And you thought that filthy sex would interest me?”

“I just remembered how much you enjoyed eating Celina’s pussy and that you didn’t think that it would be your last.” He reminded.

“Oh, David I so did enjoy it and I think you enjoyed watching me. At least I hope so.” I blushed.

“That was the most sexually arousing thing that I have ever experienced. Especially when you sucked my cum from her pussy. It was beautiful.” He gushed.

“I was really into it wasn’t I?” I managed.

“You certainly were and I love you for it baby and I would welcome more sexual adventures of that sort in the future. If you are willing?” He suggested.

“I am!” I asserted and added, “So what does my sudden interest in pussy have to do with this suggestive presentation?”

“I met a man in Milwaukee. Howard Clarkson,” He began. “A very wealthy man in his late 50’s. He is married to a former Miss Wisconsin. A tall, slender, physically fit woman who is approaching her fiftieth birthday and on that day wishes to experience a sexual fantasy. Now, this woman is highly educated, has a Ph.D and is the dean of one of the departments at the University of Wisconsin. This is her fantasy: She wants to fuck some young stud and then fuck her husband ….Er….uh….sloppy seconds…, and have a woman clean her up.

That is lick and suck all of their bodily fluids from her body. Pussy and ass.”

“This is his problem.” David continued. “She has never been with another man, much less a woman and she doesn’t want the woman to be a prostitute.”

Perplexed, I asked, “Well, how does he propose to do that?”

David’s reply was, “This is when I thought of you. I could picture you going down on this woman. Lapping and sucking up all that cum. You would be in pussy eating heaven.”

“You think I’m bad, don’t you? The thought of doing that does turn me on but you knew it would. You want me to do this. Is that what you are suggesting?”

“He offered to pay $5,000 to anyone that I could find and convince to do his wife. He wants the woman to be married, well educated and with a successful background. They do not want to know who she is. I told him that if I were to try to find someone like that it would take at least $10,000. He countered with an offer of $7,500 and we settled at $8,000.” David expanded.

“David, this sexual thing with us has really accelerated, hasn’t it? If we accept the money and I go through with it that makes me a prostitute and you a pimp.”

He hesitated for a moment and then pondered, “It does, doesn’t it.” He grinned and continued, “It is ironic and perverse but that adds to the thrill for me. Selling my wife’s sexual favors for such a large sum of money is a turn on.”

“Baby, I’ll do it for nothing but the money does add a little spice to it.” I gushed then observed,

“But I would be eating other men’s cum and you wouldn’t be there.”

David looked into my eyes and whispered, “As long as you enjoy it I will be happy and unbelievably turned on.”

I lightly kissed his nose and emphasized, “In that case, I’ll do it.”

“Good! Tomorrow I’ll call Mr. Clarkson and we will make the arrangements.” David smiled.

When I returned from my workout the next morning a beaming David welcomed me with the news. “I talked to Clarkson and he was happy that I had found someone to indulge his wife’s fantasy. He wants to meet in New Orleans next Saturday at the Windsor Court Hotel in the French Quarter. Mrs. Clarkson asks that you meet her for brunch at Brennan’s at 11:00 AM.”

Taken aback, I gasped, “Next Saturday? A week from now?”

“Yes! That’s her birthday, March 14.” David exclaimed.

Perplexed, I wondered, “What’s with the brunch thing?”

“I guess It’s part of the fantasy for her. She wants to meet you before the main event to check you out and try to make it seem as normal as possible.” He reasoned.

“I’m getting wet at the thought of it,” I volunteered then asked. “How will I know who she is?”

“Clarkson says that you can’t miss her. She’s tall and slender with reddish hair and will be wearing a casual yellow sun dress. Her name is Mary. She’ll know you as the cleaning lady.” David described then added, “Be sure to wear your wedding ring. That will probably be the first thing she checks.”

“You know that I never take it off. Ever!” I responded.

“It’s all set. He’s going to send me a check for $4,000 today and he’ll give you the rest on that day. I asked that he pay in cash just to add to the excitement.”

Curious, I asked, “What are we going to do with this extra money?”

“Let’s set up a separate ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar account and use it as our sex fund. We can use it to further our sexual adventures.” was his answer.

“All of this talk has made me very horny. I’m going to shower and then I want you to fuck me.” I demanded.

“Forget the shower. I have always wanted to lick your sweaty pussy.” He growled.

That he did and we made love for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.

It seemed an eternity for Saturday, March 14 to arrive but arrive it did. It was a sunny, cool day and the drive to New Orleans went smoothly. I parked and waited a few minutes for the time to reach 11:00 AM. I was wearing a light blue sun dress, my little padded bra and Emily’s black panties. I was a little nervous when I walked into Brennan’s but standing there right in front of me was a gorgeous creature wearing a yellow sun dress. She had auburn hair and the clearest blue eyes that I have ever seen. I was pretty certain that it was her but of course she had no idea what I looked like. I had decided to use the name Emily in honor of the panties. We made eye contact and I asked, “Are you Mary Clarkson?”

She responded with a nervous smile and managed, “You must be the cleaning lady. …. I hope!”

“Yes. I am! My name is Emily and it’s nice to meet you.” I grinned awkwardly.

“We are about to be seated and we can get acquainted then.” She stated.

We walked to our table and once seated ordered coffee. Mary smiled at me and whispered, “You are a beautiful woman. I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised.”

“As are you…. I mean… gorgeous. I thought you would look nice… but…. not…this special.” I managed.

She looked into my eyes for a moment and repeated, “Special! That is quite a compliment and I am flattered. Thank You! We know why we are here and I would like to know a little about you.” She looked at my ring and continued. “Not your real name or hometown or anything like that. Just some background things like marriage, children, education, job. That sort of thing.”

I looked at her and thoughtfully replied, “I am happily married and we have two teenaged boys. I have a masters degree. I taught school for awhile and quit to raise the boys. My husband has a very lucrative job and we are living quite well. And you?”

“I am also happily married with two grown children, a boy and a girl. I have a Ph.D and I am a department head at a major university. My husband is very wealthy.” Mary expounded and volunteered, “Today is my birthday. I am now fifty years of age. And you?”

“Forty four. I’m forty four. I work out every day and it looks as if you do the same.” I added.

“I am into physical fitness and I also run. I ran in and completed the Marine Corps marathon this past year.” She proudly revealed. “Do you feel like eating?”

“I’m not very hungry but I’d like something light. Like a sandwich or something similar. I think we’ll need our energy this afternoon.” I smiled.

Mary grinned, “You think so, do you? You know that I have never done anything like this before. I have only made love to one man my entire life. I started to feel like time is running out on me and I wanted to do something bad…..forbidden….sexually….I mean. I told Harold about my feelings and he agreed to give me this present on my birthday and I intend to enjoy it completely.” She paused and asked, ” Am I sick?”

I gently shook my head and a slight smile crossed my lips, “If I thought that you were sick what must you think of me. I’m the cleaning lady for christ sakes. I came here with a specific job to do. A nasty one at that but one that I will enjoy immensely.”

We ordered a light meal and Mary continued with, “And what is your sexual history?”

“About like yours. One lover for the first 42 years of my life. The sex was good but he traveled a lot and I felt neglected and bored. So I just looked for opportunities and started fooling around.” I admitted.

“Opportunities? What do you mean by opportunities?” She shot back.

In turn I whispered, “Anything sexual. Men, women. Pussy! I especially wanted to lick pussy. And you. Why did you settle on this cleaning thing?”

Mary replied, “I wanted to be nasty and as filthy as possible. I read a pornographic story about a cleaning lady and it stuck in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking of a pretty woman licking my husbands semen from my pussy.”

The waitress brought our food and we ate in silence for a few minutes before Mary inquired, “When was the first time you cleaned?”

I swallowed and replied, “It was about 18 months ago. My first sexual adventure. I was checking my vacationing neighbors mail. No one was supposed to be home but I walked in on their eighteen year old daughter fucking the gymnastic coach. They didn’t see me and I watched for awhile. They were doing doggy and he came a lot. When I saw the cum oozing out of her pussy I had an overwhelming urge to taste it. Since I had caught them in a compromising position they felt compelled to go along with my wishes. I liked the taste elvankent götü büyük escortlar and I enjoyed making her cum. They liked it and the three of us made love in every conceivable way for a couple of hours. I’ve been a bad girl ever since.”

“I’ve got to ask. Does your husband know about any of this?” Mary asserted.

I dreamily grinned, “He does. We did a college volleyball player a couple of weeks ago. It was a first for us. He enjoyed fucking her and I enjoyed cleaning the mess that they made. He enjoyed watching me eat pussy.”

“Does he know about today?… Us?… What we are going to do?” Mary asked.

“Yes he does and he can’t wait until I get home and give him a vivid description of our activities.” I affirmed.

With a slightly unfocused look on her face Mary chimed in, “God!….Our conversation has me so turned on. Just look at us. Two attractive, married, successful women, eating lunch at Brennan’s and planning an afternoon of complete decadence. No one in here, looking at us, could ever imagine what we are about to do. It just adds to the thrill for me. I’m glad we met beforehand. …Shit!….this is going to be good….. Well … then… Howard rented a suite. Here is your key. The room number is 363. The young stud is going to be there at 2:00. Leave a crack in the adjoining door so that you can watch the action. Don’t come in until after he leaves and Howard is fucking me. Don’t do anything…just stand …and …and….uh….watch. I can’t believe that I am actually going to do this. I have wanted to for a while. I’m a little nervous but extremely turned on. Damn!…..My panties are soaked.”

“Mine are too. I am looking forward to our afternoon. I have one suggestion: Talk when you fuck. I like the sex talk. Let me know what you like. It really turns me on. It’s going to be fun and remember…anything goes?” I breathed as I gently squeezed her hand.

“Anything goes…Indeed!. Howard likes the nasty talk. I’m glad that you do also. Believe me, I’ll be vocal” she replied.

Mary paid the check and we went our separate ways, I walked around the Quarter for a little while and then went up to the suite. It was fabulous! The main bedroom included the largest bed that I had ever seen. Super king sized! I made my way to an adjoining room and left a crack in the door. From where I was standing I could see the bed and most of the room. At a little before the appointed time I heard someone enter the main bedroom. It was Mary and her husband. He was a tall, handsome man with a full head of gray hair. In a few minutes there was a knock on the door. Howard welcomed a good looking, well built youth into the room. “Mary, I’d like you to meet Ben. He plays football for Tulane.”

“Nice to make your acquaintance Ben Why don’t you get undressed so that we can get started. Today is my birthday and you are part of my present.”

I could see that his trousers were already tented from an erection and as he removed them it sprang into view.

Mary gasped, “God! You’ve got a nice cock… and it’s… hard already.” as she wrapped her hand around it’s girth. “It looks like you are anxious and excited. Don’t you dare cum too quick. Let me get out of these clothes.”

She pulled her dress over her head and stood there in full sized yellow panties with a matching bra. She had a magnificent, well toned body. The removal of her bra revealed apple sized tits with large, extended nipples that were swollen with her excitement. When the panties came off I saw a pussy surrounded by a well trimmed reddish bush.

“Suck my nipples Ben!” She ordered. “No man other than Howard has ever done that.” Ben immediately engulfed one of those tasty morsels in his mouth and sucked. He let it go with and audible pop. and latched on to the other one. I could tell that he was working it with his tongue and Mary gasped, “That makes me weak in the knees. Let me sit down…. before I pass out”

Mary sat on the bed and then lay down. Wasting little time she drew her legs back and spread them wide with her knees almost touching her shoulders. Her pussy was on display and it was a succulent sight to see. The lips were thick and swollen and glistened with her excitement.. “Lick it Ben, Lick my pussy….Flat tongue the whole thing.” Ben was more than willing to oblige and he loudly slurped and sucked as he swabbed her cunt from top to bottom. “Oh Shit!… That’s good!…That’s good stuff. …Now fuck me!”

He got on his knees between her legs and slowly slid his cock into her well lubricated cunt. “Ahhhh!” Mary exhaled as she welcomed his penetration. “He’s inside me. He’s going to fuck me Howard. My first strange dick. Take your pants off. I want to suck your cock. I want to see how it feels to have a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time.”

Howard quickly removed his trousers and kneeled on the bed next to her head. He also had an impressive erection which Mary slowly swallowed and tongued. Two men at the same time. This was something that I had never done and I envied her. I made up my mine to do this the first chance I got.

She etimesgut çıtır escortlar let the cock slip from her mouth and demanded, “Fuck me Ben. Stroke me slow and deep.”

Ben was more than willing to please. He would slowly push his pecker into her depths and pull it all the way out and then repeat. All the while Mary was deep throating the cock in her mouth and making a soft gurgling sound. Saliva was leaking from the corners of her mouth and dripping from her chin. She pulled back and gasped, “That’s perfect Bennie boy. Your pecker feels wonderful in my pussy. Keep it up.”

She went back to work on Howard’s pecker and bobbed her head a few more times then gasping for breath sloppily released the dick in her mouth. “Now we are going to really fuck. …Hard….Let’s get our stroke down….Remember…hard fucking.”

Ben started to make long, slow, powerful strokes that made the muscles in his ass flex and Mary met his every thrust with one of her own. Her knees were pulled back and almost touched her shoulders and her feet, sometimes touching, flailed over his back as they worked to establish a rhythm.

Mary was strong and her well toned body matched him stroke for stroke.

“That’s it!….That’s it!….That’s the stroke! Pick…up…the…pace. Fuck me hard! Uh…Uh…uh…uh….pound that pussy!” She commanded as they settled into a loud, slapping, well coordinated rhythm. “Drive me through the bed!…Hard….Baby….Fuck…me…hard! Fill… my… pussy… with… your… hot… cum!

“I’m close Miss Mary….Close.” Ben grunted.

“Me too Baby! Fill…me…up! Cum…deep…Deep!…in…my…pussy! Ahhhhhh….I’mm…..cumming! Mary huffed.

“OOhhhhh! FUCK! That’s…It!” Ben rasped as he came.

Mary locked her ankles over his ass and pulled him deeper with her muscular legs and directed, “Deep! Cum…deep…in…my…pussy…Bennie…Boy! Give it all to me. I want ….every…hot….fucking…drop!”

His ass rippled and he grunted, “Ah….Ah….Ah….Ah….Ah!” every time his cock spurted. Finally exhausted, he relaxed and his body melted between her legs.

Mary gently stroked his back and sighed, “Now that was a good fuck, Bennie Boy. A good hard fuck. My pussy is full of your hot spunk. We were really pounding it….. Weren’t we?”

“That was the best fuck of my life. …By far.” He realized.

“You guy’s were really getting after it. I enjoyed watching you fuck him baby. You were really into it. I had no idea that you would enjoy it so much.” Howard added.

“Maybe we can get together again sometime.” Mary suggested.

“I’d like that pretty lady. You are the most sexual creature that I have ever experienced.” Ben praised.

“But you are going to have to leave now. My husband wants to fuck me.”

Ben rocked back on his knees and his still rock hard dick slipped from Mary’s pussy with a slurpy “shlliicchh!” sound.

“Clean the boys cock Mary. He can’t put it away like that.” Howard injected.

“You’ll have to come up here. I don’t want your cum to leak from my pussy. I’m saving it for someone special.”

Ben crawled up the bed and kneeled by her head. Mary slowly engulfed his stiff rod until her chin rested on his balls. Her tongue snaked out and lapped at his dangling nuts. She pulled back and released his cock with a choking gasp. “Awwk!” Thick strings of saliva connected her lips to his purple headed dick. “We taste good….Bennie….Boy. It’s a beautiful cock…. Isn’t it Howard? Look at that big….purple….suckable….head.” She squeezed his root in her hand causing the head to swell and take on a deeper, plum like color. “I’m gonna….suck….the ….head. Just…the…fucking… head” She emphasized as she wrapped her swollen lips around the luminous knob. She lapped its underside and sucked loudly and savored it before releasing it with a loud…”POP!”

Still squeezing Ben’s tool she hissed, “Its beautiful Howard. Suck it for me baby.” She suggested.

With a startled look on his face Howard reacted, “Oh! Baby. I can’t do something like that.”

“Just look at that big, purple, suckable head. You know you want to suck it… Don’t you?” Mary enticed.

“Please don’t ask me to do that.” He pleaded.

She licked the knob once more and persuasively continued, “Come on baby. Do it for me. It’s my birthday. Anything goes. It would mean the world to me.”

Obviously weakening he croaked, “I’m a man….He’s a man. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Here. I’ll make it big for you.” Mary directed as she increased the pressure of her hand on Ben’s schlong making his dick head look as large as a plum.. “Take it baby. Wrap your lips around the knob.”

“I didn’t think that this was part of the deal.” Ben objected.

“Nobody’s going to know but us. Let my man suck.” Mary exhorted.

“It is beautiful.” Howard relented as he opened his mouth, leaned in and swallowed that big purple head.

“Ooh!….Now….Suck it baby…. Just the head.” Howard’s cheeks hollowed as he sucked. “Oh God! …Baby. This really turns me on. Lap at it with your tongue. Suck…that…big….purple….head…for….momma. Come on! Work it a while. Let….me….hear….you….suck.” Howard’s sucking mouth began to make slurping sounds as he sucked harder. “I want to kiss you baby. I want to kiss your cock sucking mouth….Now!” He pulled back with a loud slurp and a long string of saliva connected his mouth to Ben’s wet pecker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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