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It would happen again tonight she knew. It had happened every night for the last two weeks. That’s when she had learned about her son’s nightly ritual, which had in turn led to her own. She waited in anticipating for the door to open.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror next to her bed, the moonlight coming in from the window revealed her naked form in the mirror. She saw the look of anticipation and excitement on her face, reveling in the physical responses of her body, while still being amazed as to why.

She had thought of removing the mirror not that long ago. It had been a painful reminder of the times she had watched herself, and her late husband David make love in the mirror. These were happy times, she had thought they would never return. That was until the night she saw her son in the mirror.

(Two weeks ago)

She had woken up to the sound, it was a familiar sound, but one she hadn’t heard in over 6 months. The sound of a man orgasming, it was low and guttural, like an animal. Her eyes had opened in the mirror, she saw her body exposed as often happened in her sleep, the sheet having fallen down exposing her breasts, her feet sticking out at the bottom of the bed. In the reflection she saw behind her the image of her 18 year old son Frank.

He stood just inside the door, Frank’s eyes were closed and his hand wrapped around his cock, it wasn’t overly long, but easily as thick as a can of soda. At that moment it was pulsing, shooting huge amounts of cum onto the sheets on the empty side of the bed behind her. She quickly squinted her eyes as to appear still asleep. Unsure of what to do she continued to watch, and surprised felt her body start to react to a man cumming, just from the mere sight of her.

Having finished, he pulled up his pants, gave his mother’s body one more look in the mirror, and left closing the door behind him. She was shocked, unsure of bahis siteleri what to do or what if anything she should say to him. She laid there in the dark, the smell of his cum filling her nose, her nipples growing hard at the scent, she felt herself grow wet despite herself.

She had always loved cum, the taste of it in her mouth, the feel on her skin. But this was her son, she shouldn’t feel like this, but the yearning was there. She saw it on her face in the mirror. She wanted to reach out and smash it, to punish the slut looking back at her, who wanted nothing more than to take that cum. Grab it from the sheets and rub it all over her body, take it in her mouth, feel it between her fingers.

Finally unable to withstand the urge, she rolled over to look at the cum slowly sinking into the sheets. It was a huge amount remaining despite sinking into the sheet while she had wrestled with herself. With trembling fingers she had reached for it. She spread her hand over the spot rubbing the cum into her palm. The feeling sending bolts down her body, she brought her hand to her breasts, rubbing first one, then the other. Feeling the sticky moisture slicken her skin, spreading onto her fingers.

She laid back and thought of David as she reached lower, she massaged her folds, rubbing her cum coated hand over her wet, aching pussy. The desire taking hold as she pushed her fingers in. She looked over to the mirror, watching as her wet fingers pulsed in and out of her. Feeling the pressure build inside herself, the desire growing to a fever pitch as she rolled her clit between her fingers. With a long moan she came, her juices covering her cum covered fingers.

Suddenly the image of her son cumming, entered her mind, the ecstasy on his face as his cock exploded cum. Slowly, and unsure she watched in the mirror as her hand traced up her body to her mouth, her fingers slipped in, and she tasted the canlı bahis siteleri mixture of her juice with that of her sons, the sensation overwhelming her she came again.

After that first night, she had hated herself, looking into the mirror saying terrible things to herself the next morning. She was a disgusting, depraved cum slut. But she figured it was done, and she couldn’t undo it so she would go on. That night she couldn’t sleep tossing and turning in bed in a fitful battle with herself. Was it wrong what happened, she had needs. But to get off to her son, to use his cum to lubricate her body, it was wrong. Wasn’t it?

Then suddenly she had heard the knob turn. Quickly she rolled over to face the mirror like normal, closing her eyes. She was fully exposed, the sheet falling off her due to her tossing and turning, and rapid turn. Her body flushed with excitement at the possibility of him coming to jerk off to her again, of seeing him cum.

She squinted her eyes barely open to see Frank standing there on David’s side of the bed. He was looking at her body in the mirror, the look on his face that of hunger, desire, but also of love. He had done his best in the months since David’s death to comfort her, looking after her, protecting her. Even taking to holding her hand when they were out in town, not exactly normal for an 18 year old boy to do, but David always had, and it made her feel good, safe, and comfortable.

He pulled down his pants and boxers, he was only partially hard, but as she watched his eyes trace over her body, he fully engorged. He started to stroke himself, deliberate and with purpose. Once again she thought of saying something, of stopping him, stopping all of this, but she didn’t, she just watched as he pleasured himself to her naked body in the mirror. The excitement growing inside her.

She felt her own body respond to his attention, growing bold she canlı bahis slowly moved her arm forward, fully exposing her breasts to him. She saw him quicken his pace in response, it made her moisten. She longed to reach down and touch herself. Instead she shifted again, spreading her legs slightly. Exposing her wet pussy to her son, the neatly trimmed hair surrounding her opening, as she watched his eyes moved down and he moaned her name.

This nearly sent her over the edge, her desire growing into a urgent need to see him cum. Frank at the sight of his mother trimmed pussy exploded onto the bed again. Once again she was shocked by the amount of cum he shot out onto the bed. Finished he pulled up his pants, gave her body one last look, turned and left, closing the door quietly. She felt nearly electrified, the desire and need within her so great. She desperately rolled over and reached for his cum, filing her hands with it.

She rubbed them together, enjoying the sticky slickness coating her. She sucked one cum covered finger into her mouth. God, she nearly came at the taste, she started to coat her breasts, teasing her nipples and spreading the cum all over her still high, firm breasts. The sensation causing waves of pressure to wash over her. She reached for more of his cum from the sheets, running her covered hand down to her soaking pussy, while the other continued to massage her breasts.

She rubbed her fingers over her folds, teasing first one, than another finger into herself. She quickened her pace, eager to cum and taste their combined juices again on her lips. She bore down on her clit until she climaxed in a euphoric moan that she could barely contain.

As she felt her body coat her fingers in her juices, the orgasm pulsing deep through her. She slowly dipped the fingers of both hands, one by one, deep into herself. Raising them in turn to her mouth, she slowly and deliberately sucked and licked each digit clean of her, and her son’s cum. When the last finger entered her mouth she came again, with a shriek of pleasure. The look on her face in the mirror, that of a woman truly satisfied, and unashamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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