Remember What It’s Like

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Double Penetration

“How was New York?” Lauren asked as Adam settled back on her couch, slipping off his shoes. She already felt the tension between them but feigned interest in his trip to cover it.

Adam shrugged, stiff. “Not too bad, I stayed in the office for the most part.”

Lauren tucked her legs underneath her. She and Adam had mutually separated and ended their relationship when his work became too much of a strain on them. The break up was punctuated by an offer from his office to spend six months in New York working on a project. He’d taken it easily with nothing to keep him in Tennessee.

He’d gotten home two weeks ago and Lauren was surprised to see him calling her cell phone yesterday. He wanted to catch up and see her. She listened for any hint in his voice, that perhaps he wanted to get back together, that maybe he had a new girlfriend and he wanted to tell her before she found out other ways, any clue that would prepare her to see him.

She hadn’t been able to figure it out, feeling uncomfortable when he arrived at her apartment, a mix of excitement and the attempt to quell it.

“Did you have any fun while you were there?” she asked with a smile, teasing, trying only to talk like his friend would.

He winked at her and she blushed. She hadn’t meant it like that.

Adam looked around her apartment, seeing if it’d changed. He felt strange to be in here again, pretending they were just friends… He knew for a fact that they were more than that and he knew she was dying to figure out why he’d wanted to come over.

Adam chuckled. “Not really… nothing was quite to my taste.”

Lauren blushed again, looking away. It made Adam smile. He could tell she was trying to distance herself and not be reminded of how their relationship used to be.

“You know how particular I am,” Adam winked at her.

Lauren rolled her eyes. “You’re a very hard man to please.”

Adam remembered the last time he’d slept with her. He’d fucked her hard and she’d taken it, wanting more. He remembered the feel of her skin on his and the way her breath felt on his neck.

Adam’s smile fell thinking sincan escort about it, his voice getting quiet. “You never had trouble pleasing me…”

His voice reached a part of her that hadn’t been touched for months. She froze. His eyes grew dark and she looked away, trying to keep her composure. Her blush reached down to her toes.

Adam sat up, leaning closer to her, causing her breath to go shallow. She could almost feel his breathing in the air around her. She wanted to jump up and get away from him. She wanted to distance herself and rationalize that he’d just gotten home and this wasn’t logical. But she didn’t move. Her brain had been taken over by the simple thought: ‘how far will this go?’

He touched her knee and she looked down, suddenly grounded, her breath quickening and her pulse beating in her throat. His hands were rough and warm. As she looked at them, she could almost feel them touching the rest of her body like they’d done months ago. Her skin began to ache.

“It may have been months,” he whispered, “but I still remember how to please you.” It sounded like a promise.

When she looked up, his dark eyes were closer than they were a second ago. Her breath hitched in her throat.

He eyed her lips and wondered how long it would take to make her beg him to kiss her. He would wait until she begged, until she couldn’t go along with his lead anymore, until she had to act.

His hand found its way to the top of her thigh, where her hand was resting, as he leaned over her. She closed her eyes and felt his breath on her ear, his lips on her neck, teasing her skin.

Adam smirked. “Tell me to stop and I will…”

As she opened her eyes, her hands were behind his head, fingers tangled into his hair, pulling him to kiss her. He grinned as he leaned in, victorious.

She kissed him with urgency, letting her tension melt away. His arms slid around her, pulling her closer, his hard body colliding with hers, fingers gripping hard, the way she liked, the way she missed.

In an instant, he pulled her to her feet, lips still locked and her hands behind his neck.

He ankara escort half dragged her to her bedroom, a place he’d yearned for since he stepped foot into her apartment.

Adam pushed her onto the bed roughly, his eyes dark and his chest hard. This was what he wanted. This was like it was. As she caught herself, he was on her, pushing her body down, dominating over her. She closed her eyes in memory of the feeling.

She urged him to kiss her harder, pulling his already forceful body closer. She relished it. He needed it.

He didn’t want a woman who would lay underneath him, who would let him do whatever he wanted but just lay there, pathetic.

He missed Lauren. She, who pushed for him to kiss her harder, for him to overpower her as she trusted him, as she pushed back against him and encouraged him to be rough.

He wanted her fingers pulling at his hair, her nails against his chest, her lips on his neck.

He pushed her down, his hand tightened around her wrists and she felt bruises form. She didn’t care. It felt delicious. Her hands were pinned in one of his behind her back, underneath her, his lips on her neck.

They fell into a rhythm they’d known so well. He knew exactly what she wanted and how much he could do with her. There was no guesswork. He didn’t have to hint at what he liked or ask her to do it, she already knew.

Relief and familiarity filled her as he held her down. Although they’d been apart, she trusted him. He knew her limits, what was okay and what wasn’t. He knew what she liked and how to make it better.

As she arched against him, he pushed her down with his chest, keeping her still and in place. If she tried to kiss him, he’d turn away and then continue his assault on her neck. She could feel him grinning.

He kissed her as her quick pulse and heavy breathing fueled his testosterone, raging him on. He moved down her neck to her shoulders, nuzzling and then biting, making her arch against him, demanding more.

Lauren had been with different men, but none like Adam. Before, she’d had two types of lovers: one, who would be gentle and kind, stare etimegut escort into her eyes as they made love, who’d keep asking her if it was okay or if she wanted to do something else, one who would stifle her and make her want to kick them in the balls and out of her bed. The other, one who would get to the point, take what he wanted, and leave her unsatisfied and annoyed.

Not Adam.

Adam was rough, always bringing her to the border of pleasure and pain. He liked the way her muscles relaxed in pleasure but then tensed when he would pull her hair back or grip her hard. He was in control and he liked making her feel it.

He pulled her up, ripping her shirt off of her as she did the same to his shirt and he unbuttoned his jeans as she undid his belt.

Oftentimes, if her hands were free, hers would come to cover his, squeezing his, silently urging him to grip her harder, letting him know that wasn’t enough yet. He would happily oblige, spinning her around and pushing her onto the bed, daring her to ask him for more again.

But this wasn’t about the pain, it was indeed forcing her to walk the line with him. He wanted her to beg him to be rough, rather than to ask him to stop. Her breathlessness in his ear urged him to continue.

If he succumbed in a moment of pleasure and softened, he’d find her hands behind him, pulling him roughly, or a stern look from her eyes to not back down.

In those moments, he’d grin devilishly and always think that he’d created a monster, but he loved it.

Like he, she always ended pleased, feeling both bruised and satisfied. He’d tumbled down beside her, out of breath and sweating.

Her eyes were glazed, her chest catching its breath as she looked up at the ceiling, stunned and surprised at what just happened, a slight smile on her lips. She didn’t care if he’d just called her to hook up. It was worth it.

Adam chuckled. “I don’t know why I didn’t fly you up to New York to visit.”

Lauren laughed. “You should’ve, huh?”

Adam smiled. “I needed this. If I reschedule my last meeting tomorrow, can I come over again?”

Lauren thought about it. “This meeting… is it just one?”

Adam knew what she was really asking. He shrugged.

“Maybe just one… but I have a feeling I’ll leaving work early now that I’m back… we’ll see what happens,” he winked.

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