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This is about reconnecting with an old lover after years of separation. This is half-fantasy, and half-memory. It is told in alternating points of view.


You walking up behind me, wrapping one arm around my waist, and brushing my hair aside with the other.

Feeling your breath and a little of your beard on my neck as you start with a gentle kiss on my neck, changing to a bite, gentle at first and then harder.

As I’m trying to catch my breath, one hand cups my breast and starts to pinch my nipple as I lean back against your chest and moan gently. . .

I put a hand up to run through your hair, pulling you even closer to my neck, scratching your scalp slightly.

I can’t take it anymore and turn around to kiss you, hesitant at first, wrapping my arms around your back, and gently scratching as a . . . reminder of the past? Promise for the future?

I press up against you and feel you, already ready and run my nails up your thigh, carefully avoiding touching you, and chuckling a little against your neck at your sharp intake of breath.

My hand goes up under your shirt, up your chest, still scratching ever so lightly, lifting your shirt up and off.

I duck my head down and lick your nipple, and then take the ring in my teeth and tug a little, just a little. You grab my hair and pull until I’m looking up at you and we kiss again.

I run my hand over your hardness, enjoying the power over you, and unbutton your jeans while I’m nipping at your neck. After I push your jeans down, I push you back, not toward the bed you were anticipating, but toward the couch and make you sit escort sincan down.

I straddle you, my hands on your shoulders and you try to pull me toward you, but I resist, not yet.

You lift my skirt and grab my ass to pull me to you and realize there’s nothing under the skirt. Was it like that all night?

My shirt is unbuttoned now, and my breasts are spilling over my bra and I offer you one as your hand squeezes my ass. But you have to tease me a bit, too and you rub your beard around my breast. The rough scratchiness makes me gasp again and then you finally take my breast into your mouth and suck hard. I throw my head back and moan.

Now, yes, now.

I lower myself onto you slowly, oh, so slowly. It’s hard to hold back, but I want to savor every moment. I’m panting in your ear, with a hand in your hair. You try to lift your hips to speed up the pace, but no, I’m still in charge – for now, and pull back, laughing.

Finally, you’re all the way inside me, and I pause, take a deep breath and look you in eye as I begin to move, slowly at first.

As I’m looking in your eyes, it’s there – the old connection, the old fire and I suddenly can’t breathe. . .and then, the balance of power shifts.

You hold me tight and move and I’m now on the floor, on my back and you’ve pinned my arms over my head. You growl in my ear, “My turn,” and you pull out.

I wrap my legs around you and try to move my hips to pull you back in, but you evade me. I make a frustrated noise and you laugh.

I struggle against you holding my arms, but not hard enough to get loose.

You pull my arms ankara escort behind my back and move down my belly, slowly, kissing your way down.


I nibble at your nipples, teasing them to hardness, first one, then the other. Back and forth…when you don’t respond like I want, I pinch them between my teeth, ensuring a response from you.

I lay little kisses down your belly, marveling in your womanly softness, your contours, knowing that I will eventually reach my target.

I feel your shaven pubes on my face, the roughness telling me I’m close. While you continue to resist, I easily hold both your wrists behind your back, your pelvis thrust forward and perfect for some oral attention.

I free one one of your hands, guiding it to my head. I then scoot down and position myself for the perfect administration of a tongue lashing to your clit.

I spread your lips open, knowing the pearl I seek is but a fold of flesh away…..


Oh, god. . .

I clutch at your hair, moving with every breath, trying to catch my breath. .

You didn’t have a beard when we were together before, but I like the roughness of it against my softest places. I feel the orgasm building, but I feel empty. You press a finger inside me and I clutch at it desperately, but it’s not what I want.

I start to beg, softly, “Please, please. . .” I want to wrap myself around you, dig my nails into you, and you’re too far away; I want your cock to fill.

You ask me what I want, but I can’t speak.

The orgasm hits, and I cry out and start to shake, clamping down on your fingers; you grin and come etimesgut escort bayan up and start nuzzling my neck, but I am not done. I want more.

You whisper, “Was that what you wanted?”

I kiss you and wrap my legs around you again. I dig my nails into your shoulders.

You hover over me, not quite close enough.

“Please,” I say again.

You keep nuzzling my neck, the rest of your body too far away. “Tell me,” you say in my ear, “Tell me what you want.”

I kiss you, and bite your ear and whisper, “Fuck me, please, fuck me now.”

You chuckle because you knew you could make me beg for it.

And still you tease me, rubbing against me, but still not entering.

You’re being gentle, too gentle, and I’m going crazy. I start to bite your shoulder. “Don’t you dare be gentle!”

And now you can’t take it anymore, either.


I slide against you, watching you quiver and shake in anticipation, but you are powerless to stop me. I can feel your wetness, your desire for me to be inside you.

But I’m the one in control now. I feel your legs wrapped around me, but still I tease you, rubbing my hard cock against your clit, watching your reactions, knowing I’m teasing you without mercy.

I pull back, bodily, knowing you don’t want me to, but now I can smack my cock against your clit, raising your pleasure and desire.

We kiss, and I can feel your hand on the back of my head as we lock lips, and during that I enter you, sliding my length into you, feeling you wrap around me, consuming me.

I feel your warmth and wetness, and know that i have total control.


I cry out, a little too loud, and I’m lost.


I reach down, grab your ass and try to pull you even deeper, clenching around you, digging my nails in, deep enough to draw blood, screaming in your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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