Road Rescue

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It was late, a little past twelve, with still more than an hour to go before I’d get home. I was tired. It’d been a long day to start with and then adding several hours of driving and the hockey game had really pushed my limits. The interstate was practically deserted. A few trucks and an occasional car. It’s amazing how deserted a normally busy interstate could be once it pushed out into the rural areas.

I saw the headlights of a car coming up quickly behind me, move over and slide by at least ten miles an hour faster than I was going. I could see in the dash lights of the car two female heads in the front seat, both actively bobbing and bouncing to some beat playing on their stereo. Even at seventy miles an hour I could make out the deep bass beat as they passed me. They slid back into the right lane ahead of me and in my headlights I could tell that there were actually three heads in the car, two in the front and another in the back, tilted back and resting or sleeping. Their tail lights pulled away ahead of me, stretching the few car lengths to easily a quarter mile over the next few minutes.

I smelled the odor and immediately checked my gauges. It was coolant. I knew that smell from many years of driving less than reliable cars. Now at fifty I could afford to drive new cars, and rarely owned one any more past about seventy thousand miles, a far cry from what I used to consider “acceptable”. My gauges looked fine so I assumed that the smell was coming from outside and would soon pass. The first mile ticked away and I could still smell it, then the second, and finally a third. I was starting to think that maybe I needed to pull over and check when I saw brake lights ahead of me. I slowed down, unsure of what was happening ahead and saw the lights pull over to the side of the road.

I continued to slow and as I approached I could see a column of smoke or steam rising in the headlights of the car on the side. “Geez,” I muttered, realizing it was the car with the young women in it. I sighed and pressed the brake harder, sliding onto the shoulder and rolling up behind the now stopped car. I saw the driver, a young woman in a very short and very fancy dress and high heels get out and walk around to the front of the car and lift the hood. A mushroom cloud of steam poured out from under, making her jump aside in the headlights.

If it was one of my daughters stranded late at night I’d want some nice gentleman to stop and help. Not some creepaziod stalker or serial killer, but someone safe and respectable. So if I kept going there was no telling what the next car that stopped would bring. Surely not the highway patrol at this hour. I got out, wondering how I was going to convince these young women that I wasn’t going to be their problem.

“Hey. Looks like trouble,” I said long before I got to the front of their car. The driver looked back at me warily as I approached. I looked at the engine compartment, and leaned in as she stepped back. It was obvious that the lower radiator hose had split and the coolant was leaking out onto the pavement below. “This isn’t going anywhere. You have triple A or something?”

“I have towing on my insurance,” she said quietly, still eyeing me warily.

“Well. Better call a towing service then. If you want we can call the highway patrol or I can wait with you. Kinda lonely out here for young women alone.”

“We can defend ourselves,” she said defiantly.

I chuckled. “I’ll give you marks for bravery. But the reality is that there isn’t any place in that very good looking dress to hide anything more substantial than a peashooter. So, if you don’t want me stay, that’s fine. If you do, that’s fine too.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that you never know what kind of crazy might stop on the highway like this. Especially this late at night.”

“I agree. Which is why I always carry. There’s a nine mil in the glovebox of my car if you wanna be sure I don’t try to take advantage.”

“You’d give me your gun?”

“Give you? No. But tell you where it is so if I try something you have a reasonable chance to get to it and stop me. Yeah. I’d do that.”

“Kinda trusting, isn’t it?” she said looking a little sideways at me.

“Not really. Just evens the odds. I still have one of my own,” I chuckled. “Now if you wanna call a tow truck, I’ll be in my car,” I said as I walked away, leaving her standing in front of her car, her friend in the front seat looking out the windows at me.

I leaned my seat back a bit and settled in, expecting it to be at least an hour before a tow truck got here. I closed my eyes, leaving the engine running to keep the dropping temperatures at bay.

I heard the passenger side car door open and opened my eyes to look over at the young woman leaning down and looking in at me. “Um. I called a tow truck, but it’ll be a while. It’s getting kinda chilly. Do you mind if we sit in your car and stay warm?”

“Sure. Help yourself,” I answered.

“He said okay!” she called back to her car, two ankara escort more equally young women, similarly dressed, climbed from their car and walked quickly back to mine. They opened the passenger side doors and quickly slid into my SUV, two climbing into the back bucket seats and the driver of the car into the front passenger side. Now in the light I could tell that she was maybe thirty at most, easily twenty years my junior, slender, well built, and dressed for a party in a very tight fitting sequined dress.

“So. My name is Mary, this is Tabitha and Simone,” she said motioning to a similarly built brunette wearing a silver form fitting dress, and a young woman of color wearing a cream-colored dress that contrasted with her coffee brown skin.

“Hi. My name is James. So what are you three doing out here so late dressed to the nine’s?”

“Coming back from a friend’s bachelorette party. You?”

“Hockey game. Got to watch the Blues wipe the ice with the Canadiens.”

“Sports. Not my favorite thing.”

“Yeah. Well. This was my first hockey game. Never been to one before.”

“Well, then I guess we’re lucky you did.”

“I guess so. Bachelorette party? Do they really have strippers and such at those?”

“Some. Not this one. Just a lot of sexy toys for gag gifts and a lot of drinking and dancing.”

“Sounds like an interesting time,” I said as I settled back into my seat again. “How long did that tow truck say?”

“He didn’t. Just that he’d be here as fast as he could.”

“Alright then. I guess we wait.”

“What then?”

“Well. The tow truck driver can probably take you back into town,” I suggested.

“In town? I don’t have anywhere to go in St. Louis. I live the other way!”

“He can probably take you, if it’s not too far. They charge by the mile for towing.”

“You’re going the right way. Could you drop us off at my house?”


“Actually, yeah. I mean it isn’t too far out of your way.”

“You don’t even know where I’m going.”

“Well. Ohhhhh come on. Please!”

“Look I’ve still got another hour to drive. Last thing I need is a detour.”

“Oh please! You wouldn’t leave us stranded out here, would you?” Simone pleaded from behind me.

“Okay fine. As long as it isn’t too far out of the way.”

“It’s only a few miles down highway ZZ. We really appreciate this!” Mary said with a smile.

“Yep,” I mumbled, trying to remind myself that I’d want some nice gentleman to help out my daughters.

It was more than an hour before the flatbed rolled up, and another half hour before he was loaded and ready to leave. He pulled onto the highway, headed to the next exit with us pulling on behind him. We were all tired and I was feeling it as I drove, struggling to stay awake. I was pretty sure Mary could tell. “It’s been a long time since five this morning,” I said quietly as I took the off ramp for highway ZZ.

“You mean yesterday morning. It’s almost two,” Mary said with a yawn.

“Oh don’t do that!” I said, shaking my head and trying not to yawn myself.

“Contagious, aren’t they? Turn left here. We’re only a couple miles down.”

“Sure,” I said, turning left and accelerating down the twisty two-lane highway.

“Up here. That next road. Turn right.”

“Okay,” I said, slowing down as the next intersection came into sight.

“Down here on the left.”


“No. Next drive. Yeah that one,” she said as I turned into the shared driveway of a duplex.

“Here you go,” I said, unable to suppress the next yawn.

“Hey. Why don’t you spend the night? What’s left of it anyway.”

“Huh?” I asked in surprise.

“Not like that. I mean it’s really late and you’ve been so nice. I’d hate to have you get in an accident on the way home. You can sleep on the sofa for a few hours and then drive home in the morning.”

“Oh,” I said with relief. “I don’t really have anything to sleep in.”

“I bet I can find something,” she said with a frown.

“Something girly? I’ll pass.”

“No silly. I still have some stuff one of my boy friends left behind. I think they’ll fit you. Maybe a little big, but I bet they fit.”

“I don’t know,” I answered, shaking my head.

“Come on. I mean it’s only sleeping on the sofa. Unless your wife wouldn’t approve.”

“She doesn’t really have much say, at least not any more,” I answered.

“Oh. I see. Divorced?”


“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah. No problem. It’s been a while.”

“So you don’t have any excuse. Come on in!”

“Okay. Fine,” I said with a sigh, turning the ignition off.

“Are we there?” Simone asked.

“We’re there,” Mary answered, opening the car door.

They all climbed out and I followed, letting them lead me in the door of the small duplex. It looked like a little two bedroom one bath apartment. Simone and Tabitha disappeared into what I expected was one of the bedrooms while Mary, chatting away about me making myself at home, went into what etimesgut escort I expected was her bedroom. She came back out a few moments later with what appeared to be a t-shirt and a pair of large athletic shorts in her hand.

“You can change in the bathroom if you want,” she said as she went back to the bedroom. “I’ll have some blankets and a pillow out when you get out!” she called.

As tired as I was I wasn’t going to argue. I’d been up now for twenty one hours and my body was bitching up a storm. I walked into the bathroom. It was a nice sized bathroom, walk-in shower, toilet, sink, and very very girly. It wasn’t all pink, but there was definitely a propensity for the color. There was also an assortment of women’s accoutrements, curling irons, hair dryers, straightening iron, high heels and pantyhose strewn around the floor. I pulled off my polo shirt and hung it on a hook that looked like it was intended for towels, and then pushed off my pants. It’d been hours since I’d gone to the bathroom and my body was suddenly reminding me of that fact. I put the seat up and stood at the toilet, letting the yellow rain fly. “Ohhhhh,” I sighed, realizing how full my bladder had gotten.

“I’m sorry Mary! I have to pee so bad!” Tabitha was saying as she threw the door open and barged into the bathroom. “OH SHIT!” she exclaimed in surprise at the sight of me standing in front of the toilet, my cock in my hand, peeing. She froze in place, staring at my cock for long seconds while I stared at her in her thin t-shirt, a pair of pink panties showing under the hem. Her tits, easily the size of small coconuts, pushed out the front of the shirt and bumps protruded from each one. After long seconds of each of us staring at each other, she backed out and closed the door without a word.

“Good lord,” I mumbled as I stood there, waiting for the seemingly never ending stream to end. Finally I was done, I tucked myself back into my boxers and then stepped into the shorts. They were large, almost too large, but they had a drawstring in the waist that I could pull tight enough that they didn’t quite fall down off my ass on their own. I pulled the way too big t-shirt on over it and then collected my clothes and shoes. I opened the door and saw Tabitha standing against the wall next to the bathroom door, her hands pressed between her legs.

“Oh thank god,” she mumbled, darting past me into the bathroom before I was even all the way out.

“What was that about?” Mary asked as I walked from the bathroom into the living room area.

“Oh. Nothing,” I answered her as I looked at the sofa, a blanket and pillow spread out on it. “This’ll do just fine,” I added.

“Okay. Well. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.”

“No problem,” I answered tiredly, dropping heavily on the sofa.

“Well. Sleep well,” she said, walking to the short hallway leading to the bathroom and bedroom doors. She turned the lights off and walked down the hall, leaving me with the only light being the blue glow of the microwave shining from the kitchen area. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, something I didn’t expect to take too long. I heard the bathroom door open after the toilet flushed and then another door open and close.

I have no idea how long I lay there half asleep before I heard it. Whispering and giggling. Two of them, probably Tabitha and Simone, were quietly tiptoeing past the sofa.

“Shhhh don’t wake him up!” I think it was Tabitha whispered.

“Is he asleep?” she said as they stopped in front of the sofa.

“Uh huh.”

“I can’t believe you walked in on him half naked.

“Wasn’t my fault.”

“Leave it to you to find the only cock,” Simone giggled.

“Yeah. But I couldn’t do anything with it.”

“Too bad. I’m so fucking horny.”

“After all that teasing shit at the party? Oh yeah!”

“Hungry too. Come on. Let’s go get food.”

“I’d rather get his cock!” Tabitha giggled as she was pulled away toward the kitchen.

The light in the kitchen clicked on and I squinted at the sudden wash of light flooding from the area. Simone and Tabitha were both standing in the kitchen wearing t-shirts. I could see that flash of pink under Tabitha’s t-shirt hem, but as Simone opened the refrigerator and bent over I could see her bare ass sticking out at me, her even darker pussy lips pushing out at me, completely bare.

“Oh strawberries!” Simone giggled, pulling a tub of strawberries out of the fridge.

“Oh yeah. Sweet and delicious!” Tabitha giggled, reaching into the tub as Simone turned to face her, using her bare ass to push the fridge door closed behind her. They stood there eating the berries, one at a time, one berry, two berries, three berries. On number four Tabitha held the berry out to Simone who bit the end off, grinning and holding her next berry out for Tabitha. She bit the berry and the two giggled together. “You don’t wanna…”

“I’m awfully damn horny. Unless you’re planning on waking him up.”

Tabitha took ankara etimesgut escort the berries from Simone and reached to the counter. She set the container down and then straightened up, reaching for the hem of Simone’s t-shirt. I stared in disbelief as Tabitha pulled the shirt up and off of Simone, leaving her standing there completely nude. Her breasts were larger than I’d expected, easily a large handful with dark chocolate areola that covered much of the front of each breast. Her nipples stuck out prominently, begging to be sucked. I would have been more than happy to suck them for her, but Tabitha leaned down and sucked her right nipple into her mouth.

“Oh god yes,” Simone moaned softly, reaching to wrap both hands behind Tabitha’s head and hold her face against her tits. She stood there accepting Tabitha’s attentions for long seconds before she moved her hands to Tabitha’s back, grabbing gently at the shirt, pulling and working it slowly up her body until Tabitha had to let go of Simone’s tit for her to pull the shirt over her head. With a grin Tabitha leaned back down, her modest sized tits, hanging down and swinging slightly as she sucked on Simone’s left nipple. As she stood sucking Simone’s nipple, she reached for her panties and wiggled them over her butt and down her legs, letting them fall to the floor around her ankles.

“My turn,” Simone said softly, pressing on Tabitha’s shoulders to get her to stand up again. With a grin she leaned down and sucked one of Tabitha’s nipples into her mouth, her right hand sliding down Tabitha’s body and between her legs.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Tabitha moaned, as Simone sucked and licked her nipples, first one and then the other, her hand sliding in and out between Tabitha’s legs at the same time. Simone pulled her face from Tabitha’s breasts and her hand from her pussy. She reached for Tabitha’s hand and pulled her toward the kitchen table. With a grin she sat her ass back on the table, and pulled Tabitha along with her. I was glad the table was pretty stout, because within moments the two of them were on the table, Simone on her back and Tabitha on all fours above her, her pussy in Simone’s face and her tongue eagerly licking Simone’s pussy.

I’d seen stuff like this on internet porn sites, and seeing it in person was even more incredible. My cock was rock hard in my boxers and the oversized shorts as I lay watching the two licking each other’s pussies. From my vantage point I couldn’t see what Simone was doing to Tabitha’s pussy, but it was pretty damn clear it felt good based on how much Tabitha was moaning into Simone’s pussy and squirming around on top of her. I lay there staring, no longer able to resist grabbing my own cock. I pushed the covers aside, untied the string in the waistband of the shorts and slid my hand down into my boxers, grabbing my cock. I lay there, gently stroking myself inside my boxers, my already hard cock growing fatter in my own hand. I really wanted to just get up and walk in there and stuff my cock into that sweet looking black pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!” Tabitha moaned loudly, pulling her head from between Simone’s legs. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping loudly as Simone did, well, something to her pussy.

I pushed the shorts down over my ass along with my boxers, my cock now completely exposed as I slowly stroked it, watching the two on the table beyond caring if they noticed me or not. Tabitha’s tits swung in short little jerky movements, hanging down below her, shaken by her body as Simone appeared to be pushing her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy. Tabitha no longer was licking Simone, but she was still trying to keep her end up, one arm looped around Simone’s chocolate brown thigh, her elbow on the table and her fingers rubbing back and forth across her dark brown lips, showing occasional little flashes of her pinker depths.

“God those two little sluts really look like they need a good fuck, don’t they?” I heard Mary whisper.

I jerked my head from looking at the two girls on the table to where the voice came from and saw Mary standing completely naked, her fingers stroking her shaved pussy, her exposed tits considerably larger than either of the other two. I was as embarrassed by being caught stroking myself off as I was turned on by the now three nude bodies.

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect or plan this when I invited you in, but listening to those two slutting it up with each other pushed all the right buttons. I’m glad you’re awake. Now, you can walk over there and interrupt, which I’m pretty sure you were getting ready to do, or you can put that to use right here, fucking me and watching the floor show.”

“That’s a lot of words to ask for sex.”

“Yeah. It is, isn’t it?” she said, stepping from the end of the sofa around to the side next to me. She stepped one bare foot across me, dropping slowly to a knee, reaching for my hardon at the same time. With a grin, she aimed my rock hard cock at her pussy, lowering herself until my head was touching her fat round lips and the soft flowery lips already wet with her own juices. She rubbed my head back and forth along her wet lips spreading her juices on my mushroom head, the heat of her pussy flowing into me and teasing me even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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