Road Trip Ch. 02

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I woke the next morning, alone. I was confused. It was dark, but realized that was from the pulled curtains. I could see the sun peaking around them, and then our bags on the floor. I got up and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and began to get dressed when Dan came in the room. He had gone to get us breakfast. It was so nice being together like this again, and I began to remember those long-gone feelings that used to make my stomach flip when I’d see him.

After we ate, he put our bags back in the car as I finished getting ready. The sex last night was amazing, we never had trouble in that department. All night I had dreamed of our different encounters. That was part of the reason I woke this morning in a very fresh wet spot.

We still had several hours ahead of us, but thankfully we enjoy being together. We had been driving most of the day. A couple of times we stopped off, when we’d see something interesting. We’d walk around and tease each other. We could both feel the tension growing between us, and was not sure how much longer we could last without ripping each other’s clothes off.

We sincan escort were maybe about 2 hrs out from where we were going when we hit the pot hole that busted our tire. I sat in the car while Dan checked out the damage. He of course had a spare, but it broke a bolt, so he could not fix it himself. We both tried our cell phones, surprisingly, there are no towers in the stocks of corn and fields of wheat.

We started walking, but all we saw was fields. It was around dusk, but figured we’d find a house or a car pass us sometime soon. Ahead of us, we saw it was getting dark, but thought it was just nightfall, until we saw the lightening. We looked back for the car, but we had walked further than we thought, so we had not choice but to find something closer to us.

The storm was on us in no time. Finally we found a dirt road and ran up it, there had to be something up there. We saw a greenhouse, and we both went for it. The door was unlocked so we just let ourselves in. The rain thundered on the glass and the wind whistled all around us. Night fell as we waited it out, the storm was here to ankara escort stay for awhile. We were both soaked to the skin, and when the sun was not out, the greenhouse was quite chilly.

He came over and put his arm around me, said it looked like we were staying the night right there. There was nothing really to do … but wait, and talk. I was still feeling horny, so I told him about all the countless times I masturbated to memories of us, and things he’d say during phone sex. I have never been embarrassed to tell him things like that. I looked over just as the lightening flashed and seen him looking at me. We both lunged at each other, rolling like the storm to the floor.

He ripped off my shirt as I struggled with his pants. Our clothes were stuck to our bodies, but they came off quite quickly. Our breathing was quick as we tried to feel every inch of each other in one second. Our hands were flying, our bodies were grinding and we were panting like dogs in heat.

I finally pinned him and slid down on his cock. He slammed up into me, making me scream with the thunder. He held my hips as I rode etimegut escort him like my life depended on it. Neither of us wanted this to end, so when he was ready to cum, he rolled me to the floor and started eating me. He flicked his tongue all over my crack. Licking and sucking like it was his last supper. As cool as the greenhouse had felt before with the flash of lightening, I saw we were both covered in sweat.

When he was ready to go again, he flipped me over and fucked me like the bitch I was. As he was fucking my pussy, he stuck his thumb up my ass, just like I like. I thought my head would explode as I came the hardest I had ever came. I felt his rhythm become irregular and felt him slamming into me as he came hard. As he came, he collapsed on my back, I could hear him panting in my ear.

We rolled over and he held me to his chest and we slept that way. Luckily he is an early riser and woke me up before the sun was up. We stumbled around, trying to find our clothes and put them on (still wet) in the dark. We began walking again, trying to find someway to call out. The storm was gone and there was a mist over the fields, but we found a little store that was open. We made our phone call and waited for the tow truck to pick us up.

Finally we got going making the short remainder of the trip in record time.

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