Sachel and Toni

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Sachel and I met our freshman year. We’d been through all the same orientation events, and had a couple of classes together. There was also the work we both put in with the Black student association. By the time students were asked to select their rooms for the upcoming year, she and I were good friends. We put in our request early enough to get a room in one of the nicer dorms on the campus.

Our sophomore year for the most part was a grind, and rooming with Sachel was a constant bright spot. She was a cool sister: levelheaded, pretty, outgoing and friendly. Some of my fondest memories of college life surround the nights she and I sat up late helping each other with homework, talking about our dreams, our boyfriends and our families. We even made plans to spend a portion of that summer at each other’s home. She was my girl.

Sachel and I bunked our beds to have room for our desks, and a sofa on the floor. She took the top bed. One night during the Winter Semester it was taking a while for me to fall asleep. I wanted to read to past the time, but Sachel and I had a specific lights out time that it was way beyond. The main thing that allowed she and I to have such a great relationship was that we followed the rules we agreed on. I thought about bringing my desk lamp over to my bed, but I’d have to move the desk to unplug it. So I laid there, staring up at the bottom of Sachel’s mattress while I went over biology formulas in my head.

I heard her shifting around a little, then I heard her breathing. It wasn’t a sleeping-type of breathing; I was familiar with her breathing patterns when she was sleep. It was a heaving kind of breathing that gradually got louder – in a quiet kind of way. Then I noticed her mattress moving up and down, and heard little wincing noises from her. Sachel was masturbating; I couldn’t believe it!

In high school a girlfriend of mine invited a group of her friends over and showed us an adult video she found in her parents’ room when they were out of town. In one of the scenes a woman masturbated in front of a man for about ten minutes before they started having sex – Sachel’s sounds reminded me of that woman, even though I couldn’t see her and Sachel wasn’t being half as loud. I couldn’t imagine playing with myself in front of a man, or even with someone else in the room like Sachel was doing – but I did start to play with my nipples under the covers listening to her. Sachel’s mattress shook slightly, then her heavy breathing subsided. I stopped teasing my nipples and tried to go to sleep before I analyzed what she just did.

That morning, we got up and went through our usual routines as if nothing happened. I don’t think I would want to know if she had heard me masturbating, and I had no idea to bring it up. That night, and the next six nights after that for that matter, Sachel masturbated again. Each night I felt a little more aroused myself, and went a little further with my body each time. By that seventh night I was running my hands over my entire body and touching my clit, but I couldn’t bring myself to put my fingers inside me – or to continue after Sachel stopped.

The next night, she came in from the library about a half hour before our lights out time. I mentioned that I saw her and Jerry sitting in the football stadium kissing after lunch break. She smiled and started talking about how great a kisser he was. Jerry was a junior, and they had been hanging out for the past week. He had been asking her to have sex for the last couple nights.

She liked him, but had been warned by her older sister about getting a reputation on campus her early on that she wouldn’t be able to live down. Sachel wasn’t against having sex – she lost her virginity as a high school junior – she just wished Jerry would commit to her first. She asked me if there was anybody I was talking to yet. I told her about this guy from another school that I met at an icebreaker we had gone to, but he was starting to get on my nerves.

Sachel went back to talking about how much Jerry turned her on, and how hard it was to not spend the night in his room. I figured that was why she had been masturbating all last week, but I wanted to see if she would tell me about it. See, I wanted to ask her about what she did up there, but how would I bring something like that up? I wanted to know if she put her fingers inside herself, and licked her nipples like the woman in the video. I wanted to know how she worked up the nerve to do it with me just below her. And, as uncomfortable as I was to admit it, I wanted to know what she looked like doing it.

I tried to lead her on by asking, “How do you keep from giving in to him, since he turns you on so much?”

Sachel looked at me for a second, and just said, “It ain’t easy.”

“How hard to you think it is for guys to go without sex?”

“Very hard, from what I’ve been told,” she laughed.

“That’s what Jerry told you?”

“No, one of my high school boyfriends. He told me he masturbated every night.”

I howled, “Every night??? Sombody Ankara escort would have to be really horny to do it every night.”

Sachel looked away from me.

“I mean, wouldn’t he get raw?”

“Maybe he uses lotion or Vaseline,” Sachel laughed.

I wiped tears from my eyes, “His own version of proper skin care?”

“He must have had the smoothest dick in town!”

“He could do commercials – ‘look what Jergins can do for you’.”

“Not Jergins, Jerk-ins!”

We laughed, and then joked about how he must have looked playing with himself. I was about to ask her if she ever masturbated when we calmed down, when she yawed and said it was way past our bedtime. I noticed it was after 1:30AM. As we changed I didn’t resist the inclination to glace at Sachel’s body. She was 5″8″ with about 36CC breasts and dark caramel skin.

Over the course of our friendship she had told me stories behind the different battle scars on her legs and arms as a result of growing up a country tomboy. I didn’t think they took anything away from her beauty. Sachel had a habit of complaining about having her mother’s hips, but that wasn’t a bad thing either. She usually slept in her panties, which were lavender briefs that night, and pulled on a cutoff shirt. She then folded her jeans and sweater, tossed other clothes into her basket, then climbed up to her bed.

I finished changing into gray Champion shorts I stole from my brother on my last visit home, and a t-shirt, turned the lights out and went to bed. An hour later, I guess once she assumed I was sleep, Sachel masturbated – with me silently playing along.

Another week of the same silent, separate play, went by. Then one night, Sachel called from Jerry’s room and said she would see me in the morning.

“See me in the morning? What?”

“Yeah, girl.”

“You mean, you’re tired of holding out?”

Her voice lowered a little, “I got to handle my business.”

“I ain’t mad at you,” I laughed. “Be safe, you hear me?”

“We got that covered, literally.”

“You know I’ma want details to spice up my boring life, right?”

“Girl, you stupid,” she laughed.

After I got off the phone I took a shower. When I came back to the room, I put on lotion then started to put on my nightclothes. I started thinking about Sachel, and what she might be doing in Jerry’s room at that moment: how he was touching her, and kissing her; how she might be laid back with her feet in the air, or on top of him grinding her hips; the sweat being worked up between them.

I put my underwear back in the drawer, and grabbed my bottle of baby oil. I laid back on the bed and rubbed some into my breasts and nipples as I imagined a strong pair of hands would. I closed my eyes, and imagined kisses everywhere my fingers wandered. Soon my legs were apart, and my fingertips were working their way through my pubic hair. I was sounding like Sachel and the woman in the video, but I didn’t care. I was feeling good, and wanted to make myself feel better.

Slowly I worked my fingers through my trimmed hairs, until I felt the outside of my pussy. I moved my middle finger inside to the labias, and then I spread my legs farther apart and pushed my fingertip inside me. Imagining Sachel and Jerry passionately intertwined had already gotten me wet, and I felt myself getting wetter as I inched my finger farther inside me. Then I slid it out to slide another finger back in with it. In my head it was a man working his fingers in and out of me – teasing me, preparing me. I started moving my hips, and rubbing my clit against my thumb. I’ve masturbated before; but with the thoughts of Sachel and Jerry running in my head, this was the most intense my masturbation had ever gotten.

I took my time; letting my imagination go wild. The radio was on, and I’m sure it covered up my early breathing – but it was hard to be mindful not to moan too loud. My palm and three fingers – by this point – were feeling heavenly to my body. When I felt myself close to an orgasm, I slowed down to build myself up again. Eventually I was bouncing on the bed like Sachel. I brought myself to a strong orgasm, and it was so wonderful I drifted off to sleep with the lights on.

About 3AM I woke up and put clothes on in fear that Sachel would come in before I got up. Forget about her explaining to me about her masturbation, how would have explained sleeping naked with my dried juice on my thighs and fingers? I cleaned up, turned them off, and went back to sleep.

I was in the room studying after dinner when Sachel came in. I immediately asked her how was it.

She looked at me with a grin, “You know the cafeteria food ain’t worth a damn. Everyone once in a while they put out some good food; but this wasn’t one of those nights.”

I turned away from the desk, “I’m talking about your night with Jerry.”

Her face lit up, “Fantastic!”

“Gimme details,” I got on my bed.

She sat on the couch, and stated talking – she told me what he did, what she did, where they did it, how Ankara escort bayan many times, and for how long. I was so horny by the time she finished, I had to keep my legs closed or else she would have seen the wet spot I felt.

Jerry called her, and I took that opportunity to take a shower. I stood under the showerhead for about five minutes just so I could feel the warm water run over my clit as I teased my nipples. Eventually I grabbed my shower gel and washed areas my body by hand – something that I rarely do. I, and the water, brought myself to two quiet orgasms before I really washed up and got out. I got back to the room, and Sachel was reading on her bed.

I sat on my bed to put on some lotion, when I had a rise of nerve. “Which do you think feels better, sex or masturbation?”

Sachel dropped her head over the side of the bed too look at me, “What was that?”

Continuing to lotion my body I casually asked her again.

“Why are you asking?”

“I’ve done both, and just wanted to know what you thought – if you have done both too.”

She kept looking at me, then said, “Neither,” and quickly took her head back up.

I jumped off my bed to look at her, “What do you mean, neither?”

After a little playful coaxing she put her book down. “They both have their merits, and they both could feel as good as we wanted them to.”

“How could that be, since one is with fingers, and the other is with something bigger than a finger.”

“It better be bigger than a finger,” she laughed. “Have you ever used a vibrator before?

I was quite ready for her to flip this and make it about me, but I went along. “I’ve never bought or used one, no.”

Sachel sat up and told me how wonderful they were. “Not only can you get them in different sized and texture, but different levels of power too. And the ones that rotate on your clit at the same time can drive you crazy.”

I felt my libido stir, but didn’t think I could use the shower excuse again so soon. How do you know so much about them?”

“Eunice. When she came back from overseas she had an assortment of vibrators and other . . . toys. She had even brought a couple back for me.” She laughed, “Mom and Dad would have taken her head off if they knew what she showed and told me.”

“Maybe she brought some . . . gifts for them too?”

Sachel threw her pillow at me, “What makes you think I wanted that imagine in my head?”

“I’m sorry,” I sat down on my bed and went back to lotioning. “How long before you used them?”

“An hour,” she laughed. “No, at least a month or two.” A few minutes later Sachel hoped of her bed and asked me if I wanted to them. She went to her set of drawers and pulled a brown vibrator from under her panties. “Like my sister told me, this can be a woman’s best friend,” she said offering it to me.

I followed her instructions to turn it on, and felt how it vibrated at different speeds in my hand. “What it felt like inside you?”

Sachel got a condom out of that top drawer, and said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

I tried to talk myself into it as Sachel undressed, but couldn’t. “Part of me really wants to try it, but I was raised that good church girls don’t do things like this.”

“No matter how horny they get?” she smiled. “Masturbation is about private pleasure, and there is nothing to be apprehensive.”

“I’m not apprehensive,” I blushed. “I mean, I have masturbated before. It’s just that I don’t want to get hooked and start acting crazy about sex.”

“Do you see me acting crazy?”

I handed the vibrator and condom back to her, “No, but-“

“Do you want to watch me do it?

My eyes shot open. “Huh?”

“Along with how you were brought up, you probably don’t know what you are doing – not that it’s rocket science.”

I was getting too nervous to stay seated, “You just said it was a private thing. How am I supposed to watch you do it?”

“You’re a good friend, and I just you to be able to experience how good it is for yourself.” She sat on the couch, “We’ve seen each other often undressed enough, right? Besides, talking about it is getting horny, and I was just going to the shower to feel the water on her clit.”

I nodded, keeping the irony to myself.

Sachel opened her robe, took the vibrator and condom from me, and sat back in the corner of the sofa. I pulled a chair from one of the desks to sit down in front of her. She put the condom over the vibrator, then opened her legs and rubbed the tip to her clit. After making a few circles, she turned it on. Soon I was able to hear her breathing over the steady hum. “There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good, and vibrators can make you feel real good,” she moaned. She closed her eyes, lifted her right foot to the sofa cushion, and let her head fall back. She slid the vibrator in while slowly rotating her hips.

I was lost in watching her, feeling myself get more and more aroused. “How often do you do this?”

“Mmmmm, once or twice a week.”

I moved Escort Ankara my hand to my nipples. “How often do you masturbate now, Sachel?”

“Everynight,” her body jerked.

“Oh really?”

She increased the vibrator speed, “I had been keeping a dildo under my pillow, and using it once you fall asleep.”

“Naughty girl,” I smirked, pinching my nipples.

The buzzing sound was alternately loud then muffled, then drowned out completely by Sachel’s breathing when she slit it all the way inside her. As she operated the vibrator with one hand, the other back and forth between her nipples and her clit. I watched intently as she methodically worked the vibrator all around inside of her, until she was panting and moaning. Her body jerked harder than the first time, and she put both hands on the vibrator to push it deep inside her. Her body started trembling and jerking. She held the vibrator in one spot until her toes uncurled, then slid it out and sat up.

She took the condom off, got another one from the drawer and handed it to me. I was too stunned to take it. My roommate had just masturbated, with a vibrator in front of me – I could not believe it, nor could I believe how aroused I was. I still couldn’t bring myself use it myself though. Sachel, still naked, guided me to her spot on the sofa, my towel stayed on the chair. She took off her robe, then sat on the chair. I just sat there, as nervous as I was horny.

“Just sit back and close your eyes, Toni,” she said running her hand along my leg.

I took a breath, “Okay.”

“Now relax. Get comfortable, and just trust me.”


“Relax,” she said and spread my legs apart. I felt her hands start to rub on my body; first my thighs, then my stomach. When her hands touched my breasts I jumped. “Just relax. Imagine I’m a man, if you need to.”

“Okay,” I smiled, starting to actually relax.

Sachel then proceeded to rub and squeeze me to the point that I almost had an orgasm without the vibrator.

“Would you mind if I sucked you nipples?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I want to suck them.”

“Yesss!” My voice was shaky, and louder than I expected it to be, but I was too far gone to care.

I felt Sachel’s sandy-brown hair on my chest just before her lips touched my left nipple. She slowly licked, sucked and nibbled it – and I did have that orgasm. She sat back and told me to scoot over and lift my feet to the cushion. I did, giving her full access to my pussy.

“Damn, look at how wet you are! You must really be horny, girl,” she said still caressing my body. “Are you horny, Toni?”


She was drawing certain words out, “When the last time you had some dick, Toni?”

“Prom night.”

“When’s the last time you masturbated, Toni?”

I wished she would stop asking me questions; but I had to admit, they were making the moment more intense. “Twenty-minute ago!”

“Ohhh, so that’s what that sudden shower was about?” she giggled as she continued to caress me. “Damn, you look good like this,” she said. “Your pussy looks good like this. Do you want this vibrator in your pussy?”

“Hell yes!”

I sensed Sachel’s head go down for a second then come back up, “You smell good too, baby.”

I noticed that she called me baby, and I liked it. I was so lost in the anticipation of the moment, she could have said or done just about anything to me. I was so open, so vulnerable to her, and didn’t mind at all. Her hand slid off my body, and I heard the vibrator come one. She pressed it gently to my clit, and a shiver went through my body. “Relax, baby,” Sachel soothed. “I won’t hurt you.”

I had not thought that she would hurt me, in a bad way. Sachel was taking me someplace I’d never gone before. But, unlike the moments before my prom date penetrated me, with Sachel I was totally comfortable. Soon I felt the vibrator go in me, and I opened my eyes to see Sachel had pulled her hair back and her face was just inches above the vibrator. She was staring at my pussy and licking her lips as she moved the buzzing toy in and out of me. I closed my eyes again and let her twist, turn and probe it inside my pussy. Sachel was breathing as heavy as I was, then she touched a spot in me that made me shutter.

“You like that?”

My eyes shot open, “Was that my g-spot?”

“Must be,” she said going over it again and getting the same result.

I started rubbing my breasts, and moving my hips against the vibrator. When I felt Sachel’s mouth on my clit, I lost control. I had three hard orgasms in a row as she continued to suck my clit and work the vibrator inside me. After the third one I put my feet to the floor and sat up.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t take no more.”

She grinned, and wiped her mouth. “Let me give you one more, then I’ll stop.”

“Sachel,” I shook my head.

“Just one more, I promise. I just want to see something.”

I laid back and she leaned over. She found my g-spot again and held the vibrator to it. I immediately started cumming, and at the height of it Sachel kissed me full on my mouth. My eyes shot open for a moment, then our tongues met and I gave in to force of the last wave of my orgasm. When I calmed down, she sat back in the chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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