Sack Lunch

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I was so excited about surprising you that I played with myself all the way to your apartment. I wanted to be wet enough, ready enough. The thirty-minute interstate drive seemed short with a middle finger rubbing up against my anxious clit.

It humored me to think about how dressed up I was for just a lunch break quickie. I had black pumps, a short skirt, the works. Just as much effort had gone into your lunch that sat in the seat beside me. You’d need the big meaty sandwich after I had my way with you. After all, I made you wait three years before I even sucked your cock. Three years of phone fucking and whimpering and fantasizing about spreading my lips with your long talented tongue. My fingers ground faster as I remembered the first time I sucked you off.

We hadn’t planned it. In fact I think you were resolved that I would always play the role of the perpetual cock tease. We were parked on the couch, watching the the Sci-Fi channel. I became bored and started rubbing the half-mast hard on in your pants. Instead of softly trying to caress my breasts, you pinched my nipples like a vice, and that’s what finally sent my libido uncontrolled. Its not often that I get excited without a snuggle and a few soft kisses. Perhaps it was the cheesy movie on TV that put me in a strange mood, but feeling the slight twinge of pain in my breasts instantaneously drew my mouth to your cock. Just like my style, I made sure to tease you as long as I thought you could take it, dragging my hard nipples from your toes to your shoulders, and back down again.

I wasn’t sure I could take you in my mouth. You were the biggest I’d ever seen. That full erection between your legs intimidated the hell out of me. I couldn’t make you wait any longer though. My lips wrapped around your prick, and I felt your whole body quake before you started forcibly exhaling each syllable of my name with separate breaths. Finally you came. God I just about creamed my own panties hearing those high soft whimpers and feeling gallons of hot sticky erotik film izle cum shoot up through your cock. I’d made you wait three years for that, and here I was again with a much lustier intention at bay in my mind.

“Hi, Come in,” You said followed by a surge of nervous laughter. I’m sure you were shocked to see me standing at your door even though I’d warned you a thousand times I might try this someday.

As if it were completely natural, I hustled through the door, dropped my purse, stepped out of my shoes, and turned off the pan of canned chili you’d put on the stove for lunch. “Hey, that’s not done cooking,” you scolded me and chuckled again.

“Yes it is, and happy birthday.” I smirked at you, assuring that I hadn’t forgotten. “I didn’t bring a card, but there’s a present around here somewhere.”

You looked toward my purse, thinking I may have forgotten it in there. I walked up behind you and pressed my middle finger hard against the crack of your ass. The finger tensed from all the playing I’d done on the ride up and I felt your hole pucker in respnse. “Here it is.” I cackled, cupping my hand up against your balls from behind. You were used to me playing the coy silent girl sitting on your couch, with a simmering cauldron of sin in her imagination. I rarely made the first move, but this afternoon was different. It was all planned out.

I spun you around and planted a deep forceful kiss on your mouth. We’d never spent much time kissing, but this was a tactic to ensure me your full attention. It did. You pressed up against me just like I’d imagined it. Your cock felt like warm steel against my bare thigh.

“Are you here just to tease me again?” You asked.

“That wouldn’t be fair to the birthday boy now would it? I answered and slipped away into your bedroom, I stripped buck ass naked, and sprawled out on top of the sheets.

“Well make yourself at home why don’t you?” You chided me patronizingly, standing in the doorway.

“Can’t you think of better uses for that film izle tongue? We’ve only got an hour you know.” I chimed back, spreading my legs wide open, fully revealing my sex to you. It sounded like you swallowed a bowling ball as I heard you gulp from across the room before climbing onto the bed.

Hesitantly, you gripped my thighs and pulled yourself closer. “This is what you’ve always wanted isn’t it?” I questioned you as you grinned up at me from between my legs.

“God yes,” You exclaimed and soothed my wet lips with fevered kisses. I forgot to breathe when you traced your tongue up and down my labia for the first time. Finally I had to gasp when that long talented tongue of yours was forced completely inside me. Secretly I scolded myself for waiting as long as I had. Your warm wet tongue felt decadent slithering in and out of my pussy.

Still I wondered how much of what we talked about on the phone, you’d actually be willing to do in person. I stopped questioning, ceased thinking altogether when that same skillful tongue slowly pulled out of my hot cunt, elegantly grazed the space between my pussy and my ass, then hammered wildly into my asshole. I couldn’t believe it. You were honestly tongue fucking my behind.

While I was on the brink of an orgasm, you stopped and rolled over next to me in bed. It frustrated me inconceivably when you stopped, but I forced myself to recall whose pleasure was most important in the short time available to us. My simmering imagination again began to stir upon seeing you in such a vulnerable position. The mischief drew me between your legs, and I clapped your gigantic erection fixedly against your abdomen. With that, my tongue began trailing long determinedly slow licks across your balls. I took each one between my lips and savored them delicately. Your back arched, sack tightened, and you seemed closer to the edge even than you’d brought me. I stopped.

My fingers raced yet again between my legs and I tried to count the times you’d begged to taste me, but seks filmi izle I felt greedy when I remembered whose birthday it really was. Now appeared the most appropriate time to tell you what birthday gift I honestly had in mind. Hence, I pulled you up on top of me and begged you to take me.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” You asked, rubbing the head of your penis up against my clit.

“Don’t ask silly questions” I answered you my eyes rolling pleasurably like marbles straight back in their sockets. “Just fuck me!” I screamed, no hint of my coy quiet guise anywhere. “Fuck me now!” I insisted

Not wasting a second, your thick racehorse cock barreled inside of me. I was super tight, but exceedingly wet as well, and we both heard the slurp as you pulled back out. “Fuck me!” I repeated instinctively. My pussy shuddered and I just about came as I felt your thick head try to push in again. You almost didn’t get back in I was clenched so tight, but with an extra thrust, you fought inside and pumped me vigorously.

I reached around and again pushed my middle finger up against your asshole, this time exerting it through, down to my 2nd knuckle. You whimpered, and I knew you were close. “Fuck Me” I whispered in your ear, and pumped your ass with the same quick motions that you took my pussy.

I clamped around your cock, slurping and thrusting with every last bit of energy I had. As divine as it felt, neither of us had the resistance to hold back any further. I came and I thought I’d gripped you so tight that it might force you to stay still, but you pressed deeper and exploded inside me like a series of cannons beating against my uterus.

I usually had energy for five or six more climaxes, but as you collapsed on top of me, my body did in turn. Feeling you drive into me was more intense than I could have imagined.

Twenty minutes later I awoke from a passed out bliss. You were scrambling back into your pants. “Shit, I have to get back to work. Are you okay to let yourself out?” You hurriedly questioned me.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

With that you kissed me quickly on the forehead and headed outside. “Just lock the door behind you.”

“I brought you lunch!” I yelled, just as the door slammed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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