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This may sound a bit kinky to some of you and I warn you up front that you might not want to read it if you are traditional about your feelings of Santa. I don‘t mean to disrespect the old fellow, actually… exactly the opposite. I‘ve fantasized about him for years, wondering what he would do if he saw a naked women sleeping under the tree while he was on his rounds. I‘ve always thought he would be pretty good, hell, really pretty outstanding in the sack..he should be experienced and considerate and probably a nice guy on top of it all. What more could a girl hope for, he’s even cute, at least I think he is anyway.

Anyway, it was around Christmas in the first year I was dating this guy Bob, I shared my Santa fantasy with him one night. I guess we’d been together about 8 months or so by this time. We had just finished a pretty rigorous round of sex and were lying in bed in a kind of post-cointal bliss sharing sexual fantasies. I told Bob how I‘d always kinda thought it would be kinky to be seduced by Santa Claus sometime. I told him how I fantasized that I was sleeping on the floor next to the tree in front of a crackling fireplace in a really sexy and revealing outfit. When Santa makes his appearance and sees me, he puts his bag down and comes over to me waking me up by rubbing my breasts. When I wake, I smile up at Santa and he proceeds to have his way with me.

Bob was really intrigued with the idea; he kept asking me for details. Acouple of days later, he told me that he heard Santa was going to be making a pre-Christmas round just to get the lay of the land and that maybe, just maybe if I was a good girl, he might pop in on Friday night. I looked at him and he just smiled back at me and I laughed. I couldn‘t believe that he was going to do this, I thought it was very sweet of him and very, very exciting.

Friday, when I got home from school, I found a present wrapped with a note. I was instructed to open the present and use all the items to prepare for Santa‘s visit. It also said that Santa‘s schedule had him maybe showing up around 9:30 or so. I opened the gift and in it were a really sheer nightgown that tied in the front, a nice bottle of perfume, some bath oil, and a bottle of tequila, my favorite margarita mix and two joints.

It was already almost 8, so I went upstairs to run a hot bath pouringthe bath oil into the running water. While the bath was filling, I went back downstairs and mixed up a pitcher of margaritas. I brought an icy glass of the mix with me upstairs along with one of the joints. I got undressed and slipped into the bath. I just soaked away in the hot, fragrant water for a while sipping on my drink. I was so excited, I wondered how this was going to go. I knew it would be incredible because Bob was really into costumes and would make himself into the perfect old Santa Claus. I couldn‘t help but to go over my fantasy, bringing myself off in the bath. After my orgasm, I lit up the joint and slowly smoked it still thinking about my upcoming evening.

I thought the orgasm would take some of the edge off my excitement, but it seemed to just make me even hotter. The drink and joint were contributing mightily as well. I don‘t know where in the world he had gotten it, but the pot was really, really good. Good pot always makes me really horny and responsive. By the time I finished the joint and margarita, the water was cooling, so I got out and started to dry off. I dried my hair and got myself another drink as I got myself ready. By the time I was finished getting ready it was already a little after 9. I put on the nightgown and it was absolutely scandalous, I loved it! It tied around my waist leaving a neckline that plunged all the way to my belly button. It didn‘t really matter I suppose, the material was so sheer that nothing was hidden, only accentuated. I went to the closet picked a few fluffy quilts and pillows and went downstairs. Bob had prepared a fire and all I had to do was set the match to it. Once I had the fire going I arranged the blankets and pillows into a cozy nest on the carpet in front of the fireplace kind of next to the christmas tree. I put some sexy CDs on, poured myself the last of the margaritas, sat down on the blankets and fired up the second joint. By the time I finished the joint and most of the drink, I was really, really high and really, really excited, I was so wet. I stretched out on the quilt and closed my eyes to await my adventure.

I don‘t know how much longer it was, I must‘ve dozed for a little while,I heard the back door shut and heard a soft hohoho. I smiled to myself and couldn‘t believe that I was actually shaking with excitement. I looked toward the kitchen door and standing there was the jolly old elf himself. All dressed in red with that long white beard and a pair of metal rimmed glasses, it was really Santa. I closed my eyes and he just went ho ho HO and walked toward me. I sensed it when he knelt down next to me, and a moment later felt his gloved hand gently squeezing one of my breasts. I moaned as if in my sleep feeling him run his hands over my body, escort ataşehir relishing the explorations. When I felt him tug the tie holding my robe closed, I opened my eyes and smiled up at him. “Oh Santa!” I exclaimed. He looked down at me and said in a soft voice “it looks like you‘ve wrapped a present for old Santa tonight.” I smiled and told him that I did and he could open it now and play with it f he wanted. He hohoho‘d again and pulled the tie on the front of my nightgown loose and peeled it back revealing my quivering body to his twinkling gaze. I was fully into the fantasy; Bob had done an outstanding job of doing the makeup on his face. This was Santa.

Santa sat back on his knees and his eyes just ate me up as they traveled the length of my body. My nipples were hard and puffy; my pussy was soaking wet, engorged with blood and throbbing. I was on fire. I let him drink me in; I could see the tent in his red trousers. I asked him to stand up and I got up on my knees and unbuttoned his fly. I reached in and pulled out his dick. I thought it was a little bit sticky and when I got it out, I saw why. He had painted his dick with red and white candy of some sort to look like a candy cane. When I took him into my mouth, his dick tasted exactly like a peppermint candy cane. I loved it and Santa seemed to also, he kept repeating soft hohohos while I worked on his candy cane. He was certainly a jolly old elf tonight. He reached down and pushed my gown off my shoulders and I let it fall away from my body.

He cupped my breasts as I kissed his dick all over. I love giving head, but I was much too hot to do my best work. I could tell that Santa was having trouble controlling himself, I pulled my mouth away and holding onto him I looked up and purred “Oh Santa, you taste so good, what a wonderful candy cane.” He looked down at me and in a breathless voice said “you‘ve been a naughty girl this year”. I held his gaze and said in a little girl voice, “Santa, I‘m trying to be a good girl” and with that I took him all the way back into the mouth attacking his member with a fervor that surprised even me. He was moaning and went to his knees as I bobbed up and down on him. I was cupping his balls and I could feel them tighten up. He started to pull away from me and I pushed him gently back until he was lying in the blankets. I knew he was about to come and he was trying to stop himself, I wouldn‘t let him go and suddenly he had his hands behind my head and pulled me to him. With one hand, I continued to squeeze and play with Santa‘s balls, with my other hand I started to stroke his shaft faster and faster. He blew his top and I felt the hot fluid splash against the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could. He let out a long low moan as pulse after pulse jetted out of him and down my throat. He had one hand behind my head and was thrusting as each pulse racked his chubby body.

When he finished, I released him and he lay back to catch his breath. I lay back on the blanket looking over at him. He finally opened his eyes and looking at me, I smiled at him and said “did you enjoy yourself… Oh Santa, you are just too sweet!”

He shook his head and in a low voice told me that I was a very naughty girl, but‘ he did have a special present for a naughty girl like me in his bag. With that he reached over, grabbed his bag and pulled out a wrapped present and handed it over to me. I sat up and took the present smiling. I opened it up and it was a super sleek vibrator, a kind of stainless steel thing with a rubber tip. I looked back to Santa and smiled, “thank you Santa, how thoughtful”. He smiled and gently pushed me back down on the blanket, took the vibrator and turned it on, then he handed it back to me. I looked up at him with a question in my eyes and he just smiled and said “hohoho quietly. He guided my hand with the vibrator down to my pussy. He slid the end into my hot, welcoming pussy and pushed my hand to push the thing deeper into me. I had never done this in front of Bob before, but he had always wanted me to. I just felt too self-conscious to have him watch me get myself off. But tonight was fantasy time, so I lay back and spread my legs wide. I could see myself in the reflection of the sliding glass overlooking our back yard and I looked absolutely wanton as I started to play with myself with my new gift.

Santa knelt down to get a closer look as I started to pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and across the folds of my swollen sex. “Do you like this Santa? … Is my pussy pretty?”. He raised his eyebrows and smiled. I slid the vibrator along the outer lips, my pussy was on fire and I pulled the lips back a little bit and asked Santa if he wanted to see my clit. He just looked on mesmerized as I pulled the hood back and revealed my pink pearl to him. I just barely touched it with the vibrator and I jumped at the intensity of the feeling, moaning loudly. I could feel blood rushing to my pussy and I knew I was on the edge of an orgasm. I put the vibrator down for a moment and started to caress my outer lips, pulling kadıköy escort bayan on them, teasing Santa with peeks of my pink inner self. I finally pulled my pussy open and slid a couple of fingers in. Santa just sat there staring. My clit was totally out of it‘s protective hood, revealing itself at the top of my cleft. I rolled it between my thumb and fingers. I was moaning, breathing hard and becoming lost in the sensations. Santa had to reposition himself, his dick hard again. I picked up the vibrator and started to rub it over my clit. “Do you want me to slide it into my pussy Santa” I moaned. He just shook his head, mesmerized by what I was doing to myself. I finally slid it deep into my pussy. I was so close to an orgasm. I was moaning and swirling my hips all over the blankets. When I was just about to come, I took Santa‘s hand and placed it on the end of the vibrator. I put my hand over his and started to pump it into my pussy. I let go of his hand and he continued to fuck me with vibrator as I started to roll the sheath concealing the shaft of my clit between my fingers and that was it. I arched my back as the orgasm overtook me. I pushed Santa‘s hand away and pulled the lips of my pussy wide open.”Look Santa, I said barely coherent, see how my pussy is squeezing, imagine your dick in there”. Still holding my pussy open I gave myself over to the sensations flooding through my body. Santa slid a warm finger into me and moaned as my pussy convulsed around it.

When I finally was over the orgasm and lying there trying to catch my breath. I felt Santa slide the vibrator back into my pussy. I moaned and tossed my head back and then I felt his beard and mustache on my thighs and the tickle of a tongue tentatively exploring my wet opening. He was slowly fucking me with the vibrator as he licked my pussy and it felt oh so good. “OH SANTA”, I cried as he exposed my clit and began to circle it slowly with his tongue. The hair on his face tickled me in a good way. I was so high on both sex and pot. “I could just do this all night long” I moaned to him as he did his work. In no time, I was right back up at the brink of an orgasm, I started to scream, “I‘m gonna come, I‘m gonna come, I‘m coming‘‘Arggggggggggggggg! Intense is the only word for it, at this point I had totally forgotten about Bob, I was with Santa and he was really, really good! Better than I fantasized!

As soon as I got over my orgasm, I needed him inside of me. I sat up like a woman possessed and said,” I think you have another present for me Santa, I‘ll unwrap it. I tugged at his belt and pushed his red trousers down to his ankles and pushed him onto his back. I climbed on top of him, grabbed his dick, positioning it at me opening. As I sat down onto it, he pushed into me and I almost came again as I let out a deep guttural moan. “Oh God” I cried and I started to ride him. He felt so good moving in and out of me, it was just what I needed. I rolled my nipples between my fingers as he watched me, it seemed to excite him to watch me play with myself and I was totally uninhibited with him. I leaned down and offered my breast to him. He sucked one large nipple into his warm furry mouth. It felt so erotic to have Santa‘s beard rubbing over my sensitive nipples. Almost as soon as he sucked my nipple and large part of my breast into his mouth, I came again. I always come easily, but tonight was incredible. I was thrusting and rocking my hips against his dick as the waves started to crash over me. Suddenly he stopped moving, burying himself as deep as he could into my pussy and bit down hard on my breast while sucking my nipple as hard as could. I‘m not into pain, but this time for some reason, I had the most intense orgasm yet. He had been rolling my other nipple between his fingers and at the same time as his bit down on my breast, he was both squeezing and pulled on my other nipple really hard. It was extremely painful and I screamed out from the sensation as well as the orgasm. For whatever reason, it was just so intense. Every muscle in his body stiffened as he tried to keep himself from coming. My pussy was contracting on his dick in strong pulses and he released my nipple and put both hands down to my hips to stop any movement. He released my breast and was saying “NO, NO, NO, NO” under his breath.

As my orgasm subsided I felt him begin to relax, but still not move. I could feel his dick throbbing in my pussy and I just held him to me until he finally got control of himself. We had only been at it for a total of about 3 minutes and I guessed that he was determined not to come. I was moved, Bob rarely has a problem like this, but he must be really as excited as I was about this. After another minute or so, he rolled me over onto my back, staying inside of me during the manuver. He lifted himself up on his arms and began to fuck me in long slow strokes. It felt delicious! His head was thrown back as he pumped into me harder and faster, now in control of himself and enjoying the sensations. I just threw my head back and rocked my hips matching his thrusts escort bostancı and lost to the feelings of good sex.

I don‘t even know how long we continued like that, Santa seemed as lost in his own pleasure as I was in mine. He leaned down to suck on my breasts and I loved it. If he got close to the edge, he would slow down for a few minutes. I was constantly having I guess kinda mini orgasms, they just seemed to roll one into another. I‘d open my eyes and Santa would just be watching my face reacting to what he was doing. He stopped for a moment, pulling out of me with a wet popping sound. I moaned, not wanting him to stop. He lay back and pulled me on top of him, but faced me away. I understood what he wanted and straddled his hips and guided him back into me. I lay back onto his chest and he cupped my breasts in his hands, rolling my nipples between his fingers as we began to move against one another again. It felt incredible and I rolled right into another orgasm. This time Santa had to control himself again, I think he almost lost it. The sensation was just so intense, he felt much bigger this way and every time his dick moved, it pulled against my clit and sent waves rushing through my body. We continued on for a few minutes, but he kept getting close to coming and so we changed positions again. I remained on top, just facing Santa instead. I couldn‘t believe that this was actually happening, but there in front of me was Santa, eyes closed thrusting his hips up into mine. I lay back, knowing that I was giving him an eyeful. I heard him moan as he caught the view I offered. Guys seem to love seeing a woman impaled on their dick. Santa was no different and started to play with my pussy while still sliding in and out of me. I could feel him pulling gently on my lips and stroking my clit as I just kept pushing onto him and enjoying the reality of the fantasy.

I was getting really excited again and when I sat up, it must have been too fast, because I blacked out for a moment. I came to lying on Santa‘s chest. He was still slowly thrusting into me, but was also rubbing my back asking me if I was ok. I just hugged him and shook my head that I was ok. “Oh god Santa, you made me pass out” I whispered into his ear. I needed to get back in control of myself. I loved the feel of his rough suit against my sensitive nipples and just let him fuck me like this for a few minutes until my addled brain was back on line somewhat.

I finally sat up, my hands on his chest to support myself. I rolled offof him and he moaned in disappointment. I smiled and rubbed my hand on his cheek and rolled over onto my hands and knees. He understood immediately and got up behind me, kneeling as he slid back into my wet warmth again. Santa sighed in pleasure as he started to ride me doggy style. He reached around and cupped my breasts again, playing with them as he thrust deep into me. I love doggy style, it‘s probably my favorite position and it felt great tonight. I was pushing back at him as he thrust into me and I could tell from his breathing that he was getting pretty worked up again. He suddenly stopped and pulled his dick out of my pussy.

He rested on his knees behind me for a moment getting control of himself again. He reached over and picked up the vibrator and slid it into me. It sent a shock through me and I moaned as the device did its job. Santa pushed me down so that I was lying on my arms with my butt high in the air. I moved my ass as he continued to slide the vibrator in and out of me. He reached around the front of me and took one of my hands and brought it back to the vibrator. He wanted me to use the vibrator on myself and I did. I was really lost to the lust at this point. I was willing to do anything he wanted. He stood up behind me and I felt the head of his dick at my back opening. I‘m not really crazy about anal sex, but I felt the same as I did earlier. He made this such a good fantasy that I wasn‘t going to make an issue out of this. Let him enjoy himself. He pushed into me slowly until he was buried deep into me. He was kind of squatting and started to slide in and out by standing and squatting. He seemed to really love it and to be honest I liked it too. The vibrator in my pussy and him in my other opening stroking in time to one another. I was getting so worked up that I couldn‘t even concentrate on the rhythm with the vibrator. I just pushed it deep into myself and started to convulse as the vibrations coursed through my pussy and ass.

It must‘ve had a similar effect on Santa because he started to really pound away at my ass and was groaning loudly. That was it, I couldn‘t hold back and I came in a massive wave of intensity. I screamed into the blankets and my orgasm triggered Santa‘s. He started to fuck me like a madman possessed. He was pounding into my ass so hard, it drove me crazy as I orgasmed. He groaned and cried out as he shot his hot sticky essence deep into my body. It felt like his dick swelled to twice its size as pulse after pulse pumped into me. My own orgasm just kept going on and on. I rolled to my side and Santa rolled with me staying in me as we lay in a spoon position enjoying the post orgasm pulses. It was just incredible, every time I would have a spasm, Santa would groan as my butt tightened around his still hard dick. I don‘t know if in pain or pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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