Sarah Awakens in Paris Ch. 2

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On leaving the cubicle unsure of her feelings, never having, even in her wildest dreams, thought of participating in such a lewd display, first as a voyeuse and then as an unashamed exhibitionist Sarah approached the woman. The Contesse was washing her hands at the same time watching Sarah in the mirror, a smile on her face.

“Cherie, bravo, you have so excited me, the same for you, n’est ce pas?” “Oh Countess” Sarah replied, giving her title in English, “Frankly I do not know what I am feeling.”

“Non, non, Countess, pah, my name is Madelaine, s’il tu plait, see I do not use the French ‘vous’ we must be friends, intimate, very intimate friends, No?” Turning to the younger woman Madelaine drew her closer and looking into her eyes she gently kissed her on the mouth.

Sarah’s diffidence fell away, she found herself returning the Frenchwoman’s kiss and to her surprise gently pushed her tongue into Madelaine’s welcoming mouth. Madelaine reciprocated and their tongues entwined, licking and sucking, Sarah’s hand found one of Madelaine’s breasts, the nipple already hard. gently but purposefully Madelaine disengaged and quickly taking Sarah’s hand made as to leave the Ladies Powder room.

“No wait a moment, I haven’t yet washed. Neither have I paid my bill.” murmured Sarah but Madelaine took no notice.

“Come cherie, my car awaits us, the bill will be added to my account. You do still wish to come to my apartment, you have no-one waiting?”

Sarah quickly explained about her husband but at the same time eagerly accepted the Frenchwoman’s offer, Sarah had not felt so sexually aroused for some time.

Once in the car and driving across Paris, Madelaine took hold of Sarah’s left hand and placed it between her thighs.

“Feel me Sarah, please, feel how wet Ankara bayan escort I am.” she said opening up her thighs and pulling her skirt high.

Needing no further invitation Sarah ran her left hand up over the tightly suspendered stocking, over the thighs, in her minds eye she could again see the hairless mound with its swollen labia but now her fingers touched a very open very wet pussy. Running her fingers around the thick glistening lips she slipped her fingers inside.

Madelaine groaned, “Oooh ooh cherie, you like my cooz, my pussy what do you English say, You like my cunt?”

“I love it Madelaine, I can hardly wait to push my tongue in, I want to lick you, to suck your clitoris, Madelaine, not for many many years have I wanted to touch another female. Now I want to fuck you with my tongue, you understand?”

“Yes, yes yes, darling, slow down, we are almost at the apartment and I am almost cumming, I do not want to come just yet. “The car turned into the drive of a large house. Skidding to a halt Madelaine flung open her door. “Come come cherie, we are home. Come darling and fuck me.”

Sarah expected Madelaine to mount the stairs, instead the Frenchwoman turned, taking Sarah in her arms again, but this time her hands were busy at the fastenings of Sarah’s skirt. The skirt fell to the floor revealing that Sarah had not replaced her panties. Quickly unfastening her own dress, the older woman allowed it to fall to the floor revealing that she was wearing a Basque, her nipples poking through holes were hard, swollen and dark red. Sarah saw this in a moment before the older woman took her across to a large pile of gaily coloured cushions that covered the floor.

“Now quickly cherie, darling Sarah, darling I want to cum” pulling a willing Sarah down with Escort bayan Ankara her and deftly turning to that Sarah found her head between Madelaine’s thighs, the hairless mound and full lipped very wet cunt immediately in front of her face. Sarah needed no second invitation, she sank her face and active tongue into the maw of the Countesses quim, the musky smell of an aroused female lifting her own sexual excitement to new heights. Her tongue quickly found the now engorged clit of the older woman, it was hard and the biggest clit Sarah had ever seen, it stood proud from its clitoral hood like a small prick and Sarah joyously licked and then sucked it into her mouth whist her tongue savoured the salty flavour.

It was not all one sided, the countess slim fingers parted the thick dark curls that covered Sarah’s mound, her labia too was wet and swollen and soon both women were engrossed in a deep sixty-nine probing, sucking and licking until with a groan and an agonised cry the Countess stretched her legs wide. Aargh ma cherie ma “cheerrrrrieeeeeeeeeee…oooohhhhhI’mmcummminggggggg, I, I, I’m coooooooommmmingggggggg…darling Suck my clitoris ooh I’m ccccccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmming.”

Her hips fucked Sarah’s face and as she shuddered in orgasm the Englishwoman came too.”Oooooooooooh Mmmmmaaaaaaaadddelaiiiineeee Oooooh God Oooh god oh darling..

Madelaine climbed to her feet and Sarah realised that they were both still dressed in stockings, Madelaine was still in her Basque and Sarah in her bra. How lascivious the pair looked, one with a shaven mound the other with a mound covered in wet curls but both with wide open cunts.

Crossing to a small table Madelaine poured out two glasses of wine.

“Now, after the preliminaries, are you ready for more fun before you Bayan escort Ankara go to join your husband” she asked.

Sarah stretched on the cushions. “Oh yes darling, This is wonderful.”

“Right, let us take a shower and then I will have a lovely surprise for you.” Madelaine then picked up an onyx telephone and spoke in rapid French.

“Come Cherie, bring you wine, I will show you where you can shower, not toether, we would take a long time and we need to be back here in 30 minutes. Oh and if you like you will find some erotic lingerie in the bedroom, just help yourself.”

Once back in the lounge Madelaine was pleased that Sarah had chosen a red Basque with underwired bra which lifted her breasts but left them completely uncovered. She had put on a matching pair of crotchless panties. The whole covered with a black lace negligee that heightened the sexuality but hid nothing. Madelaine herself wore a rubber suit in black which was moulded to her figure from shoulders to calves her nipples poked through two small holes encircled ion red and her shaven mound visible through the cutaway crotch.

Lovely my dear” said Madelaine. A bell peeled through the house and Madelaine left the room to return in a few seconds with a tall woman dressed in a fur coat. To Sarah’s startled gaze the woman was the image of the actress Grace Jones. She allowed the fur to slip to the floor and revealed herself to be naked except for a micro skirt. her breasts were full with purple, almost black nipples. The aureoles a deep brown then with a word from Madelaine she dropped the micro skirt. Sarah was astounded and breathless. She found herself looking a a thick long prick which even as she watched hardened and lengthened to a full ten inches.

“A man, Madelaine?” she questioned.

“Oh no cherie, not a man, some would call her a freak, Eloise is a hermaphrodite, although she has that absolutely wonderful tool, that magnificent cock, between her legs my dear she has a cunt as hungry as your or mine…

To Be Continued…

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