Satisfied Sister

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Jason and Jamie were eighteen year old twins, but they were the exact opposite. Jason was very outgoing while his baby sister (by twelve minutes) was very shy. She didn’t date much, even though she was very pretty.

They shared a bathroom, so Jason had peeked in on her in the shower alot. She had large breasts which was part of the reason she was so shy. She didn’t talk to boys much and had never had a date.

Jason on the other hand had girl after girl sneak into his room at night for some taboo meetings. Jamie heard these girls come in and all the activitys til they left.

One summer afternoon, Jason took a quick shower before laying on his bed naked. Thier parents had gone away for the weekend and he had a party to plan for.

Jamie knocked before walking into his room. She was too fast though and he didn’t cover himself fast enough. His penis was large even when it was soft. She was embarrassed and looked down at the floor.

He wrapped his towel around himself before asking, “Do you need something?”

Her cheeks were red, she mumbled, “nevermind” before racing from his room.

He found her on her bed crying. Sitting beside her, he ran his hand over her back, “Sorry for yelling, you surprised me. Did you need something?”

“Well, I only came to your room to ask you to teach me to dance. I want to impress Mark Kingstov tomorrow night at your party and I don’t know how to do any of the sexy dances he likes.”

Jason laughed, “Mark? He’s a jerk, don’t waste your time with him! She buried her head back against the pillow crying. Sissy, I’ll teach you, if you stop crying.”

“I don’t like Mark, but if you want to impress him, I’ll help you. She sat up smiling, he hadn’t called her Sissy since they were six. Put on something sexy and meet me in the basement in half an hour.”

She stood in her closet, she couldn’t find anything sexy at all. Her parents didn’t let her wear anything sexy. She went to her parents room, she needed something sexy and if anyone could dress sexy it was her mother.

She opened her mothers closet, she found a sleeveless tight black dress, it barely covered her large tits then the dress stopped barely below her ass cheeks.

If this wasn’t sexy, Mark was blind! She went back to her room for a tiny black lacy thong and her stillettos that she kept hidden in her closet. She put on a touch of make-up before tying her hair back loosely.

She entered the basement and Jason let out a loud whistle. “Damn, if you weren’t my sister, I’d fuck your brains out.”

She was taken aback by his comment, but she needed him to help her learn to dance.

“Teach me to dance czech casting porno jerk! She threw back at him!”

“Give me a minute sissy, I gotta go change, you’re early. He ran up to his room, took a quick two second shower to wash the sweat off before throwing on a thong and jeans. He didn’t need a shirt to teach her to dance.”

He rushed back to the basement, Jamie was perched on one of the bar stools. He went to the stereo to put on some sexy music. As soon as he flicked the song on, the vibe in the room changed. His hot little sister was looking mighty fine.

He lowered the basement lights and pushed the couch against the wall clearing them a dance floor. He guided her to the middle of the room, standing behind her. He put his hands on her hips & began moving his hips to the music. “Move with me sissy,” he said.

She began to sway. “No, no, shake that ass of yours girl.” As she did, her ass bumped into his crotch. His penis started to rise.

He stepped back from her, he didn’t want her to know she was causing him to get hard or she wouldn’t continue.

Once she got the hang of grinding, he pulled her closer and showed her how to move up and down in front of him.

All the movement against his cock and the fact that his sister looked amazing wasn’t helping. Next he spun her to face him before showing her how to go down to the floor and come back up without falling. She was doing great.

“Ok sissy, time for a practice run. I’ll be Mark and you come over to me and ask me to dance. Let’s get a drink while we do.”

He went to the bar, poured himself a large Jack and Coke while she popped the top of an expensive bottle of wine. She downed a glass before getting the nerve to approach him.

As she sat on the stool next to his, her long legs looked longer and sexier. He was a leg and tit man, and his sister had the full package. He took a large gulp of his drink.

She smiled, “Hi Mark, wanna dance?”

He laughed, “No sissy, you have to be sexier. Try it again.” She poured herself another glass of wine before walking up to him.

Rubbing herself against his side, “Hi Markie, I love this song, wanna join me?”

He smiled, “Perfect, if he turns that down, he’s gay!”

She laughed and took another swig of her wine. “Come on, let’s try this, keep being Mark.”

They went to the middle of the floor. The song playing was a grinding song so she did her best to mimic the moves she had been shown. She even tried something she learned from watching tv, she bent forward with her ass against Jason’s crotch.

Grinding and shaking her ass, her dress pushed czech couples porno up revealing her thong. The hardness Jason had felt earlier was back. His dick was now pushing against the zipper on his pants.

When the song was over, they went back to the bar. She finished her wine before pouring a third glass. Jason finished his drink and got himself another.

“So, what did you think? Do you think Mark will be impressed?”

“To tell the truth sissy, I was impressed, no girl I ever danced with was able to make me hard that easy.”

“Make you hard?” she blushed, then giggled.

“Yeah, my dick’s hard as a rock right now.”

She giggled again and finished off glass number three of wine.

She poured herself a fourth glass. “Sissy, he said, you should slow down on the wine.”

“I’m ok Jay, I just want to have a good time this weekend. I never get to just let loose, I’m always too shy.”

A slow song came on next, she grabbed Jason’s hand and pulled him back out to dance. They slow danced and she put her head against his shoulder, he let his cheek rest against hers.

Her breasts were against his bare chest with only a thin strip of the dress between them. The tops of her breasts were poking out of her top, he could feel her nipples against him. Her nipples were as hard as his dick.

When the song was over, they went back to the bar. She was on her fifth glass of wine, almost finishing the bottle.

He fixed himself a third drink before settling on the couch. She came over beside him and cuddled up next to him. “Jay, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Yeah, sissy, I do, I think you’re the sexiest girl I know.”

“Can I ask you something Jay?”

“Sure, sissy.”

“Will you have sex with me?”

“What? We can’t, we’re related?”

“Yes we can, no one will know. I have birth control, so you can even cum inside me.”

He knew she was drunk, but did he care? Hell no, he wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted to fuck him. Seeing her in that dress made her even hotter than he’d ever thought.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, he didn’t know what to do. She was his sister, but she was hot. He knew all his friends drooled over his sister, now he actually had the chance to fuck her.

She was the hottest girl he knew. When he opened his eyes, she was in the center of the floor. Dancing again, this time though, she had removed her pantys and she was dropping to the floor. Her bare pussy was exposed.

He’d always wanted to go down on a girl who was bare. No girl he’d ever snuck in would shave herself for him though.

He stood czech estrogenolit porno and moved over to her, she gyrated against him before spinning to put her ass directly over his cock. As they danced, she reached behind her and undid his pants.

They fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Here he was wearing a thong, dancing against his little sister while she wore nothing but a sexy dress. She faced him again, pulling him to her, they grinded together.

She whispered into his ear, “Jay, do you want to fuck your baby sister? I’d like you to.”

His answer was muffled as he kissed her neck, but she knew he did. When thier lips met, she slid her hand inside his thong and wrapped her hand around his cock.

He pulled back, “Are you sure sissy?”

She laughed, “Yeah I’m sure, I’m so sure I’d like to take this upstairs, to mom and dad’s room.”

They made thier way to the bar for one last drink. He downed his while she sipped hers. She faced him on the bar stool, spreading her legs.

He slipped his hand up her dress to her pussy, fingering her. As he rubbed her, she moaned.

He pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her large tits. “I can’t wait to watch them bounce while I fuck you,” he said.

With that, she finished her drink and they headed upstairs. Thier parents bed was huge and it had mirrors above and at the top and bottom, and the sides closed for more privacy.

When they got upstairs, she stepped out of her dress, leaving herself naked except the stillettos.

When she reached down to unhook them, he stopped her.

“Leave them on sissy, I like them.”

She climbed onto the bed, while he dropped his thong to the floor.

She reached for his dick again, “It’s not often you get to see such a large piece of equipment!” she laughed.

She lowered her mouth to him to get him lubed up, then she rolled over to her belly and spread her legs wide.

He climbed up beside her grasping her hips before thrusting into her. She moaned a little, before settling into a good pumping action.

She grinded her brothers cock. He watched in the mirror as her tits bounced.

He sighed aloud, it doesn’t get better than this. Harder and harder he thrust into her bottom, more and more she screamed his name. He reached forward to grab her hair. He wanted to get a little rough with her, he figured she’d like it, and she did.

That sent her over the edge, she bucked back and he could feel her pussy cum. That made him go over the edge and he came inside her. They fell to the bed, exhausted.

He pulled her against him, nestling his chin against her neck. Kissing her up to her ear before making his way to her lips. They kissed passionately.

“Sissy, you are one fine fuck!” he said.

She smiled, “I thought you’d like that. What are we going to do about this party tonight?”

He frowned, “It’s too late to cancel it, but we could try something…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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