Saturday Jam Session

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My Saturday morning sleep-in was interrupted by an early morning phone call from Jen saying her Mum and Dad had taken her brother to a trampoline competition for the day. Even my sleep-fogged brain didn’t need too long to process that instruction. Shit, Shower, shave and shampoo happened in record time.

“Come in! Door’s open!” was yelled when I rang the doorbell.

Wandering inside I found her hot, sweaty and a little grubby, cleaning the kitchen and thus completing her chores for the day. Wearing a old worn-out, cutoff Bay City Rollers T-shirt, no bra and a skimpy pair of loose cotton shorts she looked as sexy as hell, even streaked with kitchen grime. I gave my 19 year old girlfriend a quick kiss hello as I simultaneously rubbed her butt gently, not feeling undies. I tried to get close again, but she untangled herself, resisted my grasps and gropes, and headed for the shower.

“Make some coffee and toast for us,” she suggested, leaving the kitchen peeling off her t-shirt and throwing it over her shoulder at me, giving me just a glimpse of boob. Slipping her hands inside the waistband, she lowered her shorts just enough to flash an inch or two of cute butt cleavage as she made her way to the bathroom,

Thoroughly teased, I leered and started to follow, but was stopped with a glance and returned to switch on the jug. Then, grabbing the goodies from the fridge, I started preparing breakfast.

I heard the shower finish just as the toast popped up. I applied butter and jam, called out to Jen and turned to put the spreads away in the fridge, just as she entered the kitchen.

Momentarily distracted by Jen’s entrance wearing only her short white towel, the jam jar slipped from my fingers and hit the bench top, fortunately not smashing, but partially emptying on the newly scrubbed granite. I started the cleanup. Firstly the jar was resealed and fridged and then I used my fingers to begin scooping up the spilt jam. Jen flicked the dishcloth at me and stood there sipping her coffee.

I couldn’t resist.

I wiped a large dollop of strawberry jam on her butt and thighs just as she replaced her drink on the bench.

She jumped and squealed, “Oooohh, yuk!” Then, luckily for me, she giggled. “Now you have to clean me up too!”

I whipped away her towel, knelt down quickly and started licking and kissing her strawberry flavoured butt. Initially she squirmed, trying to get away, but then gave herself over to the feelings starting to course through her. Moving around to a sitting position, I pulled her shower damp and furry mound towards my waiting tongue, tasting the jam-covered thighs and applying myself diligently to the cleanup.

With a little jam still on my fingertips, I started painting her already swollen outer lips with gentle, but firm strokes of my three longer fingers, causing her knees to bend as sensation overtook her. Seizing my opportunity, I lay flat on the kitchen floor, guiding my unbelievably sexy, naked girlfriend into a squatting position, with me underneath. As she moved closer, I raised my neck to meet her. Wiping my tongue from back to front spread her outer lips apart and left me with a not-unpleasant triple taste — strawberries, bostancı escort a hint of lavender soap and the musky essence of a woman in heat.

Holding her hips raised, so she couldn’t sit (on my face), I made the suggestion, using my arms, that she thrust back and forwards. Keeping close to my face meant “Jenny Juice” from hairline to chin. With Jen now having set a rhythm with her hips, one of her hands moved to start gently touching her clit. As the feelings surged towards a peak, her fingers moved faster and faster. She had her eyes closed and was concentrating on the buzz in her clitoris, the tongue in her nearby wet folds, and also the need to hold herself over my face.

Forty-five seconds of this brought on a few little grunts, followed by a small squeal of release and a shudder of absolute pleasure from her. Me, I got a wet chin as her legs finally gave way. Lucky my head was there or she might have hurt herself.

Even so, a couple of wriggles and I was able to keep my tongue working — thrusting it as deeply as possible into her warm, wet, love canal. After taking a few deep breaths, she raised herself back to the squat and restarted her steady back and forth motion. We kept time, with me licking her puffy lips and flicking her clit, recently emerged from under its hood, and Jen rocking with a slow and rhythmic action. A quick upward glance showed some newfound stability provided by the fingers of her left hand locked around the leg of the kitchen table.

Sliding my hand up over her torso, I covered her left breast with my hand. It was sitting there as perky as ever, Jen being one those blessed with the slightly upturned breasts of the young and healthy. Rolling her already excited nipple between my fingers and thumb contracted the areola and made it pucker and stand out even further. She sort of leaned into my hand suggesting she wanted more pressure applied, so I was only too happy to oblige.

The little valley between her tennis-ball sized breasts was another area she loved to be caressed, so I ran my hand all over the silken skin of her chest from her shoulders, just near the hollow of her neck, down this valley of lust and back to rubbing the palm of my hand over her breasts. I figured there’s no point in watching lesbian pornos if you don’t pick up some of the caresses the women use on each other.

Her breathing was becoming a little ragged and I could tell she was building quickly towards an orgasm. But, what a girl, she obviously wanted to help me out too. She spun around 180 degrees, so she could reach down and undo my shorts. Firstly she snaked her hand up the wide leg opening and grasped my firming penis over the front of my jocks. I slid my hand from her breast to the growing dampness between her legs, closing my eyes and enjoying her attention.

Releasing me, she moved her hands and started undoing the belt on my shorts. Her palms and fingers moved under the waistband to stroke the sensitive skin of my lower belly, legs and thighs, getting close but staying away from my erection. The other effect of this was to loosen the shorts and slide them further down my legs. My fully erect penis finally popped ümraniye escort bayan out as she pushed the shorts and jocks over my knees. Her hands drew little circles on my legs as she worked back up to the junction of my legs. Bending over further, she started to kiss the inside of my thighs, causing my legs to fall open and hips to jerk forward.

“Slut!” She chuckled at my surrender, before continuing.

Getting comfortable, she grasped my prick and was slowly pulling the skin up and down, before taking the head in her mouth and applying her saliva to it, providing some much needed lubrication. A large drop of pre-cum leaked from the head to be mingled with her saliva. My hips were humping slowly in time with her hand. She reached over further, and kissed my scrotum before taking my erection deep into her mouth, her head starting to bob up and down. She must have watched some porno recently too, as her hands and mouth were a tag team, one taking over my erection whilst the other played nearby. And the suction! I could feel my balls start to contract; she could feel the increase in pressure as well. Then I felt her fingers doing something…

“Cock and jam tastes nice!” as she transferred spread from the bench to her fingers to me, not losing her momentum, nor mine. A minute or so later, and…

“Here…, here…, here it comes!” I yelled, giving her enough time to move her head away.

She didn’t.

She didn’t even flinch, but held her mouth over my manhood as I emptied myself. She kept sucking, her head bobbing up and down until I reached over and tried to hold her still. She swallowed it all bar a couple of drops now running down her chin.

Her hand reached in to massage her clit. She started riding a long wave of little cums. She was now balanced on the balls of her feet, her legs on either side of my chest, her knees off the ground and her rear only an inch or so from my face. Talk about titillating! This position also stretched the skin around her sex organs, even holding her wet, puffy lips apart a little.

She moved her other hand back to my groin, slowly teasing my member and rolling my balls between her fingers, not content to let the erection disappear. And it was working!

Anal stimulation and penetration had never appealed to either of us, but the smell of her swollen, wet labia and the sight of her virgin rosebud, just inches from my face, was causing a tingle in my groin. She’d just finished her shower, so I knew she was “squeaky clean.” Leaning forward I plunged my tongue into her still wet cunt, then flattened my tongue against her warm wetness, applying pressure with my tongue. Keeping my tongue firm, I slid out of her vagina, licking in tiny circles around that sensitive area just before her rosebud, and then quickly flattened my tongue and swept it over the rosebud and right to the top of her crack.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkkk!” I’d obviously hit the jackpot, as her hips started to thrust wildly.

She backed her butt onto my face, so I repeated the action again and again, never penetrating her little hole, but obviously exciting all the sexual nerve endings there. Her hand was becoming a blur over her clit, kartal escort her leg muscles all started to twitch and she was starting to vocalise.

“Ooooohhh! Aaaarrgghh! Geeeezz, Oooooorrr!” as she was racked with her most intense orgasm of the morning. She humped my face, her fingers pressing harder on her clit and then finally she froze, locked into position with the sweet agony of it all.

She grunted once more, “Uuugghh!” and some creamy opaque liquid came out of her. It was the first time she’d ever ejaculated as forcefully as that, and she was really excited by it, as well as the new heights of pleasure she’d reached. It landed on my lower lip, dribbling down my chin and neck.

Flipping around, she kissed me with gusto, both of us tasting each other. Reaching between her legs she grabbed my reawakening prick and plunged it into her. Although not back to full hardness, there was enough to make the connection.

She grabbed my shoulders, leaned back, pressing against me and asked, “Can you stand?”

“You want more?” was my astonished retort, to which she nodded, looking directly at me with a mixture of lust and need in her eyes.

Holding onto the edge of the table, and with a little help from Jen, I lifted us up. She jiggled and then settled herself on my ever-hardening prick, wrapping her legs around my butt and locking her ankles. Clenching and unclenching my butt cheeks kept a nice rhythm for both of us. I reached around and cupped her butt in my hands, spreading her cheeks and closing them again, all the time listening for any protests. Moving my hands around a little more, I was able to just tickle the outside of her lips, already super sensitive from the multiple orgasms experienced this morning.

Even though it wasn’t a warm day, we were both sweating profusely and enjoying the slickness between us as we rubbed erect nipple against erect nipple. A couple of minutes of this had me starting to get “jelly legs,” so I stepped over to the kitchen table and laid her top half on it, taking her sweaty, but gorgeous breast in my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. She uncrossed her legs as I stood up again and I placed her ankles on my shoulders. I thrust deeper and deeper into her, slowing every few strokes for a breath, and to kiss her calves and ankles. She jerked her hips back at me and we both felt me hit her cervix, causing a momentary gasp of pain and repositioning of her butt on the table. We resumed a little more gradually, until her whimpers and my grunts started to get louder.

Lowering her legs from my shoulders to either side of my hips, I supported her knees with my hands. My erection pistoned in and out, faster and faster, the sensation and the heat building until I tensed, and then slumped on her chest, emptying my seed into her as she went rigid on the table, feet and toes curling as the feelings once again swept over her. A few more feeble jerks from both of us, one last kiss and we were done.

I’d like to say we luxuriated in the deep feelings of love pouring over the two of us, clasped together in the warm and sweaty embrace of post-coital repose. The reality, after getting my breath back, was quite different.

“What’s for lunch?” I asked.

“I’ll get the food! You clean. I like the way you clean!”


Note: I’m feeling more confident with the style of my new submissions after a nervous start with the first couple. I am interested in your comments, either way!

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