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Easily slipping down the Intercostal Waterway through yet another ‘no wake’ zone. Maintaining 6 knots and riding a rising tide is not difficult. In a few miles he would enter and have to cross the Savannah River and have little time to for idle though. But right now he could let his mind wonder. He had planned a cruise to Myrtle Beach but now he was 200 miles south of there heading for a marina in Thunderbolt, Georgia. The reason he this far south of his destination was an invitation from Anna. He had never been to Savannah and all he really knew was from the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Anna assured him there was more to Savannah than the assortment of odd characters portrayed in the book. Still he wondered if he’d run into the man with the invisible dog or the salesman with purple eye shadow. Smiling at the thought brought him back to Anna. And she would make the trip all worthwhile.

Crossing the Savannah River and finding the proper channel was easier the he thought, and Thunderbolt marina was clearly visible. A short radio conversation led him to the transient slips and a dock boy helped with the lines and the power cord. Anna was waiting in the marina lounge just as she said she would. She was sitting at a table close to the window and smiled broadly at him as he approached. She rose as he neared, they embraced and their lips lingered together. They both sit and exchange the usual pleasantries easy in each others company. She asks about the trip down the Intercoastal and he asks what surprises Savannah had for him. Smiling she looks at her watch and notes that it is 6pm and they should get some dinner.

It is a 5 minute drive to restaurant where they both order shrimp dinners because they are local and fresh. While awaiting our order he noticed that even dressed casually in a linen dress she still looked elegant. Gazing into her deep eyes he is able to see her soul smile. Her eyes keep roaming his body and then return to his gaze, allowing him to witness the hunger she cannot hide from him. Warm and gracious smile on her lips signal her content in being with him. She reaches across the table to take his hand in bostancı escort hers, he delights in her touch. The waiter interrupts the moment with the meal and they both settle down to dine. After dinner the step outside to meet the low sun and he asks “Well, you’re the tour director, where to,” to which she says, “Let’s just walk along the waterfront, and I’ll show you old town Savannah tomorrow.” Smiling he was thinking that tonight was between now and tomorrow and only a hint of how to fill it. What would the city known for Midnight hold for him at midnight?

They strolled hand in hand in the waning sun of early evening, their conversation light and breezy as the air around them. Easy in each others company just as they had been for months before meeting. But in this first real meeting they explored, in greater depth, each others sensitivity and intelligence, finding more and more common ground and compatibility. From the very first they seemed well suited to each other. And they were cementing their bond on this evening. Strolling down the street she pulls his hand back slightly and places her other hand on his face. Kissing him deeply with an aggressive tongue she showed that she could lead as well as follow. Breaking the kiss, she gazes in his eyes and says “air conditioner working on the boat, babe, because we are going to need it.” He affirms that it is.

Back at the boat bathed in the warm glow of only candles they embrace, gently at first their lips barely touching, then harder as the desire inside them grows. She is rubbing up and down his arms, and he is doing the same to her. With each movement he brushes the sides of her full breasts. Her tongue between his lips he gently rolls his teeth across it. Pushing her tongue he probes her mouth and feels the heat within her. Without breaking the kiss she loosens the single button of his pullover shirt. Taking his cue from her he unbuttons the back of the dress and unhooks her bra. She moves down his chest slowly and unbuckles his belt.

With delft fingers she unbuttons his short pants, and eases them and the briefs over his hips. He pulls the shoulders of the ümraniye escort bayan dress and the straps of the bra forward and it too falls away. She is now probing his mouth with stabbing motions first with a firm tongue than letting it soften across his tongue. Both are breathing harder their passion rising. Their desire for each other increasing. At last breaking their kiss she pulls his shirt over his head and only then did he notice she wasn’t wearing any thing else.

Gazing at each other for the briefest moment her smile broadens in anticipation. He is totally enamored with her stunning beauty frozen in time and space. He pulls him close, her nipples against his chest. His hand sliding easily across the silky smooth skin of her back. Her breasts pressing him, her nipples swollen with excitement. Between them his cock is rock hard and precum dampens her stomach. Taking his shoulders in her hands she turns him slightly and pushes him back until he falls onto the berth. He is slightly surprised by her aggressiveness and he wonders what she has planned. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

She lay on top of him kissing his lips, nibbling his chin, and down his throat. Arching his head to try to let his mouth absorb her she placed a hand on his forehead and gently pushed it back on the bed. She was in command right now and wanted him to be certain of that. Nibbling and licking down his chest she took one of his nipples in her mouth and sucked firmly. Than let her teeth roll the nipple side to side slightly increasing pressure with her teeth until she heard him moan slightly. Looking up in his eyes she smiled and lowered her head to the other nipple repeating the teeth action.

Working down his stomach she placed on hand around his stiff and straining member.

She places her tongue on he tiny hole and licks the vestiges of the precum away and forces her tongue to spread the opening. Than placing her whole mouth around it and slides her head down taking more and more of it very slowly, all the while gazing in his eyes. In a raspy voice he asks her to spin around so he can return in kind. Removing the cock from kartal escort her mouth she says “The first one is mine, babe, we’ll have plenty of time for that later, but right now I need this. Making it clear to him who was leading and who was following.

Than she eased her hips up and over him until she was positioned over his cock. She gently eased her self over it and allowed the tip to pass her swollen lips. Noting how very wet she was, she told him she started getting that way at dinner when she touched his hand. His hips arch to meet the wonder of her and she eased up not allowing any further penetration. Smiling down, she told him she’d take care of how far and how fast. Fully supported on her calves she takes both his hands in hers and places them over her breasts. His hands go right to the nipples and roll them in his fingers. Leaning into the hands and laying her head back she slides down the shaft ever so slowly. Hisses escape deep within her throat.

Time and place have no meaning for her, she is totally lost in her passion. Rising up she almost clears the shaft, looks down into his eyes and drives her over it in one swift thrust and she cries out in delight. He is rotating his hips while she slides up and down increasing the sensations within her. Her inner muscles clamping his cock like an all around vice. She has her hands on his chest twisting his nipples. He is thrusting his hips to meet her every movement. She is more sliding along his stomach than pumping and her clit contacts his flesh with every move. Passions on overload her mouth open and breathing in a labored rasp, eyes rolled back in her head. Suddenly she screams out and increases the pace to a feverish cadence. She is squeezing his chest so hard her nails sink into the flesh.

Spasms rack her body, head thrown further back, knees clench his hips, feet curl at the toes. She rocks back and forth, mouthing unheard screams. Than just as suddenly she stops, and falls forward on him, her mouth finding his, kissing him deeply. Returning the kiss he strokes her hair. Moving her head to the side she tells him to give her just a minute, than they can continue so he can cum just as hard as she had. Looking deep in her eyes he smiled and told her she’d been in charge long enough he was taking over now. He said he had some plans of his own.

Besides, he said, I don’t need to see the salesman with purple eye shadow on one eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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