Say What…! Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

I want to thank reader TA for the initial idea that ended up becoming this story.

Part 2

That Afternoon

Tim paid the bill and they walked back to the hotel with their arms around each other. She gave him a tender kiss while waiting for the elevator and pulled his hand down to fondle her tit while they rode up to her floor, not caring if anyone in front of them happened to turn around.

At the door to her room, he pressed closely right behind her, fondling a tit with one hand and her pussy with the other, as she opened the door. As soon as they were inside, they melted into each others arms, groping and tearing at their clothes as he backed her onto the bed.

Sam flopped on to her back, extending her arms to him even as she spread her legs wide. Tim stopped for a moment to once again drink in the sight of the most perfect pussy he’d ever seen.

“Do that thing with your teeth again…please…oh god…please,” she whimpered, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers so her large clit popped straight out, “and then you can fuck me in my mouth…or my pussy…or my ass…your choice…first.”

“First?” he asked, continuing to stare down at her welcoming cunt while pushing her legs even further apart

“Of course, silly, because you’re going to cum in all three…my mouth…my ass…and my pussy…before we are done. It’s just a matter of the order.”

He grinned down at her, pulled one foot to his face and sucked her big toe into his mouth. She looked up in surprise then moaned lowly as he licked the bottom of her foot and continued all the way up the inside of her leg until the tip of his tongue brushed over the outside edge of her puffy mons.

The scent of her sex was overwhelming.

Tim rolled his eyes up to see her pulling both of her stiff nipples and watching him, her tongue flicking slowly across her lips. He moved to the other foot, this time sucking in each of her toes in turn before licking his way to her waiting cunt.

Her pussy gaped open, moist and glistening in the warm afternoon light, a single droplet of her juices seeping toward her puckered asshole. He scooped it up with the tip of his tongue and leaned forward to share it with her in a tongue lashing kiss.

Ever so slowly he licked his way back down her body, stopping to take each nipple into his mouth, giving both a sharp tug with his teeth before continuing to her dripping cunt. She howled even louder with the second bite.

“Oh god…fuck…my clit…bite…your teeth…my clit…,” she shrieked as his tongue swirled up through the wet musky folds of her pulsing pussy lips.

He sucked her engorged clit the size of an infant boy’s cock into his mouth, lightly clenching the base with his teeth and twirling his tongue around the throbbing tip. Sam thrashed and wailed, begging him for more.

This time, as he started to drag his teeth up the length of that elongated nub, he slide two fingers into her cunt to roughly massage her swollen spongy g-spot. Sam muffled her screams by burying her face in a pillow and clamped her thighs around his head as one orgasmic wave after another cascaded through her body.

With one final back bending spasm, Sam slumped back on the bed, her face flushed a bright red, her breathing shallow and ragged as her quivering legs released Tim’s head. Tim took a moment to catch his own breath before grinning at her, her pussy juices glistening on his lips and chin and cheeks.

“Wow…just fucking…wow,” Sam gasped, smiling up at him as he crawled up between her thighs, got on his knees and slowly stroked his rock hard cock just inches from her puffy, dripping pussy. “How come your wife ever lets you out of her sight? I definitely want you to show Ray how to do that. So, where are you going to cum inside me…first…this fine afternoon?”

“Eanie, meanie, minie, moe…,” he chuckled, pointing at her pussy and ass and mouth in turn, “as much as I loved that blow job you gave me, I really want to feel your cunt engulfing my cock.”

“Good choice,” she laughed, reaching up and brushing his hand away so she could stroke his dick and brush a drop of precum off with her thumb, “and trust me, you’ll get your blow job as well. Now get on your back so I can ride your hard cock until you fill my cunt with your cum.”

She playfully pushed him to the side, taking the head of his dick into her mouth for a few seconds before straddling his hips. She hovered over him, holding his cock upright and slowly rubbing it back and forth in her dripping slit.

“Oh shit, I’m so…close,” he mumbled, feeling her hard clit scrape across the tip of his dick.

“No, no…not yet,” she murmured, leaning forward to bite his earlobe while squeezing his balls hard, “I’ll let you know when you can cum.”

He flinched and bit his lip, not believing how warm and tight and silky her pussy felt as she lowered herself down on to his cock. She moaned lowly, just holding still for a moment when he czech pool porno was buried inside her as far as he could go. She pulled his hands up to cup her tits then slowly began to grind her cunt around and up and down on his dick.

Tim gasped.

Sam could do things with her pussy that he didn’t believe possible, bringing him to the very edge of a massive orgasm then pulling back just to do it all over again. He remembered having to beg her to let him cum when she gave him a blow job at the club and she was repeating that performance with her cunt.

He was more than willing to beg again.

She reached down after a few minutes and began furiously rubbing her huge clit, twirling it in two fingers like it was a little cock.

“Any time now,” she moaned lowly, “I’m right there again too.”

With a hard thrust upward, Tim exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of his warm creamy jism deep inside Sam’s clasping cunt. She shrieked again, throwing her head back and riding him even harder, squirting her pussy juices on to his cock and balls to mix with the semen already dripping out of her. She kept howling, riding him frantically, until his dick deflated and slipped out of her.

“You said your mother died when you were very little. Do you remember anything about her at all?” Sam murmured lowly, swirling a fingertip around one of his nipples as she nestled in under his arm, her pierced nipple firmly pressing into his side.

“Not much really, a few unconnected images in my head…yelling, lots of yelling…breaking glass…huddling in the tub with my sister…her screaming my name as we were taken from the apartment….”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah…well, I think so…I’m not really sure,” he replied softly, gently brushing his fingertips up the outside of her thigh all the way to the underside of her right tit. “I just don’t remember, I was only three at the time. My adopted parents told me a cop carried me out of the apartment where my mother was killed, covering my eyes but never said anything about a sister.”

Sam shuddered slightly when he made another pass with his fingers, this time swirling the tip around her erect nipple. She slid her hand down his belly and wrapped her fingers around his still flaccid dick.

“And you’ve lived here in the city your whole life?”

“Except for four years of college, I have.”

“Any idea where that apartment might be?”

“No one ever would tell me that, but I kinda remember something about Trolley….”

“Troxell Street…the apartment was at the end of the block on Troxell Street,” she gasped, sitting up suddenly, a look of surprise and shock on her face, “on the third floor.”

“Yeah…I think that’s right…always smelled of piss in the stairwell…but…but how would you know that?” he asked, sitting upright himself and looking her directly in the eye.

“Because…because…I think I was that little girl screaming your name.”

Tim just blinked, his mouth agape, his mind gone blank.

Sam climbed off the bed, not to get away from him but to pace back and forth like a caged leopard. She stared at him in silence for a few moments before her gaze fell on the nightstand clock behind him.

“Get dressed, we gotta go,” she said urgently, hurriedly pulling on her blouse and jeans without bothering with a bra or panties.

“You’re throwing me out…just like that?” Tim whined sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No…not yet anyway…but the displays downstairs close in another half hour and we need to get to the one that does DNA tests before they leave.”

She was halfway out the door as he pulled his jeans up, slipping into his shirt as they hustled down the hall to the elevators. He didn’t take the time to put his underwear on either.

They both finished their first beer in silence letting the buzz of conversations all around wash over them. Tim ordered another round and turned to her.

“Now what?” he asked pensively.

“We wait, I guess. The woman said we’ll get the results in a few weeks,” she replied with a weak smile.

“I’m just a little weirded out by all this,” he continued, taking a deep enough drink of his beer to get a mild head rush, “in fact, a lot weirded out.”

“Yeah, me too…although….”

“Although what? I just fucked you and you may well be my sister. That’s both wrong and…and…illegal.”

“You’re right, of course, and even do have something of a good point…usually,” she leaned forward to whisper in his ear while brushing her hand over his limp cock under the table.

“What the fuck…usually!” he practically shouted. “How about always and forever?”

“Oh calm down,” she said soothingly, leaning against him and keeping her hand on his crotch. “First of all, it might not even be true. We won’t know that definitely for a few weeks at least. Second, even if it is true, we had no way to know in advance. We just really met and talked for the first time today. Third, we’re czech sharking porno both adults making a consensual decision that harms no one and only concerns us.”

“Well, I suppose you do have a point,” he conceded, relaxing a little as he looked directly at her, “we didn’t and don’t know, at least for now.”

“I do have one more point,” she added, squeezing his dick firmly through his jeans while poking her wet tongue deep into his ear, “I think the idea of fucking my brother is hot beyond belief, so my pussy is dripping wet right now. If you don’t take me back to the room right this minute, I’ll fuck your brains out right here on this table.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Probably,” she grinned, snuggling in even closer to him, “but I told you Ray and I are really into different kinds of kink and fucking my actual brother is pretty much near the top of the totally fucking taboo list.”

“Near? That’s got to be right there at the very top!”

“Gets even closer when my husband joins in fucking my brother with me,” she grinned wickedly, squeezed his stiff again cock one more time and stood up, the plump side of her tattooed tit peeking out from her unbuttoned blouse. “Besides, I still owe you another blow job and an ass fucking, unless you’d rather go home, sit all alone in your empty house and jerk off thinking about what could have been until your wife comes home tomorrow.”

His troubled expression morphed into a weak smile. He downed the remainder of his beer in a single swallow and stood up, extending his hand to her.

“Well, if you put it that way….”

Five Weeks Later

Tim stood at the front door of a perfectly ordinary tract home on a tree lined street filled with other similar, perfectly ordinary houses. He hesitated for a moment before pressing the doorbell, clutching an unopened envelope in his other hand.

After a moment, the door swung open and Tim just stared in utter surprise. A naked three and a half foot miniature version of Sam…without the tits, pussy hair or tattoo…stood looking at him.

“You must be Tim. Mom said you were coming over,” she said casually, before turning back to the inside of the house and yelling out loudly. “Mom, he’s here.”

She calmly walked away, her small taut ass swaying provocatively as she disappeared down a hall. A few seconds later, Sam came to the door, also completely naked, and beckoned him to enter. She too held an unopened envelope in her hand.

“Well, don’t just stand there, come in,” she instructed him before recognizing the befuddled look on his face and beginning to giggle. “I guess I forgot to mention we are home nudists, all three of us.”

“It was a bit of a surprise…seeing…er…her…uh…,” he mumbled

“April…her name is April…my six year old daughter.”

“Pretty girl,” was all he could think to say standing there in the entry way.

“Yeah, her ass is way ahead of her age, isn’t it?” Sam laughed, taking his hand, leading him into the kitchen and eyeing him carefully. “You don’t have to get undressed if you don’t want to…not yet anyway.”

“You…you don’t mind…with her…around?” he asked squirming uncomfortably when she handed him a cold beer.

“Why should I mind? She’s seen a man’s dick before and you’re all pretty much the same, despite whatever your ego tells you,” Sam giggled, sipping a beer and picking up her unopened envelope, “so suit yourself.”

Before either of them could say anything else, April walked into the kitchen, dressed in a tight tank top that, if it did anything, emphasized the flatness of her chest and a pair of jeans clearly designed to accentuate the roundness of her ass.

“Nice to meet you,” she said politely after Sam formally introduced him before announcing, “I’m going over to Alyssa’s for a while.”

As the door closed behind her daughter, Sam turned to him with a wicked grin, pointedly twirling her pierced nipple in her fingers of one hand and fondling his cock through his jeans with the other.

“Now you have no excuse, so why don’t you get more…comfortable…before we…uh…find out,” she cooed huskily before flicking her tongue into his ear. “I’ll even give you one of my patented blow jobs if you’ll do your clit scraping thing before we open the letters.”

“What if…if your daughter comes back?” he whimpered, his dick stiffening in her hand, as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of her sex.

“If she does, than I suppose she’ll see me sucking your cock or you licking my pussy or us fucking in one position or another,” Sam giggled gleefully while, pulling his jeans down around his ankles, his hard dick popping straight out, “nothing she hasn’t seen before.”

“What…what about the letters?” he gasped

“What about them?” she replied, backing him up until he felt the cold surface of the granite counter top pressing against his bare ass, “I want to feel and taste your cumming cock in my mouth and czech streets porno your teeth and tongue on my clit, just like we did before having any other thoughts or knowledge about each other.”

With a deft move of her hands under his arms, she pushed him on to the granite top and down on his back. She spread his legs and dropped her head close enough to his throbbing dick she could lick up the bubbling precum with the tip of her tongue.

Tim lay back, propped up on his elbows watching her, feeling her do things to his cock and balls only she had ever done to him. She stroked him tenderly with one hand while softly sucking in each of his balls in turn and deftly sliding a finger into his asshole. His back arched when she found his prostate with that finger, yet despite bringing him to the verge of a massive orgasm several times, she always knew exactly when to back off before doing it all again.

“Oh fuck…don’t stop…not…now…I…I gotta…cum!” he finally screeched, his entire body quivering with pent up pleasure.

Sam rolled her smiling eyes up at him and took his dick as deep into her throat as he could reach while rapidly punching his swollen prostate with the tip of two fingers. He screamed for what seemed like a never ending orgasm, shooting spurt after spurt into Sam’s mouth and down her throat. She managed to swallow most of his creamy cum, with only a few strings dribbling out of the corner of her mouth and down over her tits.

Her mouth was still coated with his sperm when she crawled on top of him for a deep, tongue lashing kiss.

“My turn,” Sam giggled, turning away from him as he breathed raggedly and sat down in one of the kitchen chairs with her legs spread wide, her huge clit popping out between two fingers. “Come over here and do your thing on my clit and then we can open the letters.”

Since there was no denying her, Tim walked over and dropped to his knees between her thighs. The aroma of her sex wafted up, filling his nose and focusing his mind on her perfect cunt.

When she started to cum, she soaked his face with her pungent pussy juices.

“OK, how do you want to do this?” he asked, sipping a beer while they sat naked at her kitchen table.

The two identical unopened envelopes lay on the table between them.

“Just open them up and see what they say, I guess,” Sam answered tentatively, “I just hope there’s not a lot of scientific gobbledygook in there.”

“Yeah, it would be a bitch to get an answer and not know what the hell it means,” Tim added, picking up the envelope addressed to Sam and handing it to her. “Let’s just open them up together.”

They tore open the envelopes and spent the next few moments reading carefully. Sam broke the silence first.

“Does this mean what I think it means?” she asked plaintively.

“I guess so,” he responded looking up at her confused and unsure. “Here, you read mine and I’ll read yours so we’re both sure we have it right.”

“Well, I guess I’m carrying on a fine family tradition in a way,” Sam laughed mirthlessly after reading through Tim’s letter twice. “If I understand all this correctly, the bottom line is we share the same mother but not the same father.”

“Yeah, that’s the way I understand both letters as well,” Tim replied, looking up to see her gently caressing both of her rock hard nipples, “so we are brother and sister, sort of.”

“Half brother and half sister,” she crooned huskily, getting up to walk over behind him.

She pressed her bare tits firmly against his shoulder, slid her hands down over his belly to encase his flaccid cock and rammed her tongue into his ear.

“If it makes you feel any better, I guess we can just keep telling ourselves we’re only fucking the other half.”

“So where’s Ray anyway?” Tim asked, absentmindedly twirling Sam’s pierced nipple in two fingers as she lay nestled in under his arm on her king sized bed.

“Golfing…you know…the game where you hit a little ball into the woods, drink some beer, wander around in the woods until you find the ball or just give up looking, drink some more beer, hit the ball somewhere else, drink some more beer,” she giggled, stretching lazily. “He’ll be home anytime now I suppose, as soon as they run out of golf balls…or beer.”

“I better get going then,” Tim exclaimed, starting to sit up.

“Not a chance,” she murmured, pulling him down for another deep tongue lashing kiss, “he’d never forgive me for letting you leave without meeting you…and a demonstration of your…uh…special talent.”

“You’re kidding…even after all we learned today?” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“Hell, especially because of all we learned today,” she cooed, firmly wrapping her hand around his dick, “he’ll love it…it’s so fucking taboo.”

Before he could respond, April walked into the room right up to the side of the bed.

“Is it OK if I go to the movies with Alyssa and her mom?” she little girl asked apparently unfazed seeing Tim lying there naked or her mother holding his cock.

“Sure, honey, that would be fine,” Sam responded, propping herself up on one elbow to face her daughter, “take some money from my purse so you can get pizza after the movie.”

“Thanks, Mom,” April said excitedly, giving Sam a quick kiss on the cheek.

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