Scarlett’s Dorm Ch. 01

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I slipped out of the dorm shower, turning the cold water off slowly. I walked naked across the floor of the bathroom we shared with the girls next door and into my dorm room. Not bothering to dry I examined my dripping figure in the mirror. Water continued to drip down from my razor sharp choppy layered hair as I cupped my full breasts and gave them a good squeeze. I had always been relatively flat chested, but given my petite frame they had hardly looked out of place. Over the summer, however, they had filled out quiet nicely, pressing tightly against my now undersized 32B bras. I then began the process of straightening my hair in the mirror, drawing it out with a comb and blow drying it was enough to get it just right. The fringe of my hair would fall lower then my eyebrows across my face before lengthening to slightly conceal my left eye, while the hair surrounding my face was down past my shoulders, framing my deep green eyes and pouty lips. My style would probably be best described as emo with my jet black glossy hair, smooth pale skin and my affinity for all things black. Black clothes, underwear, bikinis, and dildos and well no black guys yet but I guess that is what college is for.

Once I was satisfied that my hair would behave for the rest of the night I began to wipe the remaining water from my body, giving a half turn to check out my ass. I had been told on several occasions that I had a perfect ass and looking at myself in mirror I didn’t have any motivation to disagree. I had always thought I had a great ass and a nice set of hips which were complemented by my pale flat stomach. I also have slim thighs that never meet and give the impression that you could fuck me where I stand from either the front or the back, which I have come to admit is actually a true statement. Once I was dry enough I walked unclothed to my desk and plopped down in my seat.

It was the Sunday before welcome week and I had settled into my dorm room a bit early. I had never met my roommate and she was not supposed to move in until Tuesday, so I had the place to myself until then. Most of the dorm was empty at this point but the sound of people moving in was almost constant. The dorm itself was enormous. Eight stories in all and four floors were all girls while the other four were designated to the guys. I had been placed on the seventh floor between two of the guy floors. With it still being late summer, my room was sweltering hot, giving little reason for clothing. I hoped my roommate was not going to be much of a prude because I generally kept clothing to a minimum in my room and with plenty of guys around it was sure to be an interesting mix, which I was admittedly looking a little forward to. I figured if you got it, you might as well use it to tease guys relentlessly with it and the thought of being checked bostancı escort out was a turn on for me, even now as I browse over my school schedule on my computer, completely naked with the lights on. Of course being this high in the sky you can get away with that. Suddenly there was a knock at the door causing me to jump slightly, jiggling my now larger breasts a bit more than I was used to. Looking down at them I gave them a quick squeeze before getting up from my seat.

“Just a second,” I called. I quickly slid on some tight black boy shorts and a black lace bra, which were not surprisingly the only things out. Glancing through the peephole in my door, I let out a pained groan. It was the floor R.A. with a clipboard in tow. Having already sounded my voice I did not have much choice in not opening the door. Disappointed I opened my door to her.

“Room inspection,” she grunted. Moving into my room she began to inspect the walls of my room for damages. “Anything that you would like to report?” she inquired.

“Nothing that I can think of no,” with a slight frown on her face she moved past me and began to inspect under my sink. My R.A. wasn’t much of a site and gave the impression of a slightly overweight band nerd and her R.A. empowered attitude was already grating my nerves.

“Did you even check the place out before you moved in? You know we fine you for damages at the end of the year, right?”

I was about to lose my temper when I spotted two guys in the hallway glancing into my room and taking an apparent interest in my outfit. At least this wasn’t totally in vain I thought.

“Are you listening?” she hissed.

“Yes thank you, are you done now?” With that she handed me the clipboard and had me sign off her sheet.

“I would also put on some more clothes too before you answer your door, there are a lot of guys around here that might get the wrong impression,” she lectured.

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

Pressing a finger into my bare shoulder, “If I find a guy in your room after hours you can get into some serious trouble missy or if you’re caught on any other floor after hours it gets back to me, got it?” with that she was gone.

Sitting back down in my chair I rolled my eyes fuming as I thought about that stupid R.A., I bet she hasn’t got laid in years I muttered as I went back to getting my school schedule all sorted out. The night seemed to drag on as I pecked away at my computer forgetting at times my door was wide open, occasionally looking over if I felt a presence in the doorway. A few girls had walked by but hadn’t given my room much though as they walked past, shouldn’t be a big deal if I lay around in my underwear anyhow I thought. Before I knew it, it was late, the clock showed 3:30am and the dorm had quieted, only the hum of the florescent ümraniye escort bayan lights in the hallway made a sound. It was getting late and I was getting horny, I needed something to keep my thoughts straight as I chatted casually with some of my friends online. Then I had remembered the pop and candy machines just down the hallway. I got a dollar from my purse and decided to get a pop to drink, plus it would be nice to get out of the dorm room for a bit.

Since it was so late I had not bothered to change, locking my dorm room behind me and sliding the key into the lace cup of my undersized bra. I walked down the hallway through another door which only girls on the floor had keys to and out into the lounge area for our floor. Walking over to the pop machine I discovered that my choice of pop had been sold out. With a pout I stood there and tapped my barefoot on the ground. After some thought I decided I would check the guy’s vending machine on the floor above me. With that I entered the stairwell, my footsteps echoing all the way down and back up again. It didn’t sound like anyone was around at all.

I found the lounge on the guys floor deserted, no doubt from more R.A. interference I thought. Making my way over to the small room with the pop machines I began to check out what they had left. To my delight I found it and pressed the button. Just then I heard the guy’s only door swing open and a voice fill the air.

“Yeah…well…um I don’t think I can make it out there to…pick you up and stuff.”

He sounded drunk and was coming near the vending machine room. I cursed as I had made my pop selection and the loud mechanical sound of the machine as well as the thud of my pop bottle hitting the ground gave my unseen visitor pause. Looking up I saw the owner of the voice in the door frame to the room. Upon seeing me his phone slipped from his unsteady hand and broke open on the floor. His jaw dropped as a confused look came over his face, undoubtedly I had taken him by surprise but now in his drunken haze he was unsure if he should look down at his phone or at me in my tight black boy shorts and a bra that seemed to overflow with my full chest. He was taller than me, but not too tall, thin white frame, shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. Feeling empowered by his state I decided to have a little fun.

Turning my back to him I slowly bent over at the waist to grab my pop from the bottom of the machine, keeping my legs straight and ass high in the air. “Sorry did I scare you?” I said turning my head around, still bent over.

“Damn you have a nice ass,” he blurted. “Um…sorry I’ve been drinking and stuff.” I straighten up and faced him, cracking open my pop and taking a drink.

“Yeah I noticed,” I said with a sly smile.

“Can I touch it?” Taking another kartal escort drink I looked up at him again.

“Can you touch what?”

“That cute little ass of yours,” he mumbled as he slid against the wall of the room before righting himself. Pausing for a moment I shrugged. “Aww come on, just a little squeeze, don’t be lame.”

I took another swig of my pop and set it on the floor. I placed both of my hands on the front of the pop machine and bent at the waist, arching my back and popping my ass into the air, legs tightly together. For a moment he looked confused and was a bit unsure.

“Seriously?” he stammered.

I gave him a little nod and he quickly made his way behind me. Expecting a squeeze on the outside of my boy shorts I was a bit surprised to find his hands sliding down the top of them and firmly massaging my ass cheeks, squeezing them roughly in his hands. The feel, although rough and clumsy was electric and I felt wetness between my legs.

“Okay partner times up,” I told him and just as I turned my head to tell him again he slid my boy shorts down my legs with one quick motion, exposing my bare ass to him as he stood back and admired.

I bent over and picked up my boy shorts from my ankles and put them back on.

“You think that’s funny?” I said. Turning around I pushed him into the wall behind him.

“Whoa, whoa my bad,” he defended, a devious smile on his face. I approached him and placed my right hand on the crotch of his jeans and began to massage. He let out a loud groan as I felt his cock instantly harden inside his pants.

“Bet you like that too,” I whispered in his ear, he nodded slowly in response. I roughly undid his fly and slid my hand in, gripping the shaft of his cock and guiding it out the fly of his boxers then the fly of his jeans. I began to roughly jerk his cock off, faster and faster. Not able to think he leaned against the wall with his eyes half open, groaning softly. I felt his cock stiffen further and pre-cum ooze from his cockhead. With him watching I leaned over and cupped my other hand at the end of his lengthening shaft waiting to catch his cum. His cock was a decent size and stood perfectly at attention.

Then almost as quickly as it had began it was over, I slowed my hand motion and milked the long ropes of cum that gushed out into my cupped hand. I was surprised at how much cum he had as it filled up most of my hand. Once I was satisfied he was completely drained I took a step back and grabbed my pop from the floor. Unscrewing the top with my other hand, now slightly exhaust from jacking off his thick cock, I began to pour his cum into the pop bottle. After some careful pouring, his cum brought the level of my pop right to the top of the bottle. I turned to him, his jaw on the floor, still not sure about what to make of the situation.

“Thanks for the drink,” I smiled and I gave a long slow lick of the remaining cum on the palm of my hand. After a cute little wink I made my way back down to my dorm room. Locking the door behind me I sat at my computer and enjoyed the last of my pop.

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