School Days Ch. 10

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Big Dicks

The pleasurable ache between his legs reminded Jeff of his whirlwind evening. A montage of erotic images ran through his mind and he found himself wondering where the two beautiful women he had shared his night with had gone to. He dragged himself from the large bed and plodded to the bathroom, still no sign of the girls. They must have gone out for food or something. He shrugged off the wondering and stepped into the shower. The warm torrent of water washed away the evidence of last night’s pleasure and revitalized him.

As he toweled off, the door opened and Tina and April walked in, shopping bags in hand.

“I told you we didn’t kill him,” Tina said giggling as she walked up and kissed Jeff full on the mouth, the movement of the towel giving away his arousal.

“Nice,” April said as she moved next to him and pulled the towel away. “I wanted some sausage for breakfast,” she quipped before bending over to take the semi-erect cock in her mouth.

Tina and Jeff continued making out while April licked and sucked his growing dick. His hand drifted to the back of April’s head, gently guiding her efforts. Soon Tina pulled away from his kisses, sank to her knees next to April, and began licking the base of his shaft. The delicious sensation of two tongues on his throbbing tool quickly drove Jeff to the brink of release.

“Not yet,” April chided as she let him fall from her mouth, “I want to feel you inside me, I want you to blow your load deep in my wet pussy.”

She got up and walked toward the bed, clothes falling from her body with each step and the last coming off as she lay back on the bed, propped up on her elbows. Jeff immediately began walking toward her, leaving Tina kneeling on the floor.

“What about me?” She asked plaintively.

Jeff reached down and helped Tina to her feet. “Come with me, April can eat you while I fuck her.”

Tina smiled broadly as she headed for the bed.

“Don’t you look like the cat that ate the canary,” April quipped at seeing Tina’s smirk. “Get up here so I can taste that sweet pussy,” she demanded.

Tina climbed on the bed, quickly straddling the busty blonde, when she heard Jeff’s voice.

“Turn around; I want to be able to see your face while she eats you.”

Tina complied, turning to face April’s feet. She watched as Jeff slid a pillow under April’s rear and proceeded to mount her. It was an incredibly erotic experience having a tongue lapping at her most sensitive parts while she watched Jeff slowly saw his thick cock in and out of April. He had April’s legs over his shoulders as he leisurely fucked her, each thrust causing her breasts to ripple.

On the bottom, April was enjoying Jeff’s rhythmic motions as well as the sweet and tangy taste and aroma of Tina’s wet pussy. April’s hands were wrapped around the lithe brunette’s thighs, pulling her leaking slit tight to her lips. Every lick seemed to cause Tina to writhe in pleasure, a low rumbling moan escaping from her lips.

Jeff leaned forward slightly and pressed his lips to Tina’s, her mouth opening to eagerly accept his probing tongue. They kissed until Tina began to grunt in release, her attention drawn away from her boyfriend by the orgasm rippling through her.

Jeff waited for a moment, still buried deep inside April’s tight pussy, and watched his two girlfriends. He had quickly come to think of them that way, and watching the pleasure on Tina’s face solidified his decision that they could somehow make this relationship work.

Through lidded eyes, Tina saw Jeff resume his thrusts his pace quickening. Watching his cock slide in and out of April, her juices causing it glisten, had a hypnotic effect on Tina. Without thinking she leaned forward, placing her mouth on the junction of her two lovers. Both bostancı escort bayan gasped as the unexpected sensation registered in their brains. Tina sucked and licked alternating her attention between Jeff’s shaft and April’s swollen clit.

It didn’t take long for either of them to cry out in release, Tina enjoying the salty taste as Jeff’s issue leaked from April’s pussy. She lapped at the milky fluid before taking Jeff’s slimy cock in her mouth when he pulled it from April. Tina continued sucking on it as it softened in her mouth and then began to harden again.

Jeff pulled her from his groin asking, “You got it hard, where do you want it?”

Tina quickly hopped off April and got on her hands and knees on the bed next to her. Wiggling her pert little ass at Jeff, she said, “Stick it in my tight pussy and fuck me hard.”

Stepping behind her, Jeff grabbed Tina’s slim hips and buried his cock in her pussy. She screamed at the sudden fullness but was soon urging Jeff on.

“Fuck me harder, I need to have you deep inside me,” she grunted.

April watched for a few moments before sliding over and putting her swollen, well-fucked pussy inches from Tina’s face. With out saying a word she grabbed the brunette’s hair and pulled her mouth to her groin. Tina eagerly planted her mouth on April’s sex and sucked.

“That’s it baby,” the busty blonde moaned, “suck on my sloppy box, and eat my slippery cunt while our boyfriend fucks you.”

April grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, giving Tina full access to her pussy. She shuddered with another orgasm as Tina’s tongue danced around her clit. Not wanting the feeling to end, April wrapped her legs around Tina, holding her tight against her gushing sex until her orgasm subsided and she lay limp on the sheets.

Jeff’s recent release gave him incredible stamina and he continued to pound Tina’s pussy mercilessly. He felt her hand grasp his shaft, her finger tips dancing along his balls. Tina looked back over her shoulder at him, eyes aflame with lust.

“Come on baby, fuck me harder. I want to feel you deep inside me.”

Her words had the desired effect and Jeff increased the speed and ferocity of his thrusts. Each plunge inside her drove him closer to release. When he felt her pussy begin to contract around his probing cock, Jeff knew he could no longer hold back. Giving in to the feeling emanating from his loins, he gave one last push and shot his load deep inside Tina.

Feeling his warm juice splash inside her pussy was enough to make Tina join Jeff in orgasmic bliss. She shuddered through her orgasm, finally sliding off the softening cock and lying on the bed next to April. The three of them lay in each other’s arms gently stroking and kissing one another until the knock on the door interrupted them.

April got up and shrugged on a robe before answering the door. “Who is it?”

“Housekeeping,” came the reply through the door.

April opened the door and had a brief, hushed exchange with the maid before closing the door and walking back to the bed.

“She said checkout time is in fifteen minutes. I didn’t realize it was so late,” she told her lovers.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Jeff quipped as he hopped out of bed and quickly gathered his clothes. As he dressed he noticed April’s mood had changed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her.

“You guys get to hang out together all week and I have to go back to school.”

Tina joined their embrace and said, “Don’t worry April, I’ll stay away from him until you get back, that way we’ll all be hungry for another weekend of sex and lust.”

“Thanks,” April said, a smile returning to her face.

They gathered up their things and headed ümraniye escort out to the parking lot. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and they decided it would be easier if Jeff went back with Tina since April was already part of the way back to her school.

Jeff and Tina waved to April as she pulled out on to the road. When she disappeared around the first corner Tina tossed her keys to Jeff.

“You drive,” she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Jeff caught the keys and climbed into Tina’s pickup truck. As he fired up the engine, Tina slid across the bench and snuggled next him, her arms wrapped around his arm as she tucked her legs beneath her. They’d driven a couple of miles before Tina began to rub Jeff’s thigh as she whispered in his ear, “I hope you know that I have no intention of staying away from you this week.”

Squeezing his growing cock through his jeans she added, “…or even the next couple of minutes.”

Tina shifted so she was lying on her stomach, her head in Jeff’s lap. She nuzzled against his growing shaft, rubbing it with her cheeks, lips and even her nose. He fought to keep both hands on the steering wheel as he glanced over at Tina. The tan mini-skirt she wore had ridden up, exposing her pert bottom.

Soon the combination of Tina teasing his cock and the sight of her bare ass was more than Jeff could endure and he reached down to massage Tina’s tight rear. She moaned and thrust her butt up to meet his caresses, Jeff’s hand squeezing each cheek in turn. Occasionally he would even rub down between her legs, stopping just before reaching her aroused pussy.

With one hand she smoothly undid his pants and fished out his pulsing rod. Tina licked it slowly, intent on making this blowjob last until they got back to school. She could hear Jeff above her pleading for her to take his cock in her mouth, yet she continued her slow deliberate licking.

His pleas going unheard, Jeff decided turn about was fair play and reached down to rub Tina’s wet pussy. She moaned at his light, tender touch. “Put a finger in me,” she requested plaintively.

“Suck me,” Jeff countered.

Tina was torn between her needs for pleasure and her desire to tease. She remained steadfast, refusing to take him into her mouth. Jeff also continued his teasing, their arousal growing with each passing second. Tina was the first to give in, wrapping her lips around the swollen crown. Jeff quickly reciprocated, wriggling a finger in her leaky gash as Tina pressed her lips down his cock.

As Tina bobbed up and down on Jeff, he pushed a second finger inside her, Tina’s cries of delight muffled by her mouthful of cock. The moment Jeff’s fingers found her g-spot, Tina was squirming in release on the seat. He continued to diddle her even as Tina let his cock slip from her mouth.

A steady stream of moans and gasps came from Tina as she clamped her legs around Jeff’s hand. After a few minutes she was spent and pushed his hand away. Tina hesitantly stabbed at his cock with her tongue, finally taking him back in her mouth and sucking him deeply. Jeff’s hand was on her head now, guiding her up and down his cock. Faster and faster she moved, spit dripping from her lips and coating his swollen shaft.

As his cock filled her mouth, Tina felt the pressure on her head, holding her tight to him. She swirled her tongue around the crown and sucked as hard as she could. It had the desired effect. With a scream that could wake the dead, Jeff came. His cock pulsed in her mouth, flooding it with his thick sticky cum. She swallowed frantically, not want to lose a single drop of the delicious issue. Each gulp seemed bigger than the last until finally it was over.

Tina licked Jeff clean and zipped him back up before sliding escort kartal back against the passenger side door. “That was so fuckin’ hot,” she muttered.

Jeff looked over at Tina. She was dripping with perspiration, her white tank top completely soaked through. Her pert breasts topped with thick hard nipples showed through her top. The tan mini–skirt was still bunched around her waist giving him a delicious view of her swollen pussy.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot,” he said rubbing his hand up her calf and down her thigh.

The second his hand touched her sex, Tina slid down the seat and pushed his fingers inside her. With one leg on the seatback behind his head and the other on the dash, Tina had spread herself wide open. Jeff had his fingers buried in Tina, his thumb teasing her clitoris as he finger-fucked her, three fingers stretching her wet hole. She grunted and moaned, squeezing her tits while Jeff masturbated her to release.

“Pull over,” Tina screamed.

“Why?” Jeff asked coyly.

“‘Cause I need you to fuck me,” Tina hissed through clenched teeth as another orgasm rippled through her.

Jeff turned off onto a side road, bringing the truck to a stop in a cloud of dust. Tina quickly pulled Jeff’s pants down to his ankles and had him slide over to the passenger side. She was astride him in seconds, burying his cock in her pussy. Tina leaned back against the dash which gave her leverage for thrusting against Jeff. He reached out and latched onto her breasts, massaging them roughly through her sweat-soaked shirt.

Tina moaned at his brusque touch before entreating him, “Suck my tits.”

Leaning forward Jeff took one of her firm globes of flesh in his mouth, sucking on it through her wet shirt. He alternated between her breasts as she ground on him, her pussy squeezing his shaft. Growing frustrated with Tina’s top, Jeff tore it in two exposing her firm tits to his unfettered attentions. Tina found herself aroused by his rough handling of her and begged him to fuck and suck her harder. He did just that, pounding her mercilessly against the dash as he kneaded and bit at her tits.

After a few minutes of this attention, Tina was spent. She had lost track of how many times Jeff made her cum and was beginning to wonder if he would tear her in two before he finished. Of course she knew a way to get him off in seconds if she wanted to.

At an opportune moment she slipped his cock from her and spun around. Tina still straddled Jeff but now she was facing the windshield.

“What are you doing?” Jeff asked, his voice filled with anticipation.

“Finishing you off before you rip me in two,” she replied, grasping his cock and rubbing it against her bottom. “Do me in the ass, Jeff,” she purred as she pressed against his cock. “I know you love my nice tight rear, so stick it in me and come in my ass.”

She was right, he did love her ass. It was firm and shapely and she was more than willing to have it fucked. Taking his cock in his hand, Jeff pressed the head against her puckered hole and Tina pressed back against it. Slowly it opened to accept him and once the crown was in, he pulled her roughly down, driving the rest home.

Tina screamed in delight, and a little pain, as he filled her. Rocking her hips, she quickly had Jeff on spewing his seed deep in her bowels. He sunk his teeth into her shoulder as he filled her with what little cum he had left after the long weekend of unbridled passion. They didn’t move for several minutes, each relishing in the feeling of complete sexual fulfillment.

With a gentle push, Jeff finally moved Tina from his lap. He pulled up his pants and buckled them while apologizing to Tina for tearing her shirt. She assured him it was fine and pulled a ratty old t-shirt from the glove box.

“This’ll work until I get back to the dorm,” she said pulling the oil stained shirt over her head.

Once they were both back in some semblance of order, Jeff pulled back onto the road and they drove back to college holding hands and not saying a word.

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