Schoolgirl Steph Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of “Schoolgirl Steph,” which can be found in the Non-consent/reluctance section. I’m not sure if that was the right section for it, but it’s there! I’m not sure where this chapter is going. If you want the prequel, you know where to look!

Nothing. I ran out onto the street and Stephanie was gone. The one and only schoolgirl I had the pleasure of tasting was nowhere to be seen. Not acceptable. I had to find her. Plan B, I guess. Time to go from a casual lover to some kind of creepy stalker. Oh well, I didn’t give a shit. My search started with the phonebook. Yeah, that lasted about three seconds, seeing as how I didn’t know her last name. It didn’t take me long to turn to the internet. A quick search of local high schools, narrowed down to Catholic or private schools, then further narrowed down to the ones within walking distance. Bingo.

So Stephanie must go to St. James. Their web page was very easily navigated. Impressive graphics. Wait…what the hell, none of this matters. Bottom line is, their directory made it easy to find her last name. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to tell you. Perverts. I joke, I joke. However, St. James is not in the habit of giving out the phone numbers of their students. So the next step was to search ICQ and hope she used it. She did. So did five others with the same name. I added them all to my contacts. One didn’t speak English, two told me to go fuck myself, and one was a forty-eight year old housewife. One didn’t respond.

It took a few days, but Stephanie responded to my message (I had simply written “hey schoolgirl, how’d you like the fourth floor?). I was online one night and she just wrote “hey.” I was in. After making sure she knew who I was, I told her I needed to see her again. The conversation follows:

“Um I dunno, maybe. I had fun too.”

“Totally, schoolgirl. So what are you up to now?”

“Nothing, doing homework. What about u?”

“Thinking about your body. And about how amazing you were.”

“Stop it, you’re making me blush lol”

“Oh you love it.”

“So what if I do?”

“Now you’re just being naughty.”

“Too bad no one is here to spank me :P”

“Stop it, Stephanie, unless you want me to come over there.”

“Well, um…maybe you should.”

“Are you serious?”

“Ya. I’ve been thinking about the other day a lot too ya know.”

“Wait a sec, aren’t your parents home?”

“Uh huh.”

“Ok, right. Forget it then.”

“They don’t have to know. They’ll be in bed soon. I’m on the ground floor”

“Ground floor? Meaning what?”

“Meaning you sneak in the window, dumbass :P”

Well holy shit. Taking a girl into your apartment is one thing, but sneaking into her house and doing her while her parents are asleep in another. The last thing I needed was some pissed off father with a shotgun chasing me out of his daughter’s bed. And what if she gave me the wrong address? That would be fun to explain to my brother on the phone from the police station. I had to make sure.

“So you really want me to come over?”


“Right now? Tonight?”

“God, yes! I’m not kidding. They’ll be asleep by the time you get here.”

“Fuck, I don’t know. You know I want you, but…”

“I want you too, so bad. I’m seriously getting wet.”

“Damn, you’re tempting me Steph.”


“Will you wear your uniform?”

“Nope, something much better.”

Needless to say, I gave in. Another once in a lifetime opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. Stephanie gave me her address (again, you’re not getting it, suckers), and I was on my way. Her place was within walking distance, but pretty far. It took me about forty minutes to get there. Nice house; I think Stephanie’s parents were loaded. I approached from the side, cutting across the neighbors’ lawn. My stomach was churning by this point; it reminded me of cutting through yards I wasn’t supposed to when I was a kid. I crept quickly between the two houses to get around back where Stephanie’s window apparently was. I felt like Solid Snake, really cool. Until, that is, I tripped over a sprinkler and took a dive. I smashed my knee on some garden rock or gnome or some shit like that. “Fuck!” Ok, yelling was a bit of a mistake. A dog in the neighbors’ house went crazy, lights there went on. But Steph’s bostancı escort bayan house was still silent. With my jeans muddy and my knee throbbing, I continued to the back of the house. I felt like some wounded soldier returning home to bang his wife after years of absence.

Stephanie’s window was right where she had described it, and open halfway, just as she said it would be. Go time. I walked up silently and peered in. The room was dark, but the moonlight allowed me to see my treasure. Stephanie sat on her bed, legs crossed, facing the window. her brown hair was done up in a ponytail that moved a little bit every time her head did. I couldn’t exactly tell what she had on, but it looked silky and thin. I pulled myself up through her window, making as little noise as possible. Seconds after I was standing in Stephanie’s room. She looked up, then stood up. Her little black chemise came down to her thighs, and I could barely see the matching panties beneath. We just stare at each other for a moment, the she moves.

Stephanie walks quickly over to me and wraps her arms around my shoulders, pressing her soft lips against mine simultaneously. She wastes no time, her tongue immediately forces its way into my mouth. I grab her ass, hard, and kiss her back. She lets out a little moan. I can feel the satin of her chemise pressing against me. Her perfume washes over me and makes me remember our first encounter. This makes me twice as hard as I was. Stephanie and I kiss passionately, standing by the window. I grab her knee and lift one of her legs up, my tongue moving down her neck. She tilts her head back and breathes heavily. My mouth finds her cleavage, only partially hidden under black lace trim. She sighs as I explore it with my mouth. I move one hand under her chemise and caress her silky panties at the back. I reach deeper down, deeper, until my hand presses between her legs from behind. “Oh God,” she sighs and almost loses balance.

“You’re wet, schoolgirl.”

“Yes.” I move my mouth to her ear and start whispering.

“Do you know how much I’ve been thinking about you? How hot you were that day, what a good little girl you were for me?”

“Yeah…me too.” I’m fingering Stephanie through her black panties, and she’s grinding on my fingers. Her hand moves to the crotch of my jeans and feels how hard I’ve become.

“Oh, I see,” I whisper into her ear “Now that’s something you never got to do last time.” Stephanie nods and lets a little moan escape as I rub her faster. She undoes my belt.

“I want to…” Stephanie doesn’t finish her sentence, but drops to her knees in front of me. Again she wastes no time and takes my cock into her mouth a lot faster than I had expected.

“Oh fuck!” I say a little too loudly and she punches my shin as a warning to keep quiet. “Sorry, sorry…” I whisper. I brace myself with my hands on the windowsill as Stephanie goes to work. Her tongue darts over my cock and she takes the head in and out of her mouth. She’s a little inexperienced, but seeing her kneel in the moonlight, sucking me in her own room while her parents sleep is amazing. “God you make me so hard, schoolgirl.” She moans and fawns over my cock, licking the shaft up and down until it glistens in the moonlight. I see her lower one hand down into her panties at the front, and she moans again as she begins to play with herself. Always a good girl.

Stephanie is working me with her hand now too, jerking my cock as she takes the head in and out of her mouth. She’s like a machine, working as fast as she can. The squishy and sucking noises seem to make her hornier, which in turn makes me want to cum even more. “God Steph, slow down,” my hands are on her head, playing with her ponytail, “Not so fast.” I can feel her working me into orgasm with her hands and mouth, but I don’t want to cum yet. She continues to moan and I subconsciously move my hips toward her as she sucks me. She releases my cock and looks up at me, her face glistening with saliva. We’re both panting. She looks back at my cock nervously.

“No baby, come on, time to-” Stephanie slowly pushes her mouth onto my cock, her eyes meeting mine. Inch after inch it disappears into her mouth, deeper by the second. She’s nervous, but she continues. “Oh God, Steph..” my cock is almost all the way into ümraniye escort her mouth now, and the thought of cumming deep in her throat almost makes me lose it. She moans nervously; this is as far as she can go. But she wants to go farther. She tries, and fails. Stephanie lets out a gagged cough and pulls my cock out. She goes into a coughing fit.

Stephanie tries to cover her mouth, but it’s no good. I hear footsteps coming down the hall. Holy fuck. Not good. I have no time to escape; my pants are down around my ankles and keep me from running like shackles. I freeze. I’m dead. There’s a knock at Stephanie’s bedroom door.

“Steph?” it’s her mother, “You ok in there sweetheart?” Stephanie looks up at me, wide-eyed, scared. I’m just as terrified, but I’m trying my best not to show it. Her mouth is still wet and saliva drips down her chin. She’s silently asking me for advice. I have none to give.

“I’m…fine, mom.” She says and tries to sound casual. There’s fear in her voice.

“Are you sure, sweetie? Do you need-” the doorknob begins to turn.

“NO!” Steph yells, a little too harshly. There’s a pause, a three-second eternity.

“…All right…I’m going back to bed.”

“Kay.” The footsteps fade back down the hallway. Stephanie stands up and faces the door. My erect cock slides between her legs from behind and my hands find her breasts. She reaches a hand down and jerks my cock; I can feel it pressing against her panties.

“You are so wet. And you’ve made me so hard, Stephanie.” my tongue traces her neck and she tilts her head back and sighs. “You have to be more careful, little girl. You almost got us in trouble.”

“Yes…I will be.”

“You promise?”

“Yes I promise.” After this is whispered I stop kissing Stephanie’s neck and suddenly smack her ass. Hard. She jumps and her hands fly to her mouth to contain a scream. I push her forward onto her bed. She lands and turns around to face me. I kick off my jeans and dive on top of her, grinding my cock into her satiny crotch.

“Fuck you!” she whispers and giggles a bit. I kiss her hard and silence her. Our making out becomes passionate and she’s soon no longer in a giggling mood. My tongue finds her ear once more and I begin whispering.

“I didn’t know innocent girls had outfits like this, Stephanie.” She sighs and I see her smile in the moonlight. “Do your parents know about this little number?”

“No way.” She breathes. The head of my cock is pressed against her panties, hard, and she squirms and grinds on it. Enough playing around, I decide. I want to know how much she can take. I dive one hand into the front of her panties and immediately find her clit. She jumps and gasps and my mouth locks onto hers to keep her silent. I feverishly finger Stephanie, her chemise hiked up to expose her stomach and her legs bent and spread wide. She quivers on my fingers and her breathing becomes rapid. Every moan that escapes her mouth is muffled by mine, my tongue intertwined with hers in an everlasting French kiss. She’s bucking her hips now, and squeezing her breasts with both hands. I’m enjoying the feel of this satin clad schoolgirl beneath me, quivering as my fingers work her closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly her hands fly down to her crotch and she pulls my fingers away.

“Don’t…I can’t….I’ll scream if you keep going.” I move my hand back into her panties and touch her clit again. “No! I’m serious, we’ll get in a lot of trouble.” I keep fingering her, staring into her eyes.

“All right. Then you know what we do next…better take your panties off.” Stephanie is breathing heavily and moves her hands to the sides of her panties. My fingers continue to pleasure her and she suddenly moves her hands back to mine to try and stop me. She can’t decide what to do; she can’t bear my hands unrestrained on her for long enough. This goes on for another minute, her hands flying from the sides of her panties to the front, desperate to slide them off, but desperate not to cum. She can’t take it any longer. She keeps one hand on mine, trying to slow my fingers down, and pulls with the other. Her panties stretch farther and farther until they suddenly tear and snap away from her thighs.

“Omigod,” she sighs as I finally pull my fingers away from her pussy.

“You naughty little girl.” escort kartal I move the head of my cock until it touches her pussy just barely, my tongue on her neck and shoulder, a thin strap of her chemise slides off and halfway down her arm.

“Yessss” she whispers as she feels my cock touching her. She garbs it and pushes it inside of her a little farther. I moan as her wetness and heat embrace my cock; it feels like her pussy is a vacuum, sucking me inside. I don’t want to wait any longer.

“I don’t trust you, schoolgirl. I don’t think you’ll be quiet enough.”

“OhyesyesIwillbeplease” she rushes.

“Just in case,” I say, and grab her torn panties, bringing them up to her face. Stephanie looks at me nervously and slowly opens her little mouth. I slide her black satin panties inside as best I can, a broken string side dangling onto her neck. She breathes quickly and heavily through her nostrils; her eyes roll back and close. “Good girl.”

I wait no longer, and suddenly slide the entire length of my cock into her. She arches her back and a moan that would have been much too loud is muffled by her panties. My hands squeeze her breasts through her chemise and I slide in and out of her in long, slow thrusts, making sure to go all the way in. Looking down I see my cock shaft shining with her wetness in the moonlight, sliding in and out of this angel. “Ah, God,” I moan and Stephanie does too, realizing what I’m seeing. Her hands are on my ass and she pulls me into her again and again, little muffled moans escaping. She pulls me faster with her hands, and I move my hands to the bed beside her head to brace myself. My tongue licks Stephanie’s lips and her panties, now getting very wet from her mouth and dripping onto her chest. I’m fucking her fast now, hard, her legs move up onto my shoulders and she feverishly rubs her clit. Her breasts bounce like jello under her little chemise. The bed’s springs begin to speak, the headboard is hitting the wall. Neither of us cares.

Stephanie is lost in a world of her own, loving the way my cock slides in and out of her so quickly. I’m relishing her sweet neck with my tongue and I hike her chemise up to expose her breasts. With my cock still rapidly fucking her, I move my mouth to her right nipple and suck. She moans and I feel her entire body shake. My fucking continues and my mouth on her nipple and her fingers on her clit take their toll on her. Stephanie begins to orgasm. I want my mouth on hers when she does it. I pull her panties, now soaked and slippery, out of her mouth as she approaches her climax and begin kissing her. Her bodily contortions are driving me wild and I feel my cock stiffen; I want to cum so badly.

Stephanie remains as quiet as she can as she starts to cum, my cock sliding in and out lightning fast now. I keep my mouth pressed on hers to muffle her screams, but her jerky movements are making it difficult. I feel my own orgasm building, and just as she’s climaxing, I take my mouth off hers.

“God, Steph I’m going to cum!” This sends her over the edge and she screams. Loud. Much too loud. She’s cumming all over my cock and we both stare at each other. Movement in the house. “Fuck…fuck!” I whisper. I’m still fucking her fast. She pushes her hands onto my chest so that I slide out of her. Someone is coming down the hallway to investigate Stephanie’s scream. She looks at me, terrified, her crotch soaked. As soon as my cock leaves her, I start to cum. We’re going to get busted, but there’s nothing I can do; the dam holding back my cum has shattered and I start to shoot. My seed jets onto Stephanie’s silky black chemise; it looks like pearls in the moonlight. Again and again I soak her little outfit; her breasts are wet and they glisten. A fraction of a second later, still quivering from my orgasm, I’m grabbing my clothes from the floor. The footsteps in the hallway get louder. Stephanie is trying desperately to get out of her soaked chemise but the wetness of my cum makes it cling to her young body. I desperately want to help her and I start to head toward her.

“Fuck! Go! Go!!” She whispers harshly. She grabs her soaked panties and flings them to the floor beside her bed. I dart toward the window and dive out like some action star with my clothes in my hands. I hit the ground hard, re-injuring my earlier bruised knee. I can’t hit the street naked, so I pull on my clothes as fast as I can. My pants are on backwards and my shirt is inside out. I dart from the rear of the house just as I hear Stephanie’s bedroom door opening.

God, schoolgirl, I hope you covered your ass in time.

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