Screwing A Girl I Didn’t Like

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I hadn’t spoken to Val for a long time, and we had lost contact after she had taken offence at an email I’d written after a pub meeting. But when I knew I was going to be in Brussels for a night, her home town, it seemed worth getting in contact. Quite simply, she was a girl I’d never liked – she irritated the hell out of me – but I’d often wanted to fuck her, for reasons I couldn’t explain – humiliation? I had frequent visions of our fucking in public places, of her hand making its way into my pants and rubbing me off, of us screwing in hotel rooms, of my licking her cunt as she lay splayed on a double bed and then shafting my stiff, wet prick hard and fast in her tight, hairy cunt while she thrashed and moaned loudly.

She agreed to meet me and we had a strange few minutes while she let me know that I’d hurt her feelings – she obviously wanted an apology. I didn’t grovel, but I let her know that I was sorry and asked her if I could buy her dinner in my hotel; and she agreed. She had always flirted with me, and she started again as soon as we sat down, dropping her napkin and letting me pick it up from between her legs. She giggled, and I was confident that I would be able to bed her. I decided – I only had one night – not to waste time. Before otele gelen escort the main course was over I told her, directly, that I thought we should never have fallen out, and that I’d like to show how much she meant to me – upstairs.

I hadn’t misjudged her – I think we both had the feeling that we were designed to have one good sex session at least in our lives together, and she quickly agreed to join me in the bedroom. I wanted her to be as hot as possible and so I started to tell her, in clear detail, what I wanted to happen.

“Valerie, I will be in charge at all times. I’m going to put you on your back, over the side of the bed, with your legs hanging down and your cunt gaping. I will finger you. You won’t be able to keep quiet, or still, and I will make you come very quickly. Then I will start again, and take my own pleasure with you, any way I choose.

She just looked at me, taken aback for a second, and then said, “I’m wet. Take me upstairs, now”

We abandoned our meal and I led her into the lift. As we went up the four floors, I looked her straight in the eye, and then brushed my hand over her skirt, in the area of her cunt. She just groaned, and said pendik escort something like, “wait – I can’t stand it.”

I just smiled, took her by the hand and led her to my room. I set the dimmer switch low, but made sure everything was still clearly visible. I shrugged off my jacket, removed my tie and then pushed Val onto the bed so she lay there, panting, her legs over the side.

I kicked off my shoes and socks, then went over and pushed my hand up her skirt, causing her to groan again and mutter something. I found her knickers, and tore them sharply down, getting another moan as they stopped at her ankles. Then I knelt down, ran a finger up and down her hairy minge for a second and then rubbed her clit for a moment. She started swearing loudly and I pushed my face into her cunt and started to lick her out. She was spewing out a range of obscenities and fuck words in a high, rapid voice as I dribbled saliva into her cunt and spread it up and down her vagina – no real need, because she was as wet as I’d ever known a woman. I only had to muff dive her for a minute before she sat straight up on the bed, let out an anguished wail and came so loudly I knew anyone in the rooms and corridors rus escort around us couldn’t fail to hear her. She collapsed back on the bed and writhed about for a minute before subsiding to a heavy breathing pattern and I stood up. My prick was straining painfully in my trousers and doubtless leaking spunk; I had no intention of delaying my own pleasure any longer..

I didn’t say anything, just pushed my trousers and pants down and watched my enormous, wet erection slap up, the knob glistening and leaking pre-come. I grabbed her legs and hoisted them onto my shoulders so her puffy, wet gash was facing my prick, them rammed it as hard as I could, straight up her in one movement. She was very tight, but wet too and she took me inside with a short gasp, then started to rap out instructions to me; “Ooooooh, harder, you mother fucker, give me that prick as hard as you’ve ever given it! – I can take it., I want it now, I want to feel your spunk inside me. Urrrghhh! Fuck me harder, you bastard, fuck me harder with that great prick of yours, spunk inside me, Jeremy, shoot, you cunt, spunk up my cunt!

My head snapped back and I groaned loudly, letting go when my cock was at it deepest point, spraying my cum inside her belly. I knew I was having full sex with a woman I didn’t like and it had never felt better or dirtier. Sparks flew in front of my eyes as my orgasm hit me like a hammer. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

I didn’t like her, but I have never felt anything like the feeling of my huge dick ball deep inside Valerie that day. The best sex I’ve had so far – it’ll take some beating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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