Seduction of Parents

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I apologise for not making this story into a chapter story, live and learn.

This is not a “Stand-Alone” story. Please read in order:

– Pre-Graduation Party

– Home Video Circa 1980

– Jody’s Plan

All participants in this story are over age 18.


Morning came way too early for me. Last night’s sleepover was nothing new, girl talk, plans for the graduation party up at the cabin in the mountains and our plans to have sex with some men (well, post high school boys); a couple of orgasms from our girl loving and of course my plans to seduce my mum and dad.

I have been awake for only a few moments, taking in the pleasant feeling of someone’s leg touching mine, the pressure of a bum against my hip, the smell of sex still lingering in the air. We’ll have to do something about that last one before Bridget’s parents return.

I lay between Bridget and Janet, with all four of us sleeping in the King size bed naked. Just the thought of it was turning me on again. I’ve turned into some sort of sex hungry demon girl. All I wanted to do right now was touch Janet’s bum that was pressed up against me. Her bubble butt is so round and tight I just wanted to kiss it.

My hand went under the covers and gently stroked Janet’s lovely round ass from hip to thigh, back and forth, moving across slowly to the crack of her ass. As I was passing over her butt crack going up and down, my fingers gently parted her cheeks so that I could touch her rosebud.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, girl,” whispered Janet, much to my surprise.

“I thought you were sleeping,” I said back in a hushed voice.

“I was, but I woke up just in time to feel you touching my asshole. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, it feels good and relaxing as well as arousing,” said Janet.

“Is that even possible? To be relaxing and arousing?” I asked

“Yes, I think it is if your with someone you love and trust,” replied Janet

With that answer, I pulled the covers off Janet’s ass and planted little kisses all over her butt. I rubbed my cheek against her ass as I went, taking note of the feel of her skin on my face. Again making note that I can tell the difference from one girlfriend and another by touch alone.

“I love touching your ass, Janet, it’s smooth and round yet firm. It makes me want to kiss it,” I said

“Oh, Jody, you can ‘kiss my ass’ all you want,” laughed Janet at her joke as she raised her butt off the bed so I could get more access to her ass.

“Hey, you girls having a party and didn’t invite me?” asked Ginger from the other side of the bed.

Ginger moved in closer to Janet so that Janet was wedged between us with her ass sort of on display. Both Ginger and I were kissing and feeling Janet’s round ass as we stroked her legs and back with our hands. Soon enough Janet was making little whimpering sounds and moaning.

“I think she likes this Jody,” said Ginger between kisses.

On our next stroke over her legs, we slid up high between her thighs and touched her pussy and asshole lightly while our other hands started playing with Janet’s tits that were now accessible since Janet had raised herself up on her knees for us. She was getting nice and wet for us as we kissed and pinched and stroked her body towards an early morning orgasm.

“Are you hungry Ginger?” I asked “Because there’s pussy on the menu if you are,” I offered.

Ginger repositioned herself behind Janet so that she could sample some of Janet’s morning offering. Before she dipped her tongue into her pussy, she moved over to me and gave me a wet tongue kiss to say thanks for the suggestion.

All the moving around finally woke Bridget from her sleep.

“Hey save me some of that you guys,” cried Bridget.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty pussy to go around,” I said.

Ginger started licking Janet’s pussy, while I played with Janet’s boobs. I had turned around so I was laying on my back facing up at Janet’s chest and with my feet towards Bridget so that she could attack my pussy with her tongue when she was awake enough.

Janet lowered her tits to my lips so I could suck on them and bite them a little. That made her cry out with pleasure. Janet was able to reach over with her hand and play with my breasts as I played with hers.

“Oh my god, Ginger, don’t stop licking me from pussy to asshole. I just love it when you do that!” cried Janet.

Ginger could only make affirmative sounds while her lips and tongue were otherwise occupied.

Bridget was now kissing my feet, sucking on my toes. She had my knees bent and my feet pressed up against her tits and raised one foot to her mouth at a time making love to my toes. I’ve never felt anything so erotic. Seems like we discover something new to do every weekend.

After she had kissed and sucked on both my feet and all my toes she slowly made her way up my legs. She planted little kisses and licks all the way up my inner thighs and stopped short of my pussy, then started on the other leg.

Once Bridget türbanlı porno had licked and kissed her way up my second leg and was just hovering over my pubic area, I could hear her inhale as she brushed her face on my pubic hair, taking in my scent. I knew what she was doing because I liked to do it too. It’s a turn on to smell the ‘scent of a woman’ just before you lick her pussy.

I stopped what I was doing to Janet’s boobs, in anticipation of what Bridget was about to do. The waiting was killing me. “Just eat my pussy already,” I thought to myself. Finally, she did. Her tongue licked my outer lips, first left, then right, then all the way from the bottom of my pussy she licked upwards as her tongue slipped between my outer lips and dipped into my honey pot.

“Oh, yes just like that, Bridget,” I said with a gasp.

I then returned my attention to Janet’s tits. She was fast approaching orgasm as Ginger was really going at her with both hands and tongue.

“Oh, yes Ginger, fuck me with your fingers, lick my cunt, lick my asshole, ah, yes that’s it, I’m cumming! Fuck, fuck yes oh god, yes I’m cumming!” Janet cried out.

As she came, Janet dropped herself down flat on top of me, pinning me to the bed, my head on one side of her and the rest of me on the other side. I was powerless now and at Bridget’s mercy.

“Oh my god, I can’t move Janet, you’re pinning me down,” I said.

Bridget laughed sadistically and started really working me over knowing I was powerless to stop her. She worked two then three fingers into my pussy while licking and sucking hard on my clit. With her other hand, she worked a finger into my ass with little effort due to all the lubrication that was running over it.

Being pinned down and powerless had a dramatic effect on me. I came moments after Bridget stuffed my ass with her finger.

“Bridget, you bitch, oh my god you’re making me cum!” I cried out.

Janet was now laughing and deliberately holding me down.

Ginger was so horny now after eating Janet for so long that she was fingering her own pussy and pinching her tits as she watched me getting plundered by Bridget with Janet’s help.

“Oh man, that is so hot, we’ll have to add bondage to our games you guys,” said Ginger just before she came on her hands and thrashed around the foot of the bed.

“Damn that was fun, but now I’m so horny I need to be stuffed with something,” said Bridget.

“I’ll get Big Blue for you Bridget, and stuff you full of cock,” I said, still breathing hard and with revenge in mind.

“Gee, thanks, Jody, I think,” replied Bridget.

Getting Big Blue from my overnight bag I slipped him in and out of my mouth, getting my spit all over it in order to slide him in Bridget’s pussy. Although she was so wet it was not necessary at all.

“Here we go, Bridget, open wide and say AH,” I said.

“Ahhh, oh my god!” cried Bridget, as I slid all the way in with one push.

Ginger and Janet were on her in a heartbeat and held her down while I fucked her with Big Blue. As they held her they tortured her nipples with kisses and nibbles as I drove my vibrator in and out on maximum vibration.

Bridget was cumming in less than two minutes and gushed all over my hands.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck yes!” cried Bridget

“That’s it, Bridget, squirt your cum all over me,” I said. I really liked getting sprayed with girl cum. After seeing Janet do it and now Bridget, I wondered if we could all do it?

All of us lay there in a heap of sweaty skin, breathing heavily for several minutes.

After we caught our breath and were able to move again, I said, “Okay girls, I think it’s time to get on with the day. I’ve got plans with my parents today, although they don’t know it yet.”


I arrived home in time for brunch. dad was making omelettes while mum was making coffee and toast.

“You’re just in time sweetie, brunch is almost ready.” said dad.

“Oh great, I’m really hungry and it smells delicious. Is that coffee ready mum?” I asked.

“When did you start drinking coffee, Jody?” mum asked

“Oh, I have a cup now and then, not more than is good for me. There is so much controversy on whether it’s good for you or not that I use it in moderation.” I said, hoping it made me sound more mature and adult.

“Hmm, that’s smart, Jody, you’re really maturing sweetie,” dad said.

I smiled to myself, things seemed to be going as planned. I was wearing the outfit I left in last night so my dad was trying not to look at my tits while he talked to me, but not very successfully.

“Thank you, dad,” I replied with a big hug from the side, making sure to press my boobs into his shoulder.

We all sat down and had some omelettes with bacon, toast, jam and hot coffee. I was feeling better now that I had some food in me. Last night used up all my energy.

I was feeling in need of a shower and excused myself from the table and headed to my room. “Thanks for brunch, I think türk porno I’ll go on up and have a shower now if nobody else needs the bathroom.”

“Ok sweetie, I’ll have mine after you so don’t use all the hot water please,” mum said with a smile and a glance at my chest.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard mum talking to dad, so I stopped to eavesdrop.

“Jody is growing up so fast, did you notice the tits on that girl honey?”

“How could I miss them, dear, they’re right out there for the looking,” dad replied.

“Do you think she’s flirting with you,” mum asked, “She seems a little affectionate with you.”

“I don’t know, she’s always shown affection for us, maybe it’s just that she’s looking more like a grown up now that’s caused us to take notice of her changing body?” dad asked.

“Maybe, she sure is grown up, in more ways than one.” mum said.

I quietly made my way up the stairs to my room and got undressed and walked down the hall to the bathroom just in my panties and bra.

I turned on the shower and shed my panties and bra. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water flow over my head and down my body. It felt so good I just stood there for several minutes. Then I remembered mum was wanting a shower so I hurried so as not to use all the hot water. I washed my hair, soaped up my body and lingered a little on my nipples and pussy. I was remembering last night and this morning and felt a tingle in my pussy. “No time for that now got to let mum in soon,” I thought to myself.

I turned the water off and stepped out to dry off. I was almost dry when someone knocked on the bathroom door.

“Jody, it’s mum, are you finished?” mum asked through the door.

“Just about mum, come on it,” I said

Mum opened the door and stepped in closing the door behind her when she noticed I was still naked. I had my hair in a towel and one foot up on the toilet seat drying my leg and noticed mum looking at me.

“Go ahead mum, you can shower now, I’ll be out in a minute or two,” I said, hoping mum would get naked with me.

“Oh… Ok,” said mum and she took her robe off leaving herself quite naked.

I took a good look at her body. She showed signs of ageing, some wrinkles and sagging slightly on the boobs, but overall she looked good for her age.

“Nice body, mum, you look great!” I said.

“Um, thanks, Jody,” mum said with some blushing

“You look pretty good too,” she said to me.

I took the opportunity to flaunt my chest and turned to her pushing it out and letting her take a good look at my fully naked body from head to toe.

“Really mum, you think so?” I asked.

Mum studied me now, looking over my body purposefully, pausing at my tits and pussy for a couple heartbeats. My heart was pounding and I’m almost sure she could hear it too.

“Yes, sweetie, you’re gorgeous. I can’t believe how you’ve grown up so fast,” mum said.

“Well, I am 18 now so yes I’m an adult and look like one too,” I replied. “I just hope I look as good as you when I’m your age. You’re a hot mum.”

“Thank you, Jody,” said mum as she stepped into the shower.

I watched her for a few seconds, then wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom.

I walked back down the hall to my room and as I opened the door I deliberately dropped the towel, just in case dad was in range to see me. I didn’t want to look back to his room, just in case he saw me looking. I stepped into my room and closed the door. My heart was still racing as I sat down on the bed.

“What is my next step? I have an idea,” I thought to myself.

I called Ginger, “Hi Ginger, it’s Jody. I have a plan but I need to know if you are willing to help me.”

“Sure, what is the plan and how can I help?” asked Ginger.

“I need you to come over here and get caught with me licking your pussy by my parents,” I said.

“What? Oh my god, that’s just wicked Jody. How are we going to do this?” asked Ginger.

“I don’t have the details ironed out just yet, Ginger, maybe while you’re on your way over we can both think about it,” I replied.

“Ok, when do you want me to come over?” asked Ginger.

“How about we do this after school Monday, are you able to come then?” I asked.

“Ok, Jody I’ll see you tomorrow, bye for now.” Ginger hung up the phone.


Monday morning I woke up feeling excited. I showered and dressed in something nice, but not slutty. I had to spend the day in school after all.

Mum was in the kitchen having coffee and looking at the mail.

“Hi mum, how’s it going,” I said with a kiss on her cheek as she sipped her coffee.

“Good morning, Jody, I’m good. By the way, I’ll be coming home a little earlier this evening from work. I have a doctor’s appointment at 2:30 this afternoon, so I’ll just come home rather than back to work.”

“Nothing serious I hope, mum?” I asked.

“No, nothing to worry about, just the usual annual examination. Should take about 45 minutes türkçe porno or so,” mum replied.

“Ok, I’ve got to go, mum, see you later,” I said as I grabbed some toast and went out the door.

“Ok, today’s the day I get caught with my mouth on another girls pussy,” I thought to myself as I went to school.

All day at school I could hardly concentrate on work. I kept going over what we were going to do after school today.

Ginger met me in the hall by my locker after last period.

“Hi Jody, we still on for you know what?” asked Ginger.

“Yes, and I have a plan that should work. My mum is going to be home early today so I’ll make like I forgot and have you over to make out with, thinking I have lots of time, then in walks mum while I have my mouth on your pussy,” I said.

“Oh my god, that’s wicked, Jody. What do you think she’ll do?” asked Ginger.

“We’ll soon find out, Ginger, but once we do this, there’s no turning back,” I said.


Ginger and I arrived at my house around 2:45 and went up to my room to prepare for mum’s arrival.

“I think mum should be home around 3:30 from her appointment, so we should start if we want to have any fun before she gets her,” I said to Ginger with a smile.

She nodded with a grin and kissed me softly on the lips, slowly unbuttoning my blouse. As she undid my blouse I started working on her skirt button and zipper. She had my blouse unbuttoned and off my shoulders so I lowered my arms so she could remove it completely. I returned my hands to finish taking her skirt off, pushing it over her hips and it dropped to the floor in a puddle.

Ginger broke our kiss and stepped out of the skirt, as she walked over to the bed she pulled me by the hand to follow her. She sat on the bed in her underwear and stockings, still wearing her blouse. As I approached her, she undid my belt started working my jeans off of me. She kissed my belly, working her way down as my jeans were lowered to my ankles. She poked my navel with her wet tongue, sending chills down my spine.

I stepped back out of my jeans, pushing them away, I knelt in front of her. I started unbuttoning her blouse while her legs wrapped around my hips and thighs. She leant over and kissed my lips again as I pushed her blouse over her shoulders and down her arms. I then took her stockings off, one at a time, kissing my way down her thighs, inhaling her arousal as I went then making my way to her toes.

Now we were both in nothing more than bra and panties. I pushed her down on the bed and straddled her waist, kissing her with a passion I never thought I would have for another girl. I believe all four of us were falling in love with each other in some way. Perhaps not like husband and wife love, but stronger than the love you would normally have for a friend.

I suddenly remembered why we were here.

“Mum should be here shortly, I best start licking your pussy, if you have no objections, Ginger,” I said with a smile.

“No, not at all, Jody, please let me help you get my panties off,” she said as she raised her hips for me while I tugged her panties down her legs, which she had raised up over my head. I tossed her panties aside and started kissing her feet that were raised in front of my face. I loved the feel of her feet against my face. “Am I developing a foot fetish?” I thought to myself.

I kissed all the way back up her calf, her inner thigh and stopped to admire her glistening pussy, moist with her arousal and anxious for my lips to touch hers. I moved closer, my nose close enough now to receive the full fragrance coming from her pussy. I moaned as my lips touched her labia, I kissed her lovingly. My tongue reached out and slipped between her lips into her wetness. She was slick with arousal and my tongue moved easily through her crevice up to her clit. When my tongue touched her clit, Ginger moaned her appreciation, “Oh yes, Jody, I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” said Ginger. “Oh, don’t stop, just like that please, Jody, Oh it feels so good.”

I continued my passionate attack on her pussy with deep licks into her crevice and up over her clit. My arousal was building just from licking her wet cunt. I too moaned as I licked her and slipped two of my fingers into my pussy as I did to Ginger with my other hand. The moaning and dirty talk got louder as our excitement grew. I found that as my arousal grows, so does my potty mouth. Pussy became cunt for example.

At that moment, mum turned into my room through the open bedroom door. I had left it open so she couldn’t miss the scene in front of her when she came home. She stopped short in the doorway when she saw the two of us but didn’t say anything. She didn’t know that I could see her reflection in the bureau mirror against the far wall. I continued what I was doing while surreptitiously keeping one eye on mum.

She was obviously caught up in what she was watching, she stepped back from the doorway into the shadows of the hallway so we wouldn’t notice her. One hand started rubbing her nipples through her shirt while she continued watching me and Ginger making love on my bed.

Ginger too noticed her out of the corner of her eye but continued to moan and thrash around under my tongue while mum continued to get herself more worked up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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