Sex Education Ch. 05

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This is a chapter in a story about family sex…incest. If you don’t like this type of story please move on to something else. There’s no need to waste your time.

There is FS bisexual content and again if this offends you there’s no need to read this chapter.

Of course everyone mentioned in this story are adults.

If you’re still with me I hope you’ll enjoy this and future chapters.




There is no doubt that the relationship between my parents has changed. With my mother, most of the time I’d see her in a normal, nonsexual mother son relationship. Sometimes, especially when we were alone together things between us were perfectly normal—as if we’d never crossed the taboo line. Other times, especially at night, I’d see her as an erotic, highly sexual woman, a woman whose slightest look was capable of stirring a deep arousal and desire within me.

It took me a while to realize that our relationship started to change. It changed the first time I pushed my hard cock into her sweet, wet vagina and we started to fuck. I can’t help but feel that when I finally ejaculated inside her that first time, our relationship was different (in a very good way).

The relationship between my father and I also changed, he’s a masculine man and, like my mother, loves sex. As my sex education progressed, obviously I came to see a side of him—or desire that he, my mother, and only a few other people knew about. Our relationship quickly matured away from the typical father/son relationship and we moved to a more equal man to man relationship. A lot of things became more open and I know that I learned and matured a lot. My father always got very aroused watching mother having sex. I liked watching and being with them when they fuck; it’s their most vulnerable moments that I find very erotic When they fuck there’s a strong sexual urgency between them that would fill the room—their moans and cries of passion and vulgar sex talk mixed with the sound of their flesh slapping loudly together until they would cum together, was incredible.

I’d never really realized it before but mother seemed to always be aroused. It’s something that simmers just below the surface in her. Once her sexual desires are released she becomes insatiable until its satisfied; and much of the time it took at least two men, my father and I, to completely satisfy her.

Our family’s dynamics had changed too. The three of us immediately shed a lot of our inhibitions. Nudity was simply no big deal. While in the house, the spa or in the back garden, we rarely wore clothes anymore. Often my parents would fuck in the spa or in the den or anywhere in the house. If they fucked in their bedroom they never closed the door and many times I’d walk in and watch them, sometimes jacking off as I did. In fact, mother and I did the same in my bedroom so my father could watch us fuck. They both enjoyed masturbation and seemed to especially enjoy watching me as I jack-off so I usually leave my bedroom door open in case they wanted to watch.

Several days after my father and I fucked mother in the ass my parents were in the spa and I took advantage of the situation to go into their bedroom specifically to see if the flash drive was still in my father’s bedside table. I felt odd sneaking in like that but I was curious. When I opened the drawer…the flash drive was gone. I felt a mixture of disappointment as well as relief.

A little later that same evening I joined them in the spa and after some time had passed I simply asked,

“What’s on the flash drive that you keep in the drawer next to your bed?”

Both of them were momentarily stunned at my question and they looked at each other.

“How do you know about that?” My father asked. “Did you look at it?”

“No,” I answered. “I knew you kept it in the drawer but I didn’t look at it.”

It was obvious that both my parents were unsettled by my question and they were quiet for a long moment.

Mother took a deep breath and said, “It has lot of secrets on it…family secrets…our families’ secrets. We’ve always planned on sharing it with you at a time when it seemed right. But, I don’t know, we were just waiting for the right time to explain some things to you.”

“What do you mean secrets? What kind of secrets?” I said unsure of what she meant. “With what we’ve been doing,” I paused a moment. “My sex education I mean…that’s a pretty big secret, what could be bigger than that?”

“The flash drive contains a lot of old and new photo and video files that we’ve kept for years,” my father said. “Some of the photos are old and were taken even before your mother and I got married. I’ve been putting them on the flash drive for several years now.”

“So? I mean, considering what we’ve been doing…having so much sex…what’s the big deal about that?

Are there photos of the three of us having sex?”

“Not yet,” my father said. “But we hope there will be,” My father said. “We’d only do it if you agreed.”

“Sure, I’d like that,” I said honestly. The idea of being able to watch czech harem porno myself as I had sex with my parents; especially fucking my mother really turned me on.

The three of us were quiet for a moment and I was still a little confused by my parent’s uneasiness over the flash drive.

Mother looked directly at me and said, “It’s not just some random photos and videos, it’s a lot more. Our family has always been very close. Next to you and your father, my sister Carol and her family are the closest people in my life. We’ve always been that way.”

“As you obviously know, your mother and I are very sexual people,” my father added. “We’ve always kept it hidden from you but now that you’re of age we wanted to be honest with you by opening our sex lives and secrets with you. As your mother said, there are a lot of secrets on the flash drives.”

“What kind of secrets?” I wasn’t sure what he meant and I glanced at my mother.

Let’s get out of the spa and go into the den where we can be more comfortable and we can talk,” she said as she stood up as the warm water cascaded off her body.

As we dried off the three of us didn’t say anything. But my father had a raging hardons that I was sure needed to be satisfied several times. My father used his towel to dry my back and his right hand quickly went to my cock and he fondled it. I didn’t say anything, I just enjoyed it. We followed mother into the den and I sat in an overstuffed chair directly across from the sofa. They sat side by side facing me and my father was fondling his hard cock as we got settled. Mother sat with her legs slightly spread so that I could clearly see her lovely pink pussy…she wanted me to see it and I knew that she wanted me to fuck it before the night was over. She was very turned-on. Occasionally her hand would gently come to rest on her pussy and she would finger her clitoris with the lightest touch before taking her hand away. Her pussy lips were a deep rose color that stood-out in contrast with the whiteness of her naked thighs.

“There are a couple more flash drives than the one you saw in my bedside table my father said. We’ve been adding things to them for several years.”

“What sort of things?” I asked.

“It started with old photos of your mother and I having sex…even before we were married. As time went on we added homemade sex videos, things like that,” He said. “We now have a large collection of family erotica. “

“So they’re pictures and DVDs of you and mother having sex,” I asked.

“Uh huh,” he said then he paused. “But there’s a lot more too.”

“Let me start at the beginning,” mother said. She took a slow, deep breath as she looked at me. “As you know, your aunt Carol and I had a rough childhood, we got kicked around a lot, there was just a lot of uncertainty in our lives. We came to realize that we could only depend on each other. I guess you’d say that college was difficult for us because we just had a hard time trusting other people. We were in our early twenties and pretty naive. The first time Carol and I had sex was when we were in college; obviously it was a well-kept secret. We depended on each other and somehow having sex with each other seemed normal and good. We didn’t talk about it much, it just happened. Every time we had sex was better than the time before. We continued to have sex even after we both were married. It wasn’t until your father and I had been married for about a year before I admitted it to him. As usual he was very understanding.”

“Understanding is not quite the word for it,” he said with a soft chuckle. “I loved it. Your mother and I are very sexual people. Before we met we both were sexually active and one of the things that made our marriage so strong is that we shared and enjoyed the same things about sex.”

“Do you still have sex with Aunt Carol?” I asked.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Is that what’s on the flash drive?”

“Well…yes,” she smiled.

“There’s a lot more on the flash drive than just that,” my father said. “Like your mother said, “We love sex and for as long as we’ve been married we’ve expanded the boundaries of our sex life. We had a very open marriage…sex with other people is what I mean. All most all were couples like us. We met them at parties.” He hesitated a moment as his hand moved down and started gently fondling his erect cock. “I’ve taken a lot of pictures and videos over the years…that’s what’s on the flash drives, years of adult sex.” He paused as if he was slightly unsure how to say what he said next. “They also contain a lot of family sex…we’re not the only ones in our family who loves sex.”

I was quiet for a moment; my mind was still wondering what would Brianna or Jason think if they knew about the flash drives and that our mothers had sex with each other? I was so focused on the question that I hadn’t realized that I started fondling my own cock as well…but I didn’t care, it felt good.

“Are you okay with what we’re telling you?” My mother asked.

“Yes.” I assured her.

“Sex is an important part czech mega swingers porno of life for some of the adults in our families and those flash drives hold many secrets,” mother said. “Those flash drives go back many years,” she paused for a moment as if she was thinking about what she was about to say. Things really got started in a big way when your father took a lot of photos of your Aunt Stacy and her husband Greg right after they were married. The four of us would get together on Saturday nights for sex. Greg had a pretty average cock, not as big as yours or your father’s, but he really knew how to use it. After they moved to Florida we didn’t see as much of them as we would have liked.”

“We agreed that when you were old enough and we told you about our secrets it would be best to go slow, we know it’s a lot to handle,” my mother smiled at me as she placed her right hand over her pussy and rubbed it slightly. Her middle finger parted her pussy lips and I watched as her finger disappeared into her vagina for a few seconds before she pulled it out again and concentrated on her clit.

“There are a lot of old photographs, Polaroid’s and a few old 8mm movie that your grandfather took a long time ago of your Grandmother being fucked by five men in a motel room on her thirty-fifth birthday. There are old black and white photos of your grandparents having sex with some of their old friends and of course, at some of our family adult parties from a long time ago. My parents were swingers many years ago and I never even suspected it, at least not until I got older.”

“Did you have sex with grandmother,” I boldly asked him.

My father chuckled and answered, “Yes, a lot—it started right after I met your mother. It’s one of the reasons we wanted to give you our version of a sex education, we both were pretty anxious to have you start enjoying sex with your mother. When we were all adults my brothers and I fucked our mother a lot and dad has fucked all of our wives. “Did he fuck you?” I asked mother. She smiled and nodded as she said, “Yes, a lot He fucked me at almost every party we went to…I think I was his favorite. He had a lot of stamina…he was very good at it, especially performing oral sex. He loved to clean your grandmother up when she had sex with other men and was full of cum.

“We love sex and tried to never judge what other people did in sexually, everyone’s different but no one ever had to do anything they didn’t feel comfortable doing, especially about family sex.”

I was a little hesitant but I finally asked the obvious question. “Do Brianna and Jason know about the flash drives? Do they know that you and their mother have sex?” I asked as I looked at mother.

“Yes,” she answered. “Carol and your uncle Ray started Jason and Brianna’s sex education almost a year ago. It’s been Carol’s idea for years, we all talked about it a lot over the years and your father and I liked the idea for several obvious reasons.”

I was stunned by the thought of Brianna and Jason fucking each other and fucking their parents and I almost came at just the thought as I sat in the chair. I could hardly think. My hand was drenched with precum and I stopped fondling myself and I kept glancing at mother’s cunt.

“My pussy is so wet and I’m so horny…do you like seeing my cunt baby? Do you like to see the wet hole where you’ve already left so much of your cum?” She was so turned on that I could see the wetness that was seeping out of her vagina.

“Let me help you get off Donna,” my father said as he turned toward her. I watched as his hand went directly to her cunt. He rubbed her clit for several minutes before he spread her pussy lips and pushed two fingers into her hole and started finger-fucking her. She immediately began to moan as the sloshing sound of her wet cunt filled the room. I could see the muscles on her abdomen jolting spasmodically as father’s fingers fucked her hard and deeply.

My mind was still on the thought of Brianna getting fucked by Jason, her father Ray, maybe even some of my uncles and I also wondered if maybe my father had already fucked her.

Just then mother let out a high-pitched whine as a very fast orgasm exploded inside her. “Fuck! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried out. I glanced down and saw my father’s cock spurting streams of his cum on mother’s thigh as she squeezed and jerked his cock roughly. I was that close to cuming too. I didn’t dare even touch my super sensitive cock for fear that it would ejaculate immediately on its own. I wanted to hold back my orgasm, saving my first cum for the dark, warm depths of my mother’s vagina.

Father slowed his fingering of mother’s pussy before he moved back on the sofa and bent forward and began licking his own cum off of her thigh. Mother held her eyes closed and ran her fingers through his hair as she enjoyed the moment of deep intimacy with her husband.

When she opened her eyes she looked directly at me and asked again, “I know I’ve asked you this before but I’ll ask again, are you okay with everything we’ve been czech pool porno telling you about our family secrets? We want you to see everything on the flash drives but we wanted to, sort of, prepare you a little. It’s quite a secret our family holds”

“Yes, I’m fine with it,” I answered honestly.”

“Good, because there’s more,”

We just looked at each other as father finished licking up his cum; it was an incredibly erotic sight. I could see a white drop of cum hat was still dripping out of the end of his cock. I don’t know why but I had the strongest urge to get up from my chair, move over and suck the remaining cum out of his cock…but I didn’t move.

When he pulled his fingers out of mother’s stretched vagina the opening was slow to close completely and for a moment I could see the tunnel of darkness that was inside her vagina. I was fighting to keep from cuming and the sight of her hole was almost more than I could handle. I was surprised when she looked at me and said, “Are you about to cum?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Cum inside me baby…come over here, fuck me and leave your cum inside me.”

I moved over toward the sofa as she pulled her knees up toward her chest spreading her legs even wider. I quickly got between her legs knowing I would cum at any moment. I slipped the swollen head of my cock into her hole and after only a few strokes I felt my cock beginning to spew my cum into my mother’s cunt. “I’m…sorry,” I moaned, “I can’t stop it mother…I’m cuming! Oh fuck mother, I’m cuming! Fuck!” I pounded her warm pussy as hard as I could but I was too late, I was already cuming. Mother kept whispering,” Yes baby, fuck your mother…leave your cum inside me…fuck me! Cum in me!” Several moments afterward my father got off of the sofa and left the room as mother and I remained locked in our sexual embrace. My penis was still held inside her vagina and occasionally pulsing in an attempt to empty every bit of my cum inside her. We stayed on the sofa like that—simply holding each other—sharing the most wonderful emotional feelings between a mother and a son after having sex with each other—even if the sex was only for a very few moments. It was obvious to me that I’d managed to empty every drop of cum into my mother’s vagina just then but, I also knew that very soon I’d be able to cum again.

My mind was reeling with the things that my parents had been telling me. My intense curiosity about how Brianna might participate in family sex was foremost in my mind. ‘My God,’ I thought, what she must look like lying on a bed with her perfect legs spread apart as some man in our family fucks her…I could only imagine.

I got off my mother’s body and sat back on the sofa next to her as my father came back in the room. He sat next to me on the sofa. He glanced at mother and asked, did you tell him about—”

“No, I was just about to when you came back.”

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“I’ll tell him,” he said cheerfully. His cock was hard again and he started fondling himself as he said, ” like your mother and I have been telling you, there’s a lot on those flash drives…mostly unrestricted family sex…everyone who participated did what they liked and, as a family, we understood and were fine with it. I know you’re not aware of it but,” he paused a moment before saying, “Sometimes I really like sucking a cock and having sex with another man.” He paused as he put his hand on my cock and wrapped his fingers around my sticky shaft—sticky from mother and my recent fuck juices. There’s a lot of video of your uncle Ray and I; your uncle Tyler and your uncle Jeff and I having man to man sex as well as other family members engaged in sex.” He paused again. “I was in my twenties when your grandfather sucked my cock for the first time…I still remember everything that led up to it. I was over at their house helping them build a new fence, it was hot and when we were done I took a shower in my old bathroom. I was about to get out of the shower when you grandfather came into the bathroom…nude, and without saying anything he opened the shower door and got in with me. What surprised me the most was that he had a large cock and it was already very hard. I didn’t do or say anything, I just stood there and he started playing with my cock. He finally asked me if I’d ever had another man suck my cock and I honestly answered, “No.” He just smiled at me and got on his knees in front of me and started sucking my cock in the shower. I couldn’t get over how good it felt, he was a very good cocksucker and it seemed like it took a long time before I finally came. When I did cum it was really a hard one and he swallowed every drop of my cum…I’d never knew that I could have such a powerful orgasm. I was a little surprised that my knees held me up when I finally came.

“When we got out of the shower I remember that your grandmother had been standing at the bathroom door the whole time watching your grandfather suck my cock. She had a thin cotton dress on that showed that she was naked underneath. She still had a good looking body for a woman her age and she came right out and asked me if I enjoyed what had happened and I told her the truth—that I loved it. Your grandfather and I were toweling off when your grandmother slipped her dress off over her shoulders and stood next to me completely naked and playfully asked, ‘do you have enough cum left to fuck me too?’

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