Sex in the Time of Corona Ch. 02

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Derek undressed Dhruv and ran his palm over his lean body. Dhruv shivered at the touch and his heart started pounding. Rhea rose up from the bed, took Dhruv’s hand and brought it to her cheek.

Dhruv’s hand moved down from her cheek to her juicy lips and then to her slender neck. He caressed her full breasts and squeezed them. Her brown nipples were stiff. He rubbed his face on her bouncing breasts and sucked at the swollen nipples. He put his arms around her curvy waist and held her closer, rubbing his thigh against hers, his erect penis on her pussy.

Ted watched from a distance, gazing lecherously at Rhea’s luscious body sweating and squirming under Dhruv’s hands. Rhea caught his eyes.

“You don’t have to be the odd one out,” she said to him, as Dhruv kissed her all over and nibbled hard at her sensitive nipples.

Instead of Ted, Derek joined in. He hoisted Rhea back up on the bed and started licking her aching clit and fleshy vagina. She wriggled on the bed with pleasure, moaning and panting as Dhruv and Derek devoured her. Mark climbed on the bed, parted his legs and pushed his penis into Rhea’s mouth. She sucked him hard as her eyes rolled back, in exultation.

Meanwhile, Ted got out of his bed, holding his erect penis. He could feel his heart pounding as Larry walked up to him and unzipped his fly. Larry knelt and started stroking Ted’s hard organ. Ted grasped Larry’s long curly hair and pulled his mouth to his penis.

Larry looked up at him and smiled at his desperation. Then he started kissing and licking the throbbing penis.

‘Oh…’ groaned Ted. “Eat me!”

Larry took him in his mouth and started sucking. He was aroused and started deep throating Ted’s cock. A jolt of electricity shot through Ted’s body as Larry’s salivating mouth sucked him in. His penis stroked and rubbed against the moving tongue, bulging and throbbing in the chubby blanket of Larry’s acıbadem escort mouth. Ted was on the verge of an orgasm, when Larry stopped him and looked up at Rhea’s starving eyes.

“Come, let the woman finish you,” Larry said.

Ted walked to the bed where Rhea lay. Derek gave way to Ted, who climbed onto the bed, parted Rhea’s wet labia and inserted his pulsating penis. Then he started stroking hard. He was rough and unrelenting. The entire bed shook as he made wild thrusts without stopping, making Rhea’s pleasure climb higher and higher. He pressed her down on the bed and thumped deep into her, harder and harder.

“Ahh… Yes… Yes… Mmmmm… Ahhhhh,” cried Rhea and sighed with satisfaction as Ted made let out his last stroke, bursting and oozing inside her. He came so hard, he almost passed out beside her.

Derek watched Ted’s creamy cum oozing outside Rhea’s pussy. He could see her hungry eyes, wanting more . He pulled her up onto her hands and knees, and then took her in the doggy position. He then entered her from behind, squeezing and spanking her hips. In front of Rhea, Dhruv pulled at the swaying breasts. He milked and bounced them and they wobbled in his palms. He kissed her plump lips and she sucked his tongue, whimpering at Derek’s stroke. Derek started jerking wildly, holding her waist and groaning loudly. Their bodies shook together in pleasure and in the end of it, Derek came a lot. His juices slid down Rhea’s thighs and her vagina tightened with ecstasy.

After Derek came, it was Dhruv’s turn with Rhea. Larry and Mark lifted her up and pinned her to the wall, each one lifting a thigh and parting her vagina. Dhruv embraced her voluptuous body and put his penis inside her. He felt his dick slathered with the sticky juices and the warmth of the flesh simmering inside her, tightening around him. He smacked akbatı escort himself in and held her tongue with his lips. He kissed her passionately as he jerked her body. They moaned together, moving and breathing heavily. The wall was thumped repeatedly by their motions and it woke up the older patients in the next room.

Soon, a chubby nurse walked into their room to find out what the thumping was all about. She looked at them, goggle-eyed. While Ted had gone back to his bed, Larry and Mark glanced at each other, unable to decide what to say or do. Rhea and Dhruv were so immersed in the passionate intercourse that they did not stop. Derek took hold of the situation.

“You guys continue, I’ll handle this,” he said to Larry, walking towards the nurse.

Penny, the fat little nurse, was almost forty, plain looking, simple woman who had hardly been touched for years. She watched the tall, muscular Derek walking towards her, confused. She wanted to complain about this situation but didn’t know how she would do that.

“I’m sorry but I need you to understand the situation here,” Derek said, taking her hand and leading her to the washroom area.

Penny could not resist, as she saw herself being led by a sexy man into a private corner. He pinned her to the wall and pressed his body softly over hers.

“This is not allowed here”, she whispered, as beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She was nervous, yet excited. She was scared of being there, yet wanted it, too. She was enchanted by the man in front of her.

“You don’t have to worry,” Derek said, groping her hips and pressing her tightly, “You are going to love it.”

He kissed her passionately, rubbing her neck and fondling her breasts over her uniform. She was left breathless. But suddenly she kissed him back and embraced him tightly.

“No one has ever kissed aksaray escort me so,” she whispered and rubbed his penis from above his trousers, “and I haven’t slept with anyone for years.”

Derek smiled and started unbuttoning her top in a hurry. He kneaded her massive boobs and pulled at her nipples with his lips.

“Mmmm…”, she moaned, “You don’t have to hurry. I am on duty for the next two hours.”

Hearing this, Derek sucked her even harder and undressed her completely. Her body squirmed, as he took his hands to her pussy, parted her lips and rubbed her clitoris with his fingers. She shivered; her body felt like it was melting and when he suddenly pushed his finger into her vagina, she gasped with joy.

With his strong biceps, he lifted her up against the wall, parting her thighs and slid his penis in her tight vagina. Her eyes widened as she had never been fucked so hard. This was something she had only fantasised in her wildest dreams. She threw her arms around his shoulders and gave herself to the moment, completely. Her eyes rolled, her breasts bounced and her labia swelled, but she felt nothing except the growing pleasure inside her. The beating of Derek’s organ jerked her and electrified her heart. She came too many times and when Derek was finished, she held him tightly. Derek looked at her and kissed her again, sucking her lips and feeling her warmth.

The next day, they found that she had not complained to the authorities. “There was nothing to complain about,” thought Derek, “only things to be grateful for.”

Within a week, they were all released. They were too embarrassed to contact one another outside, in the real world, so they decided to not talk about the nights they had spent and not to be in contact. Eventually, they all returned to their respective countries.

Only Penny and Derek exchanged their phone numbers. As Coronavirus blew away any chance of casual dating for Derek, he soon rented an apartment where he started living with Penny. In such hard times, having one partner was enough and having one so ardent and yearning for pleasure, was all Derek needed. He never thought he would fall for her, which he eventually did. And thus, sex in the time of Corona gave him a partner for a lifetime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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