Sex with My Stranger

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Aidra Fox

It was the summer of 2009; my brother Ara and I were once again on vacation together.

I invited Ara to an island. I had booked the most romantic hotel suite for my love. The room was a suite fully equipped for erotic couples. Among other things, it had a bathtub in the middle of the room and a see through glass walled rain shower area.

I have to admit that my relationship with my brother was more than the average brother sister bonding. We were both adults and had relationships of our own, but we always made sure to leave some room for alone brother sister time. And hence came multiple vacation getaways.

I am not suggesting that my brother and I spent nights of lovemaking and fucking. But we did share a bed on many occasions. And I will admit that my brother’s cock would get me wet, as he’d stroll around the room. At the same time, I always made sure to wear the sexiest lingerie for him.

For the rest of our vacation time, we would both enjoy our single lives of fucking different partners every night. My favorite part was waking up in the morning and telling Ara my sex stories from the night before.

On the third day of our trip I was already getting bored. My brother fake taxi porno was never home and was busy fucking the girls he’d meet on the beach. So I spent my days on the beach tanning my sexy body.

I met lots of guys and every time I’d start making out with them, I’d think of my brother and how much I’d rather have his lips instead. It was a crazy thought but was deterring me from having sex for fun. I wanted my brother and was getting so jealous that he was out fucking other women.

And so the whole week went by so fast.

It was the last day on the island; I was almost done with packing and so called the front desk for some help with carrying my bags.

I jumped in the shower and totally missed the fact that I had called in the concierge. I was feeling horny and masturbating under the showerhead. My nipples were getting hard and erect and my clit was so ready to come. I gave myself more time and teased my body by letting it take time to orgasm.

It was fun playing with my hot body.

I was so involved in the moment, opened my eyes and saw a tall black handsome stranger waiting for his tip. I ignored him and his site did not distract me, family stroke porno yet it got me more turned on. I started thinking about his cock and how big it probably was.

I called him into my shower. We kissed under the water. His hot body was showing through that wet white shirt he had on. I pressed my body tight against his chest. My nipples were rubbing on his wet white shirt. I had my hands all over his big black muscular huge arms. He felt so hard and thick. I could not wait to get my hands on his cock. I took his shirt off as he was licking my wet neck.

We went away from the shower and right on to my bed. Which in fact was the bed I was sharing with Ara. I pulled down the black guys pants and put my mouth straight on that big black head. The strangers’ dick was so big. That was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I wanted to fuck that big black cock so bad. So we started fucking hard core. His cock was enormous in my tight pussy. I told him how good that felt and how much I loved his head touching my cervix.

Ara walked into the room in the middle of my black cock fuck. He was coming back from fucking our next-door hot model he had just female agent porno met. I think he was horny and the site of his sister fucking a black cock turned his cock hard again.

Ara started kissing me on my lips. We kissed and my tongue was deep in his mouth and all over his palate. The stranger was still fucking my pussy. I was so close but did not want to come yet. I wanted to come so strong and let my brother feel my orgasm this time. He is so cute and always wants to know how strong I come. I tell Ara how much I want him to feel my pussy come for real.

I take Ara’s cock in my mouth and give him head. My love was getting so hard in my mouth. I know he was so into watching my tight pussy get fucked by that huge cock. I tell Ara to go in my pussy with the black dick. It was crazy cause I’m a tight pussy and I already had bigger than I could take in my cunt. I force him to go in. I tell Ara to tear my pussy. I wanted to see his cock rub on that black cock.

He did just like I had told him, but then moved to my ass. Ara fucked my ass as the stranger was fucking my pussy. The black stranger was so thick, comes out of my pussy and nuts all over my cheeks and lips. My face was messed with black cum. The site of me makes my brother come so strong. I make my brother nut all over my face on top of all the black cum.

And so I licked on my brother’s head and the black strangers head until they both went soft. I liked how I could taste their nuts at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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