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He rolled off his 18-year-old sister having just cum deep into her pussy. He looked at her and he couldn’t believe that he got to fuck this beauty. He was 20 now and he loved coming home from uni, to his sister. He thought back to the first time they had ever done it. It always made him horny thinking about it.

He was 20 and always horny, but all the girls he fucked wanted a long-term relationship and he just wanted sex. He was a good-looking boy, 5 ft 8 with short blonde scruffy hair and bright blue eyes. He was quite slim, but his body was firm and muscular. He sat on the sofa and heard the front door open. It was his little sister home from school. He looked over to her. She was a petite girl, 5 ft 1 tall with shoulder length, straight brown hair. She was in her uniform, which most guys found quite appealing on the girls at her school.

“Hey Karl.” She said sweetly as she put her bag on the floor.

“Hey Sam” He replied, his eyes fixed back on the T.V.

“Mum and Dad still at their conference?”

“Yeah, they’ll be back next week. Order pizza if you’re hungry, I can’t be bothered to cook tonight.”

“Ok, I’ll be in my room if you want me.” Saying this she bounded up the stairs and in to her room.

It was about an hour later and Karl was walking to his room when he heard strange noises coming from his little sister’s room. Curious and worried she may be in trouble he went closer. Her door was open a crack and so Karl peered inside. What he saw gave him a shock. Sam was sitting at her new computer that her parents had got her for her birthday and moaning softly. She didn’t quite have her back to the door and Karl could see that she had her hands in her crotch. He watched and listened as his little sister pleasured herself while looking at pictures on her computer. A few minutes later he heard her let out a little squeal and then sighed. She spun around in her chair; Karl whipped away and ran to his room. Just in time too as he heard his little sister walk to the bathroom and then the shower started.

Karl looked down and was a little surprised when he realised that he had a raging hardon. He relieved himself and after shooting his load in his hands he cleaned up and decided to get an early night.

The next day after doing the daily chores his parents had set he went into his sisters’ room and turned on her computer. He looked over her recent Internet files and was shocked to find all of them were porn sites. They all had pictures of girls getting fucked by one or more men, and a lot of pictures with young girls covered in cum. Karl couldn’t believe that his little sister got off on such things, she was soo young. As he continued to look he felt his cock pressing against his jeans. He undid his fly and his erect dick sprang out. He wanked off looking at the pictures his little sister used. He was very turned on and it wasn’t long before he was shooting his load. He managed to catch the first few squirts in is hands but he came more than he expected and he shot a lot all over his sisters bed by accident. He quickly shut down the computer as he heard the front door open. He would have to hope that Sam didn’t notice his cum on her bed as he legged it down stairs.

He was sitting on the sofa watching T.V. by the time she walked in.

“Hey Karl.”

“Hey sis.”

“What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Spaghetti Bolognaise.” He replied walking into the kitchen to get it ready. He heard his sister run upstairs and into her room. When he called her down for dinner he couldn’t help but notice the slightly annoyed look on her face. “Must have interrupted something important.” He thought to himself. Sam ate extremely quickly and left as soon as possible and went back upstairs. Karl did the washing up and then too went upstairs.

He heard the moaning sounds coming from his little sister’s room again and decided to take another peak. She was sitting in her chair again with her hands down between her legs. Her hand was moving quickly up and down; he could hear her moaning,

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” She threw her head back and let out a little scream. Karl went back to his room with another hardon. He started to wank off again as he heard his little sister head for the bathroom.

“I can’t believe I’m getting this hard over my sister!” Karl said to himself as he blew his load into his hands again.

The next couple of days followed the same routine, Karl watching his sister pleasure herself, then going off for a quick wank. Then one day something new happened. As usual Karl waited for the moaning to come from his sister’s room before he looked inside, but this time he got a shock. His little sister was laying on her bed totally naked fucking herself with what looked like a 6inch penis shaped vibrator. Karl watched in awe as his little sister slowly slipped the humming vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Sam removed one of her hands from the vibrator mofos porno and started squeezing her nipples. It wasn’t long before she was bucking her hips on her bed and panting her way to orgasm. Karl watched, rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, as his sister removed the vibrator and put it in her bedside drawer. He felt an urge to burst in there and kiss her tight smooth body all over but he resisted. He knew he had to leave before he was caught, but he couldn’t stop staring at his little sisters’ body. She was young and small, but perfectly proportioned. Firm B-cup breasts with long nipples, and long slender legs, and a flat stomach that rose and fell with each heavy breath.

“I can’t believe I’m even thinking of my little sister like this!” Karl said to himself, shocked at his actions. “But she is so sexy and I don’t think I’ve wanted anything more.”

He saw Sam roll over ready to get up so he left to his room. Seconds later he heard the shower going. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and wanked off to the thought of his little sisters’ gorgeous body.

The next day Karl went to his sisters’ room and found the vibrator she used. He smelled it, enjoying the aroma of his little sister. As he looked around he saw the panties she had worn to bed. He picked them up and smelled them too. They were a little moist, and as he held them too his face he felt his cock pressing against his jeans. He released his throbbing shaft and started to wank himself off with his sisters’ panties. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load into them. He mopped himself up with the panties and put them in the laundry.

“Hey Bro” Sam said walking in through the door. Karl looked up and for the first time noticed how sexy his little sister looked in her school uniform. She had knee high socks and a very short tartan skirt that came down just a couple of inches below the curve of her cute ass. And she wore a tight white blouse that clung to her firm B-cup breasts that were held in a black bra which was clearly visible. Her short brunette hair was tied in bunches that gave her a real sexy look.

Karl’s eyes widened when his little sis bent over to put her bag down. Her short skirt rode up the back of her thighs revealing her small round panty covered ass. He could feel his cock begin to grow and he tried desperately to hide it.

“H… Hey” He stammered back. But Sam had already gone up to her room. Karl knew it was wrong, but he wanted his sister soo bad he came up with a plan.

After dinner he gave his little sister a few minutes before he headed upstairs and straight into her room. Sam was sitting at her computer downloading some music from the web.

“What the?…oh hey Karl, what is it?” She asked as she heard him enter. Karl couldn’t believe what he was about to do but he really wanted some of his sisters’ pussy.

“You know, the computer keeps a record of all the sites you go on don’t you?”

“Umm…it does?” Asked Sam going a little red.

“Yeah, so if there’s anything that you want to see or do without anyone knowing about it, I suggest you try this.” Karl replied handing his sister a video. “It’s harder to get caught with one of these.”

“I…I don’t understand.” Sam said, but they both knew that she did. Karl just left and went to his room, making sure Sam heard him shut his door. He listened at his door for hours, then when it was late he heard his sister sneak off to the living room.

He gave it a few minutes then headed down there himself. He enjoyed what he saw. His little sister was sitting on the sofa, wearing only a small crop top and white cotton panties and she was watching the video he had given her with the sound turned low. It was a porn film that he had found in his parents’ room and had enjoyed many times before on his own. Dressed only in his boxers he silently entered the living room and sat next to Sam on the sofa.

“Wha…oh my…I…I” Started Sam, but Karl hushed her.

“Don’t worry, anyway, this is a good bit.”

“But I…” She started again.

“Look we all masturbate, it’s a good thing.” He reassured her.

“You knew?” Sam asked a little shocked.

“Of course.” Sam just sat in stunned silence. Karl looked at her, her small tight body looked amazing. The small crop top clung to her firm round breasts. Her little nipples stood out proudly. Her flat stomach rose and fell with each heavy breath. At the moment she had her long smooth legs closed and her hands were on her knees. “You don’t mind if I watch it with you do you?”

“No of course not.” She replied calming down a little. She was getting back into the film. Karl had to shift his position as the bulge in his boxers was beginning to frustrate him. He caught his sister’s gaze falling on his crotch.

“Sorry,” She said when he caught her staring, “It’s just I’ve never seen a real one before.”

“That’s ok.” Smiled Karl. His plan was beginning to naughty america porno work.

As the film went on Karl watched his sister. Her legs were starting to open up and he could see a definite wet patch forming on her panties. She also started to slowly caress her thighs as she watched two lesbians licking and sucking each other.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He asked his little sister. Sam just nodded a yes. “Why don’t you sit up this end with me then you can lay out along the sofa?”

“Umm, ok.” Replied Sam. She shuffled up the sofa to Karl and they both stretched out along the sofa, Karl behind Sam. He loved the feeling of her smooth body against his, her back against his chest and her legs touching his. Her legs were still parted and she was still stroking her thighs, when Karl moved his hand to her stomach. Sam jumped a little but as Karl caressed her firm midriff she let out a sigh.

Karl couldn’t get over how amazing she felt and he started to stroke her higher and higher. He slid his hand underneath her crop top and she sat up quickly.

“What are you doing?” A shocked expression on her face.

“I thought you’d enjoy it, but if you don’t want me to stroke you…”

“Well, it did feel kinda nice, but you’re my brother, we can’t do stuff like that.”

“How about if I keep my hands over your top?”

“I guess that would be ok.” Sam smiled laying back down. Karl resumed his stroking, this time going over her crop top. He grabbed and squeezed her small firm breasts massaging them with his large hands. He then pinched and tweaked her nipples through the thin material of her top. Sam started to moan quite loudly as her brothers’ hands caressed her young firm breasts and her hands went back to stroking her thighs. Karl could feel his sister getting quite hot, a layer of sweat on her skin made her top and panties cling to her firm young body even more. “God you’re so sexy” Karl said as he started to kiss his sisters’ neck. Her body gave a little jolt, but she said nothing. On the video a young girl was playing with herself, watching two guys fuck her mother. Karl continued to suck and kiss his sister’s neck as he slid his hands under her top again. Sam let out a moan, but again did nothing as her older brother slid his hands over the firm smooth skin of her breasts, squeezing her nipples. Karl pulled Sam’s small top up and off and went back to playing. He saw that Sam had her hands right up high on her inner thighs and her cotton panties were looking very wet. He slid his hands down his sister’s body as he continued to suck her neck. And rubbed his fingertips over her panties. It was like a jolt of electricity had shot through Sam’s body as she sprang up and leapt to the end of the sofa.

“We can’t do this it wro…” Sam started, but her gaze had dropped to her brothers’ crotch. Karl looked down too and saw that he had a huge erection. Bigger than he’d ever had. “My god” said Sam, a shocked expression on her face. “It’s so big”

“You’ve seen them before” said Karl looking over at the T.V.

“But not REAL ones” Sam replied. Karl pulled his boxers off, letting his large thick cock spring free. The moans from the video were still playing loudly and he was so horny, especially with his half naked sister sitting a few feet away, that he started stroking himself off. Sam’s eyes widened as she watched her brother wank his stiff fat cock right in front of her.

“If you’re enjoying this why don’t you play with yourself?” Karl asked.

“I can’t, it’s wrong, we’re brother and sister.” Sam replied in a squeaky voice.

“How can it be wrong if it feels so good?” Karl asked. He watched his young sister as she seemed to think it through. Then she stood up in front of him and peeled off her panties. Karl thought he’d blow his load right there and then. Her young tight body looked amazing; a few hairs were growing above her almost smooth pussy, which was dripping juices down her inner thighs. She started to squeeze and grope her small firm breasts before sitting back down on the sofa, her legs spread and her fingers sliding all over her slick pussy lips. It wasn’t long before she was letting out loud moans, her fingers sliding in and out of her small pussy. Karl went back to working on his cock. The video now showed a guy going down on a girl and Karl noticed that Sam was enjoying this a lot as she was really pumping her fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Karl took this opportunity to kneel on the floor in front of his little sister. Sam didn’t know he was there until his outstretched tongue licked her inner thigh. Again she jumped.

“What are you doing?!” Sam screeched. Karl said nothing; he pulled his sisters hands away from her pussy and dove in, licking and sucking her sweet juices deep into his mouth. Sam was speechless. She grabbed the back of her brothers’ head and public agent porno pulled it into her crotch. Karl continued to flick his tongue all over his sister’s pussy, dipping it into her tight wet hole and sucking hard.

“Shit I never knew it would feel this good” Moaned Sam. Karl was turned on even more by his little sister’s dirty comment and sucked for all he was worth. Sam couldn’t hold on any longer and orgasmed loudly, flooding her brother’s face with her warm juices.

“Fuck that was good” Sam panted, but then a look of regret spread across her face. “You shouldn’t have done that, it’s wrong, you’re my brother…” Karl sat next to her,

“It felt good though didn’t it? And it’s not like we actually had sex is it?” Sam just nodded. “Well if you don’t tell anyone I wont.”

“OK” smiled Sam sheepishly. “Well in that case, come here!” and before Karl could do or say anything Sam grabbed his throbbing cock and sunk her mouth over it. Karl was in heaven. He looked down and saw his little sister sucking his dick like a pro. “God that is good, have you done this before?”

“I’ve only ever sucked my vibrator clean; I’ve always wanted to try a real cock.” Replied Sam, before quickly sucking the head of her brother’s cock into her mouth again. She sucked the head hard then licked down his throbbing shaft until she had his swollen balls in her mouth. She looked up at her brother and smiled sweetly. “Oh god you’re hot! Suck me now, I’m gonna cum!” Sam obeyed and squeezed Karl’s cock as she sucked in as much as she could into her small, wet, hot mouth. Karl gabbed the back of his little sister’s head and proceeded to fuck her mouth, thrusting up with his hips. “OH shit!!!” he moaned as he filled Sam’s mouth full of his thick, creamy, white cum. Sam gulped as much as she could down, but there was too much and it soon started spilling out of the corners of her mouth.

Sam sat up and licked her lips and gave a smile. “Mmmmm, that was great.” She said sitting next to her brother.

“God, yeah!!” Karl replied smiling as his sister started to stroke his slick cock. “Did it feel good in your mouth as you sucked?”

“Oh my yes.” She looked at her brothers cock again, “Shouldn’t it go down after you’ve cum?”

“Not when I’m this horny it doesn’t.” Karl smiled back, “But you know where it would feel better don’t you?” Sam looked a little puzzled. Karl reached out and slid his hand up his sister’s hot thigh towards the wetness of her young pussy.

“No we can’t! you’re my brother, it’s soo wrong we…” she cut off as Karl slid a finger into her pussy and started to stroke it in and out. “We shouldn’t…” she tried again, but Karl started working on her clit too. “What if anyone… OH god stop, that feels soo good.” Karl started to suck on her small breasts and hard nipples as he played her pussy. He could feel his little sister really getting into it as her pussy was leaking juices badly and she felt incredibly hot.

Sam pulled away and stood up. Her pussy was dripping down her thighs and she had a sex starved look in her young pretty eyes. “Fuck me Karl, I want u to fuck me now!”

“Come here then.” He replied coolly. Sam straddled her brother and he gripped his large throbbing cock, guiding it into his little sister’s tight wet pussy. They both let out a moan of pleasure as brother penetrated sister.

“Oh god that feels soo much better than my vibrator!” screamed Sam. She sunk her brother’s entire cock into her sweet tight hole, she was so wet that she dripped onto Karl’s thighs.

“Fuck, you’re so tight!” moaned Karl. Sam sat on Karl’s cock for a few seconds enjoying the full feeling she got from being stuffed by her brother’s large penis. Then she lifted herself up, almost to the point that she slid off her brother, before slamming her body back down. She did this again and again until they were fucking hard like animals. After about twenty minutes Karl could see that his little sister was getting worn out so he flipped them both over so they lay along the sofa with him on top.

He fucked her deeper and harder, Sam was screaming out in pleasure, she wrapped her legs around his waist and ran her nails down his back. “Fuck me, fuck me FUCK ME!!!” She screamed. Karl was getting very close to finish, and hearing his sister scream these obscenities turned him on further. “OH shit, I’m gonna cum!!!!” he cried, pulling out of Sam’s soaked, tight pussy. It was just in time too as he quickly unloaded his balls all over his little sister’s stomach and breasts.

Stream after stream of cum shot out over her body and when he was done he sat on the floor exhausted. Sam looked at her cum covered body. She had never cum so many times before and she loved feeling sticky. She scraped up as much of her brother’s spunk from her body as she could and licked it off her hands hungrily.

“That was fantastic.” She panted.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve wanted to do that for so long!” Karl replied. He had a huge grin on his face, he couldn’t believe that he had jus fucked his little sister senseless.

“Well next time I want you to fill my pussy with your cum!” Sam said licking up the last of Karl’s spunk from her breasts.

“Next time?”

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