Shaking Like a Leaf

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All Characters 18 or older

Hello, this is my story.

My name is George. I am 31 year old bachelor who still lives at home with mother. Mother is a very strong willed person and I am a weak willed person.

I finally summoned the courage to enter a Cat House. I went to the lady at the desk telling her I wanted to rent a prostitute. I barely got the words out of my mouth before a wave of nausea hit me, I managed to fight off puking but I broke into a sweat. The lady was very kind and considerate.

She had me sit down and had one of the other ladies sitting there get me a glass of water.

“Is this you first time honey?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay you relax Suzi here will help you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

My mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. My hands were shaking. My mind was blank. Guilt paralyzed me as I thought of my sin against God. I thought I would fall down but Suzi’s kindness kept me up.

Her room was on the first floor.

When I entered it was was amazed to fond that there was nothing gaudy about it. It looked like any other woman’s bedroom one might walk into and she even had a Bible on one of her night stands.

“Before you ask, I do read it and I go to service every Sunday. I am a proustite not a heathen.”

“You seem very kind and compassionate.”

“Thank you.

“Take that jacket off before you pass out on me.”

I handed her the jacket which she hung on a hanger

“What is your name?”

George ma’am.”

“Call me Suzi, not ma’am.”

“Okay Suzi.”

“I am going to remove your shoes and socks George.”

She laid on the bed with her arm supporting her head. Looking at me.

“Ever kiss a woman on the lips George?”

“Never Suzi.”

“Come here, it is about time you did.”

She kissed me on the lips to my surprise I kissed her back like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. We kissed several times.

“Now George I want you to run your hand over my body. Places you feel comfortable with and the naughty batıkent escort places you want and can touch. Lets kiss while you feel me.”

I ran my hand over her hip and the side of one buttock, went up her waist and her side. When I encountered her breast there was another conflict within me but I yielded to temptation and ran my hand over it. It was so soft that I had to hold it a squeeze it a bit. Suzi moaned.

“I moaned because I liked what you were doing to me. You are cute George.”

“Thank you Suzi.”

“Now I want you to undress me. When you cannot do it, leave it but I urge you to push the limits of your comfort zone.”

I’ve dreamed about stripping a woman and now I was actually doing it. But my hand were shaking and my fingers wouldn’t work.

“Relax George.” She took my hand and held it till the shaking stopped.

I could then strip her. When I uncovered her breast I was struck with amazement. They were beautiful. When it came to her panties it was harder for me to hook my thumbs in to take them down.

“Relax George.”

That steeled me to remove them. So I pulled them down. It was the first pussy I ever saw. It was pretty.

“You stripped me naked George. I think you told Annie and me a story when you said you didn’t have any experience with a woman.”

“If you felt the way my heart was beating now, you would know I wasn’t lying.”

“Just kidding George.” She kissed my cheek.

“Now it my turn to have some fun.”

Stripped me like a pro but when she came to the point of removing my boxers she stopped to ask if it was okay with me. I shook my head yes, then my boxers came down and my do-do came out.

“Don’t you cover yourself George. Let it hang out so I can see it.

“George! HOW dare you hide that from the girls. You have a beautiful penis. Lord, I see you getting erect right before my eyes. If that’s what I am doing to you, I feel very proud of myself.”

“Now for the copulation. Feel my pussy to see if I am wet.”

“You beşevler escort are wet.”

“I see you are hard so let’s get at it. If you can. I don’t want to have to call the EMT’s because you passed out on me.”

“I can do this Suzi.”

“Okay,” she get on the center of the bed and lays down on her back and open her legs. “George get between my legs and come up close.”

I followed her instructions. She take hold of my cock and guides me to her opening.

“Now push George.” I do finding a hold accepts me instinctively I push all the way in.

“George your cock feels great in me. MMMmmmmm”

“Okay now in and out.”

But I wanted to love her. I wasn’t going to be denied. So as I am fucking her I’m also kissing and hold her and foundling her.

“O George what are you doing to me? I feel your love encompassing me. God this feels good.”

Eventually I cum inside her after I do we lay together for awhile talking and kissing.

“Time for you to go.”

“What do I owe you?”


“That all?”

“Yes because I like you George. You have a lot of love to give some lucky woman.”

“Okay, but I do home repair on the side. You gave me you have a huge discount, so I’ll give you one. I am bonded and licensed here’s my card. Don’t hesitate to call.”

“Suzi, I really don’t know what love is, but after tonight, I do feel a close bond with you.”

I kiss her then leave.

She haunted me though. Being with her that night with her instilled confidence in me. I moved out of Ma’s house. Began dating select women. They noticed the change at work so when my supervisor passed away suddenly, I was given his position.

One Saturday afternoon is hear my cell phone ring. There was a message from a M. S. Waterford. “Need help. Please message back.” I did even though I had no idea who M. S. Waterford was but I messaged back: “Where do you live? What is your problem?” response came back immediately, “Water every where. The address is: ankara escort 1075 N. Oak Ct., Jacobstowne.” Messaged back, “See you in 15.”

Pulling up to the curb a pretty young mother comes out followed by a 2 y/o, a 3 y/o and no more then a 5 y/o right behind. I look at the woman again, its Suzi!

We exchanged pleasantries. She led me to the problem, her basement had 3 foot of water in it. Eventually I found out that the city’s main into the house broke. I called the city a to come out and turn off the water at the street.

Wow did she have a mess. The water washed away a section of her cinderblock wall and the house was beginning to tilt. She has to get out the structure is no sound.

To make a long story short, I talked her into moving in with me for awhile largely because she didn’t have any other option since the City Engineer came by an condemned the house because part of the foundation was washed away.

After a couple of days of hectic work we got her and her family moved into my place. I had room and to spare so her coming in was just fill up empty space. But she warned me, “You will regret doing this.”


“You do not know how noisy small children can be. That’s why.”

“We couldn’t get to her bedroom furniture out because the house was breaking up over the hole. So she lost all her clothes.

Finally one night about 10 days later, we lay in my bed talking.

“My kids and I have been in your house for 10 plus days. You haven’t demanded any payment of any kind. I thought you would have at least demanded some pussy but you didn’t even demand that. What gives with you? Don’t you want to fuck me anymore after you found out the truth about me?”

“I still want you but I cannot demand anything. I can ask and you can submit or not submit, but I cannot coerce you for any number of reasons.”

“You are smart. I noticed that about you when we first lay together. I also noticed that you live by a strong moral code. So what are you waiting for? Ask me.”

“Ask you what?”

“You cannot be that dense!”

“O, I get it. Mary will you have sex with me?”

“Yes. With pleasure. Now get naked because you’ve made me wait these 10 days.”

The end?

If I can come up with a story line to continue this saga, I will add, “to be continued.”

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