Shauna Ch. 05

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The story can stand alone, but for fuller understanding of the characters, read the previous chapters, especially chapters three and four.

Chapter Five: Shauna and Danielle Go Shopping

By the standards of most people, it was a wild scene, but to the participants, it was everyday sex. Shauna was on her knees in front of her son, sucking him, while Danielle was on her knees beside her sucking off her own brother. It was a game they played sometimes – seeing which woman could fill her mouth with her partner’s cum first. Everyone knew, though, that winning usually had less to do with oral ability and more to do with who won the coin toss and got Curt, Danielle’s brother. Curt often, but not always, seemed to have a quicker trigger than Billy.

The “wild” sexual activity had started with Shauna and her eighteen year old son, Billy. Actually, he was her step-son, but she had been his Mom since he was four. Before long, they were joined by Billy’s best friend, Curt, someone he had fantasized about since they reached puberty. Curt was black, whereas Shauna and Billy were Caucasian. The morning after Curt arrived, his older sister, Danielle, had come to the house, having been kicked out of her own house by her parents.

As she sucked her son’s cock, Shauna looked out of the corner of her eye, watching Curt’s face as his sister sucked him. She knew she had lost again when she saw his face beginning to contort. Shortly, he pulled Danielle further onto his cock, pushing the head into her throat, and came with loud grunts, almost falling, his knees buckling with the force of the climax.

Lose the game or not, Shauna was not about to lose her son’s lode of cum this morning. She kept sucking and licking as Danielle and Curt moved to the sofa to watch. Before, she and Billy were rewarded with his climax. Swallowing his cum, she continued to milk what was left in his sperm tunnel until there was no more left.

Grinning at Danielle, Shauna said. “You win again.”

Billy laughed. “No, Mom, I think Curt and I are the winners – we’re the ones who got to cum.”

“True.” Shauna looked at her son, now sitting in a chair. “But sex for this morning isn’t quite finished yet.”

“I hope not.” Curt responded quickly.

Before long, both women were sitting on the sofa side by side, kissing and fondling each other as the boys knelt between their legs eating them. This time, Curt was paired off with Shauna while Billy licked Danielle’s wet cunt.

Both boys were accomplished pussy eaters, having been under expert tutelage. Billy had been taught by his mother and Curt by his sister.

Neither woman had any true preference as to which ate their pussy or fucked them. True, there was an extra thrill for Shauna when it was her son’s tongue or cock inside her, as there was for Danielle with her brother. But the sex was great with either – or both. Sex had also been great between Shauna and Danielle, and between Billy and Curt.

It was truly fortunate that all four were bisexual, able to have fantastic sex together, in wonderful combinations of twos, threes and fours. No one seemed to have sexual limits or satiability.

Soon, the living room was filled with climactic groans and grunts and first Danielle, then” Shauna began to cum. Finished, they looked down at the grinning faces of the boys, faces smeared with their love honey.

“Mmmmmmmmm. That was nice.” Shauna finally broke the silence.

“It’s Saturday, Mom.” Billy responded quickly. “No one has to go to school. It can be nice for us all day.”

“Don’t you ever get enough?” Shauna laughed, looking into her son’s eyes.

“Me? What about you? I hear you and Danielle in your room almost every night.” Billy retorted, laughing back.

“Ok. Ok.” Shauna nodded her head. “I do enjoy sex with all of you, but today, Danielle and I have some shopping to do.”

“Shopping?” Danielle looked at her quizzically. She had arrived at the house with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, and the naked woman beside her, in whose house she was living, had bought her a full wardrobe the next day. She had also taken her to a doctor who prescribed birth control pills so she could enjoy the feeling cum spurting inside her cunt, as well as the feeling of one of the other three sometimes eating it out of her.

As for Shauna, the expense really didn’t matter. Before her husband had been killed four years ago, they had had a very healthy savings account, as well as stock holdings. This had been added to by the insurance settlement and proceeds for the lawsuit over his death. She was very comfortable financially, able to do almost anything she desired, completely owning her house and cars. She wasn’t exactly frugal, enjoying her luxuries, but wasn’t really spend-crazy, and the money would more than last a lifetime.

“Yes, shopping.” Shauna responded, smiling back at her, giving no further information. Danielle decided not to probe further.

Billy moved from between his mother’s legs grudgingly, and Shauna rose, then took Danielle’s hand and helped her up. The amatör porno boys watched the asses moving seductively as the women left the room.

At the top of the stairs, the two women kissed, then left for their respective rooms to dress.

The house was large and had four bedrooms, one for each of the person living there now. Often, however, Billy and Curt slept together and Danielle spent more nights in Shauna’s bed than in her own. The one rule Shauna insisted on was that, although she enjoyed sex with her son, he could never spend the night in her bed. That was her statement that he was her son and perhaps lover, but not her husband.

Each woman chose her clothing and when they were dressed, met in the living room. The boys were still nude, sitting in the sofa together, fondling each other’s hard cocks.

“You boys have fun.” Shauna grinned, as she turned toward the kitchen and the door leading to the garage.

The boys grinned back and kept playing.

In the garage, Shauna looked from the Corvette to the quad cab Ram.

“Which do you want to take today?”

“The Corvette.” Danielle responded quickly, moving to the passenger side door.

Shauna smiled to herself, thinking that the first part of the shopping would truly be fun.

Pulling the car out of the garage, which had doors on both ends, Shauna drove down the long drive to the street. Before long, they were flying down a main thoroughfare, top down, bringing looks for people in the cars they passed.

Moving off onto the side road, Shauna steered into the drive of an upscale car lot, stopping at one end of used section.

“I’ve been looking at cars lately.” She explained as she got out of the car and Danielle followed.

The car they had stopped in front of was a small BMW convertible. Although it was used, it looked to be in immaculate condition.

Appearing to be inspecting the car, Shauna asked. “What do you think about this car?”

“I like it.” Danielle replied, wondering if Shauna was thinking about replacing her Corvette with this one.

“It’s yours.”

At first, Danielle didn’t grasp what she was being told. “Mine?”

“I bought it yesterday, after my mechanic checked it our thoroughly. It’s paid for and in your name. All you have to do is to sign a couple of papers.” Shauna grinned at the dawning comprehension and delight in Danielle’s face.

She loved this girl. Danielle had been not only her friend and lover, but had come to be her new daughter, a part of her new family. Danielle had had to depend on Billy or Shauna to take her to her college classes. Although it had never been an imposition for Shauna, she wanted Danielle to have her own freedom.

“Mine?” Danielle almost shouted. “Really?”

“Really.” Shauna grinned at here surrogate daughter’s excitement, then joked. “Of course, you will have to lick my pussy for it.”

“You know I do that for free.” Danielle replied, now laughing also. Hugging Shauna, she continued. “Are you sure? I mean . . .”

“I love you as my lover and new daughter.” Shauna responded. “You yes, I’m sure. Let’s go to the showroom and get the keys.”

“God! I’m so excited; I’d love to eat your pussy now, Mom.” Danielle replied as they headed for the showroom.

Shauna smiled back at her but didn’t reply, as they had reached the building.

Having taken care of the paperwork, the two women drove their respective cars home. Danielle was the first out of her car and was standing beside the Corvette when Shauna exited and stood up. Hugging the older woman tightly, Danielle kissed her passionately. It was obvious from the way her body moved that her excitement over the car had prompted sexual excitement as well.

Feeling the young body moving against hers was turning Shauna’s sexual desires into lust. The lust was heightened as Danielle broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

“I want you to lie down in the seat of my new car so I can thank you and initiate it properly.”

Without a word, Shauna slid her panties down from under her short skirt and kicked them off her feet. Following Danielle to the car, she first sat in the passenger’s seat, then scooted backward till she could bend her knees and put her feet on the seat. Her skirt bunched up around her waist and her head hung off the other side of the driver’s seat. She couldn’t see was happening as she spread her legs.

But she could feel, and gasped at the touch of Danielle’s soft tongue, feeling lick between her lips and then over her opening. She felt the younger woman’s hands on her knees, pushing them back, and as she raised her legs to help, felt the tongue lick down to her asshole, flicking up and down, then pushing inside slowly.

By now, Shauna was moaning with delight, her body moving uncontrollably to the rhythm of the tongue fucking her tight opening.

“Oh God, Baby. Oh God. I love you.” Shauna sighed deeply, moaning.

“I love you too, Mom.”

Shauna gasped. It was the first time Danielle has called her ‘Mom’ and anal porno the erotic effects on her were amazing.

“God, yes, Baby. God yes. Lick my clit. I need to cummmmmmmmm.”

She felt Danielle’s lips move to her clit, sucking, a finger replacing her tongue in her ass. She had had both Billy’s and Curt’s cocks in her ass a number of times before and the finger slid in easily, then began to move in and out.

As she began to climax, Shauna heard Danielle’s voice. “Cum for me, Mom.” Then the lips returned to her clit, sucking. She came with a loud scream, not caring that the garage door was open and she might be heard by the neighbors.


Wave after wave broke through her as Danielle kept sucking her clit and finger-fucking her asshole. Danielle wouldn’t stop, and Shauna couldn’t. Her hips moved, hunching face and finger.

After what seemed an eternity, the waves began to decrease in intensity, slowing until they stopped, leaving Shauna to shudder occasionally with small aftershocks. When she had finished, she lay still, feeling Danielle’s lips softly kissing everything between her legs.

“Thanks for the car, Mom.” She heard Danielle say.

“You’re welcome.” Shauna responded, still a bit out of breath. “This was wonderful. What else can I buy for you?”

Both women laughed and Shauna slowly got out of the car, her legs wobbly. As she looked at the place her ass had been, she noticed that it was wet and realized her excitement had produced enough pussy juice to leak out on the seat.

“I’m sorry, Baby.” She said as Danielle’s gaze followed hers to the wet spot. “We’ll take that and get it cleaned today before it stains.” She was at first surprised, then pleased by the response.

“Don’t you dare. I want it to stain. I’ll think of you every time I am alone in the car.”


When the women entered the house, Shauna nude from the waist down, having remover her skirt completely, the phone was ringing. It was her next door neighbor, Joseph, asking her if she was all right. He had heard a loud scream from her house.

Assuring him that everything was all right, she almost laughed as she informed him that it has been something with her cat.

As she hung up, she heard Danielle laughing. “Your cat? You mean your pussy!”

By now, Shauna’s legs had regained some strength and she and Danielle headed up the stairs to the bedroom to the large shower in Shauna’s bedroom. In the shower, Shauna knelt and pleasured her “daughter,” bringing her to a climax.

They had slept well last night and their sexual activity with Billy and Curt had begun early this morning. It was only noon, but the morning had been full of intense excitement and both were tired. Moving to the bed, they were both soon asleep in each other’s arms.

After a two hour nap, they woke and wend downstairs to get some thing to eat. As they were finishing, Shauna smiled at Danielle.

“Want to go shopping for clothes today?”

“Sure. Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go to the mall.”

The two women dressed, and left for the mall. Danielle drove her new car while Shauna rode in the passenger seat. It was nice being the passenger; it allowed her to reach over and rub Danielle’s inner thigh and feel the young woman’s pussy through her panties as they drove through traffic. Shauna almost wished they had been able to pull up beside a bus so they could be watched, but knew that would be dangerous, as she might be recognized.

Arriving at the mall, Shauna and Danielle when inside to the women’s section of a large store.

“Pick out something you like.” Shauna told Danielle. She wasn’t really here to buy herself anything today; but because she enjoyed shopping with her young lover and “adopted” daughter.

Danielle immediately went to a rack with short skirts and chose a white on in her size, hunted for a blouse to match. Having found what she wanted, she proceeded to the dressing room with Shauna following.

Both entered one of the enclosures and Shauna watched as Danielle took off her clothes, then tried on her new ones. The skirt was short indeed, the shortest she had ever owned. She knew she would have to be careful how she bent down or the panties would be in full view. The feeling was delicious. The blouse tied just below her tits, leaving her stomach bare. Dressed, she turned around in a circle, looking for Shauna’s approval.

“Absolutely lovely.” Shauna offered and then peering closely at the bottom of the skirt. “Let me look closer at that hem.”

“Do you want to take it off?”

“No, just stand on the bench.” Shauna motioned to a bench fastened to the wall.

Danielle obliged, thinking there might be a flaw in the skirt as Shauna moved closer. She began giggling when Shauna lifted the short skirt, pulled down her panties and licked as close to her pussy as she could.

“I had to do this. You look good enough eat.” Shauna sighed.

Danielle spread her legs and put her hands on Shauna’s head to keep her balance, anal breakers porno while Shauna’s tongue licked her opening.

“OOoooohhhhhhhhh, that feels gooooood.” Danielle sighed, her desire intensified by the setting of the act. “Shhhhhhh.” Shauna cautioned, lifting her head briefly. “We don’t want to be caught doing this.”

As Danielle softened her moans to whispers, Shauna returned to her pussy, continuing to lick, but not enough to bring her to climax.

Stopping, Shauna stepped back. “I’d love to finish you here, but we have more shopping to do first.”

Danielle was very hot by now, wanting more, but worked to control her desire. She wanted to cum here, now, but it would be fun to walk through the mall feeling this way with her cunt wet with saliva. Pulling up her panties, Danielle stepped down from the bench and followed Shauna.

Next stop was a small very upscale women’s shoe store in the middle of the mall. The two women entered and.

“I love the shoes in here. I’ve shopped here for several years. Look around an pick something.”

The clerk in the story was just finishing with checking out the only other customer in the store. He was large – not fat, but muscular, looking like he worked out regularly. He appeared to be in his mid twenties. Shauna had never seen him before and thought he must be new. As he approached, Shauna informed him that Danielle was the one looking for shoes.

After a few minutes of searching, Danielle found a pair she liked and informed the clerk of her shoe size.

“Miss.” The clerk replied politely. “Different brands of shoes are sized a bit differently. May I measure your foot first?”

She agreed and he pulled one of the sloped foot stool over and placed the measuring device on it. As the man measured her foot, Danielle has a feeling that something was not right. He was taking too much time, and he moved the stool a bit, forcing her to spread her legs. He apologized, but tings still didn’t feel right.

After bringing out a pair of shoes, which turned out to be the wrong size, the man asked to measure her foot again, using the same footstool, taking just as long. He left and this time brought the right size, which Danielle tried on and Shauna bought for her.

As they left the store together, Danielle couldn’t shake her uneasy feeling. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. Shortly, they were in a booth in a coffee house in the mall, when she remembered something odd about the stool the clerk had used. There had been a small, round hole in the middle.

A picture flashed through her mind – literally a picture of a girl sucking cock. The girl had been out of her classmates and the picture had appeared on the internet. Someone at college had found it, downloaded and circulated it. The girl had been devastated and left school.

Things began to fall into place. He had been taking pictures of her – upskirt pictures of her panties – pictures in which her face might also be seen.

“What’s wrong?” Shauna could see the look of distress in her eyes.

Danielle explained, almost in tears. As Shauna listened, she became furious, but before accusations were made, they needed to be sure. Second, they needed to make the son-of-a-bitch pay, if Danielle’s suspicious were validated.

First, they bought a digital camera at a nearby store, then went into one of the mall restrooms, where Shauna removed her panties, before heading back to the store. This time, there were no other customers.

“I decided to get some shoes myself.” Shauna smiled at the clerk, who asked her to have a seat and insisted she have her feet measured. Shauna sat immediately, making sure her skirt rode up her hips before she lifted her foot. As the man measured, she heard a sharp intake of breath as the clerk realized she wasn’t wearing panties. She smiled at Danielle as they watched the man move the stool a bit, positioning it. They had him. Now for the final proof.

“Do you have a restroom in the store?” She asked.

“Yes, in the back room, but it’s only for staff.”

“Could you make an exception for me? It could be fun” She spread her legs wider and pulled her skirt up, giving him an unobstructed view.

“Why don’t you just fuck him.” He heard the young black woman say.

He could barely believe what was happening and the situation became even more bizarre when Shauna responded. “I think I will.” Then to him. “Want to fuck me?”

“Y – yes, Yes.”

She rose and led the way to the curtain separating the store from the storage room and paused briefly.

“What’s your name?”

“Jim.” The clerk replied.

“Well, Jim, give her the key and let her lock the store for a bit.”

With only a slight hesitation, the clerk tosses a key and followed Shauna through the curtain into what he was sure would be heaven.

Once inside, Shauna sat on a chair and spread her legs. “Take your clothes off, and then eat me before you fuck me.”

She almost laughed at his haste as he almost ripped his shirt off, losing a button in the process. Next came his pants, then his boxers, and soon he was nude. His erections was a nice size, not too large or too small, and in other circumstances, she would loved to have sucked it. But now she had business to complete.

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