She had To Ask

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“Am I hot?” His sister asked, he was sure it wasn’t at random to her but it certainly was to him.

“What?” A hint of laughter in his voice.

In the laundry room their mom leaned back from her phone and the clunking nearly finished dry cycle to look out at how her son would handle it. She knew that maybe she should have stepped out and taken this for him, but Melissa had been so fragile since moving back home. There had been too many conversations about what she was and wasn’t. About why her boyfriend had dumped her, why he’d cheated, why he’d said such mean things, and on and on. Which was why Rebecca just peeked out from the dark room instead of saying anything to help her son out.

“David, am I hot? I went out last night with Carrie and Blair. They both got guys like right away but… Nobody even looked at me twice. So, it’s gotta be that I’m not hot. Which is why I am asking you, objectively as a man do you think I’m hot?” Melissa stood straight, pushing out her surprisingly large chest while rocking a probably too slim hip off at a hopefully appealing angle. She knew better than to try to put her tiny ass on any sort of display, she’d never caught attention from that. Melissa knew, she was aware she wasn’t SUPER hot. She just thought she should have been hot enough to keep a six like Alan, her now ex boyfriend. Or to capture a new guy’s attention, who wasn’t a complete dog, at the club. “Am I deluded in thinking I am? Be honest!”

“Are you serious?”

“Totally.” Capturing his eyes she stared into them, both pairs the same color brown. The same shape as well. “I need to know. I’m going crazy with the break-up and… No guys have sent me any messages, you know trying to put their quarters down on the table.” That was something they’d seen in a movie, a way to call next have at a pool hall or old video game arcade. She floundered without seeing him drag that information out of the depths of his mind. “And then when none approached me at all!”

“This isn’t some shit you’re gonna tease me with, turn against me later?” Pulling a hand from her hip she held it out to her brother, the pinky out and curled. “Pinky promise?” He hooked his smallest finger with hers, held it a long moment to make sure she was absolutely serious. No smile or crack in the sincere demeanor made him finally nod. “Okay.” He gave her a look down and then up, shrugging. “You’re cute in the face, and have a nice enough body.”

“What? That’s it.” Grabbing his shoulder, pushing him back around to face her as he’d been about to depart.

“Yeah, you want the full exam or something?” Scoffing that she could want more.

“I want more than cute and nice. I need more than that. Be honest, be brutal, be… Be… Give me more than cute and nice!” After a second of holding his eyebrow up he rolled his brown eyes, sighed.

Stepping back he looked her over in a much more meaningful way. Both mother and daughter’s breath catching as he stepped forward to pull her shirt up, revealing a flat stomach and Melissa’s tiny midsection. Rebecca’s mouth opening and closing, she was more sure she should say something as he ran his hands over his sister’s belly and ribs. Even more as he went around behind his ten months older sibling. Melissa hissed but didn’t slap him away as he pulled her leggings, making it go tight on her rump. Framing the thing out perfectly, it would never be called juicy or cause anybody to do a double take, but it pleased him enough to nod. If just once.

“My tits are better than my butt.” The brunette rasped as he came back around, before he could make any sort of pronouncement.

“Yeah?” She wasn’t wearing the best of tops to show that off, it was cute but the fabric stiff and not at all low-cut.

“Yeah.” Voice still held the rasp of embarrassment.

“Show me then.” Rebecca’s mouth dropped open, she knew she should say something now but was frozen. Her brain insisted that Melissa never would, but her nineteen year old daughter pulled her shirt up, hesitating only long enough to get the bra as well. And impossibly the mother of what she had thought were two normal kids stood there as her daughter showed her son her breasts. “Wow! Those are nice. They…” And without asking permission he took hold of one, then the other. They were too big for his hands to get a good hold of, they looked like giants on Melissa’s slender frame. Perkier than Rebecca had thought hers had ever been. With two bright pink nipples at the center pointing right at David. “These are the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen. They real?”

“Of course they’re real! When would I have gotten the time and money to get fake ones?” But she was smiling, albeit a bit nervously as David moved over to touching both breasts, giving them a not quite clinical going over. Looking down at the attention her brother was showing them Melissa smiled hopefully, “They really that nice?”

“They really are.” Shaking his head he stepped back, Melissa holding her shirt and anime porno bra up for another few seconds before putting them back into place.


“I mean your tits are a ten.” The shake of his head telling that it would be a long time before he got them out of his head. “You’re cute, maybe even pretty but you got too much of dad’s stern features.”

“Yeah, stinking genetics. Believe me you don’t know how much I wish I was more like mom. She’s beautiful!” Rebecca felt a glow of appreciation for her daughter saying that, strangely even more for her son who nodded total agreement. His eyes glowing with the certainty of her beauty. “Carrie says I have RBF, resting bitch face.”

“Maybe, but still really cute.” Giving a shrug, trailing his gaze over her once more. “Well you shouldn’t go out with Carrie and Blair, I’m a seven at best so don’t take this the wrong way, you are a seven too. With ten tits for sure but a seven as far as everyone can see. Your friends are solid tens, you can’t go out with them and get any action. Go out with what’s her name and her sister, the Martin girls. They’re plain as hell, you’ll get attention then.”

“Thanks,” He shrugged, Rebecca calmed herself some at the nice ending. Tried to put away how her daughter had flashed her chest to a very appreciative brother. “I didn’t really want any action. I just wanted to know I wasn’t ugly.”

“You didn’t want any action?” Not believing her and making it completely obvious.

“Okay, maybe I did but not with a random.” That he accepted, seeing as it was the truth he should.

“Well, I’m going to go take a cold shower. Try to forget my pretty older sister has the best tits in the world, and an all around nice tight little ass.” She giggled, thinking it a joke but his serious face said otherwise.

“Pretty now, not cute? Hmmm.” Laughing more in delight at the idea than at his discomfort.

“Not really sorry about those haunting me forever are you though.” Motioning at her chest, for sure seeing them in his mind’s eye again.

“I am, I’m serious, see no smiles. No laughs. I’m sorry my sexy body got you all hot and bothered.” She did feel a little bad, enough that it was easy to keep the humor away, even if she was being a touch snarky.

Wondering if she should admit to having a little tickle of arousal as well. He was not a bad looking guy, he said seven but she thought he was better looking than her ex. Much better looking if she could even think of him as somebody other than her once very annoying kid brother. A clean cut sort of guy with naturally dark skin from their mother’s Italian side, like her own skin. Tall, dark, and handsome she thought would be a proper description for him. The way he looked at her. Well her ex hadn’t looked at her with that kind of lust and hunger, not recently and maybe not ever.

“I’m just gonna say this since we’re still in our zone of honesty and no reprisals.” His hand went to her hip, while she was looking down at that his other cupped her cheek and chin. Bringing her face up so he could look right into her eyes. “You don’t have to go to a bar and risk diseases or worse with some random guy. I hate the idea of you doing that. I know you’re a grown woman and can make your own decisions but…” The loose grip tightened, drawing their bodies together, she found herself breathing heavily as she stared up into her brother’s handsome face. Into those dark eyes so very much like her own. “But if you just need somebody to satisfy you, I could do that. No strings. No gossip.”

“My brother and my lover?” In her head it sounded ludicrous but when she said it aloud, not so much.

He didn’t say anything, just stood there with her in his arms. Giving her a patient stare as he waited for her to get onto the same page as him. He didn’t feel so cool and calm as what she saw, he was mostly freaking out at the insane offer he’d made. Not random, but some deep dark secret fantasy he’d barely admitted he had.

In the laundry room the dryer had stopped but Rebecca was completely unaware. She was on a roller coaster of emotions, her brain had seemingly stopped communicating with her body or she would have been out there. If not to call them out but to interrupt anything from actually happening. Except her heart was hammering quickly in her chest. Some part of her that sorta thought this was a movie, albeit a fucked up one, was telling her daughter to take the offer. David had said he was a seven but his mother thought he was much more handsome than that, just on how fit he was alone… Plus from the amount of noise two of his girlfriends made when he was making love to them, other times Rebecca had fretted over interrupting or just things happen. Over what the proper motherly thing to do was, some part of her listening while she debated. Well from those sounds he wasn’t offering Melissa a bad gift. Melissa needed a great rebound and David would be that in spades.

“So if I told asyalı porno you too, you’d just bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me?” His agreement was honest and totally earnest, a very firm yes. Melissa’s heart felt as if her blood had been replaced by jet fuel, it was beating so fast. Licking her lips, it was what she thought of right now. Him forcing her over the table, yanking down her pants and panties and filling her sister pussy with his brother dick. A big hard one that she wouldn’t have to work to get engorged, he would just be horny for her. “And you’d pull out and cum on my ass?”

“I’d cum anywhere you wanted.” There was no cool casualness about his voice, it was raspy and full of lust at the idea.

“On my face? Would you cum on your sister’s face?” He was almost ashamed to admit it but he did want to do that, couldn’t help but let the eagerness for that possibility show. “Fucking do it then little brother!”

Giving him a shove, wanting to be taken, wanting to be wanted by him so much that he’d take her. Take her body for his own sick pleasure. For a second both her and her mother thought he wouldn’t. His eyes going big in surprise, the beginnings of hurt almost showing at being shoved back. Then he registered her words, registered what kind of woman his sister was.

Yanked her back to him. Part of her wanted the sort of intimacy he did, after he started kissing her she was growling and pulling his mouth to her own. His lips were so sweet and warm and loving. Right up until he yanked her by her long brown hair, shoving her over the table.

“Yes, oh God yes!” She couldn’t keep in at the rough treatment, at him kicking the chairs away.

Turning back to watch his lust grow as he grabbed her tiny ass with no sign of disappointment. A whimper of delight escaping her as he yanked down her pants and panties, exactly as she wanted. The surprise and break for her not fully fledged fantasy was him kneeling behind her.

Rebecca’s jaw felt like it was on the floor as her son took handfuls of his sister’s butt, mashing the tiny thing about as he knelt. Admiring before running his tongue up the hairless pink gash, over her asshole, and up out of her crack. Only to start over again this time sticking at his sister’s vagina, running his taster rapidly through it. Running it right into a cavity he should have no interest in, and especially he shouldn’t growl with such hunger over.

“Fuck yes David!” Melissa cried out, face twisting in delighted surprise as he licked his way to her backdoor. And stuck, drilling his tongue at the hole there, the little brunette shoving back into him without thought of anything except how good it felt. “Ooooooh yes bro! Fuck yes that… that feels so good!”

“Mmmm, fuck are you feeling hot now?” David asked, replacing tongue with two fingers that he traced over her asshole, giving her a moment’s anxiety and hope, before sliding them up into her pussy.

“Yes! Can you feel how hot I am?” They both could, it wasn’t what he meant but he was distracted by the wet heat of her vagina tight around his fingers.

“Yes I can sis! Fuck yes I can.” Looking at his fingers in that impossibly wet hole before dropping to lick at it, or the delicious juice that came from it.

“Bro! YES!” The two digits didn’t just come out of her so he could lick at the leaking hole, no they took up diddling her clit. Mashing it all around in such speed that her orgasm was imminent. No denying it when his tongue wandered back up to her asshole. It was a totally new thing to her, it felt good in a tingling thrumming sort of way, but what really got her was how dirty it was. How hot she must be that the handsome guy was willing (No! Eager!) to dive into the filthy act with such fervor. “David! YES! I’m gonna… YES DAVID YES!”

She couldn’t believe it, as the deluge of pleasure filled her. It was David, her younger brother who had done it for her. Unsure if it was the wicked act of incest, rimming, or having sex with another guy so quickly after her break-up. Whatever it was, if not all three, it was the best orgasm of her life. One that he kept going with soft gentle administrations. Reading her body language to know when to lick or finger, when not to. Something her ex had never gotten after years of them dating.

“Oh David! I guess my ass must not be too bad if you’re willing to eat it like that.” When she finally had the strength to twist around, her handsome brother’s hair was a mess that was somehow stylish, she could see him from the nose up as he slowly circled her asshole with his tongue.

“It’s better than not bad.” Kissing his way up her tiny crack, over her spine, pushing her shirt up before him. He made quick work of her bra, between them they got it off of her, which was good because the foreplay orgasm had gotten her hot near to sweating. And things clearly weren’t over yet. Taking her hair he pulled it twisting her back to face him, to kiss him. Which backroom casting porno she did without a thought to all the different flavors on his tongue. “Did I say seven earlier?” She nodded, knowing he meant it as a compliment or hard reality, didn’t stop it from stinging. Releasing her hair as he kissed her shoulder, rose up to admire her. Which made her tickle with arousal at being looked at like he looked at her, even more desirous now that she was naked. “I’m a fucking fool! You’re a fucking nine.”

If he would have said ten it might have felt like pillow talk, a lie, even if a sweet one. A nine! God she ate that right up, shoving her butt into his crotch, rubbing it at the lump of iron she felt in his pants. Her eyes telling him what time it was, if that act didn’t.

“Shit yes!” He growled.

She couldn’t stop herself from doing it as she watched her brother strip for her, hand going to her pussy. He could see it, hesitated as her fingers started teasing her lapped and penetrated pussy. The temptation had been there with her ex but she’d always resisted because of not wanting him to think her some kind of nympho freak. David had just licked her asshole. They were committing incest. Really though she just didn’t have the same worry of him judging her. He didn’t either, licking his lips, before shaking off the arousal of her finger slowly sliding in and out herself.

Off went his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body that his years on the baseball team had helped carve. He wasn’t huge, it was only high school baseball, but well defined. Certainly better than her ex. She wanted to turn around and touch him, kiss him, but knew there would be time for that later. A tingle of perverse arousal flowing through her at the unconscious decision that this wasn’t a one time thing.

The pants and underwear went next, a bit rushed maybe. Still a groan escaped her at the sight of him, now fully naked. At the sight of him like she’d never seen him before. With his throbbing erection aimed up at the ceiling, swollen with veins popping out everywhere he was so hard for her. She liked that his dark pubes were trimmed short, fully maintained. Something her ex never bothered with. It didn’t just make his cock look much bigger, but the entire package much more arousing. Had she gone those years without much liking the sight of her boyfriend’s dick? Melissa now thought she had.

David stroked himself, without even realizing how fucking sexy that was. How big of a turn on it was for her, a compliment. She came up off the table some more, not exactly offering herself to be fucked but to be admired. He groaned at how hot her little ass looked with her back arched, she was quite arousingly flexible. Yet as much as she thought she could just be in that moment of mutual masturbation and admiration, she was glad for him being unable to help himself with her.

“YES! DAVID!” Banging her forehead to the tabletop to try and keep with reality, as her slim finger was replaced with his much larger penis.

It was maybe a fragment longer than the one she was used to. What David had that her ex had not was girth, girth to spare. He went slow despite how wet she was, knowing his size but also wanting to live every centimeter of his first entrance into his hot older sister. As that thick thing entered her she clawed at the table edge, slapped the tabletop, and angled her body to give him the best access.

“Oh my god sis!” And holding her by her tiny midsection he swirled his cock around inside her, not much of a range of motion because she was tightly clamped on him. A huff of real delight escaping him. “This pussy is a fucking ten like your tits. Dear god have you ever taken anything but a finger in here?”

“Nothing as big as you bro.” Which she admitted was a mistake.

Saying that titillated her from head to toe. Admitting it, but mostly the reaction it earned across his handsome face, the way she felt him swell at the compliment. It was so dirty, hit her buttons just right, that when he slide out of her and started fucking her she knew she was in danger. Another orgasm was right there, right there while her body was already telling her she was doing stuff too quickly after the first.

He wasn’t aware of it, she fought it back, never having had two orgasms this close before. One hand always on her hip or ass he let the other roam up her body. Sometimes teasing over her breasts, she kept them pressed hard into the table. The pleasure of that little brushing contact was already too much, him playing with her nips would have certainly made her pop instantly.

Not that it mattered, he was perhaps a couple dozen strokes in when he yanked on her hair. Turning her back so he could look at her face as he fucked her, admire her. It was too much, the hair pull, as well as the adoration her own not so little brother had for her. Too much as he fucked her with his hugely swollen rod, plunging it in and out of her with speed enough to make the table quake.

“David! DAVID! I’m..! OH GOD I’M SORRY! YES! OH FUCK YES!” And she no longer cared as he got her off again, it didn’t feel like a second orgasm as much as the first got stuck inside her, built up pressure, and now burst with dire consequences.

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