She Seduces Her Boyfriends Brother! 02

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This, and the first chapter, She Seduces Her Boyfriends Brother! are part of an erotic novel. I strongly recommend you read Chapter 1 first. However, if you don’t have time, let me bring you up to speed. Isabel lives with her boyfriend Dan and she’s been sleeping with Dans brother, Mike. It seems that Dan has enthusiastically embraced their relationship. In Chapter 1 (which you really, really, should read first) they’ve been discussing Travis, a pot dealer who they are trying to placate (using Isabel).

Isabel and Dan went to their bedroom, where unknown to Mike, they cleaned themselves up and had a quick conversation.

When they all came back to the living room, Isabel looked radiant.

“A couple of things: I’ve just had a quick talk with Dan and it seems unfair for me to get you so horny and not give you, um, a proper release. Especially because I did it for Travis. So, to be clear,” and she winked at him, “no sex, but I can make you happy. Dan, for being a good sport will get the whole works later on tonight. So, no listening, Mike![1] I’ve also got an idea to stop Travis getting mad for us doing his pot. Let me show both of you.” With that Isabel abruptly left the room again. The two brothers looked at each other, what was Isabel up to now?

When she came back she was in a Tom Ford, blue belted dress that had 10 buttons from top to bottom. Most of the buttons were undone, if fact eight were, leaving just a few in the middle and the belt holding it all together. Isabel was very clever with her clothes purchases, especially when she came out to play. Her play clothes were superb. She got them from a little boutique in midtown where, if she timed it correctly, she was served by an older dyke lady. She flirted outrageously, happily letting her see her change and then model the clothes for her. She had even gone a fraction further but only once. She enjoyed a deep discount with the lady but never with the stern gay man. So, she timed her visits. Even resorting to waiting outside the boutique and peering in, trying to see who was working that day.

This is why Isabels closet was crammed with excellent curated pieces. The lesbian always put something special by for her. If the lesbian salivated when she put it on, she bought it, for a deep discount.

“I’m thinking, if we turn up at his place and I’m wearing this little number, I might distract him enough to stop him getting too mad. What do you think?” She leant her shoulder backwards a fraction and the unbuttoned top slid down her shoulders, stopping at her elbows, exposing both her small breasts with erect nipples to the boys.

“Me sitting opposite him, keeping him hard. Or, even…” She did a little twirl and the dress flared open and showed, for an instant, her shaved vagina.

Both boys were gasped. “Well,” she continued, “if his damned girlfriend just left his side for a minute, I could even let him feel me up a little again. Would you mind that Dan? Would you mind if I let Travis, perhaps, kiss my breasts again?” With this she gently caressed her nipples.

“In fact, to stop him getting too mad and if we can get his girlfriend out of the way for ten minutes, would you mind if, perhaps, I went even further? Perhaps even go down on him? Let him cum in my mouth while you watch? The amount he generated last time would sent it gushing out of my mouth. It would probably even drip on to my tits, it was so much.” As she knew it would, this drew their attention from her story and back to her breasts. They could, she was sure, almost see her small breasts dripping in his sperm.

Both boys were transfixed as Isabel strutted over and sat on the coach.

“Come and sit by me Dan, and we can discuss my plan in detail.” Dan did as he was told and Isabel casually slipped her hand under his tracksuit bottoms. “Oh my,” she said and very gently and slowly started caressing his penis.

“Now, I’m being so, so shameless, what else can I tell you? In fact, now I am being so very shameless and you both bagros porno don’t seem to mind, why don’t you come and sit on the other side of me Mike?” Mike slid over on to the sofa. He didn’t need telling twice, thought Isabel. She just as casually slipped her other hand into his pants too, and, ever so gently, started to caressing his cock as well. Both cocks were straining under her hand..she had to be careful not to let them come…yet.

“I’d better not tell you too much of my plan. We don’t want you coming in your trousers again do we Mike? Actually, to cool things down a fraction, why don’t you give Dan the pot and we can have a bit”.

Mike leaned over Isabel and gave Mike the pot. After a pause Isabel said — “to reward you Mike for the pot what do you think?” And she slowly parted her legs, “Isn’t it lovely? Just for you two. I’ve very carefully shaved all around it.” She was now almost naked between the two brothers and with a hand on each of their cocks. Perfect. Hotter than any situation she had been in before. Way hotter.

“So, you two, now you’ve got me in this position, shouldn’t you each kiss a breast? Then, after we’ve discussed in careful detail exactly what you two would like me to do with Travis, I’ll tell you what I really, really want.” Both leaned over and together they kissed and licked at her breasts. She was in heaven and felt the beginning of a large orgasm start to wash over her. Hurriedly, she pushed them away.

“Phew!” she said. “That ‘s a bit too much right now. I won’t be able to concentrate on the plans.” She sat back but then…”actually, who am I kidding? You can both do that again and then we’ll discuss.” As they both licked and teased her breasts again Isabel allowed her first orgasm to wash over her. Her hips rose and fell as she bucked against their tongues and lips.

“Now before we start the planning,” she was breathing heavily and looked at each of them in turn. “I think a kiss for each of you.” She turned away from Mike and started kissing Dan, as she did so she felt Mikes finger entering into her vagina. She gasped and tensed as Mike slowly withdrew his finger. Then, he entered it again. Isabels soaking vagina seemed to swallow it up. She was coming again as she kissed Dan and Mike kept on entering and withdrawing his finger.

“Look, Dan, look what your brother is doing,” she panted. She parted her dress so Dan could see his brothers fingers being gobbled up by Isabel. As she did so she increased her grip on Dans cock and began pumping it rhythmically. “I want to do this with Mike and with Travis. Do you mind Dan? Would you like to watch me?”

At that she freed Dans cock from his tracksuit bottoms and started sucking, sliding slowly down the length of his penis all the way until it was entirely in her mouth. Pulling herself back up but keeping firm hold on both penises, she said…

“Here’s what I want,” she gasped. She then stood up and undid the remaining buttons of her dress , it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. “Here’s what I really, really want..I want you both of you to cum in me, one after the other. Can we do that?”

Naked, she sat back between them and slid her hands back onto their cocks. At that bombshell she could feel both cocks strain under her. “Well, I guess the answer is yes.” She gave each of them a kiss on the lips to seal the deal. She then turned and started to kiss Mike longer, their tongues intertwined. A deep and slobbery kiss. She loved that she could now kiss him freely in front of Dan. And he was staying the night. As she was kissing Mike, she felt Dan move and then she felt the tip of Dans penis head start to hesitantly touch her vagina. She was starting to lose it. She shuffled around and arched her bottom, giving Dan unspoken permission to enter her completely while never stopping kissing Mike.

Dan entered her and was now picking up speed, deeply thrusting into her. It made kissing Mike harder with Dan slamming into her. She gave up and bangbus porno buried her head into Mikes shoulder. “Oh, oh, oh,” she breathed into Mike’s shoulder, in time with his brothers thrusts. Mike with a groan, shuddered and stopped thrusting — a pause and then, she felt a flood deep within her. Isabel spasmed, struggled to collect her breath and then slowly spun around on her bottom and now faced Mike and put her head in Dans lap. “Mike, I hope you don’t mind, it’s a bit messy and very warm down there,” she gasped.

Mike didn’t answer but immediately starting pushing into Isabel. As he picked up speed, the squelching and sucking from her vagina was drowned out by the moans from Mike and Isabel. Isabel reached for Dans hands to steady herself as Mike began to pick up speed. She then let go of Dans hands and gripped Mike’s ass cheeks, pulling him deeply into her. She wrapped her legs around him and buried her face into his shoulder. Gritting her teeth, as orgasm after orgasm carried her away. Her hips were gyrating, receiving Mikes thrusts as they both passionately melded into each other. Mike was slowing now and eventually, with a judder, he came as deeply as possible within Isabel.

All three were covered in sweat and with matted hair. It was the most passionate sex they had ever had. Spent, they looked at each other and slowly disengaged. As she sat upright Isabel sighed deeply.

“My God, that was absolutely, entirely” she struggled for the word…”intense”. She flopped back onto the sofa between the two brothers and snuggled up between them. Her hands rested on each boys thigh.

Then, she felt Dan take her hand and guide her to his penis. It was hard again.

“Oh Dan, again?” Eagerly, she swivelled around on her ass and facing Dan she guided him back into her. “Mike, please, can you get a towel or we’re going ruin this sofa. You’re both spilling out of me.”

Mike scooted away and returned with a towel. Dan and Isabel were hard at it, pumping slowly and rhythmically into each other. Isabel jacked up her ass and Mike slide the towel underneath her. “Thanks,” she grunted. “Kiss me, hard.” With that she swivelled her head around and kissed Mike as Dan, carried on thrusting into her. Breaking off, she said, “Please Mike, pull hard on my nipples while Dan fucks me. Twist them, harder.” Again, Mike did as he was told. Pulling and twisting and pinching her nipples as Dan bore into her. She had never known Mike so rough before. She looked over, he was erect again.

“My God, you too? Ok, you’re next,” she grunted. Dan picked up speed and Isabel groaned with every thrust. With her hands she started fondling Dans balls, milking him to get every last drop of sperm out when he eventually came. It wasn’t much longer. With an exclamation he came to a juddering climax and spent, collapsed on top of her. After resting for a moment and gathering her ragged breathing, she wriggled out from underneath Dan.

She scooted over to Mike and quickly mounted the seated Mike, intending to guide him into her. Before she did so an enormous glop of sperm oozed out of her vagina and settled on Mikes stomach. “Oh Mike, I’m sorry. We can shower later.”

“No problem,” said Mike “actually, lets have a look”. He leant her back on his lap and looked at her overflowing vagina. It was pulsating, and with every contraction more sperm oozed out. The boys were transfixed. Gingerly, they pulled her lips apart. Isabel had never felt so wanton. They were scrutinising her vagina, her shaved vagina.. that they had both just cum in!

“Room for a bit more, into your pussy?” said Mike. Using a coarse term heightened her excitement even more, making her feel even more slutty. As they both gently held her vagina apart, she started rocking forward and backward under their hands and the intense scrutiny. Yet another glop of their sperm trickled out from out of her and landed with a plop on Mikes stomach, joining and enlarging the pool.

“Yes” moaned Isabel, “look beurette tour porno at how much you’ve come in me. You’ve filled it up with your spunk. It’s overflowing.” She grabbed Mikes penis. However, instead of riding his penis, she went higher and started grinding her filled vagina into Mikes chest. Panting, she ground and writhed having the largest orgasm yet as she smeared her cum filled vagina up and down Mikes chest. Then, she rose up on her knees and pulled Mikes head into her pussy. She powered into his face with her hips, thrusting and thrusting. She covered him in sperm, rubbing his face up and down with her soaking vagina orgasming again and again.

Finally, she quietened down. “Sorry, I went a little crazy there. Let me make it up to you.” Continuing to straddle him, she guided Mikes cock into her. Mike stayed as still as he could letting Isabel fuck him with her hips, she went faster and faster. Stopping only to stuff his penis back in when it popped out from her slurping, soaking vagina. She fucked him and fucked him, her ass muscles powered her into him again and again. As she tired she leaned on Mike’s chest but never once stopped her hips grinding into him.

Dan, had stood up and was watching his girlfriend fuck his brother. He saw her ass muscles as they drove her again and again into his brothers penis. He put on hand on each of her ass cheeks and drew them apart revealing her Vaseline-slicked anus as it was riding backwards and forwards with each of Isabels thrusts.

Panting with excitement, she said. “Dan what are you doing? Are you hard again watching me fuck your brother? Are interested in my anus? I won’t stop fucking him but perhaps…” She gulped. By now she was slowing and removing her hands from Mikes’ sperm slicked chest, she leaned forward and rested on Mike. Never once fully stopping but still slowly fucking Mike, she reached her freed hands behind and pulled her ass checks further apart to display a full view of her anus to Dan.

“Look, Dan, look.” She then plopped a finger into her mouth and gently lubricated all around the edge of her anus.

‘Is that what you want Mike? Do you want to fuck me in my ass while your brother fucks me in my pussy. Is that what you want?” She rose up a fraction and smearing a finger in the sperm collected on Mikes stomach she reached behind and gently curled her bottom up and with a gentle plop put her finger inside her anus. “Let me make it even wetter for you. Then you can both fuck me at the same time. How’s that, Dan? Good?” She could barely get the words out she was panting so much.

Grabbing Mikes hand while still slowly pulsating on Mikes penis, she pushed his finger to the edge of her lubricated anus.

“That’s it Dan,” she panted, “finger fuck my asshole while Mike fucks my pussy and when you’re ready see if you can squeeze your cock into my bottom”.

Isabel slowly rocked forward taking Mikes cock deep within her and then slowly, gently, rocked back taking Mikes finger into her ass. Gaining confidence she cautiously started to find a rhythm, first she was penetrated by a cock into her vagina and then rocking back a finger into her ass. She sped up, feverishly grinding into the cock and then the finger, as she did so, she felt the flush of her largest and best orgasm envelope her. It rode all through her body, shaking her from head to foot. Crying out, she stopped – feeling a finger and a cock deep, deep within her. Following her screaming final orgasm, Mike too cursed and released deep inside her. All his sperm, with nowhere else to go, gushed out of her filled vagina and onto the towel. Dan held his penis to the edge of Isabels anus and gently pushed inside but no…it was too much for him. He too exploded and drenched Isabels anus, and bottom in sperm. They were now, all of them, a mess but a happy giggly mess.

“Wow, next time, we go all the way,” vowed Isabel. “Now, let’s clean up and we’ll need to go over to Travis’s tomorrow and I’ll explain about the missing pot. Right now its bedtime after a shower for each of us.” Mike slept on the sofa and Dan and Isabel retired to their bedroom.

[1] This was an inside joke between Mike and Isabel. A few months ago she made very noisy sex with Dan for the benefit of Mike in the next room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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