Showing My Sister Pt. 01

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There is something about the relationship between Mary and her older brother Zack that you just can’t put your finger on. Usually they are just like your average brother and sister but sometimes there’s something between them that I’m having real trouble describing. I’ve considered words like atmosphere, tone, energy, connection, karma, love, admiration, conveyance and vibe, not none of them correctly describe what is invisibly there.

The thing is, whenever Zack tells Mary to do something, she just does it. She never questions the order, she just does it. She knows that she is doing what she is told and will talk about doing it with Zack but to other people she never says,

“Zack told me to do it,” it is always, “I don’t know why I did it. I just did it.”

This all started when Mary was 10 and Zack was 13 when Zack jokingly told Mary to wash his bike. Zack fully expected Mary to refuse and tell him to get lost but she didn’t, she got out the hosepipe and a sponge and washed off all the mud that had accumulated on it when Zack and his mates had been riding through the woods.

Zack was dumbfounded, I mean what boy’s little sister would do that for him, its just crazy, but Mary had done it without questions or complaints, even smiling at Zack when the job was done.

Zack quizzed Mary afterwards, asking her what she’d broken in his room, what she wanted from him, and other such things, but all she said was that she wanted nothing in return.

A few days later Zack was still trying to work out what Mary wanted from him, they were home alone for a couple of hours so Zack thought that he’d experiment to see if it was a one-off or what. He told her to go and get him a glass of juice and a biscuit, and she did, no questions and nothing in return.

Zack was still puzzled so he thought that he’d tell her to something outrageous. He told her to take her dress off and only put it back on when she heard their parents return.

Zack was totally amazed when Mary did just that, leaving her playing with her toys wearing just her cotton knickers and training bra and acting like it was a normal thing to do.

Zack just didn’t understand what was wrong with his sister. He considered talking to his mother about it but he didn’t want to risk Mary or him getting into trouble.

Over the next days and weeks Zack kept trying to work out why Mary was acting like that, and only with him. Okay, she always did what their parents told her, but usually refused to do the silly things that her friends told her to do.

Zack eventually forgot about it and they continued like your average brother and sister. It wasn’t until Mary was 18 and at college, and their parents were out shopping one Saturday that Zack got reminded of those incidents all those years ago. Mary was in the shower and she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door when Zack walked in to go for a pee. Mary was behind the shower curtain with the water pouring down on her when she realised that someone was in the room with her. The shower curtain was white so they couldn’t see who it was so she screamed.

Zack stopped walking to the toilet and said,

“Relax Mary, it’s only me.”

Mary stuck just her head round the side of the curtain, saw Zack and said,

“Get out Zack, you shouldn’t be in here.”

“You didn’t lock the door.”

“But I’m naked.”

“Are you?”

“Of course I am, I’m having a shower, get out.”

Zack suddenly remembered Mary always doing as he told her so he thought that he’d see if he still had whatever power it was still worked on Mary so he said,

“Show me.”

A spilt second later the shower curtain opened and Zack saw his not so little sister in all her glory. She was just standing there with one hand on the shower curtain and the other by her side.

“You look good sis, turn around and let me see your butt.”

Mary let go of the curtain and turned.

“Cute little butt sis. Finish your shower, get dried then come outside to the back yard and bring a beer for me. Loose the towel and don’t put any clothes on.”

Mary turned and got on with her shower.

Zack couldn’t believe his luck and he had trouble having the pee that he went in there for. As he washed his hands he looked to his sister, she was soaping her arms and the curtain was still wide open.

“Crunch time.” Zack thought as he went back outside and sat where he had been before.

Five minutes later out walked Mary, totally naked and with a bottle of beer in her hand.

“Thank you Mary, have a seat and enjoy the sun.”

Mary did and they talked for ages and about all sorts of things with Zack getting glimpses of his little sister’s tits, bald pubes and the front of her slit. Zack was just thinking about telling her to go and get him another beer when he heard their parents car enter their drive.

“Go and put your bikini on Mary.” Zack said.

Mary stood up, turned and went into the house with Zack looking at her cute butt as she walked.

Zack stood as well and went to see if his family stroke porno parents needed a hand carrying anything and when they didn’t he went back to the chair and enjoyed the sun.

Five minutes later Mandy was back, and she was wearing her bikini.

“This is weird.” Zack thought, and he again tried to work out what the hell it was that was causing Mary to do whatever he told her.

Mary spread the towel that she was carrying on the grass and lay on it on her back with Zack watching her and still trying to work out what the hell was going on.

Ten minutes later their mother came out and told Mary that she should have gone to the beach saying that it’s much better sunbathing on the beach than the back garden.

“Can I borrow daddy’s car tomorrow please?” Mary asked.

“He needs it tomorrow but I’m sure that Zack will drive you there won’t you Zack? Maybe spend the day together at the beach.”

Zack thought for a second then said,

“Sure, why not, I haven’t been to the beach for ages.”

It’s only about 30 minutes to the really nice beach that is out in the middle of nowhere with a car park at one end and at the end of the dead-end road that goes there.

Zack’s mind started to go into overdrive. Although they’d been there lots of times when they were kids he’d recently heard a rumour that some people sunbathed naked there. Could he get Mary to strip naked there?

His shorts started to change shape as he thought about his sister naked on the beach. Would there be lots of people there who would see her? Could he tell her to masturbate on the beach in front of some strangers. Poor Zack had to start thinking about something else to avoid having an accident in his shorts.

He thought about it some more in bed that night and had to use some tissues to avoid leaving his mother some tell-tail signs when she changed the sheets.

At breakfast the next morning their mother asked if they were going to the beach for the day. Mary looked at Zack who looked at Mary and said,

“Yes we are, probably stay there all day unless the weather breaks.”

“Okay,” their mother said, “don’t forget to take some sunblock and a snack for lunch.”

With that their mother and father got up and left them. When they were doing the washing up Zack said,

“Put on your shortest dress Mary, and don’t bother with any underwear.”

Mary smiled and said,

“Yes Zack.”

Thirty minutes later Zack’s car was reversing out of the drive with Mary sat beside him. She was indeed wearing an old summer dress that was quite short and her pokey nipples told him that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Zack felt his cock stir.

Thirty minutes later the car was pulling into the car park. It was still only mid morning and there wasn’t a lot of cars there but Zack suspected that that would change as the day wore on.

When they got out of the car they went to the back of the car to get their belongings. Zack opened it and Mary bent over to put the things that had fallen out of the bag back in before lifting it out. Zack had taken advantage of the unexpected situation to take a step back and look to see if Mary’s dress had ridden up. It had, and he could see her bald pussy between her cheeks.

His cock stirred again.

They walked the short distance to the beach with Zack trying to decide if he wanted them to sunbathe near the path between the car park and the beach, or in the dunes a little way along.

Zack decided near the path and he looked around for a spot and walked over to it. He reckoned that people walking from the car park would easily see what he hoped would be the naked Mary.

“Let’s stop here for a while Mary, we can maybe move to the dunes later.”

“Okay Zack.” Mary replied and they put their bags down and spread their towels.

Mary was just starting to unbutton her dress when Zack said,

“Don’t bother with the bikini Mary, you’ll only end up with tan lines.”

“Okay.” Mary said and continued taking off her dress leaving her stood there totally naked.

“You look good sis.” Zack said as they both lay down, Mary on her back and Zack on his stomach to hide the bulge in his shorts.

They were silent for a while, Zack watching the handful of people arriving and looking at Mary as they passed quite close to them.

Poor Zack, his brain just could not work out why Mary was acting the way that she was. Nude on a beach just wasn’t the Mary that he grew up with, was it really possible that he had some magical power over her?

About an hour later Mary turned over then asked Zack to put some sunblock on her back. There was no way that he was going to refuse so he got up onto his knees and started up by her shoulders. As he worked his way down her back Zack said,.

“You do want me to do your butt don’t you Mary?”

“Yes, of course, all over.”

Zack rubbed the sunblock all over her butt and into the crack. As he started on her thighs her legs opened a bit and he thought,

“Well female taxi porno she did say all over.”

And his hands slid up to her pussy. As soon as he touched it she moaned and spread her legs some more.

“You like that don’t you Mary?”


Zack continued massaging the sunblock into every nook and cranny of her pussy, concentrating on the best parts, and soon she was cumming, right there on the beach with people walking by. What’s more she wasn’t holding back in the vocal department and people really stared at her and Zack.

Zack moved down her thighs then let her just lay there with her eyes closed. He wondered if she’d gone to sleep.

A short while later she jumped a little then turned over.

“You do want your front doing now Mandy, don’t you?”

“Yes Zack.”

This was it, Zack had been invited to rub sunblock on her front and he wasn’t going to miss even one square millimetre.

Before long Mary was moaning again as Zack massaged her breasts, paying lots of attention to her nipples. Her breathing was getting heavier and her moans were getting louder and more frequent. Things died down a little as he left her breasts but built up again as he got closer to her pussy. Her legs automatically opened as Zack’s fingers found her vulva.

When he found her clit and started rubbing it she had her second orgasm of the day, again a loud one with her body jerking to the spasms and convulsions.

Zack moved down from her pussy to cover her legs then left her to soak up the sun and maybe absorb what had just happened.

Later Zack got restless so he told Mary to go for a walk with him. She got up and they walked the whole length of the beach and back with her not showing any signs of embarrassment as they walked, passing couples, singles and families, about a quarter of them being as naked as she was.

When they got back to their towels Zack decided that he was going to try to push her limits some more by showing her off in the small town that was a few miles down the road.

“Don’t lay down again Mary, collect your things, we’re going to the town to get something to eat.”

“Okay,” Mary said, and picked up her dress to put it on.

“Don’t put that back on until we get to the car Mary.”


Mary got a couple of strange looks as they walked back to the car, Zack having told her not to cover her pussy with the bag she was carrying.

At the back of the car Mary had just put her dress on when Zack stopped her and told her to unbutton the dress from the hem up to her pubic bone and to pull the elasticated top down so that her nipples were peeking over the top.

Again, Mary did it without even blinking.

Just as Zack was about to start the car he turned to Mary and said,

“Take your shoes off and put your feet on the dash, well apart, and play with your pussy. We’re not getting out until you’ve cum.”

Her bare feet were soon up on the dash and her right hand was rubbing her pussy. She was still like that when Zack pulled into a little car park in the town.

Zack deliberately parked the car near the entrance / exit where people were coming and going and reminded Mary that they weren’t getting out of the car until she’d cum, her fingers having stopped rubbing and her knees closed.

Her knees opened again and her fingers got busy again as Zack wound down the windows so that people could hear her as well as see her.

About 3 minutes later Mary got a few stares as people walking by looked to see where the moaning was coming from.

Orgasm over and Mary being coherent again, Zack told Mary to get out of the car. When they both went to the front of the car Zack looked at Mary and told her to lower her dress so that her areolas were visible. Then he told her to hold the sides of the skirt part of her dress and pull it apart.

She did and he could just see her slit. He wasn’t quite happy and he told her to undo another button. Telling her to pull apart the sides of the dress again so he could see all of her bald pubes, and he was happy.

“Let go of your dress.”

She did and it fell back and covered her. Then he told her to stay where she was whilst he walked away, then to follow him when he waved to her. He wanted to see how far her dress opened when she walked and was happy when he got glimpses of her slit as she approached him.

“Good, come on Mary, your legs look good.”

Mary smiled at him and they walked side by side to the main street of the town, Zack looking at the people they approached to see if they noticed Mary’s flashing. Only 1 young man noticed and he elbowed his mate to let him know. Zack smiled as the 2 young men stared at Mary’s slit until the 2 pairs passed each other.

Zack decided to push Mary a little more, wondering if his instruction to expose 1 nipple would reach Mary’s limit and she’d object.

It didn’t and they continued walking with 1 of Mary’s rock hard nipples on display.

They came to a cafe that had setup female agent porno business in a vacant shop and Zack decided to get something to eat and drink. Going in Zack directed Mary to a table in 1 of the big windows and to a chair where she could look out onto the street.

When they sat down Zack told Mary to keep her knees shoulder width apart. She did and from where he was stood he could see her bald pubes, slit, 1 full, hard nipple and part of the areola round the other nipple. Satisfied, he sat at the other side of the table where he could see the people walking by, and, if he turned his head, everyone in the cafe.

It wasn’t long before the cafe’s waiter went over to them. He was a middle-aged man and he quickly saw what was on display. Not saying anything about what he saw, he took their order without looking at either of their faces.

Whilst they waited, Zack tried to quiz Mary about why she always did what he told her, even if it meant that she was exposing parts of her body that had never seen daylight before. His efforts were as fruitless as the previous times that he’d quizzed her, Mary just saying,

“Because you’re my brother and it’s only right that I do what you tell me.”

“Even if it means that you are exposing your pussy or little tits?” Zack asked.

“There’s no need for me to be embarrassed if you are telling me to do it.”

“So if any of my mates told you to strip you’d do it Mary?”

“No, they aren’t my brother.”

“What if I told you to do what they say?”

“Then I would.”

“Even strip naked?”

“If you had told me to do what they told me to do, yes.”

“Even if our parents were in the same room?”

“If you had told me to do what they told me to do, yes.”

The conversation continued until their food and drinks arrived without Zack learning anything about the reason for her unusual behaviour.

As they ate Zack decided to push her even more and he asked,

“So if I told you to give me a blowjob would you do it?”

“If you told me to, yes.”

“And if I told you that I was going to fuck you would you let me?”

“If you told me to, yes.”

Zack was silent for ages as he contemplated the idea of fucking his little sister.

They left the cafe as Zack realised that he hadn’t even looked to see if anyone from the street had seen Mary’s slit. What he did know was that no one in the cafe had said anything about Mary’s exposure.

Feeling more confident, Zack told Mary to undo the remaining buttons on the skirt part of her dress and was annoyed with himself for not telling her to wear a dress that buttoned all the way from top to bottom.

They walked on with Mary flashing her bald pubes and slit with every step that she took.

Further down the road Zack saw an ice cream van. He could see a man leaning out and handing a cone to a young girl and Zack decided to let the man see Mary’s nipples. As they got close Zack told Mary to pull the elasticated top of her dress down so that it ended below her nipples.

Without any hesitation Mary did so, then turned to Zack to let him see that she had done as he had instructed. Zack put his hands out and pulled and twisted Mary’s nipples leaving them like new pencil erasers. Then he gave Mary some money and told her to go and join the serving queue the ask for 2 x 69s with flakes.

“You mean 99s don’t you Zack?” Mary asked.

“I want 99s but ask for 69s Mary.”


Mary joined the queue and Zack went to the side where he could see the serving man’s face. The 2 young men in front of Mary in the queue were totally unaware that the young woman behind them was displaying her nipples and Zack smiled as he thought what they would do if the turned and realised.

As soon as the man looked down on Mary to hear what she wanted he saw her nipples. Zack could tell that by the expression on the man’s face.

“Sorry luv, what was it you wanted?”

“2 x 69’s with flakes please.”

“Do you mean 99’s?”

“Yes, 69’s please, with flakes.”

Zack saw the man smiling. He also saw that Mary’s nipples appeared to have got a little bigger.

The man got the cones, all of the time glancing over to Mary to see her nipples and Zack wondered if the man was wondering if Mary knew what was on display.

The man passed the 99’s to Mary and she held them in one hand whilst passing the money with her other hand.

The man fumbled passing the change to Mary and a pound coin dropped to the floor outside the van and rolled behind and to one side of Mary. She stepped back behind the coin then squat down to pick it up.

The man watched as the skirt part of Mary’s dress opened and fell outside her thighs. Of course her knees were wide open and Zack saw the man smile as he saw Mary’s bald pubes and her slit. Zack smiled as much as the man did, even though he couldn’t see Mary’s bald pubes.

From there they walked back to the car, Mary’s dress opening with every step that she took, making her slit and bald pubes visible to everyone walking towards them along with her nipples that were still stopping the dress from sliding back over her tits.

Before the car set off on the journey home Zack told Mary to take her dress off and they drove home with Mary sitting there the same as she would have if she’s had her dress on.

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