Shuffleboard Lessons

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What she didn’t know was I had been shown a few ‘tricks’ from a shuffleboard player that went around the circuit and competed in tournaments. What I knew was just enough to be dangerous, but I did learn a bit. So here we were, staring down the long table, sipping on an adult beverage at the end of our shift. The place had closed some time ago, and we had spent the last ninety minutes doing the cleanup and the till closing.

Although it was against the rules, because it was after hours, I convinced Mel to have a margarita with me. I fancy myself as a pretty good margy-maker, so I used that tact to hammer the final nail in the coffin and she finally acquiesced.

“OK, I suppose since you’re having one, I couldn’t get in too much trouble. Mr. Golden Boy!” she responded when I asked her if she wanted the drink.

Golden Boy was a nickname I earned from being the only one with enough common sense to be able to run the place entirely on my own. The owners trusted me completely, and while this was a bit on the ‘you shouldn’t do this’ side, it wasn’t so terribly wrong that I couldn’t convince my owner that it was no big deal, once in a while. So, I built two delicious margaritas, on the rocks, of course.

Handing her the drink, I tried to make some small-talk to break the ice a bit. Mel was our newest cocktailer and I really hadn’t had a chance to work with her other than on nights that we were slammed, and being slammed, one didn’t have time to socialize with staff. This gave me an opportunity to get to know her a bit.

“Howya likin’ it so far?” I asked.

“It’s been fun, actually. The staff here is really nice and helpful, I never feel like I’m being a pain in the a….” she quickly stopped herself.

“It’s OK”, I replied. “I’m not a virgin for crying out loud”.

“Sorry! Being the new kid on the block, I’m just a little intimidated to let my hair down, I guess”.

“Mel, really, you’re among friends. You can let loose without worrying about being judged. You’ve already been judged”.

“What! What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“You know how it is in this business. Fresh meat comes on shift, everyone checks out the merchandise, as it were!” I chuckled.

“Fresh meat? Geez, now I really feel naked in this uniform”, she responded.

The uniform for our cocktailers wasn’t terribly revealing, we were a sports bar after all. The owners liked the idea of the girls in referee outfits, short-shorts, and a deep-v striped and zippered mid-drift shirt. While it wasn’t policy, you definitely had to be built right to wear the uni comfortably.

“C’mon, stripper!” I winked and smiled my best ‘aw shucks, ma’am’ smile. “Let’s play a little shuffleboard while we down these drinks”.

“Shuffleboard, huh? Never played, lots of the customers ask me all about it. I feel kinda silly, though, always telling them I have no clue!”

“After tonight, you’ll not only have a clue, but you’ll be able to beat the pants off most of them asking you about the game!”

“Hmmm”, she smiled. “Is that what we’re playing for?” she asked.

Like I said, fresh meat, checked out, yadda yadda yadda. But really, I didn’t think about her as a potential conquest, at least not until right at that moment! So what to do? Well, first thing is review the target! Black, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, no, blue is not the right color. Turquoise, almost, reminded me of the Caribbean! Full, pouty lips, topped with a cute little button nose. So damn cute, her face was full of life! Because of the uniform, it was pretty easy to evaluate the rest of her. She had nice, tight and flat abs, just enough definition to know there wasn’t any fat, and a cute little belly-ring. The top was cut low enough to catch a nice glimpse of ‘c’ cup breasts, pushed together to give the impression of massive cleavage. Personally, I felt her natural shape was sexier, but hey, now that she was on my radar, I’ll spend my shifts enjoying the view. No pokies, as yet, but I had the feeling the sexual tension was about to intensify. From her waist down, it was nothing short of perfection! Beautiful, toned legs, her calf’s not too muscular, dainty knees and firm, shapely thighs. Oh, those thighs! Sadly, words cannot describe her lovely ass! So round, so firm, it begged to be free of her shorts. What have I been looking at this past week? Mel was an absolute gorgeous girl next door hottie. What could I say?

“Sure, if you’re up to it”, I challenged, hoping she would take the bait and this would turn into something a hell of a lot more than shuffleboard lessons.

“First, I’ll need to give you some pointers, so that you know as much as me about the game. I’ve played a little, but I really am not a good player. So, hopefully, after a few practice throws, you’ll be close to my level”.

For the next forty-five minutes, and another margarita, I just had her throw pucks down the board, getting some familiarity with muscle-memory, how slick the board was with the wax on it, and istanbul escort trying to place pucks on the board. At first, the pucks ended up in the trough at the other end of the table. Everyone makes the same mistake, thinking the table is really long, they fling the puck and with the silicon wax, it sails ninety miles an hour down the table and plops into the trough. But, quickly she caught on and it wasn’t long before she was placing pucks just about where-ever she wanted them. After a bit, I suggested we play a couple of practice games, which, surprisingly, were pretty competitive. She won one by a couple of points and I won one by seven.

“Watcha think?” I asked.

“Well, me-thinks you would clean my clock”, she smiled, as she took a long pull on the straw in her margarita. Oh, to be a straw! Geez, I was becoming obsessed with this little cutie! What was I, a perv, no wait, really, to be a straw!

“I didn’t think you’d be up to the challenge, you leetle cheeken!” I taunted.

“Fuck!” her eyes went wide as she looked at me and relaxed after seeing my acceptance of her perceived slip.

“I’m no chicken-shit, Sammy-boy! So, if you want to, I’ll take you up on the challenge, with a couple of conditions. For every one point I get, you have to take off a piece of clothing. For every 2 points you get, I’ll take off a piece. Fair enough on that?” she questioned.

“So I have to get on the two or higher spot on the board but you just have to get to the one, am I understanding this rule?” I smiled, knowing I’d have to shoot twice as good as her to place all my pucks on the 2 or better spot on the table.


“OK, I agree”

“Yeah! Alrighty then! Number two, you have to shoot with your left hand!” she started to laugh as she finished her requirement.

As I said earlier, what she didn’t know was the little tricks I learned from my friend the shuffleboard player. One of the things he stressed was the ability to shoot off-handed, when the need arose. While not as good as my right shot, my left was no slouch, so, I heard myself say, “OK, left shooter coming out”.

Mel lined up her first shot, while I went over to the bar and mixed up another couple of margaritas. The more of those little fuckers you have, the better they taste, and after two, they were tasting pretty good. I had a little buzz, but nothing memory altering. I thought I would check to see what condition Mel was in, the last thing I wanted was for her to be so out of it, this wouldn’t be a memorable experience. I walked over to her with the drinks, setting them on the buddy bar by the table.

“Hey, Mel. Listen. I want to make sure you’re OK and aware of what’s going on right now. You’re not hammered, are you?” I asked.

“Hell, no, turkey! I’m a professional”, she laughed. “I’m feeling just fine, I know where I am and what I’m doing. So let’s get to doing”, she smiled that killer smile, you know ‘fuck I’m cute, wouldn’t you like to have me, but you can’t, so ha-ha’ smile!

Down went her first puck, stopping just touching the two spot. My throw smacked hers off the table and left mine sitting just in the one area. Her next throw curved behind mine and came to rest just on the other side of mine, but behind it. Nice shot! I had no choice but to throw a kill shot and blast all of the pucks off the table. So, with two throws to go, there were no pucks on the board. Her next throw ended up just past the two, almost to the three. If I could hit her just right, I could knock her off the board and make my puck stop fully inside the two area. So that’s what I did. With only one puck to throw, Mel realized her predicament and made an audible groan.

“Oh, by the way”, I said. “Shoes and socks count as one item, not four”, I smirked, drawing my eyes from her shoes, slowly up her legs, across her firm thighs, to the toned belly, up to the pert breasts, now showing eraser-sized nipples poking through the shirt, to finally drown in those fucking eyes!!

“I’m beginning to think I’ve been set up”, she chided. “But it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”, she said as she threw her last puck. It hit mine solidly, knocking me off the board and leaving her sitting firmly on the two area. So, all I had to do was repeat my previous shot, muscle-memory and all that.

As I lined up my shot and prepared to shoot, she yelled, “Hey, Sam”, as she leaned over the bar. “I’m gonna get some water, want some?”

I looked up to see her leaning on top of the bar, her tits smashed against the bar top, delicious boob meat gushing out the front, standing on her tippy-toes with the short-shorts just molded to the firm contours of her ass. Oh, my, what an ass! Like everything else about her, I never noticed. Yikes, wake up dude, as my final puck went skirting down the edge of the board, only to fall off the side and into the trough.

“Yea”, she hollered, “nice shot GB, what happened, did you lose your focus?” kadıköy escort I groaned at the mis-shot and smiled at Mel.

“Some things are just too good to pass up, and seeing you bent over the bar like that, with your legs and butt so tantalizingly on display was just too much for this poor soul”, I said with a twinkle in my eyes.

“Hmmm, I’m on the two spot, so does that mean you have to remove two items?” she asked. Did I see her eyes sweep my bod? Could this be going where I’m thinking? Well, it’s going to go as far as it can, I can guarantee that, I thought.

“Whatever you think, you’re the ref!” I said, paying tribute to her uniform, and granting her the upper hand in this little affair.

“Accommodating, aren’t we?” she said. “In that case, go for two!” she cried, making an unexpected football reference and enjoying the superiority that she was feeling at the moment.

Naturally, off came the shoes and socks, to a chorus of boos and hisses from Mel. Then, playing the stripper card, I hooked my thumbs in the waist of my shorts, and started to pull them out, wiggling my hips sideways. Mel’s eyes widened in disbelief, her mouth open just slightly. Were her breasts heaving, was she getting aroused at the direction this was going? Yep, there they were, proud and strong, pointing straight out, firm and oh so enticing. Her nipples strained at the material of her blouse. I stopped, grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and quickly whipped it over my head.

Her look of disappointment made me chuckle out loud. She looked up at my eyes, smiling and said, “Whew, that really got to me. I thought for a minute you were going to skip the easy stuff and go right to the main event”.

I don’t lift weights, or run, or bicycle, or whatever, so my bod is just your average every day guys body. But I’m not fat either. She took me in and tilted her head and smiled, as if to say ‘good enough for me’. “Let’s keep going”, she said, eyes sparkling, lips wet, breasts heaving.

The next round went pretty much the same as the first, with her last puck sitting in the two area. As I was lining up my shot, Mel leans over, her lovely cleavage fully on display, and asks me if her knee looks swollen, stretching her long leg fully out in front of her. Not this time, I thought. I let the puck rest on my end of the board and walked over to where she was sitting.

As I kneel down in front of her, with her leg pointing past me, I wrap my hands around her knee and gently squeeze and massage the knee cap and a small area above and below her knee. She seemed to be taken aback at my first contact, but after a few moments of massage, I could feel her body relax and an involuntary sigh escaped her lips. She looked down at me, wide-eyed, “Gawd, Sam, that really feels good. Don’t stop”

So I did! I immediately stood up, waked over to the board and threw my last puck. It slammed into hers, knocked it off the table and almost went off the far end. It was a leaner! A leaner is a puck that hangs off, ever so slightly, the far edge of the board, and it’s worth four points. So, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

“Four points”, I quickly looked at her. “Fair’s fair, right? You have to take off two items too”.

Her sigh smacked of false resignation as she reached down to untie her shoes, pulling off the right one. As she reached for the left, I stopped her and knelt down in front of her and pulled the left one off. Taking her right ankle in my hand, I rolled her sock off, then repeated the maneuver on her other foot. The whole time she just stared at me, her breathing erratic and her eyes slightly glazed over.

“I don’t like to leave a job half done”, I said as I reached for her knee again. I placed both hands on her right knee and slowly slid them down to her feet. I rubbed her feet, pushing my thumbs into her soles and rubbing the tops.

“God, Sam”, she moaned. “What are you doing to me?”

“Whatever you want. Just stop me if I go too far”, I said, moving over to the left foot.

“Stop! Oh please! Don’t, Sam, please don’t stop”, she moaned.

On to her calves and some time rubbing and squeezing them until her gentle sighs turned into moans. Now it was decision time, for me and her. I gently grabbed either side of her lower thigh, just above the knee and rubbed and massaged her flesh as I slowly slid my hands up her thighs. Soon I was kneading her upper thigh, just at the hem of her short-shorts. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was slightly open, and her nostrils flared with each breath.

Gently, I released her upper thigh and began the process all over again on the other thigh. When I reached the hem of her shorts again, she opened her eyes, glazed over with lust, and looking straight into mine, said “that’s only one item, right? Shoes and socks, just one item”. Her arousal was obvious, and while I was more than willing to comply, I was going to take my sweet time kağıthane escort doing it!

As I stood up, I gently reached under her arms and pulled her up with me. We were standing about as close as one could be without taking up the others space. Oh, by the way, did I mention the massive hard-on I was sporting? Once again, I ain’t porn dude hung, but a good half-foot and then some with some serious hardness and a large purple head hidden by my foreskin.

Our eyes locked as I reached up to the zipper on the front of her blouse. I gently began to pull it down, revealing more of her luscious mounds. Her eyes never left mine, but her hands were busy unbuttoning my shorts. The zipper on her blouse finally came to an end and I pulled it apart. I could see her bra, a cute black lacy thing, but left the blouse on for a moment. She looked at me, her eyes sparkling, her breathing labored with lust.

I reached for the blouse at both shoulders; she pushed her shoulders back to make it easier to get the blouse off. In so doing, it pushed her breasts out and tightened the bra on her tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her chest was heaving, her nipples were hard, pushing at the material of her bra. I bent my head down and nuzzled her cleavage, peppering her exposed flesh with butterfly kisses, her enjoyment evident by her subtle moans. The blouse slid off her arms and onto the floor. She reached up with both hands, one on the back of my head, the other on my neck, and pulled me down to her red-hot lips.

Gently, she pushed her mouth against mine, slowly running her tongue across my lips. My hands were on her shoulders. I pulled her against me, mashing her encased tits against my chest, feeling the sharp points of her nipples stabbing me. My lips parted slightly and her tongue shot between them, beginning the journey to find mine. It didn’t take long, as we were both awash in lust and a desire to get to where we were headed. Our tongues met, did a little in-mouth battle which I quickly, and voluntarily, lost, and her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. Hard didn’t cover it any more. I felt like my dick was going to explode! I broke our kiss and holding her by the shoulders, rocked her back, separating us momentarily. My eyes found hers, she was hot, both looking and in heat. I slowly gazed down her body, her cute little button nose, those luscious lips that looked like a red rose and tasted like silky candy, down her neck to the beginning of her beautiful mounds.

“God, Mel, you are absolutely gorgeous!” I couldn’t find the words to express what I felt looking at this magnificent creature. “I want you, I want to make you moan. I want to swim in those beautiful eyes when you cum”. She smiled her approval of my compliments.

“Oh, Sam. I’m so turned on, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. You make me feel beautiful, inside and out”. She once again reached for the back of my head and neck and planted another kiss on me. This time, the oral victory was mine, as I investigated every inch of her mouth, my hands reaching for the sides of her hips. “I don’t do this, I don’t fuck someone so soon after meeting them”, she worried.

“Stop Mel! Really, what makes you think we’re going to fuck?” I teased her, as my hands closed around her tits. I could feel her nipples poking at the palm of my hands as I kneaded her flesh.

“Yes, yes! Your hands feel so wonderful on my boobs”.

“Your tits are magnificent”, I gushed, squeezing and kneading them as we spoke. “But that’s two items of clothing off, so we need to finish the game”.

“Fuck the game, I’m not playing any more!!” she sighed. “You win, quit teasing me, I want you, now!” she ordered as she buried her face into mine and her hand found the slot in my boxers and it slithered in, snaking around my hardness. Her soft hand and gentle squeeze was more than I could stand, and I moaned my approval as she began sliding her hand down my shaft. Breaking the kiss yet again, we locked eyes as she returned to my head where she ran her hand over the top, squeezing as she started the trip back down, taking my foreskin with her as far as it would go. Her hand continued down, cupped my balls, and began the journey back up. Corkscrewing around the shaft as she made her way excruciatingly slowly up to the rim of my bulbous head, instead of taking it in her hand, she began the trip back down.

Once again, she cupped my balls but wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my dick and pulled the foreskin up and down. She was jacking me off with my own foreskin, it felt fantastic, and a low growl escaped my lips.

“You like?” she asked. What wasn’t to like, I thought. This little minx had me on the edge of exploding. Still cupping my balls with one hand and pulling my foreskin up and down my cock, her other hand was pushing my shorts down my legs. I wiggled my ass to have them fall to the floor, and there I stood, in my boxers with her hand inside, taking me to places I’d only dreamed of.

“Like? This is fucking great!” I beamed.

“I guess I won’t have to worry about embarrassing you with my vocabulary any more, eh?” she laughed. Her hand continued rubbing my hardness, while her other hand finished the job of removing every stitch of my clothing. There I stood, buck ass naked, with my dick being yanked by this gorgeous hunk of womanhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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