Siblings with Benefits Ch. 29

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Authors note; Okay couple of things; first off sorry for the delay in between chapters but I had a good reason and we will get to that in a minute. As for Chapter 29 this was going to be one extremely long chapter and I decided to split it into another chapter, good thing there is 30 is partially written and there should not be much of a wait there. As for this chapter as I have said before I get quite a thrill out of the fact many people are reading SWB for the storyline and not the sex. In fact I have gotten several comments recently that the sex gets in the way of the story! I will take that any day. Well keeping that in mind this chapter is very story driven so to speak as we deal not only with Mark’s trying to dodge an attempted murder charge but Alex possibly knowing of Mark and Megan’s relationship. Okay enough about the chapter. Now for the next thing. When you are done reading SWB 29 please go to my homepage here on lit for a MAJOR AND I MEAN MAJOR announcement. This is part of the reason my last chapters have had a bit of a delay but I feel it is more than worth it and hopefully you will as well. So please don’t forget to check!


“Please don’t say anything Alex please!” I begged practically in tears as Alex stood before me grinning like a kid on Christmas day.

“I always knew you two were just a little too close.” Alex said softly, ignoring my pleas. “And that you were both a little fucked in the head. But I have to tell you Megan,” At this he laughed “I really never thought you and Mark were this close or this sick.”

“Alex please.” I whispered my eyes filling up. “Y-you can’t say anything! Not even to Mark! He’s been through enough and if he…”

“Yeah Megan?” Alex asked smirking “You want me to keep quiet?”

“Yes I…”

I stopped as Alex raised his hand, putting his finger to my lips.

“Well I suppose maybe we could work something out.” His smirk turned even nastier. “Maybe you could show me what you were doing in there just now.”

Alex pushed his finger against my lips. Taking his meaning I swallowed hard, my heart pounding in my chest and opened my mouth. Alex pushed his finger in, and closing my lips around it I started gently sucking on it while swirling my tongue across it. Alex smiled broadly;

“Yeah that’s right Megan you know what I want, and what the hell, wouldn’t be the first time your brother and I swam in the pool so to speak.” With that Alex reached out and grabbing my left tit through my robe gave my nipple a hard pinch. I let out a gasp around his finger but continued to tongue it.

“Good girl Megan.” Alex said staring into my eyes.

Alex’s dazzling blue eyes were brighter than ever and I noticed he was breathing heavier. He was excited and as he pulled his finger from my mouth and reaching down took my hand, I felt my stomach start to twist. Mark had told me stories about Alex. On the surface Alex was a smooth charming playboy, but according to my brother, in the bedroom he was as hardcore as Mark, rough, degrading and totally dominate.

Alex walked past me and tugged on my hand. With my head down, and my stomach in knots, I allowed him to lead me towards his bedroom. I told myself I could do this. Let him take me; have his way with me, as long as I could get his word he wouldn’t tell. As we walked out of the living room we passed the fully stocked bar. That was it. Take a few swigs of whatever he had, try to relax, let the alcohol numb me. I stopped causing Alex to turn and look at me.

“C’mon Alex lets grab a bottle and really party.” I said then gave him what I hoped was a sexy smile. I winked at him. “I mean you have waited a long time.”

Alex smiled back at me.

“I have waited for this Megan,” The smile turned cold. “For a chance to put you in your place, treat you like the trashy little fucking skank you are.” He looked at the bar and shook his head. “No drink my little whore.” The smirk returned. “Oh no, you are going to feel and remember every bit of this. I’ll make sure of it.”

Alex turned and yanked on my hand so hard I almost fell into him. When we reached his room Alex opened the door and stood aside. I took a deep breath and slowly walked in past him. I yelped in surprise, as the second I passed him, Alex shoved me in the back sending me staggering into his room. I turned quickly to see Alex close the door and my heart skipped a beat as I heard him thumb the lock. Alex stepped towards me removing his shirt as he did. As he tossed it aside I stared at his powerful chest and arms.

I took an involuntary step backwards, and found myself wanting to scream my brother’s name. Have him come running in and stop this. No. Alex had found us out. Letting him have his fun was the only way out. Alex was a notorious game player but always kept his word. He would have his way and Mark would never know. My brother could never know, if he ever found out he would go after Alex, who new Mark was guilty and could destroy him in a heartbeat. In an instant I knew that Alex already knew everything that was running through my head, knew I had no choice.

“Take off the robe.” Alex monsters of cock porno said simply.

“Yes sir.” I said softly knowing this was what he liked.

Alex smiled as I undid the robe and let it drop, leaving me standing before him in just a pair of skimpy black panties.

“Yes sir?” He repeated. “Oh that’s nice.” He grinned. “You and your brother play like that? Are you your brother’s little pet Megan?”

I didn’t answer ,I just stood there with my head down and my legs feeling like they were ready to give way. Alex stepped up to me, and taking my tits in his hands, began to fondle them.

“Little small but not bad.” Alex said then laughed. “Judging by Krissy and Cynthia I figured Mark liked big tits, but then again, I guess they’re more fun when they’re your sisters.”

Alex pinched both my nipples and I let out a loud yelp that made him laugh.

“Please don’t be rough Alex.” I said softly.

“No?” Alex asked, removing his hands from my chest. “And how should I be?”

“We could just have fun Alex.” I said, and stepping up to him, put my hands on his muscular chest and lightly ran my fingers down it. Leaning in I kissed his neck and whispered. “We could just take our time and go nice and slow.”

I leaned against him and started rocking back and forth, sliding my nipples across his chest. Despite the fact I was scared the contact caused my nipples to get hard and I let out what I hoped sounded like a sigh of pleasure.

“You can just lie back and I’ll….Owww!”

I cried out as grabbing a handful of my hair Alex pulled me from him.

“If I want to have a good time and play Megan, a drugged out slut like you wouldn’t be my choice. Now get down on your fucking knees and do what you’re here for!”

I stayed where I was taken aback by how harsh he had said it, and more than a little angry at being spoken to like that. Seeing my hesitation Alex shook his head and shrugged.

“Hey you don’t want to then don’t.” He sighed. “Wonder what the look on your mothers face is going to be when she…”

Before he could finish the sentence I obediently dropped to my knees, and reaching out, undid the snap of his jeans.

“That’s better.” Alex said as I pulled his zipper down.

Alex wasn’t wearing underwear, and as soon as I had his zipper down, I reached in, my hand trembling and pulled his cock out. Alex’s cock was huge, not as big as my brother’s but the biggest I’d seen aside from it. Licking my dry lips I started pumping his cock with my hand trying to get up the nerve to do what he wanted.

“I could give myself a handjob Megan.” He said, and reaching down gave my nipple a hard pinch. “Stop playing and suck my fucking cock.”

Closing my eyes, I leaned forward ,and opening my mouth slowly took Alex’s cock into it. I took about half of his length down, and then started slowly bobbing my head up and down.

“Hmmm” Alex sighed. “There you go Megan, I knew you were good for something.”

Ignoring him, I pressed my tongue to his shaft as I slid him in and ou,t and continued to use my hand so I was jerking him off as well as blowing him. I picked up the pace sucking him faster and harder wondering if I could just get away with blowing him. The thought of how hard he could fuck me with this huge cock was not a pleasant one. Opening my mouth wider I slid forward taking him all the way down to his balls. Alex moaned and started slowly rocking his hips into my mouth in rhythm with my sucking.

“That’s it Megan just like that. See not so bad.” He let out an evil chuckle. “Just like your sucking for a fix in an alley.”

Resisting the urge to bite down on his cock, and see if he thought that was funny, I increased my efforts, sucking even faster taking him all the way each time.

“Faster.” Alex said.

I was going as fast as I could. I was used to my brother’s freakishly large cock, so had no trouble taking Alex all the way, but could still only suck so fast without gagging.

“Oh for Christ’s sake I’ll just do it myself!” Alex snapped.

I let out a squeal around his cock as, grabbing my head between his large hands, Alex started brutally fucking my mouth. I almost gagged, and started to pull back, but Alex held my head and continued to slam his cock in and out of my mouth. I let out a whimper as I could feel that old anxiety coming on. It’s not like Mark hadn’t face fucked me harder than this, but he was my brother, he would never hurt me. I had never let anyone else be rough with me. The only other time I had ever had it shoved in my mouth was when I was a little girl and ….

I let out a sob around Alex’s cock, and realized there were tears in my eyes as I envisioned Frank holding me down on my knees. I closed my eyes, and pushed the thought away as best I could, praying for Alex to cum.

“Oh don’t even pretend you don’t like it you fucking slut!” Alex snapped as he continued to bury his cock to the hilt in my face. “Oh I’m sorry, maybe it’s only fun if it’s your brother’s cock your sucking, is that it?”

My answer was to reach naught america porno out and, grabbing his balls, begin to stroke them with my nails trying to get him off. Alex suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth, and stepped back so suddenly I fell to my hands and knees gasping for breath.

“Yeah, like I’d cum in that filthy fucking mouth of yours.” Alex shook his head in disgust. “Bad enough I stuck it where half the dealers in the state have.”

I went to sit back up on my knees, but Alex put his hand on my back, holding me where I was.

“Stay down like a good little doggy.” He sneered.

I let out a groan of fear as he walked around, and got down on his knees behind me. Oh no, I thought, oh not like this I…

“Oh God!!” I cried out as, with no hesitation, Alex pulled my panties to the side, grabbed my hips and slammed into me, plunging the full length of his cock into my unwilling pussy.

“Fuck you’re not even wet!” Alex snapped. “What do I have to do to get you hot? Call you sis?”

“Alex please…” I gasped out as he started to roughly thrust his cock in and out of me. “Oh please go easy with me! I… ohhh”

I moaned in pain as Alex began fucking me harder and faster. Worse than the pain however was the image of being a little girl face down on the bed…

“Oh stop Alex please!” I cried out loudly.

“Shut up and take it you little bitch!” Alex snapped, as he dealt me a vicious slap across my ass. “And stop yelling! I’d hate for your brother to come in here and see this wouldn’t you?”

I moaned, and burying my face into the carpet, began to cry as Alex continued his relentless assault on my already sore pussy. Squinting my eyes shut I tried to envision the forest I had created in my mind when I was a little girl. The place I used to run to when Frank was at me.

“That’s better.” Alex said behind me as he continued to fuck me. “Where’s your little smart ass comments now slut? Nothing without your brother are you? Speaking of, I don’t know why you’re screaming I’m sure Mark gives it to you like this all the time doesn’t he?”

I didn’t answer ,but yelped into the carpet, as Alex slapped my ass. I did cry out again however, as grabbing my hair, Alex yanked my head up off the floor.

“Say it! Tell me you love your brother fucking you! I want to hear it!” Alex demanded slapping my ass again even harder this time.

Willing to do anything to just make this end I said softly;

“I.. I love it when my brother has sex with me I..ow!” Another slap

“I want to fucking hear it!”

With that Alex leaned back on his knees pulling me back with him and driving his cock into me even harder and deeper.

“Oh! Oh yes I love it!!” I yelled. “I love it when Mark fucks me! I love it when my little brother shoves his big fucking cock into his sister’s pussy I ohhhh!”

I groaned as Alex let go of my hair and shoved me back into the floor.

“Oh yeah that sounded good Megan. Almost as good as those little noises you’re making.” He laughed. “But let me tell you something bitch, if you think I’m making you squeal now, just wait. Because now I’m going to give you what you really need.”

Alex stopped fucking me and slid his cock out of my pussy. I lied there panting wondering what he was going to do.

“Oh yeah Megan it’s time for you to really scream for me.”

A second after he said it, I felt Alex push his cock against my ass.

“Nooo!!!” I screamed as loud as I could and tried to crawl away.

I screamed again, as Alex grabbed my hips and effortlessly pulled me back.

“Stop screaming and get back here you little fucking skank!” Alex yelled.

I knew it was Alex, but the voice I had heard had been Franks. Once again I felt the head of his cock against my ass.

“Mark!!!!” I yelled as loud as I could.

“Go ahead scream your brother’s name!” Alex snarled. “Just like you do when he fucks you, you sick fucking pig!”

With that Alex shoved his cock into my ass

“Mark!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I sat up in bed.

I looked around wildly, my heart feeling as if it was going to pound through my chest. I had to get into the bathroom, lock myself in, and then go into Mark’s room through the other side. Where were mom and dad? My mind raced in circles as I desperately tried to figure out where I was. I started to slide out of the bed to go check and see if the door was locked and screamed when I felt a hand grab my arm.

“Megan! It’s okay I…Ow!!”

I instantly lashed back with my elbow and felt it connect solidly. I immediately tried to pull forward, when I was grabbed again, but this time around the waist. Before I could cry out again I heard my name again, but softly in my ear and realized it was my brother’s voice.

“Megan, easy sis, it’s just me you’re okay.”

Gasping, I rolled myself over onto my side, and instantly threw my arms around Mark. Who drew me tightly into his chest with his left arm while his right hand slid up my neck and began stroking my long black hair. I let out a sob nubiles porn of relief and nuzzled my face into his neck as I tried to shake off the effects of the nightmare.

“Shhhh I got you Meg, its okay no one’s going to hurt you.”

I took several long deep breaths then, pulling away from Mark, I looked up at him, and as my senses completely returned to me, I realized that he had not been here when I had gone to sleep.

“When did you come in here?” I asked softly.

“A couple of hours ago.” Mark answered, his hand lightly caressing my right cheek, then my left, gently wiping the tears from my face. “You were sound asleep so I just got in next to you. I didn’t put my arm around you because I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“But Alex…” I started.

“He was in bed I came in at one.”

I looked at the clock and saw it was twelve thirty. Of course Alex was in bed. Ever since last week, when he had caught me outside Mark’s bedroom, he had suddenly been going to bed earlier and earlier. Giving Mark and I more chances to be together so he could catch us, prove what I was sure he already knew; that Mark and I were lovers.

“Mark you have to leave.” I told him sitting up.

“Why?” Mark asked, also sitting up, and facing me. Taking my hand in his good one he brought it to his lips and kissed it. “He didn’t hear me go past his room and…”

“He knows Mark!” I hissed at him. “He’s giving us the chance so he can catch us in the act!”

“He doesn’t know sis.” Mark answered calmly. “I’m telling you that if he knew he’d have just point blank come out and said it.”

I shook my head.

“That wouldn’t be as much fun as catching us Mark. He knows, he just wants to make us sweat it.”

“Megan listen…”

“No Mark, you listen!” I snapped. Mark didn’t seem to be taking this seriously at all. I couldn’t understand why he was so calm. “He fucking knows! Every time he looks at me he gives me that fucking smirk and he keeps making little cracks, he’s been doing it all week!”

“Okay Meg,” Mark said resting his hand on my shoulder. “He thinks he knows, but he’s not sure so he’s fishing, looking for you to get nervous…”

“C’mon Mark!” I shook my head at him. “You heard him the other night; ‘I have to tell you I think it’s wonderful how close you guys are, as a matter of fact I’ve never seen a closer brother and sister.’ Christ Mark, he was all but laughing when he said it!”

“Sis look…”

“And did you hear him last night Mark? Once Murdock said he was going to ask you some random questions today at the polygraph test, Alex said a half a dozen fucking times that he’s going to find out all kinds of fun things about you.” I let out a panicked sob. “Christ Mark he’s going to ask about us I know he is!”

“Not in front of Murdock he won’t” Mark said. “Look sis even if he knows he won’t say anything to anyone else it will just be one of those dirty little secrets that he gets a kick out of and…”

“But we can’t let anyone know Mark!! What if he slips, or what if you piss him off someday and he whips it out on you? You’re going to be a lawyer Mark if…” I stopped and added; “If you get out of this.”

“There’s no if’s sis.” Mark said and gave me a reassuring smile. “I’ve got this. Its Max’s fucking word against mine. Let’s face it sis, that prick was in my apartment coming to get me. No one ever heard our conversations Megan. The only reason I’m even the defendant is because I got the better of his fat ass and almost killed him.” Mark looked down for a minute and when he looked up he was smirking. “Self defense of course.”

“Mark the test! You’re going to take a lie detector test!”

“I know sis, I volunteered to the judge remember?”

“And Murdock told you not to Mark!” I started to cry again.

I was overwhelmed. Between the fact that Alex either knew, or was going to know our secret, combined with the fact my brother’s future rested on a test that both Murdock and Alex told him to refuse I could feel myself breaking down again. Oh how I needed a drink! Alex had a fully stocked bar right there in the living room and last night it had taken everything I had to not go out there and sneak a bottle back into my room. Instead I had simply lied there and thought of my brother and how it was my problems that had gotten him into this mess in the first place. I had begun to cry and apparently had cried myself to sleep. Then that nightmare…

“I told you not to worry about that sis.” Mark said soothingly cutting into my thoughts. “It’s going to be just fine you just have to trust me… sis?”

Mark stopped as the tears began flowing again, and with another loud sob, I fell back into his arms.

“Oh God Mark!!” I cried into his ear. “I… I can’t lose you little brother!!”

“You won’t Megan…” Mark started as he once again held me close to him. “I’m going to…”

“Oh Mark it’s all my fault!” I cut him off, all but wailing in his ear.

For the last three weeks, from the time I had walked into Mark’s apartment with the police, up until now I had been able to hold it together in front of Mark. I needed to be strong for him and had done the best I could, but now on the heels of that terrible dream, I finally unraveled and everything hit me at once. The guilt, the cravings, Alex knowing our secret, and most importantly, Mark’s future hanging on the results of a test he couldn’t possibly pass.

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