Silver Plains

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Big Tits

For as far back as I could really remember, I had always gotten along fairly well with my little sister, and arguments were pretty scarce. We weren’t at each other’s throats as was common with most siblings, although that wasn’t to say that at one time or anything we did get a little frustrated with each other. But no matter what, we always had each other’s backs, and I was always ready to jump in at any moment, without reason or thinking, if I thought my sister was in some kind of trouble that she couldn’t handle.

After our dad died when I hit high-school, things seemed to go spiraling downward. Our mother fell into something of a depression and had nearly given up, finding her only solace in a bottle of liquor and nights which she cried herself to sleep, thinking that we couldn’t hear her when we were in fact only a room away.

While our mother was the worst affected, I think my sister, Teá, had it almost as bad. The thing is, our father was usually the one who gave us emotional support and was the one who usually consoled us when bad things were happening; something that should have been our mother’s job, but wasn’t.

Teá had been suffering with weight problems for a while, though, it was mostly due to an increased appetite that she had, that I didn’t. But when dad died, she only started to eat more, and this wasn’t due to her having a healthier appetite than me, but it was more a way her brain was coping with the loss of our father; her own defense mechanism.

Teá’s eating probably ended up coming to hurt her in more ways than one. While she started to feel disgusted by what she saw in the mirror, guys were unfortunately noticing her outward appearance just as much as she was, maybe even more so.

So it was needles to say that finding a boyfriend was hard since most of the ones we lived around were quit conceded and obsessed with looks.

The few relationships she did have didn’t last because she doubted the sincerity of her boyfriends, due to the fact the previous douchebags she ran into always made fun of her and sometimes would do it straight to her face instead of the more common behind her back routine.

I felt bad. And it made me feel even worse than I had a girlfriend who loved me a lot, while poor Teá was stuck alone and obviously lonely and depressed.

“What time will you be back?” Innocent big ice blue eyes stared at me.

“Probably about ten.” I replied.

“You’ll miss supper.” My sister’s voice fell.

“I was going to eat out with Terra.”

“Oh…” She seemed further disheartened. Her eyes pulled away from me gaze.

“Teá.” I inched towards her; wrapping one arm on her left shoulder, and one arm on her right shoulder; pulling her close towards my chest. “I’ll make things up to you, okay? I know I’ve been pretty busy and k feel bad I haven’t been spending more time with you, but I’ll make up for it.”

Her eyes wandered back towards my face; her medium-sized pink lips timidly forming a tiny smile that quickly grew and spread across her pale face.

“I love you.” She said; leaning into me and gripping me with both arms as her head hit my chest.

“I love you, too.” I kissed her forehead, “and I know that things haven’t been really easy for you…And for that I’m really sorry. I know that dad’s death and the way mom’s been acting since then has been difficult.”

“I’ve had you, though.” She looked up at me. “You’ve always been there for me when no one else was…”

Teá was about two years younger than me. I had just hit my twentieth birthday, while she had just hit eighteen last Friday.

She was five foot two, while I stood at five foot ten.

She was 234 lbs, which was something of a change, since she had been closer to three hundred lbs before. Her weight loss was thanks to a decision she made to cut the calories she ate, from a desire to be like one of her idols, though it didn’t last long and she gained a lot of the weight back, just not as much as before. Most of the weight went to her boobs, butt, arms and stomach; her face was relatively skinny compared to the rest of her. She was an H cup, while her behind was around seventy seven inches.

Her complexion was quite pale, and if the light was just right, she sometimes appeared as white as milk.

Her eyes were pretty captivating. They were the most beautiful shade of blue; the same shiny ice blue that our mother’s were.

Her platinum hair was long, but fixed up into a ponytail held together by a pink scrunchie.

She was beautiful. All-natural beautiful without the need for makeup and very rarely felt the need to wear any. I knew a lot of guys didn’t find overweight women attractive, but only a fool would try to deny her beauty. The only thing that I think that hurt her from having a long lasting relationship, other than her size, was a birth mark that she had: The birth mark was unmissable since it started below her left eye; right below her bottom eyelid, and took over almost her whole left cheek; stopping only beneath her left realitykings porno nostril. Really, it looked like a massive bruise.

“I better go.” I released her and waved her off, walking towards the door and pulling the door closed shut behind me.

I reached into the pocket of my tight, faded jeans and pulled out my keys, fiddling with them until I found the correct one and took the key and locked the bottom lock, then the top dead-bolt lock and turned my back, walking away.

Once I reached my driveway, I opened the door to my green ’97 Jeep Wrangler and hog inside buckled up, put the keys in, then stepped on it and drove away hitting the road with the wind blowing against my back.

The trip wasn’t that long and I arrived in about fifty nine minutes.

Terra’s house was simple and modest like my own, though a little bit bigger.

When I got there, I was surprised to see that the door was open, but I decided to go inside and enter her house anyways.

When I got inside, however, I heard what sounded like Terra. I followed the voice curious, and ended yo in her room. I was shocked and stunned, however, when I got into her room and saw her on all fours taking it up the ass by another guy, one I had never seen before. I stood there frozen for several long minutes, and when they finally noticed me, I didn’t even give Terra time to explain and ran and left as fast as I could as my heart ached.

A few months passed. Call me pathetic, but I was never quite able to shake Terra from my mind, and, I think what had happened had affected those around me, since I basically withdrew from the world.

But my sister was there for me.

I wrapped my arms around her while I leaned my head on her shoulder and bit down on my shaking lip as I assaulted her with a big, powerful long hug; just closing my eyes as I tried to keep all my emotions at bay.

“Leslie…” her voice was soft and smooth as she whispered to me, “it’s okay..”

My only response to her sweet words of comfort was adding further pressure into the hug and buying down harder onto my lip, almost thinking I was going to end up drawing out blood from it.

“Shh…” I felt her fingers slowly trail through my hair.

“I just…” I struggled to keep my composure, “I just want to know why, you know? Why did she do this to me? I know I wasn’t perfect, but I’ve never done anything to hurt her or push her away…”

“She wasn’t for you.” She quietly stated. “There’s a wonderful girl out there waiting for a special, kind, loving and handsome man like you..”

I lifted my head from her shoulder and locked onto her gaze; staring into her softening eyes.

As I became lost in her gaze, something odd happened; my heart was starting to beat with a quickened pace, just like it did when I first met Terra.

I swallowed, despite the difficulty, and felt myself absentmindedly lick my lips.

I wanted her. I wanted my sister.

I was nervous and worried about her reaction, but those sweet eyes and how they stared at me with so much innocence and endless unconditional love…

I released her, and reached for my shirt.

Teá’s smile faded and a look of confusion replaced the beam that was formerly lingering on her face, while she watched me pull the shirt up over my head and shoulders.

I threw the shirt down, and as Teá continued to watch in bewilderment, I started to undue my jeans.

But then I stopped, and my morality overpowered my longing for my eighteen year old sister, and I stopped and realize how sick that it was that I wanted to fuck my own sister.

“Leslie…” Her voice was low and almost unbearable.

“I’m sorry.” I slapped my forehead.

She stared at me for the longest time in a moment of nothing but sheer silence, but then, as we stood there, she began to reach her hands to her pink top, and started to lift it up over her head and shoulders until she let it fall to the floor; allowing my eyes permission to see her breathtakingly big boobs.

Her face had already gone red, but she pushed through this, albeit with hesitation, andreached her hands behind her; undoing her bra and letting it fall; causing a long bounce of her pins to commence.

My dick, that was already getting hard, went straight erect and lifted the fabric of my jeans as it tried to poke a hole through my pants.

Teá removed her pink pants, and slid them down her chunky frame, then reached down and pulled the big panties down her legs.

I had never seen Teá naked before. I had found myself countless times, though I’m ashamed to admit, picturing her completely nude in my mind.

But, her body; she looked so perfect.

Her breasts looked even bigger and longer unclothed, but perhaps that was due to the fact that she was aroused.

Her round stomach appeared even larger unclothed, and was unrestricted by her clothes; her muffin top completely exposed, and I could see the various, bruise-purple colored stretch marks around her rip her up porno belly button, above it, around her sides, and even below her huge fat round melons.

It was obvious to me that Teá found shaving completely unimportant, because there was a rather dense looking patch of hair, that was so large and unshaven, her pussy was completely hidden from my gaze.

Her ass was pretty massive, although I already knew its size, it looked even more jaw-dropping with her fully nude and was very plump; it looked like it was perfect for anal penetration with all the cushioning on it. It wasn’t without imperfections, however, and had some noticeable acne on the beautiful round cheeks and obvious stretch-marks. Her hips accented her ass perfectly, with how broad and thick they were; they perfectly proportioned her lower body, but the rest of her chunky frame as well, instead of making her obscenely disproportioned.

Her tits looked even rounder and more circular than they did inside her shirt and, due to their excessive weight, sagged down her chest while still remaining sexually stimulating.

“Y–you’re sticking out.” Teá’s eyes dilated as they hit my cock, and she covered her mouth with a hushed gasp while watching it raise straight up.


“Why is it so big?”

“Because you’re making me horny.”

“L–Leslie…I..” Her eyes were glued to my dick.

Teá seemed to have been engaging in a mental battle with herself, but it wasn’t long before she, dripping fluids down her legs and onto the floor, got on her knees and started to undo my belt as if the world would end if she didn’t get it off, and threw it to the ground, then, unbuttoned and pulled my jeans down, and then, lips trembling in what I could only assume was anticipation, dragged my underwear down until she was smacked on the forehead by my dick.

Teá gasped when her eyes hit my organ; a combination of shock, admiration, and fear seeming to string together in her gasp.

She reached a hand forward, gripping me, and enclosing all her fingers as she began to rub up and down; her jaw lowering farther; no doubt taken back by how hard and warm it was, seeing as how she never touched a dick before.

The waves of pleasure; I could feel them just from her handjob of curiosity.

She released my erection, and then stood back up, her eyes seeming to redirect their gaze away from my rod that kept her full-attention for the longest time, focusing her gaze on my eyes.

“Can we turn the lights off? Let me put out the fire, too.”

“I want to see you.” I protested; kissing a hardened nipple to which she moaned.

“O–okay…” She moaned again. “We’ll leave them on, then. I just…I really don’t like the way that I look when I’m naked…I don’t think I’m pretty.”

I lightly pushed her back into the bed, and Teá just looked at me upon her back hitting the bed; breathing quickening, legs seeming to grow wetter, and her eyes dilating further.

I reached down between my legs and gripped the red monster between them, leading it towards the deep forest between her legs. I slowly eased the meaty red head into her; fighting her tight, tiny, hairy virgin pussy as it constricted around me; her pussy squeezing and wrapping so tight around me it was almost discomforting and felt like she’d snap me right in half; and immediately I felt my mouth opening wide enough for a surprised breath to escape my lips; immediately feeling my heart rate increase and pure indescribable euphoria coursing through every inch of my body.

Teá’s lips trembled harder; a loud and attention grabbing scream that made me jerk in surprise, quickly escaping her throat and she quickly grabbed both of my broad shoulders; her teeth lightly clamping together as she let out another sharp cry.

“I–it hurts..” Her voice sounded fragile; she sounded as if she was only moments away from crying.

I gazed down upon hearing a pop, and my eyes hit her womanhood that I had just deflowered; blood was falling down between her legs and my big dick was almost completely covered in the Crimson that was traveling down from her bud.

I had taken her virginity.

Teá’s emotions seemed to overpower her, and as I stayed there, buried inside her bleeding flower, she started to cry, and not just cry a little, she was crying really hard; tears rushing down her eyes rapidly, with more following right in pursuit after one fell.

I felt so bad, I felt like I did something wrong, even though this wasn’t the first time I had been the one to penetrate and take the virginity away from a woman. But, still; Terra never quite cried like this before. Teá was crying the hardest that I had seen in a long time: She really was in excruciating pain.

I leaned my face closer towards hers; my lips meeting with hers as tears moistened her eyes and began to fall freely down her cheeks, and placed a soft, gentle, sweet kiss upon her lips to take her mind off her first sexual experience. I could tell by the way rus porno her face had been struggling, and the way she was now crying, that what she was feeling was hurting her.

Her misty eyes grew in depth; dilating from the fact I was kissing her, and her cheeks flushed with a red tint, although they were already red from her crying, but then they slowly closed and she started to kiss back; pushing her jiggly big boobs against my chest and filling me with further heat and arousal.

I started to buck my hips; battling against her womanhood that almost seemed as if it had put up an impenetrable shield to keep me out, and sending my first thrust into her; pushing my cock into her. She cried out into my mouth; tears falling further down her cheeks, but then just coped with my thrusting by gripping me tighter with her chubby arms.

I kissed her for a few moments; pulling out of her core with some effort on my end, only to push myself back into her again and dig slightly deeper than I already was, which in turn caused Teá to moan, instead of screaming this time.

“Please…Don’t.” She begged; her voice cracking.

Teá brought her face back to mine and we engaged into another kiss, but Teá refused to let the kiss die down as quickly as before, and even surprised me with how needy and desperate her kiss was; it wasn’t the ‘first-date’ type of kiss I had just given her, but, rather, an ‘I’ve needed you for so long, and you’re all I could ever think about’, type of kiss.

But I wasn’t objecting; nor did I disapprove; I was actually enjoying the way she kissed me, even if she wasn’t the best in the world due to a lack of experience, and was being what was perhaps the sloppiest kisser that I had ever seen before.

I returned her kiss; matching the slowly growing fervor of her needing pink lips, and felt her grip increasing on me even further as she pulled me lower into her boobs and big belly.

My heart started to race harder at the pressure that she was adding to the kiss, how passionate it was, and soon I could feel her hands wandering past my shoulders and onto my back; soft, chubby fingers gently circling around my trapezius in a pointless pattern.

Her ardent kiss only grew fiercer while her breathing elevated from her aggression, until she was kissing me as relentlessly as she could; moaning as I pumped into her again; delving back into her warm wetness that slowly leaked from her hairy cherry.

I pulled my lips away from hers; pulling my excited tool out of her wet bush. Teá’s teeth grit together again; expelling a cold yet rough breath while she instinctively started moving her thick hips with my thrusts; the belly fat on her round belly was bouncing and wobbling with her fat tits that jiggled and bounced against her chest.

“T–this feels so..” She grit her teeth together; then unclenched them; pushing out a few soft, yet quick pants and huffs while tears slid down her red cheeks, “it hurts, but it feels so good. I can’t believe your penis is inside of me…Stirring me all up.”

“You’re so tight, Teá. I’ve never felt something so tight before.” I exhaled; moving my hips somewhat quicker as I thrusted back into her, only to pull myself out of her wetness.

Teá smiled from corner to wide corner at my comment, but then let out a shaky sounding moan; her hips lifting higher below me and her breasts bouncing with a slight increased speed.

“Please…Please, please don’t stop.” Her voice became small and tiny in sound; breathy and quite faint.

“I won’t.” I cupped her face with my hand; placing one hand against her left cheek, and one hand against her right; just resting my hands on her face while I worked myself in and out of her and stared deep into her face; watching the way her expression would change and listening to the quiet, arousing moans that were escaping her lips.

“So…Good..” She mewed; panting lightly with her mouth wide open and her pupils fully dilated.

I lowered my face down and pushed my lips firmly against her neck; kissing hard which prompted a moan louder than the others to escape her throat.

I pulled out of her, only to push myself quickly back in and add more intensity against her neck that I was practically pulling the flesh off with my own two lips.

“Yes, AHH, yes, mmm…” She moaned at the pleasure.

“Oh, Teá.” I breathed against her neck; kissing and lightly sucking on it.

“You make me feel so strange.” She breathed.

“How so?” I dove back into her; harder.

She gasped, but then stretched her mouth wider open as a lengthily, yet high-pitched, adorable sounding moan escaped her throat.

Quicker she started to move her hips with me; her body meeting each thrust that my dick made in her leaky jewel, all the while rubbing her hands up and down my back; breathing in and out.

“Oooh…I don’t want this to stop. I never imagined something so painful and so pleasing…I want to do this with you, every day. Every morning, afternoon and night, with you…”

“Sweet Teá.” I kissed her lips slowly and rubbed her cheeks as I delivered a quicker wave of thrusts into her dripping cunt, only to pull away from the kiss. “As many times as you want.”

“Y-you’re stretching me!” She let out another moan, but this one was more lengthily and pronounced.

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