Sister in Need

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What you are about to read is an actual account of the beginning of a wild time my wife and I started with my sister. I will try to write more as things progress. I am not a professional writer so please take that into consideration before criticizing my story. No person that is involved in this true story is under the age of 18!


I always had secret fantasies about my little sister Marsha. Marsha liked to show off that sweet little ass around the house when we were younger. She seemed to always find the skimpiest bikini on earth. She moved shortly away after her 19th birthday. Marsha lived so far away that most of the time I only had the chance to talk her on the phone.

These fantasies were never told to anyone until one night a few years ago. My wife and I were on a road trip and we went to visit my sister Marsha. My wife and I stayed in a motel not far from Marsha’s house. The first day Marsha kept us busy most of the day sight seeing. So Sherry and I went back to our motel. After we had taken our showers, I was so horny I almost ripped Sherry’s clothes off of her. We had hot steamy sex but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Marsha. Sherry likes to be the dominating person in our relationship, so she looked at me kind of funny for my actions. I almost never take the aggressive role. I knew it was a dead giveaway.

The next day we went to Marsha’s house and the girls spent some time talking and having a few drinks. Marsha seemed to be down in the dumps. You see Marsha worked as a stripper to support herself and to pay for her college on her own. Until she became pregnant, that put her in a bind with her job. She didn’t want to dance while she was pregnant and after the baby was born she wanted to be a stay home mom. So she started working a part time job that paid minimum wage, and allowed her more time at home.

She also started to feel bad about the fact that she had put on a little weight with her pregnancy. She didn’t feel as sexy as she once did. I must say that any weight that she might have added was in all of the right places. My wife took the words right out of my mouth. Sherry told Marsha “you have nothing to worry about, because all of the weight that you put on is in your tits, and it makes you that much hotter!” Marsha just looked at Sherry and smiled, thanking her for the compliment.

Things went pretty well normal the rest of the day. However I could not keep my eyes off of Marsha’s tits. Sherry was so right; her tits were large and juicy. I had not noticed just how much her tits had grown until she made her statement.

Later that night after we were in bed my wife asked me “what was going on?”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Don’t play dumb! I caught you looking at Marsha several times today, and I want to know why you were looking at your little sister like that? You could not keep your eyes off of her tits”

I acted like she was totally out of her mind.

She reached down and grabbed my already hard cock and squeezed, “then what caused this, you bad boy?”

“Do you like to look at your little sister’s ass and think about fucking her?”

“Do you like looking at your little sissy’s big tits, and think about sucking them?”

I had been busted out; she knew that I had dreamed of fucking my hot little sis!

I simply said that Marsha has definitely grown up and out.

“I am just as sexually attracted to your little sister, as you are Mark. I want to eat her and fuck her just as bad as you do baby”

I almost choked on my saliva; I could not believe what I was hearing. Sherry has never said anything about being attracted to any woman especially not my little sister.

Sherry informed me “I think it is so hot to think about you fucking Marsha and I want to guide my sweetie’s cock into his little sisters pussy!”

I didn’t know what to say I was stunned. Sherry started to suck my cock, only taking a break long enough to talk to me about all the things she wanted to do to my sister. We had some of the hottest sex that night that we have had in a long time.

Our road trip ended and nothing progressed up until!

Chapter 2

Marsha had moved farther away from our home before anything developed. We kept close contact by phone. One evening Sherry and Marsha were talking on the phone and they started teasing and flirting with one another. anime porno Marsha informed Sherry “I think you are fucking hot and I want to get freaky with you!”

Sherry didn’t know how to react. Sherry said “really?” “Just what do you mean by freaky” Marsha said “if I were to tell you all the things I would like to do it would take all night, why don’t I just show you next time we see each other”

Things were just kind of normal after that, they just was flirty and teasing each other. However nothing else was said in regards to the “getting freaky”. Then everything started to change about three days ago Marsha called from Arkansas and said that she had lost her job and didn’t have anywhere to go. Sherry immediately told her that we would be there to help her out.

The next day we headed out with a truck and trailer. We arrived yesterday after driving for 12 hours. We checked into our hotel and got our showers. Later in the afternoon we went to Marsha’s and she was down in the dumps. Sherry told her to get dressed up we were going out, to celebrate. I had no idea what my wife had up her sleeve at this time. We went out to dinner and then we headed off to the local drinking spot. Sherry always does know how to cheer someone up! The bar had two separate rooms, and we had an entire room to ourselves. As we were drinking and playing a bowling game the women became rather intoxicated.

I decided that I would be the designated driver. Sherry insisted that I buy them some shots so I didn’t hesitate. Very quickly they were so fucked up that they started a little game within our bowling game. Every time one of them scored a strike it entitled the other woman to grab her breasts. If I scored a strike they fondled each others breasts. It soon elevated to fondling bare breasts outside of their clothes. The first time I seen Marsha’s breasts exposed I almost came in my pants. I couldn’t believe that Sherry had let this go as far as it had gone.

Sherry then told me to go get another round, because she had to help Marsha go to the restroom. I bought both of them another beer and a shot. I didn’t want them to have a lack of courage if things had already went this far. The girls seemed to be in the restroom for quite a long time. So I went over and knocked on the door and asked if they were ok, Marsha responded that “Sherry was awesome”. About that time she opened the restroom door. Marsha held the door open with her foot.

“Do you like watching me suck on Marsha’s nice big tits Mark?”

With a rock hard cock I said “hell yes I like watching you suck on her nice big tits!”

“Would you like to watch me eat your sister’s bald pussy, baby?”

The only words I could muster up were. “Are you serious”?

She then undid Marsha’s pants, pulled her pants down and her thong to the side and started licking her pussy. I could not believe I had fantasized about my sister’s pussy for so long, and here my wife was eating it right in front of me in public. All I could do was watch because I knew if I went into the women’s bathroom someone would see me. I was so fucking hot my cock could have cut diamonds, and I had pre-cum leaking from it.

Sherry continued to lick her, and then she slipped 2 fingers into her pussy. Marsha started Cumming and Sherry fingered her that much harder. Marsha was so loud I thought for sure that everyone in the other room would come over to see what was going on! I wanted to rip off my clothes and fuck them both right there in the bathroom of the bar. However I was to far from home to be arrested for public indecency.

As Sherry walked out, Marsha stayed behind to fix her clothes.

I asked Sherry, “how far is this going to go?”

“She is ready to fuck both of us!”

“You are full of shit!” I said ” She will never let me do anything but watch you guy’s play around”

She looked at me and grinned and said “want to bet big boy?”

I knew that if Sherry offered to bet she was sure enough, that she would not lose. I decided I would just go with the flow, and see where things led to. I mentioned that the bartender was kind of hot and she was watching the girls. Before we left the bar they had the bartender showing us her tits. Marsha and Sherry asked her if she would like to play with them but she said she couldn’t unless her boyfriend came along. They politely told her asyalı porno no.

I could not believe what was going on. Here I am in a bar, my wife and sister are drunk as fuck and I am about to fuck them both! I am glad I wasn’t drinking so I could remember everything that was going to happen. The only thing I could think was, “this is the shit you read that you never believe is true.”

I grabbed some package liquor and we headed off to the motel. I dropped the girls off at the front door. They had way too much to drink to be walking a long distance in high heels. In the amount of time it took me to park the truck and walk to our room they were already naked and going at each other like wild animals. The only thing I could do was grab the camera. I was not going to miss the opportunity to get pictures of my hot wife and my little sister fucking like animals. I must have snapped 25 pictures and recorded a 10 minute video of Sherry feasting on Marsha’s sweet bald pussy.

“Fuck you, you fucking slut!” Eat my fucking pussy bitch!”

Marsha was using language I had never heard her use before. She looked up at me and said. “Get your fucking clothes off and eat my pussy motherfucker!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I joined my wife in a feast that I never dreamed would happen. Sherry grabbed my head and forced it down,

“Eat her ass baby; lick your sissy’s asshole, while I eat her sweet pussy!”

I was eating her ass like there was no tomorrow. As I started to stick my tongue up her sweet little ass, my wife was cheering me on.

“That’s it tongue fuck your little sisters ass!”

“Stick your tongue all the way up her ass baby!”

Marsha was screaming cusswords here we was in a nice Hotel. I just knew she was going to get us kicked out for being so loud. I have never heard her talk like that.

Out of nowhere Marsha said “I want your cock in me now!”

Sherry and I have played with others before but this was my little sister. I looked at Sherry to make sure there was no doubt, and she was sure this is what she wanted? Sherry responded by hitting me across the face and telling me

“If I you do not fuck your little sisters pussy as hard as you can, I will embarrass you like never before!”

“Do you want your brother’s hard cock?” Sherry asked


“Tell me sissy do you want me to fuck you like the little slut you are?”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me like your wife said you fucking wimp!”

My wife took my cock in her hand and guided it to my sister’s wet pussy. She put the head of my rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed her entire slit. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. My wife started to feed my cock into my sister’s pussy.

“Ok Baby there you go, now fuck her good for me” I was in a state of shock!

I don’t have a huge cock, but I gave her all I had. I lunged forward shoving all 6.5 inches of my cock into her tight pussy in one hard thrust.

“Oh my god your cock feels so fucking good!”

“Oh yes that’s what I have wanted for so long”

With her words and the fact I was actually fucking my sister. I had to wait a couple of seconds to calm down; I didn’t want to blow my load without getting to fuck her good. I also just wanted to feel the warmth and wetness of my sister’s pussy. It was better than I thought it would be. I was pulling my cock all the way out slowly so Sherry could watch my cock go in and out of Marsha’s pussy. Then drive it all the way back in, until I hit my pelvic bone against her. She wanted to watch me fuck my sister so I wanted to give her a good show.

Sherry was there cheering us on talking dirty telling us how bad we were for fucking and how much she liked watching. She told me that I was a very bad boy for fucking my own sister, and that she loved it.

All of sudden Sherry told me to stop. She told me to get off of Marsha and lay down on the bed. I didn’t know what was going on. At first I thought that I had upset her or did something wrong. Sherry grabbed Marsha by the hair and pulled her to her mouth and stuck her tongue as far as she could down Marsha’s throat.

I lay down, and Sherry held onto Marsha and told her to sit on my cock. Marsha straddled me facing away. She slid down my cock and she started fucking me like a pro. She was grinding her pussy into my backroom casting porno pelvic bone so hard I thought she was going to bruise me. All of a sudden I felt Sherry licking my balls and eating Marsha’s pussy. I could not believe this here I am getting the chance of a lifetime to fuck my little sister and not only is my wife is helping me do it. She is licking both of us while we were fucking.

I started hearing a clicking noise. When I looked into the mirror I could not believe Sherry was taking pictures of Marsha’s pussy grinding on my cock. Sherry knows that I love taking pictures of naked women. She took several pictures. I grabbed a hold of Marsha and started to take control and fuck her as hard as I could from the bottom. The entire event was more than I could take. I felt myself getting ready to cum so I looked at Sherry, she told me to cum in Marsha’s pussy so she could lick it out. I was a little uneasy about just shooting a hot load of sperm into my sister’s pussy without asking, so I let it be known that I was about to cum!

Marsha said “Cum in sissy’s pussy big boy, do it cum in me Mark shoot a big load in my pussy! Pleeeeaaassse!”

Her words were more than I could take. I started to cumming before she even finished her sentence. Cumming harder than I had came in a long time. I shot ropes and ropes of hot man juice into my little sister’s pussy for the first time.

Sherry was licking both of us the entire time Marsha was fucking me except while she was shooting pictures. As my cock started to go soft, Sherry licked all of my cum from Marsha’s pussy. She didn’t let one drop of nut escape her mouth as it started to run out of Marsha’s hot dripping pussy. Marsha slid off of me and Sherry dove into her pussy! She was licking and eating her pussy like a pro. This was not the first pussy my wife had licked that was for sure.

I normally do not recover quickly, but when I was standing there watching my wife eat my sister’s cum filled pussy my cock sprang back to attention. I entered Sherry from the rear and her pussy was drenched. She felt as she already had a load of cum dumped in her. I fucked her as hard as I could. She was moaning into Marsha’s pussy. She pulled away just long enough to tell me “fuck my ass while I eat your sister’s pussy baby”.

As any good husband would do I listened to my hot wife and I stuck my cock in her beautiful plump ass! Her ass is so tight I love to fuck it every chance I get. My wife is a sex goddess; she could make a king happy in bed. She was eating Marsha’s pussy and fucking back and grinding her hot ass on my cock all at the same time. I continued to fuck Sherry and she continued to eat Marsha until we all got off at the same time.

At this point I dint think it could get any better. I went into the bathroom to wipe off. When I came back out, my little sister had started to eat my wife’s pussy and she left her ass up in the air. I couldn’t resist that sweet ass sticking up in my face. I announced that I was going to fuck her in the ass. Marsha protested, as she said that she doesn’t let anyone fuck her ass because it hurts to bad. So I didn’t push the issue I just slipped my cock into her sweet little pussy again. Her pussy was not as tight as my wife’s, but it was definitely a nice tight pussy. I started fucking her slowly at first, but the harder I rammed my cock into her, the better she licked and sucked Sherry’s pussy. I could tell that Sherry was enjoying this, so I started to fuck my sister as hard as I could. I lasted for about ten minutes and that was all this man could take. I started to fill Marsha’s pussy with my cum for the second time in the same night.

I had to take a break. So I just sat back and watched the two closest women in my life continue to eat each other and fuck each other silly. There was one point while Sherry was eating Marsha that she looked up at me and smiled. I looked at her kind of funny as she licked her fingers and slipped a finger into Marsha’s almost virgin ass. After Marsha had relaxed a little more Sherry slipped a second finger into her ass. Marsha was really getting into it now. Sherry told me that next time we fucked Marsha that I would get to fuck her tight little ass.


Sherry just looked at me and smiled.

Sherry and Marsha both informed me the reason we were celebrating tonight was because Marsha was coming to live with us until she gets back on her feet.

They also informed me that Marsha would be playing for her rent not paying!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to get home. I also hope that Marsha doesn’t find a job anytime soon!

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