Sluts – Rachel Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Chapter – 1 DILF

Rachel awoke to the crack and rumble of a lightning strike that shook the house. She scrambled out from under her covers and dashed into her parents’ room then crawled up the middle of the king-sized bed. Another lightning strike lit the room and rattled the windows as her father, Dean, pushed the comforter down to let her slip in.

“That one was really close,” he said as Rachel hid under the sheet.

Her mother huffed and turned onto her side, away from her daughter. Rachel snuggled close to her father and eventually drifted off to sleep. The storm faded away hours later.


“Are you eight or eighteen?” Trudy said when her daughter entered the kitchen for breakfast.

Rachel’s eyes dropped to the floor as she mumbled a good morning greeting to her disapproving mother. She pulled a box of cereal from the cupboard then moved towards the fridge to retrieve the carton of milk.

“Good morning, all,” Dean said as he joined them in the kitchen. “How about that storm?”

“You need to stop encouraging her. She’s too old to be sleeping with her parents.”

“It was a nasty lightning strike,” Dean replied.

Trudy collected her thermal mug and purse and started towards the door. Dean rushed towards her to see her off.

“Remember we have that appointment at five,” he said. “Do you want me to pick you up or–“

“I can get there on my own,” she replied, the words leaving a chill in the air.

“Okay, well, have a good day,” he added as he leaned towards her with pursed lips.

Dean’s attempt to kiss his wife as she left the house for the day was left hanging in the space between them as Trudy turned her head and stepped away. He paused in contemplation for a moment then followed her towards the door that slammed shut in front of him. He hesitantly turned and walked back towards the kitchen.

“So, Rachel, anything exciting happening today? Do you want me to drive you to school?” he asked as he returned to the kitchen.

“Nothing exciting, just a regular day.”

“Do you need a ride?”

“I’m walking with Katie, but thanks,” she said as she scooped up another bite of cereal.

Dean went about preparing for his workday while Rachel ate her breakfast. As he pulled the stuck lid off his thermal mug, he was reminded that he hadn’t emptied the left-over coffee from the day before. Cold dark liquid splashed over his shirt and spilled over the floor and countertop.

“Hey, can you take this to the laundry room and give it a rinse?” Dean asked as he removed his shirt. “I have to clean up this mess.”

Rachel took the shirt and headed towards the laundry room. Dean had finished wiping up the mess on the floor when the doorbell rang. He tossed the wet rag into the sink and walked to the foyer. As the door swung open, Dean realized he was still shirtless, and his daughter’s best friend was standing on the front step with her eyes wide open and a flirtatious smile forming on her lips.

“Mr. bursa escort Tanner, looking good,” Katie said as she stepped across the threshold.

Dean blushed when Katie brushed her fingertips across his bare chest as she passed him in the doorway. He closed the door then turned and found she hadn’t moved very far. She was only inches away from him, her hands settling back onto his chest.

“Rachel’s just in the laundry room. She’s not ready for school yet,” he said as he attempted to step around the girl.

Katie wore a plaid miniskirt and a dress shirt. Her outfit resembled a school uniform, complete with a tie loosely hung around her neck. Her hair was tied in two pigtails that made her look like she was headed to a school in pay per view movies hidden behind parental controls.

“What do you think of my outfit, Mr. Tanner?” she said as she stepped back a few paces then twirled and posed.

“It’s, well, ahhh, very nice,” he said nervously as his eyes scanned her body.

“Glad you like it. Do you think the skirt is a little too… long?” she asked while her fingers fidgeted with the hem as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Wha… ahhh? Too long?” he stammered as he followed Katie.

Dean’s eyes caressed Katie’s ass as she walked a few steps ahead of him. He had always found her attractive and on days when she wore revealing and flirtatious outfits, he found it hard not to let his eyes fixate on her features.

Rachel returned to the kitchen and sat herself back at the island to finish her cereal. She glared at her father for a moment as he went about his preparations. It was clear her friend had him distracted and Katie seemed to be enjoying it a little too much.

“Dad!”, Rachel barked.

“Sorry, I spilled coffee on my shirt. Katie, help yourself if you need coffee or breakfast,” he said as he headed out of the kitchen.

Katie’s eyes followed Dean as he walked out of the room, then noticed her friend’s glare of disapproval when he was no longer in sight. “What? I can’ help it. Your dad is a total DILF!”


“Daddy I’d Like to Fuck,” Katie said with a coy smile.

“I know what it means, but, gross. That’s totally disgusting.”

Katie grabbed a banana from the basket in the middle of the island and peeled as she replied, “No! Gross would be someone saying my dad is a DILF. He’s fuck’n disgusting. Your dad, on the other hand, is totally hot. I’m not the only one that thinks–“

“Stop, please.”

“Just ask any of The Sluts,” Katie said as she ran her tongue along the banana.

Katie took the entire banana into her mouth as Dean returned to the kitchen. She straightened her back and pushed her chest forward to make her breasts more noticeable, then slowly pulled the banana out. She ignored her friend’s angered expression and instead fixated on the man’s nervous movements and glances as he finished preparing to leave for work.

Dean could hardly function with his daughter’s friend watching his bursa escort bayan every move. He nervously looked her way then back at his lunch bag as she sensually licked the banana. “Can I drive you?” he asked on a shaky breath. “Ahhh, I mean, ahhh, do–“

“Any time,” Katie replied before taking a good length of the banana back into her mouth.

“No, we are walking. I have to get ready. You are coming with me,” Rachel said as she pulled Katie away from the kitchen.

“Bye, Mr. Tanner, apparently Rachel doesn’t want you to drive me,” Katie giggled. “She’s such a party pooper.”

Rachel pushed Katie up the stairs towards her bedroom while her father made his way out of the house. After she heard the door close behind Dean, she groaned, “OH MY GOD! You’re so bad!”

Katie leafed through Rachel’s closet looking for anything she could suggest as an alternative to her friend’s usual outfit selection. Finding very little she liked, she huffed, “You really need some sexier outfits.”

“I’m happy with what I wear,” Rachel replied as she finished putting on her jeans and plain black t-shirt.

“At least make your shirts tighter, maybe show a little more midriff.”

“I can’t believe you, flirting with my dad like that. Actually, I’m not sure that can be called flirting. Seducing…”

Katie dropped onto Rachel’s bed and paused for a moment before replying, “I can’t help it. Your dad is a total–“

“DILF, yeah, you said that.”

“Do you think he would want to fuck me?”

“Gross, no, he’s married, he’s old, and just no… Why would you want to– I can’t even say it.”

“Bev, Lisa, Dee, they all agree with me. He’s super fuckable,” Katie said as she followed Rachel out of the bedroom. “Haven’t you ever thought about it?”

“What, having sex?” Rachel asked. “Ahhh, yeah. Obviously not as much as you.”

“Not just having sex. Doing it with your dad.”

“WHAT? No. Never. That’s–“

“Hey, back before I started fooling around with my brothers, I would have said the same thing, but now look at me. Oh, that reminds me, I have to ditch my phone here and if my mom asks, I’m staying here Friday night.”

“Yeah. What? Why?”

“I think she put some sort of tracking shit on my phone.”

“Where are you going to be? More importantly, why am I covering for you?”

“Remember I told you I let my uncle Carl feel me up, and we’ve been making out? Well, he’s back in town and I don’t want my mom to know I’m at her twin brother’s house fucking his brains out.”

“Oh my god! I thought you weren’t going to do that. What about Todd? Don’t you have a date with him?”

“I never said I wasn’t going to fuck him. I just said I couldn’t do it the last time he was home. And the date with Todd was just a cover. But he went a blew it by telling everyone he was going to Europe, so you’re plan B. Plus, my mom hates your mom, so there’s no chance they’ll be chatting, and she thinks you’re a good girl, so she trusts you.”

“Oh, I feel honoured escort bursa to be your second choice,” Rachel said as she rolled her eyes. “Don’t you think you should try going on a real date with someone that doesn’t share your DNA?”

“I might be thinking about a certain someone but I’m not sure just yet. Besides, I’m totally into incest. It’s fucking hot. It’s like… I don’t know. And I got this feeling that doing Carl is going to be–“

“Illegal? Is that the word you’re going for?”

“Not exactly… You don’t know how lucky you are. There’s nothing hotter than fucking your own dad and yours is like the most fuckable dad I know. I wish… like, it’s not even my dad’s looks, he’s just fucking disgusting, the way he eats and talks and smells, and… You need to talk to The Sluts.”


Rachel and Katie walked to school and found a group of Katie’s friends she affectionately called The Sluts standing near the back entrance of the south wing. It was their usual meeting spot, sheltered from the elements and out of the way. The location provided ample privacy for getting a little something or making a wardrobe change before class.

The small group wasn’t made up of popular girls, nor were they a bunch of stoners that let anything with a dick have a good time. Sexually promiscuous, yes, but with some standards. Provocatively dressed, flirty, horny, yes, yes, and hell yeah! Rachel was the odd one in the group. She didn’t seem to fit the profile that earned the group its name. The only requirement that Rachel seemed to meet was above average grades. Even The Sluts have brains.

“Where’s Riley?” Rachel asked.

“Probably flirting with Mr. Newcastle,” Lisa replied as she stripped off the clothing she had been wearing when she left home.

“So, Rachel doesn’t think her dad is a DILF.”

“He so is,” Dee replied as she handed Lisa a black lace bra.

“He was number three on my list,” Lisa added. “First place was Trevor’s dad, but they moved, and second place was Amy B’s dad ’til he went and killed that guy and was all… “so what?” about it, like a total asshole. So, I guess that moves your dad up to number one on the Dad I WANT to Fuck list. And I’m the one that prefers cunt over cock, so, if I get wet over him, you know–“

“Screw the ‘like to fuck,’ screw the ‘want,’ new word, DINF, Daddy I NEED to Fuck,” Dee responded as Amanda joined the group.

“What’s going on?” Amanda asked.

“Hold on girls. If anyone has first dibs on him, it’s Rachel,” Katie said. “He’s her dad so she gets first crack at him, and if she decided to share, just remember, I’ve known her longer so–“

“Oh, Rachel’s dad? Fuck yeah! How about an orgy? Like, all us sluts and your dad, a long weekend…” Amanda suggested.

“That would be fucking sick. I love it,” Dee added. “I’ll bring the grapes!”

The girls laughed as they mimed a Roman orgy scene in the school hallway. Katie arched her back as if she were reclining while Dee fed her imaginary grapes and the hands of Amanda and Lisa groped at her body. Rachel observed for a moment then collected her backpack from the floor and turned away.

“I’m not going to fuck my own dad,” Rachel said as she stalked off.

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