Snorkeling Adventure

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This one starts slow, so if you’re looking for a quick stroke story, this probably isn’t it. But hopefully you’ll hang in there and find it worth the wait!


Emma was already waiting on a bench outside the marina’s administration building when a taxi pulled up and a distinctly uncomfortable looking Nate crawled out of the tiny backseat. Even though it was only 7 a.m., the tropical heat was building and Nate had to peel his back from the vinyl seat. His face brightened though, as soon as he unwound himself from the car and he saw Emma rising from the bench. He hastily paid the driver and started towards her.

Halfway there, he stopped, wanting to take a moment just to look at her. Her tall 6′ frame was a good match for his 6’3″. A low-cut sky-blue tank top hugged her upper body, revealing an enticing depth of tanned cleavage. Strong, long legs extended from her khaki shorts, and her feet were clad in pretty but sensible Teva hiking sandals. But what stopped Nate short was her grin, spread wide cross her face, and the mischievous sparkle he saw in her blue eyes.

Emma was skipping briskly towards him, hands outstretched. “Come on, time’s a-wasting!” she exclaimed as she caught both of his hands in hers, walking backwards and pulling him towards the bench, where several bags were piled.

“This is going to be so much fun, I’m so glad you could come” Emma smiled with delight, giving him a quick kiss before lifting two of the bags and putting one in each of his hands.

“Uh, yes, I’m sure it is,” Nate replied uncertainly, because he still didn’t know what Emma’s “surprise” excursion was going to entail.

All he knew was that she had called his hotel room yesterday, the second-last day of the conference they were both attending in Cancun, and asked him if he would like to skip the final day of the proceedings and accompany her on an adventure. Because his presentation was over, he readily agreed. But all she would tell him was that he should meet her at the marina at 7 a.m., and that he should bring sunscreen “and a bathing suit if you think you’ll want to wear one.” That remark alone had aroused his curiosity, among other things.

Widowed 3 years ago at age 45, Nate hadn’t really expected to find another person who he could connect with as he had with his late wife. So the sparks that he felt when he first met Emma four months ago took him by surprise. They had met at an office mixer when their two companies had merged into one. He initially dismissed those sparks as a product of his unsatisfied libido; he hadn’t had sex since before his wife’s death, unless you counted satisfying himself while reading stories on

As for Emma, she had survived a nasty divorce and she was happy to leave her old life behind when her company merged with Nate’s and she was forced to relocate halfway across the country to St. Paul. For her, it was a fresh beginning, and while she was nervous about making friends in a new city, she somehow felt comfortable with Nate the first time they met.

As they continued to bump into each other through work, their brief “hellos” turned into 10-minute chats over coffee, and then into long lunch breaks, and before they new it, they were going out for dinner. The last few months had passed in a whirlwind of dinners, long hikes, visits to a small music club where they discovered a similar taste in music and a love for independent bands, and hours spent chatting in any number of coffee shops around the city. They felt so comfortable together, so…well…so right, that neither of them could believe their good fortune. They made each other laugh, they chased each other like kids through the park, they had so much fun just being together.

Despite their instant attraction, it was six weeks before they shared their first kiss, as tentative and shyly as teenagers, and almost three months before they first made love. It was as if they were both afraid to do anything to upset the magic they felt happening between them, and they were simply enjoying getting to know each other.

Once they passed that barrier, however, they were together at every opportunity. Unfortunately, this wasn’t nearly as often as they would have liked, because Nate’s daughter was home from university for the semester, and Emma was sharing an apartment with a friend for the time being. They made the most of the half dozen times they had been able to make love since that first time, exploring each others body’s with all the wonder and excitement of kids on Christmas morning.

At first they thought that the conference in Cancun would allow them to spend long nights together, but with so many of their colleagues close by and their relationship not yet revealed in their workplace, they opted for caution. It drove Nate insane with frustration to see Emma across the conference room, dressed in a light sundress and sandals, without being able to go over and to hold her, kiss her, whisk her away. He was şerifali escort surprised he made it through his presentation okay, and was thankful that she had chosen not to attend his session because she was afraid of distracting him.

So Nate was only too willing to blow away the last day of the conference to spend a day with her. He just wondered what the day would entail. “My goodness, what’s in all these bags?” he asked.

“Well, that one holds two sets of snorkeling gear” Emma said, pointing to the one in Nate’s left hand. “And the other one has enough food to see us through breakfast, lunch and dinner. You haven’t eaten yet, have you?”

“Uh, no, I wasn’t sure what your plans were…and I have to let you know, I’m not too good on boats” Nate said, eying the boats docked along the pier with trepidation.

“Oh, don’t worry, we aren’t going by boat” Emma said reassuringly.

“We aren’t?” Nate looked around, confused, not seeing any cars.

“No, we’re flying!”

“Whahhhh? As in, a plane?” Nate was uncomfortable flying in a jet, and had never been in anything smaller.

“Yes, over there, see, the red one?” Emma pointed to a four-seater seaplane tied up at the end of the pier. “Come on, let’s go, Hector’s waiting for us.”

Nate willed his legs to follow Emma. “I can do this, I CAN do this” he muttered to himself.

“What’s that?” Emma turned back to face him, only then noticing the uneasy look on Nate’s face. “Oh…you aren’t afraid of flying, are you? You look a bit hesitant.”

“ Of course not!” Nate blustered. “I was just wondering what you have planned for us today, that’s all.”

“Well, I guess I can tell you now” Emma grinned. “My friend Susan told me about this spectacular deserted beach with amazing snorkeling. Hector’s tour company is the only company that brings clients to this beach. It’s ours, just the two of us, for the entire day.”

“Really?” Nate asked, impressed. “Just how secluded is this beach?” Endless possibilities were running through his mind.

“Very! Wait until you see it, Susan showed me pictures, it looks amazing!”

They reached the plane and Nate looked dubiously at the small interior while Emma handled the transaction with the pilot.

“OK, all set” Emma said, as she stepped onto the pontoon, grabbing onto one of the struts that supported the wing, before hoisting herself into the back of the plane. Nate took a deep breath and followed her lead. Faced with the enticing sight of Emma’s backside as she ducked into the plane, Nate couldn’t resist giving her a playful shove, happy for any excuse to put his hands on her round ass.

“Yeouch, watch it!” Emma cried “Low ceilings!” as she tumbled into the backseat, crawling to the far side to give Nate room to enter.

“And long-legged passengers” Nate grinned, scooting in after her, watching his head on the door opening, and running a hand up her long legs. For a moment, he forgot all about his aversion to flying, as the feel of her skin warmed his hand.

“Nate, behave yourself!” she slapped his hand away playfully; both delighted by the touch and worried that the pilot was watching. She couldn’t deny the sudden flush of heat she had felt at the touch of his hand on her bare skin.

Emma settled herself into her seat, and was pleased that the small space required Nate to press up beside her as he tried to fit his long body into position, their bare thighs rubbing against each other. Then she passed him a set of headphones that hung from hooks above them.

“Music?” Nate asked quizzically.

“No,” Emma laughed. “These are so we can talk once we take off. These little planes are LOUD!”

“Oh, you want to be able to hear me pant in terror as we take off?” Nate was still pretty nervous about the whole small plane thing.

“You’ll be fine, nothing to it!” Emma encouraged. She buckled her harness and reached over and did the same for Nate, using it as an excuse to let her hands linger around his waist. Once again, Nate’s stomach did a flip at her touch and at the look in her eyes, and he relaxed, willing his mind to think of her, not the coming flight.

He rested his hand on her thigh, and she covered it with hers as they both watched the pilot go through his pre-flight checklist, before bringing the engines to life. A young boy on the dock untethered the plane from the cleats, and the plane began to taxi slowly out of the marina.

“Hey, this isn’t any worse than being in a boat” Nate thought, as the plane puttered out into open waters. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Emma grinned at him, and patted his leg encouragingly, just as pilot pulled back on the throttle and Nate was pushed back into his seat as the plane accelerated. His fingers gripped Emma’s knee tightly as he watched the water race by. His stomach did another flip and he squeezed his eyes shut when the pontoons lifted off the water and they became airborne.

“This silivri escort is the worst part” he heard Emma’s voice over the headphones. Nate willed himself to relax and managed to open his eyes again as he felt the plane begin to level off. After a couple of deep breaths, he managed to look at Emma and give her a weak smile, before clearing his throat.

“Sorry about that” he croaked, nodding to the fingers that were still gripping her knee.

“Oh, and here I thought you were just so thrilled to be with me you didn’t want to let go” Emma quipped.

Nate saw the concerned yet amused look on Emma’s face, and chuckled. “Well, now that you mention it…..” his voice trailed off, as he smiled into her eyes.

His look moved past her, to see the dark greens of vegetation run into the turquoise of the sea, and the rosy sun as it peaked over the horizon.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful!” Then he noticed how the light from the rising sun warmed Emma’s face. “And you’re so beautiful,” he said, stroking her jaw with his hand.

Emma blushed and gave a shy smile. Then she pointed out the window, “We’ll be flying for about 20 minutes. Do you see below us, all those huge resorts that have eaten up the beaches? We want to get past all of those.”

She continued with her travelogue, “The reef along this coastline is the second longest in the world…almost 800 kilometers…second only to Australia’s Great Barrier reef. Once we get past the resorts, there is some fantastic snorkeling.”

“Uh huh,” Nate mumbled, leaning over her to look out her window, causing him to press into her. He looked down to see her harness running between her breasts, pulling the fabric tight, and highlighting the nipples that were already taut beneath her clothes. “Magnificent view” he leered “and great topography,” running a finger along the neckline of her shirt.

“NATE!” Emma hissed, and pointed to her headphones, as she mouthed “The pilot can hear everything you say!”

Nate looked up at the pilot, but he seemed to be absorbed in his instruments. Nate looked for a mirror that would have given the pilot a view of the backseat, but didn’t notice one.

“Well I guess I’ll just have to find a way to keep quiet then” he said, gazing into her eyes as he moved his head closer to hers. His hand found its way back to her face, cupping her jaw as his thumb moved softly to trace her lips. He watched as Emma’s pupils dilated and locked with his, and the sights and sounds of the plane faded away as they became lost in the intensity of each other’s gaze.

Emma could feel her heart thumping and her breath catch in her throat as she was captivated by Nate’s hazel eyes, flecked with gold. She felt herself leaning slowly towards him, closing the distance inch by inch, as her gaze flitted back and forth between his eyes and his lips.

As their heads got closer, she could feel his warm breath mingling with hers, and she parted her soft lips to touch the tip of her tongue to his thumb, which was still resting there. Amazing, she thought, that such a small physical connection could send a bolt of electricity shooting through her body, and yet her eyes flickered shut as the sensation moved through her.

When Nate saw Emma’s tongue dart out between her lips, he stifled a moan and cupped his hand behind her head, drawing her the final inch towards him, closing his lips over hers. The instant rush he felt whenever he kissed her overwhelmed him and a sound of want and need flowed up from somewhere deep inside of him. The eager responsiveness of her mouth against his assured him that Emma echoed that desire.

As their kiss deepened, he could taste the bitter sweetness of her morning coffee. Emma’s tongue danced with his, and he drew it into his mouth, savoring the warm delight. He felt Emma smile against his mouth even as she twisted in the seat trying to face him more fully.

Emma pulled her face back from his and tugged at her harness in impatience; it was keeping her from the contact she craved.

“Uh-uh,” Nate chided. “Safety first!” His hand clamped over hers as she moved to unbuckle her harness. “Patience, we have all day, my dear!”

Nate laughed at the look of frustration that crossed her face; delighted that she was as eager as he was to prolong and extend their contact. He squeezed her hand around the buckle before letting go and allowing his hand trail around her waist. He used one finger to trace the edge of the harness strap as it crossed between her breasts.

As Emma felt Nate’s finger start to move over her breast, she couldn’t help but glance forward to make sure that the pilot couldn’t see, but he was intently looking between his instrument panel and the front windshield. She shot Nate a pleading look as she felt her nipples harden at his touch, something that Nate immediately noticed through her tight top.

“Oh my,” Nate mocked, “I didn’t realize şirinevler escort it would get chilly at this higher altitude.” As he kept his gaze locked with hers, his fingers stroked her right breast, drawing the nipple with his fingers into an even firmer peak before tugging on it slightly. Emma’s lips parted as she sucked in her breath, which only served to swell her breasts more firmly against the harness. Nate repeated the maneuver with her left breast, teasing the nipple with his fingers while licking his lips, letting her know without a doubt that he was thinking about pulling her nipples deep into his mouth.

Each time Nate tweaked on a nipple, Emma felt an echoing tug deep in her groin, and her breasts ached with need. She shot him a desperate look and mouthed “Stop it!”, but he continued, now cupping and massaging her entire breast through her blouse.

“Two can play at this game,” Emma thought, as she let the hand that she had on her knee shift to his inner thigh. She slowly and deliberately spider-walked her fingers up the sensitive skin, watching in fascination as goose bumps began to appear. When she reached the material of his swimming shorts, she flattened her hand and slid it up underneath, until her fingertips just grazed the nylon mesh that cradled him.

This time it was Nate’s turn to hiss “Stop it!” as her touch triggered an immediate and uncomfortable swelling within the tight confines. Emma grinned impishly and slowly withdrew her hand, only to run it quickly and firmly up over the growing bulge through the silky fabric.

Nate groaned and pulled her close, whispering against her mouth. “God, Emma, I want you. Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

Emma leaned eagerly into his kiss and was just about to let her hands continue their exploration when a burst of Spanish crackled in their headsets. They broke apart guiltily and looked up to see Hector pointing to a bay in the distance as he banked the plane into a wide arc.

Nate’s stomach protested when he felt the sudden drop in elevation as they approached the bay, and once again, he found himself gripping Emma’s knee. However, Hector seemed to be a skilled pilot and within minutes, they were once again skimming the surface of the water. Hector taxied through a narrow break in the coral reef surrounding the bay, and shut down the engines as they drifted in towards shore.

“Oh my God, Emma, its perfect” Nate cried, looking at the curved beach of powdered sand that was edged with clumps of palms before disappearing into a dense lush jungle. Walls of exposed coral buttressed both sides of the cove and outcroppings here and there along the shore provided various nooks and crannies that would take hours to explore.

Emma just grinned at him as she unbuckled her harness and leaned over to unsnap his. She crawled over him in her haste to reach the door, which Hector popped open from the outside. As she went past, Nate ran his hand up her leg and under her shorts, much to the amusement of Hector, who undoubtedly had a very good idea of the thoughts that were running through Nate’s mind.

Emma ducked her head out the door and accepted Hector’s hand as she bent to step down onto the pontoon. Realizing that she was presenting Nate with an inviting target, she quickly jumped down just before Nate’s swat could touch down upon her bottom.

“Oooooo….you’re quick this morning!” Nate complained.

“Hah! I’m learning your evil ways, Nate” she quipped, as she edged down the pontoon to give Nate room to exit.

Nate attempted to hop down gracefully but he was so intent on watching Emma’s pert butt that he didn’t notice the raised ridge of the seam that ran down the pontoon. Catching his toe on the edge, his eyes widened as he lost his balance. His arms flailed comically as he tilted forward, landing in the water with a huge splash. He quickly popped up to his feet, water streaming from his face and hair.

“In a hurry to go swimming, were you?” Emma took one bag from the pilot and passed it down to the pilot.

“Something like that. At least the water’s warm!”

Emma passed him another bag, slinging the last one across her shoulder before stepping gracefully down into the water to stand beside him. Hector said something in Spanish, pointing at his watch and holding up 8 fingers, indicating that he would return for them at 8 p.m. With that, he got back in the plane, closing the door behind him.

Emma followed Nate as he plodded towards the shore, walking backwards as she waved goodbye to Hector. Nate walked up onto the beach, and removed his wet shirt, intending to wave it at Hector.

“Ooooops!” he chuckled, as the wet shirt landed across Emma’s face.

“Hey!” Emma gave him a playful shove, and he stumbled and fell backwards on the sand. “What’s the matter, sailor, don’t have your land legs yet?” They both started laughing uncontrollably, feeling silly and giddy.

“I guess not…maybe we should go for a swim until I get my bearings.”

“OK, but first we should put the bags in the shade.” Emma grabbed the cooler bag and headed for a dense cluster of palms, expecting Nate to follow her with the remaining bags.

“I beat you!” she heard behind her. She turned to see Nate jumping into the waves, his shorts and T-shirt left in a puddle on the beach. “Wow, this is GREAT!”

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