Something Different

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As we walk to the room you put a hand on my lower back, sweet and warm. I feel as if it’s all a dream, and I want so bad never to wake up. I stop at the door and slide the key card in, and you turn me, pressing my back to the wall as you pull out the card. The lock beeps, you open the door, and drag me in, pushing me towards the bed. The room is drab, but I don’t care, I want you in me.

“Down,” you growl.

I get on my knees as you undo your belt and your fly. I pull your dick out, halfway hard, and wrap my warm lips around it, running my tongue along it, wanting to show you how much I love doing this for you. I slide it in and out between my lips, sucking and licking, reaching one hand up to massage your balls as your cock grows longer, harder, straining against my tongue. When I’ve got you fully hard, you pull back.

“Now lay on your back, hang your head over.” I nod, and get into position. You slide your big, thick cock back into my mouth, driving it in as I loosen my throat as much as I can. I feel your hands on my chest as you work your hips. Your balls slap against my nose, and I struggle to breathe, but I don’t want you to stop. Every pump drives you deeper into my throat, and you spread your hands across my body and play with my tits as you fuck my face. I groan around your cock when you twist and pinch my nipples hard, and my pussy becomes slick with my desire. You trail one hand down between my legs and I wriggle wantonly beneath your touch. Finally your pull away, and I gulp down air, gratefully.

“Good girl, you’re getting better güvenilir bahis at that.” Your fingertips tease me, lightly grazing my pussy, but never applying the pressure you know will give me release. This isn’t about me, you’re here to take your pleasure, I’m just your toy tonight. My lips are now dripping from your soft, sweet torture, and it runs down between my cheeks, which is just what you wanted. You pinch one nipple hard and while I arch and moan you use my juices to slide one finger deep into my ass.

I gasp, I moan again, “yeah baby, oh, that finger feels good in my ass,” and the I grind against your finger as you slide it in and out. . Your smile grows wicked, and you add another, adding pressure to your thumb still rubbing gently on my clit. My world dissolves into a mind shattering orgasm.

“Baby, please, please yyyyyeeesss! I’m coming,” I cry out, squirting and bucking against your fingers.

“You ready for this big cock yet,” you whisper in my ear, biting at the lobe.

“Please, baby, please. I need it. Please stick that amazing cock in me and make me come again.”

“I don’t know if you’re ready for it yet, maybe you don’t deserve it. “

“What do I have to do to deserve it?”

“Turn over, and stay still.”

I roll over onto my stomach, and you pull my ass up into the air. Again you start to finger my already swollen and super sensitized pussy, but you ordered me to stay still, so I resist the urge to move with everything in me.

“Oh, and one more thing, don’t come again until I tell you to.”

You türkçe bahis finger fuck me expertly, knowing just where I need to be touched. I keep my ass up, my face down, and every muscle in my body clenched tightly, determined to earn that cock. The sensations are overwhelming, my body trembles with the effort of staying in position, every touch is like a wave of electric ecstasy. You switch between my pussy and my ass, and I want so badly to lean back into it, but I don’t. I know you’re going to give me what I need.

You rub one hand over my ass cheeks, squeezing them and spreading them. Then down the back of my thigh, and back up the inside lightly, brushing my clit as you pass it. I don’t know how long I can stand this. It feels so good, and I’m so close to coming again, when…


Your handprint stays, warm and stinging on my thigh.


Another joins it on my cheek. I love it, but it’s going to make me lose control. I feel you draw back again and I whimper,


I’m begging now, I can’t help it, I tried so hard to be a good girl, but I’m at my breaking point.

“Baby, please. I can’t wait. I need come, please let me come, please give me that big fucking cock.” Tears run down my cheeks as I struggle to control myself.

“Now,” you growl as you drive your cock deep into my ass, one foot resting by my face to give you leverage. I scream as the climax takes over me. My ass feels like it’s going to split in two. Your hand, palm hard across my clit, fingers delving into my juicy cunt, and the güvenilir bahis siteleri throbbing dick pumping in and out of me, I never want them to stop. I’ve never had anything make me feel so much.

“Yeah, baby, pound that fucking ass. Oooh god! Yes, yes, oh god, I’m comming again!” Another orgasm hits me, and another. I squirt and squirt again as your balls smack my hot, dripping pussy and trigger new waves of pleasure. My face is driven down into the mattress, but nothing can muffle the uncontrollable screams of ecstasy.

You flip me over, pulling me to the edge of the mattress, and slam it back in, balls deep, as you circle my mound with a thumb, and smack my thigh. I bite my lip, trying to control my mouth, but you find my clit again and wiggle your thumb against it, sticking two fingers back into my pulsating pussy and I lose my mind.

“Yeah, bitch, take it,” you groan.

“You take all of that cock. That’s right, who’s my dirty little slut?” You squeeze my tits, pulling me down against your oncoming thrusts. “You like that cock in your ass? Huh? You like that big fuckin’ dick? You like the way I’m stretching out that tight ass, baby?”

“Yeah, fill that ass, baby, wreck it! I love it. I want you to come deep in my ass. Pound it in there baby. Oh, God! “

My muscles tighten down again, and my legs start to shake with another orgasm, and I feel you tense. Grabbing my ass cheeks in both hands you lift me up to meet your hips and shoot load after load of hot cum, holding me tight against you as you release, and pumping slowly a few more times.

“Good god, woman,” you mutter as you collapse next to me on the bed, ” that was amazing. And you really liked it?”

I nod dreamily against your chest.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Anything you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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