Son and Lover Pt. 03

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Summer Begins

Apologies for the long delay in presenting part 3, I hope it is worth the wait. Whilst I realise some readers would prefer just a mom-son story I find I easier and more interesting to include other characters, so sister Angie is in this episode too.

In the week following my return from university, my aunt had some kind of bad tummy bug and really wasn’t in a fit state to look after my uncle. He’s totally useless round the house. He can’t, or more correctly won’t do anything like cooking or cleaning, so I suppose mom was babysitting him too.

Neither mom nor I were too easy about what we were doing. Granted, I’d helped her overcome most of her problem with sex, but mom and son fucking? We cooled it for the week.

I guess the torment got to both of us. We even argued about minor, silly things. I felt guilty for over hypno-fucking her mind, and I decided to call it a day. OK, I’d help Angie out with the cramps, but that wouldn’t be needed until her monthly came around. I made a decision that I WOULD NOT use hypnosis for my own fun.

Aunty’s health gradually improved through the week. By the following Thursday mom was home all day and we had a heart to heart talk.

I tried to put it as simply and as kindly as I could. “Mom, I know that I’ve enjoyed helping you, and we’ve had some really intimate times. I’ve also enjoyed your wonderful blow jobs and being inside you, but it’s wrong.”

Mom had tears in her eyes.

“Chris, if you only knew how much … ”

She cut short, unable to continue. I had to be honest with her; while I’d been away at university I’d missed her. For fuck’s sake I’d even fantasised about her and wanked myself to sleep several times thinking about her in the shower.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I just hadn’t realised.”

She wiped her eyes dry. “I have to be honest too, Chris. I’ve missed your dad a lot, as you know. You’ve been so good over the years and I’d been hoping for a long time that you, some day, would give me the sex that he gave me.”

She paused, as if unable to say the words she wanted so much to tell me.

“But it isn’t just the sex. I love you Chris.”

The tears came again. Who the fuck was I trying to fool? The ethics, the stigma, the guilt, all were being overruled by the feelings towards mom that I had. These were feelings deep inside me, in my gut and in my heart. I loved mom too.

I walked over, pulled a fresh tissue from the box, passed it to mom. Her face was a mess. What little makeup she wore was streaked, her eyes were red.

I leaned over, kissed her gently on her lips. “I’m sorry mom. I’ve struggled to admit to myself, but I love you too.”

She stood. We hugged. Mom buried her head on my shoulder, wiping the rest of her tears on my tee-shirt. I could feel her warmth and wetness easily come through the thin cotton. Putting my hand under her chin I gently lifted her head until our lips were level.

At first I kissed her gently, simply lips against lips. Slowly, very slowly, our mouths opened, our tongues met and our kiss became a lovers kiss. It was a hungry kiss, our first for nigh on a week. The lust came through, our mouths clamped together, our tongues explored busily, teeth touched, saliva flowed. My cock was threatening to burst.

I tore at mom’s blouse, bursting two buttons as she tried to undo the others. Her tits, her lovely, beautiful mommy tits that I’d sucked on soon after I arrived into the world, were cradled in their hammocks. My hands went swiftly round her back to unfasten the hammocks and free those sex pillows that had once been so full to the brim with milk.

Of course, I couldn’t remember how full her tits had been. I’d seen videos on the Web, noticed how full milk tits were, seen how they stretched the skin enclosing them until it was pulled taught. How blue veins pulsed blood around, how the areola spread outwards creating a bullseye with an over juicy nipple acting as the ultimate target.

With the image planted firmly in my mind, mom tugged at my tee-shirt, pulled it awkwardly over my head to be tossed untidily on the floor, followed quickly by her bra. So we were naked from the waist up and we hugged once more, we kissed in a lovers embrace, relished the feel of skin against skin.

Although gravity had started to take over, mom’s boobs were still fantastic, breathtakingly gorgeous, a blend of pinks and pale browns. Not huge by any means, and never boosted by silicone, but just right. More than a handful, and very much more than a mouthful, they had the right balance of size and beauty.

I broke our kiss to cup one then the other in my hand. The nipples stood proud, poking out their presence as if asking to be sucked. I kissed the tips, the nipples that had once provided me with nourishing milk. Mom had told me once about my never ending desire to suck that delicious liquid from her, often falling fast asleep as I did so.

“What are you thinking, Chris?” She asked.

“All those years ago, as a baby. How you nourished me.”

She laughed, female agent porno “And a hungry little devil you were too. Your dad used to love watching me and we’d fuck hard as soon as you were asleep in your cot.”

“Quietly I hope,” I smiled. “I always got grumpy if I hadn’t had my sleep.”

Of course, this was from what I’d been told later. The grumpiness was still valid well into my teenage years.

Mom continued. “You were still sucking my tits until you were almost four and with Angie also around, my nipples were often sore. It was a lovely soreness though.”

She laughed. “You can suck them sore now if you want, but not TOO sore.”

“And what about dad? If he got horny when you were breastfeeding, did he get to have a suck too?”

Mom laughed again. “He couldn’t get anything to come out. You’d gulped down the bloody lot!”

I needed no second invitation to suck mom’s tits, but it was more like rolling her nipples around with my tongue. I bit, but it wasn’t a hurting bite. I could sense that mom was getting turned on.

“That’s kind of like you used to do as a baby.” She laughed. “Even now I guess if you did that long enough I’d cum.”

I worshipped those tits, my god how I worshipped them. I kissed, bit, sucked, stood back and admired them for all their beauty was worth. These were real tits, mommy tits, one hundred percent. OK, I’d had my share of gazing at girl tits, fellow students with tits much bigger, much firmer, better supported by young chest muscles. No, let me make this clear. These were woman tits, mommy tits. And best of all they were my mommy’s tits.

All of a sudden mom grabbed me, pulling me upstairs to her bed, scooting up the stairs two at a time. Fucking on the sofa may be nice, even romantic occasionally but, unless you’re in a porn movie, nothing beats the convenience or comfort of a bed. We didn’t want the Kama Sutra. We just wanted to fuck.

It took only seconds for the rest of our clothes to be discarded. Naked, mom was even more beautiful. I’d tried many times to visualise her there, naked, in my university Hall of Residence room. Dreams were one thing, reality was another. For a forty-something woman, mom looked great. She could win MILF of the year anytime she liked; I could see the newspaper headlines:


We kissed hungrily again, laid naked on the bed, for several minutes.

“Turn around, Chris,” mom said after a while.

To be honest I hadn’t a clue what she wanted.

“Turn around, so you’re on top of me but facing the end of the bed.”

Naively, I still didn’t understand, but I did as she asked.

“Now lick me out.”

Mom was in teaching mode. Variety is the spice of life, they say, though it’s a bit of spice that adds variety. I was about to learn that very interesting and important number; ’69’.

No sooner had my tongue entered her pussy groove, her lips closed round my cock head.

My nose was filled with, well, a very pleasant but different scent. The sensuous odour wasn’t anywhere near the same as a freshly showered pussy. The remnants of the shower gel perfume was gone. Unmasked, the natural scent wasn’t dirty nor was her cunt squeaky clean. It was like a concentrated mix of pussy smell, fresh sweat and a hint of pee. Some might call it unsavoury, some might just say the scent was, well, just acceptable. To my mind it was a scent I could very easily crave for. Pheromone laced, it was delectable, addictive, desirable.

I felt my cock swell to its fullest. Oh no, fullest wasn’t enough for mom.

Sixty nine took some practice. How the fuck could I lick her cunt while my knob end was being treated to a trip round heaven? And how the fuck could mom let me take her clit round heaven and …?

I gave up. It worked. It was an aperitif. The smell of her cunt was a potent aphrodisiac, although I guess that might be the wrong word. I was hard, rock hard … uncomfortably hard if that’s possible. My iron piston swelled even more from the pussy scent and mom’s insistent sucking. I was almost at bursting point when mom spoke again.

“Chris. I want you inside me.”

‘For fuck’s sake,’ I thought, ‘Make up your mind.’

She turned, knelt, her butt cutely presented towards me. Mom was visibly wet and I easily entered her.

“Fuck me Chris. Fuck me slowly. I want you to fill my cunt with your big fat cock.”

Mom was using gutter language that she’d never dream of using normally.

“You guide me mom. You know what you like. Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

“Slowly Chris. So slow I can hardly feel you move.”

My love piston was as thick and hard as I could ever remember. I could feel the tension begging to be released. Mom was right, slowing down eased the urgency to cum.

“I love you mom. I want to fill you, tease you, make this last forever. I want to fuck you so hard and fill your cunt with my cum.”

I pushed another female fake taxi porno inch inside her then pulled back. I wanted her to feel me breach her cunt hole time and time again.

“That’s good Chris.”

Little by little I pushed a bit deeper inside her. Doggy was easy for me and I could see my cock going in and out, coated with mom’s sex juices. It looked good. Visual stimulation. Though I didn’t know at the time, it was visual stimulation that would make me hyper horny in the future.

“Finger me, please Chris.”

OK, I didn’t need further instructions. Mom’s clit was stood to attention. Mom kept giving out noises of pleasure.


What the fuck? If I went any slower I’d fall asleep. As the minutes went by, though, I began to understand.

“That’s good.”

Her cunt walls were gripping me tight. Every slow stroke felt better for mom and me. I wanted to please her, to undo the rough treatment she’d gone through long in the past.

“Milk me.”

Another dad game?

“Pull my nipples down, treat me like a cow. Her tits were already hanging like small udders, swinging freely with every slow stroke of my cock.

“Pull them, make them hurt.”

I did as she asked, squeezing her nipples hard and pulling her tits down.


I could feel her wince with the sudden pain.

“Now fuck me faster until you feel you want to cum. Then slow right down.”

Mom obviously knew what she wanted, though it took some skill to pull her tits painfully hard and at the same time push my cock in and out of her.

“Ram it in me hard, Chris. Fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked a girl.”

If mom wanted pain, I’d give it her. I jammed my fingernails into her skin.

“Use your thumb, Chris.”

“What the fuck?”

“In my bum hole, my shit hole. Jab it in hard.”

This was new to me. She wanted me to go somewhere I wouldn’t even touch myself. Yeuk! Reluctantly I let several moments pass by.


“OK, don’t have a heart attack.”

I gently prodded at that puckered opening that expelled all the stuff our bodies didn’t need.

“Chris. For heaven’s sake. Please.”

I drew my thumb back, then pushed hard. I expected to hear a ‘pop’ but there a sort of duller sound, accompanied by a rapid intake of breath. If I’d hurt mom, it was tough luck.

“Again. Now fuck my asshole with your thumb and ram your cock hard into my cunt.”

A pause.


I obeyed.


I could hear mom’s breathing become faster and faster. As I got the hang, I pumped more and more.

Mom screamed. A huge yelp of orgasmic delight escaped her lips like I’d never heard before.

“Don’t … stop … please, Chris.” The words came in gasps as mom moaned and sighed and tried hard to breathe. Her whole body shook. Her orgasm just went on, and on, and on.

It took several minutes before her breathing became normal again. I’d withdrawn before I’d chance to cum inside her, and I lay next to her on her bed. She didn’t speak for a while and I wasn’t exactly sure whether she’d passed out, or whether she was just relaxing while the feelings inside her calmed down.

“Thanks, Chris,” was all she said. Thanks weren’t needed, it was simply an expression of her gratitude. As she turned towards me I could see the redness I’d created around her nipples.

“Just give me a moment or two.”

I let her rest, let her savour her climax, let her recuperate.

After a while she reached over and lazily began to run her fingers very lightly along my side. Each time, as her fingers moved upwards, she ran them across my chest briefly touching my nipples before lightly tickling my side again.

She rose onto her knees, straddling my hips. Now she more purposely ran circles around and across both my nipples, occasionally nipping first one then the other. Now her hands moved faster, her touch becoming more of a caress than a tickle. Eventually this evolved to a light massage, then a deeper one.

She leaned forward, her breasts firmly against my chest. Kissing me lightly, she rocked back, lowering herself so that her sex was now massaging my cock.

My fullness had softened slightly but now filled more and more at the insistent coaxing of her cunt lips, until it was long, thick and hard again.

I expected her to lift herself and entrap my cock with her juicy cunt. I was wrong. Mom was set for a marathon, not a sprint. Somehow (and I’ve not witnessed this with any other girl or woman since) she began to massage my cock with her cunt lips. It was different … my god it was different … as her slick labia paid worship to the fullness and length of my cock. This went on for several minutes as I just laid back and enjoyed this new sensation.

To be honest, it felt so good, so relaxing that I almost dozed. I remember being fascinated by the movement of her tits before my eyes closed. Then the steady massage continued until her cock glory hole secrets porno worship switched from her cunt lips to those warm, wet, luscious lips that framed her smile.

Almost as an afterthought mom moved around without disturbing me until we were back in that sixty niner that I was to become addicted to. She slowly manoeuvred herself without speaking a word, demanding that my tongue and lips take part in slowly building another peak for her senses to relish.

There, again, was that scent. How can I describe it further? It was the same basic aroma that every woman possesses. Some try to hide it, some try to disguise it with a plethora of man-made perfumes. Others do nothing, which is good when basic hygiene is practised daily, although it must be said that there can be too much hygiene. A little bit of a mixture of sweat, pee and pussy juice, just off-fresh can be most stimulating and even the last remnants of monthly blood can add that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Mom’s scent was to change from day to day, something I was going to discover. That particular day was nigh on perfect. The taste was perfect too, a connoisseur’s delight. I didn’t need to think about it, mom was turning me on in a way that had me hooked.

“Hey Chris! You gone to sleep?” Mom was rarely subtle, she knew my mind was wandering.

“No mom. My tongue aches from licking you out.”

“Well isn’t that just tough luck? Get used to it. My cunt hasn’t been regularly licked out for years. You have some catching up to do.”

And with that she bit my cock end. Admittedly not too hurt much, but it had the desired effect.

“You stop again, I bite again. Harder next time.”

“Ok mom, you made your point.”

My tongue became busy again. Mom’s mouth became busy again, sucking just enough to coax my nerve endings to submit, but stopping just before I started to pump out vitamin jizz into her mouth. Her skill was amazing.

Then she brought me right to the very brink again. Right to the pivotal point where I would have had no control



A thought flitted through my mind. Was ‘fellatio interruptus’ true Latin? It sounded almost like a Harry Potter spell; ‘fellatio interruptus!’ a wave of the wand to make an erection disappear. How counter-productive. Maybe some mad scientist will come up with an anti-viagra?

Still intent on pleasing me mom moved around again, massaging me with her tits. She stopped and moved again to lick and gently suck my nipples, rotating her tongue around and over that very sensitive area. Using just her lips she kissed and sucked them. Finally, when she thought my stimulation was complete she barked a command.

“Now fuck me; properly this time.”

That was an order, not a request. I wasn’t too sure about that; I wasn’t a small child any more. Mom presented herself for doggy again. I didn’t need asking a second time.

Needless to say I was still rock hard and getting pissed off with mom’s idea of fun. Mom was gonna get some serious fucking as my piston machine got fired up full throttle.

“Chris, not so fast. Whoa! Cool it.”

I took no notice whatsoever.

“NO Chris. I’m going to … Chris … Nooooo … ”

“Tough shit.”

There’s a limit to what a guy can take. I’d reached mine. Thankful it was just moments before I pumped gallons of my precious cum inside my mother. If mom wanted to play games there would be plenty of other times.

Mom was to take every opportunity that she could.


I got the distinct impression that Angie was one or two Tequilas over her usual quota. She wouldn’t talk on the phone to mom, instead I got the unenviable task.

“Chiss, I mean kiss. Oh sod it, Chris, be a darling and tell mom I’m stopping over.”

Whoa, ‘Chris’ and ‘darling’ never ever went in the same sentence … except when Angie was pissed as a newt.

“OK, Angie baby. I take it you’re pissed.”

There was a brief sound, rather like someone heaving and heading to discharge a full stomach all over the carpet.

‘Brrrrr,’ the line went dead.

“That was Angie, mom. Either she’s celebrating or drowning her sorrows. I guess she’s going to crash down at her friend’s house tonight.”

Mom just shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s her life. If she wants a pickled liver that’s her choice.”

Did I tell you how radiant mom looked? I guess I maybe did. Not only had she shed a few pounds, but she’d joined a gym to enhance those all important curves. I was pleased for her that not only had she done the exercises I’d set but she’d also regained much of her confidence. She could have any man she desired.

“Chris, as Angie’s going to be out all night, I think we should take full advantage.”

“Like an early night?”

She crossed the room, sat on my lap, put her arm around my neck. A few months ago she would have been a little heavy. This time she was just right.

Didn’t I tell you? Mom wasn’t going to miss any opportunity. It was, what, barely three hours since we fucked. As much as I wanted to please mom, I just didn’t want another session like the last.

Thankfully, it wasn’t to be. There was a RomCom on the TV. We watched that, ice cold cans in hand, until late. I was yawning through most of the movie and despite mom’s attention in bed I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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